Mr Moon’s questionable sanity
Posted on June 28th, 2010

Ben Silva

Attention of Mr Ban Ki Moon,
Secretary General,

It is generally thought that the war against the terrorists in Afghanistan cannot be won and a number of countries are either pulling out their troops or have a time table to pull out of Afghanistan. In the case of Sri Lanka, she actually defeated the deadliest terror group in the world, even after the West and UN attempted to give a life line to the terrorists. The best thing GOSL could have done to Sri Lanka and its people was to completely and decisively wipe out terrorism. The people have shown their appreciation by giving a resounding majority to the President, at the elections.

It is rather sad that Mr Moon is paying lip service to the crisis faced by the world due to over population, global warming, poverty, starvation and disease amongst the poor. It has been reported in the media, BBC, that there are over 3000 preventable deaths due to disease alone and many children die of starvation. Instead of spending energy on resolving crisis faced by humans, Mr Moon is spending energy and wasting money in attempting to defend terrorists and terrorism. LTTE, the Tamil terror group terrorized Sri Lanka for 30 years. Although the Tamil terror group has been silenced in Sri Lanka, the Tamils in UN, Pillay and Coomaraswamy are still hounding Sri Lanka and appear to have manipulated Mr Moon as well, probably as a special service.

In the case of Sri Lanka, the most important thing is that the voice of the people who suffered under terrorism be heard rather than the enemies of Sri Lanka such as Mr Moon, who attempted to give a life line to the terrorists and now appear to project the Tamil voice in UN. Mr Moon, the Chief Administrative officer of UN appear to be taking the role of King of the world, by taking autocratic action against a sovereign state.

For Sri Lanka, the cost of fighting the war (millions of dollars) is economically unsustainable and if prolonged, would have ruined the country. The war was funded by Western sources. If any life line was given to the terrorists, as wanted and attempted by Western nations and UN, it would have prolonged the war and would have caused instability in Sri Lanka, which would have made Sri Lanka, a failed state. The situation then would have brought about intervention from foreign countries. In short, if Sri Lanka complied with UN request to halt the war, it would have ruined the country, as LTTE would have regrouped, rearmed and fought again, as happened in the past Elam wars. It now appears that as Sri Lanka did not end up in chaos, the Western nations are unhappy about it and want to punish Sri Lanka.

Many wonder if Moon is acting against Sri Lanka as a means of revenge for eradicating terrorism. In deed, Mr Moon’s, appointment of a panel to advice him on Sri Lanka, is increasingly appearing as an act of revenge and is reeking of the foul odour of cynicism and double standards [4]. In fact this panel is simply a starter for a deeper malicious harm against the Sri Lankan leaders and most Sri Lankans are happy that the Panel would not be allowed in Sri Lanka. By turning a blind eye to the undoubted crimes against humanity committed by the US and Western countries (invasion of Iraq by touting lies, Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, drone attacks) and holding the democratic government of Sri Lanka answerable for discharging the legitimate functions of a state, Mr Ban has clearly demonstrated lack of credibility [4] and shown his bias against Sri Lanka.

The irrational, bias conduct and double standards of Mr Moon is shown by his apathy towards an investigation for an illegal war in Iraq, (Vince Cable, MP, Question time, BBC, June 2010) where over a million innocent civilians have been killed. It is also known that this illegal war was carried out to get hold of Iraqi oil assets (Alan Greenspan)[12]. If an investigation is needed, then it should have been on the war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan (as adequate evidence exist and as the number of deaths are over a million civilians) and not about Sri Lanka.

Clearly, an investigation is required not only on war crimes in Iraq where millions of civilians have been killed, but also war crimes in Afghanistan where number of reported atrocities have been committed, as reported in the media, given below.

“For the past months, the American troops have been carrying out night raids on houses, taking out the inhabitants mercilessly, and killing them on the spot. Such gruesome incidents have taken place in Bagh, Khulbissat and Yaqubi areas of Khust province. The American Special Forces have killed people in their houses and streets in the said areas and have let loose trained dogs to devour their corpses. Similarly, American brutal forces recently raided people houses in Narang district, Kunar province at night and killed a number of young students of local school. There are reports of similar brutal incidents in Paktika, Paktia, Laghman, Helmand and Kandahar provinces where hundreds of our countrymen have been killed after having been taken out of their houses. Despite these brutality and terrorism shown by forces under McCrystal, they have achieved no victory but contrarily, he has failed in Afghanistan more than his predecessor, General Mc. Kiernen.”

Many suspect the sanity of Mr Moon as he and UN appear to be constantly hounding Sri Lanka, the victim of terrorism and is ignoring the perpetrators of terrorism or their sponsors that funded the terrorists.

Many wonder if the extreme hostility of Mr Moon is due to his affinity to serve or get serviced (probably manipulated) by Tamil women in UN. Some even wonder if he is a weirdo due to his apparent affinity to a Tamil woman wearing a “ƒ”¹…”Pottu’. The Tamil factor is a serious cause of bias in UN and should be investigated. Ms` Pillay, a Tamil is plotting against Sri Lanka, even after the membership of UN voted in favour of Sri Lanka. It is indeed a pathetic and cowardly act, if Mr Moon keep on hounding Sri Lanka, who is a victim of terrorism rather than going after those that funded terrorism. The injustice against Sri Lanka is amplified when UN is turning a blind eye to major violators of human rights in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Many consider Mr Moon to be a Looney, due to his irrational conduct in hounding Sri Lanka, perhaps due to pressure from Tamils, in and outside UN.






4.Presumptuous and preposterous, B.S. RAGHAVAN,

5. Press release ministry of foreign affairs of the russian federation







12. Alan Greenspan claims Iraq war was really for oil, Sunday Times

September 16, 2007,

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  1. aravinda Says:

    The reason for the Ban Ke Moon’s dud bogus panel is Sri Lankans have killed off US/EU only hope of destabilising the region, namely US/EU catspaw called LTTE. LTTE was to be the catalyst in destabilising and destroying India and stopping Ocean routes of Chinese. LTTE was to be used to keep Sri Lanka economically stagnent. All these plans are now in water, no use crying Mr.Moon, you and Nambiar were not up to Mahinda Rajapaksa at the critical moment of history.

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