The China Bogey and The Real Threat to India.
Posted on June 28th, 2010

Herold Leelawardena

Since the start of the construction of the Hambantota harbour, many a Western analyst paid by the so-called International Community (IC) put forward a China bogey to Indians. Indian analysts too have joined the band wagon later. Not surprisingly, a variety of Tamil diaspora too have coughed up many a punditry warning as well as venomous curses about the Chinese activities in Sri Lanka.

 And now, K Venkataramanan of Times of India too has joined the fray. As usual, the President has given him no-nonsense answers. My intention here is to point out something relevant to that interview but not pointed out at the time. That is; India should worry about the so-called double spies of the International Community and their servants, Tamil separatists and not China.

 No doubt China wants to procure necessary services to its merchant fleet that sail to and from the Middle East. And that may be the reason behind its involvement to build harbours in friendly countries. But to say that intentions of China are to choke India is nothing but a big farce. For one, everyone knows China is no great naval power like US, Russia or EU countries. As a policy, it doesn’t interfere with internal matters of other countries. Its policy is to protect itself. Only hypocritical IC and those that are paid by them see crocodiles in a basin and dream those harbours are a “ƒ”¹…”string of pearls’. As usual these are terms coined by spy operators and mud slingers at the Pentagon.

 A cynical western journalist may argue that India and China are arch enemies. Not true; but it is true that there had been a war between china and India in 1962. Some say, the reason for China overrunning Arunachal Pradesh in 1962 was India’s response to China policy on Tibet and Dalai Lama. Others say it is the border dispute arisen from the McMahon Line.

 Whatever is the truth, the fact that China withdrew from the overrun disputed area to end the war in less than two months is a good indication to foretell its future intentions. And, other than two insignificant skirmishes between Indian and Chinese forces in Sikkim in 1967, there had been no incidents what so ever. Moreover, China doesn’t appear to consider India is a rival or enemy. China has no reason to scheme to breakup India. If that is so, China is not a threat to the unity if India.

 Right now, Tamil separatism is more of a threat is to India than to Sri Lanka. It is timely and good sense that India acted wisely and let us bury genocidal LTTE for good. Had LTTE been successful to create Eelam by any chance, Tamil Nadu would have fallen next like a domino. Tamil Diasporas being better anglophiles than British themselves, that “ƒ”¹…”Greater Eelam’ would have been a puppet of the British. I mean the US could have both a land bases as well as naval bases. I am sure the US and the British anticipate this scenario to come true even to date.

 Now let’s come to the point. Make no mistake and be no fools; aspiration of Tamils is for a Tamil country. TamilsI mean here are the Tamils that live all over the world. So, it doesn’t matter where it will be; all they want is a Tamil country. If you want proof, just dig in to contemporary history of south India.

 The Central Government of India had empowered Madras Presidency with federal powers at the time of Indian independence. It had land as well as police powers. Were the Tamils satisfied? No. Tamils instigated other Dravidians to join them to demand “ƒ”¹…”self rule’ for Madras state. And “ƒ”¹…”Self rule’ is another word for separate country.

 Though all other Dravidians abandoned it after awhile, Tamils continued their struggle. India demarcated southern states on racial and linguistic line to wither that struggle “”…” “ƒ”¹…”Tamil separatism’. In 1953, Andhra Pradesh was formed. In 1956 the Bellary and South Kanara districts were given to Mysore state. Kerala was formed from the Malabar district, Travancore and Cochin. When other Dravidians gone; Madras state has become 99.5% Tamil. Tamils reached their goal; no.1 criterion for a separate state. A clever move indeed!

 Then, Tamils moved on to the next stage of operation. The DMK contested 1962 election on a separatist platform. Actually it was a plebiscite for separation. What matters is; DMK increased its share of seats from 15 to 50. Thrilled with the electoral success, 200,000 DMK supporters said to have marched through the streets of Chennai on September 22, 1962 to a DMK rally to demand a separate country for Tamils.

 It proved that Tamils wanted not more power but separation. Since Hindi was made the national language of India six years afterwards in 1968, Tamils couldn’t have claimed that they wanted separation because Hindi was forced upon them. And that is good example to show that language demand of Tamils in both India and Sri Lanka today is just a pretext. The real aim of Tamils is separation. Sooner the Sri Lanka and Indian government understand it the better.

Herold Leelawardena

5 Responses to “The China Bogey and The Real Threat to India.”

  1. M.S.MUdali Says:

    This man has no sense of anything. But he barked “racist” bang..bang. Diaspora Tamils, specially, the crooks who collected funds for LTTE are now entertained by Rajapkase government. 3 notorious LTTE men from Canada went to Colombo recently and met the state officials including Gotabhaya.

    Usual RANT of racist political venom never heal anything!

    Why cannot this man do a “research” on the Catholic Church involvement with LTTE? Now the Catholic Church become “mediater” again like in the UNP-Tamil party days! I hope Rajapakse’s kitchen is under the Catholci administration!

    But China is still a concern for India!

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    Superb insight… Hope India gets the message.

  3. aravinda Says:

    Superb analysis. India and China are heading for peaceful coexistance, which is unbearable for the Americans and EU. No fishing in troubled waters here. Instead of worring about other nations, US should try to give housing to African Americans and lift them out of utter poverty.

  4. Leela Says:

    MUdali: I appreciate and understand your concern about the damage and the mayhem Christian evangelists had inflicted on this country ever since a clique of Portuguese pirates and a murderous Franciscan priest that washed up to our shores with a Bible in one hand and a sward in the other and said to have conducted the first Catholic mass in this country in a ship in 1505.

    I have written many a long comment on this and what followed when ‘Sunday Leader’ reporter named Hardy reported faith healing under the title ‘Risen Lord’ and ‘Return of Risen Lord’. Also on a reporting on the arrest of Sara or Malani Perera the proselyted Muslim. Those harangues had gone so far as for some Muslims to threaten to find me and do me up. Please try to reach those archives; you can visualize much insight to my thinking.

  5. Leela Says:

    MUdali: I forget to mention, I write comments to Sunday Leader and a lot of International papers under the name ‘Leela’.
    Herold Leelawardena.

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