Eric Solheim says he called the Tamil Tigers to surrender. What!
Posted on June 29th, 2010

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent. Gloucester. Ontario. K1J 6G1. Canada

29 November 2010

Hon.Erik Solheim
Norwegian Environment & International Development Minister
Government of Norway
Oslo, Norway

Hei! Erik:

“Surrender would have saved thousands of live” you had said during the Sunday Times interview.  “We called upon the LTTE to come to an organized stop (or surrender). If it had happened, thousands of lives would have saved.  The war would have ended under the supervision of the UN., the United States, India, or someone else.  However, the LTTE rejected that call”, you said.

Well, well”¦well, Erik, you are one hellava salmon eating, helmet-horned Viking and a son-of-a Bozoman, aren’t you?  If you thought that all interested in Norway’s involvement in promoting terrorism in Sri Lanka were born today, then you were wrong Erik.  I was certainly around and witnessed you God damn Vikings supporting the Tamil Tigers and the love-ins you had with Prabhakaram, Tamil Chelvam, Pottuamman, Karuna, Nadesan and Balasinghams and the like and promoting their cause of forming their mono-ethnic, racist Tamil separatist state, Eelam.  And now you pretend to be the want-to-be Saviour of Sri Lankan lives in this interview.    That is a crotch full of Norwegian stinky cod crap, Erik.

You salmon-pink faced Viking son-of-a-Bozoman, don’t you ever forget your audacity to tell President Mahinda Rajapaksa to his face that Prabhakaran was a brilliant military strategist and that his armed forces were no match for the Tamil Tigers.  Remember?  And you thought you were that smart when you thought that you might get the jeepers out of the President when you had the gall to tell him that his army would face the same fate as the Germans in Stalingrad during World War II and expected the army to fall and with them pull the government down.  You are a God damn, no good rogue, Erik.  You wanted your Tamil Tiger friends to come through with military flying colours and their separatist state Eelam as a bonus, and now you are telling the world that you wanted them to surrender to save thousands of innocent civilians at the latter stages of the war.  What rubbish.  Look at your palms Erik, and you will notice that you got a film of blood of my people “”…” Sinhalese, Muslim and Tamils and in that order.  The bottom line is you were part of the killing machine as you aided and abetted those murders by the Tamil Tigers, and they were all my Sri Lankan people whether they were Sinhalese, Tamils or Muslims.

I would like to call you a “bastard’ but I will spare you with that admonition for later.

You  salmon eating Viking,  the blood of the Vikings who destroyed the abbey on Lindisfarne, killing the monks in the abbey, and throwing some of them into the sea to drown or carrying away some of them as slaves along with that church’s wealth, is still running through your veins, Erik.  So let’s cut out, “I am a good Viking as it does not cut mustard with me as you are one horrible Viking and a liar to boot”.

You smalahove eating Viking rascal, I was around when you gifted Velupillai Prabhakaran a TV addict, a 6 ft TV screen despite the former Deputy Minister Vida Helgessen objected to it, and so don’t try to tell me that you were concerned about the 1000s of  lives of Sri Lankans that you wanted to save;

You Bacalhau eating Vicking,   I wasn’t born today as I was around when you got smuggled six-tons of high-tech communication  and electrical equipment to the Tamil Tigers in 2002, including V-Sat equipment used in satellite communications, and now you are telling the world that you specifically wanted the Tamil Tigers to surrender to save 1000s of lives when you happened to be the architect to kill innocent Sri Lankan civilians before the Tamil Tigers were eliminated.  Erik, just cut out that sursil crap as I will not buy it;

Erik, you Rakfisk eating Viking rascal,  I was around when your Ambassador Jon Westborg and Duleep of the Tamil Tigers were caught in a wiretap revealing Westborg giving information that your Norwegian government will pay added costs in the transfer of the state-of- the-art communication satellite equipment to the Tamil Tigers;

And you are now telling me and the rest of the world that you were concerned about the 1000s of lives that may have been snuffed out and you wanted the Tamil Tigers to surrender.  What a bucket load of crap Erik.  You acted like a damn Tin God and you believed in yourself as some sort of an International Peace Maker.  You were a disaster with the Palestinians, you were a disaster with the Sudanese and you were a disaster with the Sri Lankans.  You were a disaster, period, Erik. And you took pride in yourself as an International Peace Maker.  Phew! What a joke!  O Me God, with this Viking rogue Erik Solheim around, civilization hasn’t got a decent chance to survive. Stop the world as I want to get off!

You damn Lefse eating Viking, I was around when you gave 16 million Norwegian kroner to Anton Balasingam immediately after signing the Ceasefire Agreement (CFA) in Oslo.  Karuna was an eye witness and he said so.  And now you are trying to come clean as Mister Sri Lankans Saviour.  That is balderdash.   You killed my people Erik, and it is that simple. Cut that foolishness. Of all the people in the world, you certain won’t fool me, Erik.

You damn Lutefisk eating Viking, I was around when your Scandinavian Monitoring Mission let in 11 ship loads of military weapons through the Mullaitivu shores for the Tamil Tigers during the Ceasefire period and the 12th your General Trygve Tellefsen who was leading the Monitoring Mission tipped off  the captain of the Tamil Tiger weapons armoury ship that the Sri Lankan Navy was pursuing after them and they got away.  And you are trying to tell me that you indeed was the Mister Sri Lankans Saviour out of the Norwegians involved in Sri Lanka’s Eelam War.  Just shut up Erik.  I won’t buy that cod crap of yours.

With your involvement in killing my people by supporting the Tamil Tigers to the hilt with military weapons,  kroner in the millions to buy weapons, providing all the sophisticated communications equipment, covering the Sinhalese blood soaked strides of the Tamil Tigers in International fora, you are a classic candidate to be punished in an International Court for War Crimes.  You to  tell us  now that you wanted to save 1000s of innocent civilians from death because of the Tamil Tiger’s warring, is too late now.  You are damned!

In my eyes and my clinical opinion, you are guilty of the over 100,000 deaths in Sri Lanka.  And that is my verdict on you, you salmon eating helmet-horned son-of-a Bozoman Viking. Not even tons of Taura Mariakloster Christmas Soap will get rid of the film of Sinhala-blood that you painted your palms with trying to act an International Peace Maker having my people killed by the Tamil Tigers that you helped to try to claim their mythical Eelam.  Pox on you Erik Solheim, pox on you!


Asoka Weerasinghe

7 Responses to “Eric Solheim says he called the Tamil Tigers to surrender. What!”

  1. gdesilva Says:

    Can’t wait for the day when the Tamil Tigers saved by Erik and who now are living in Norway come up with claims of discrimination and social injustice perpetrated by the Viking master race. Erik and his friends will have to pay back one day!

  2. Nihal Fernando Says:

    This –ing Viking Solheim does not seem to have anything upstairs. I doubt he has anything downstairs, either.

  3. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    All those living overseas as well as SriLanka, who aided and abetted the Tiger Terrorists for three decades, should one day be brought to justice for the crimes committed against hamanity by helping the Tamil Terrorist led by a megalomaniac called Prabakarn. All those SriLankan leaders and clergy who watched this carnage but did not have the courage to condemn the Tamil Tiger Terrorists should live in shame. These are the people that should be investigated for crimes against humanity.

  4. jay-ran Says:

    UNP lead by Ranil Wickremasinghe the biggest TRAITOR will have to pay for what was done to legetimise LTTE,streangthen LTTE with military hardware,Communications systems etc during the FAKE CFA. Erick the fxxxxxg bxxxxxd will burn alive for these heavy crimes committed against INNOCENT SINHALESE,MUSLIMS & TAMILS THRU LTTE AND TRYING TO DESTROY BUDDHIST MOTHERLANKA.

    Fxxxxxg Banki Moon should have initiated inquiries against Erick the murderer FIRST.

  5. Sri Rohana Says:

    Asoka great article. Viking is behaving like a saint now. Viking is a lie-king. The article of “how Norway funds terror” by NAT in 2009 feb 26 tells us what a terror supporter he is?Why not UNO investigate these state terrorism?How come a UNO member country’s foreign minister supported to a terrorist organization? UNO it self a joke! It is better Mr Bean appointed as General Secretary of UNO for the next term.

    How Norway funds terror(LTTE)
    By NAT(Norwegians Against Terrorism)-2009 Feb 26
    Norway is funding the LTTE through payments made by the Norwegian Government Agency “Norad”. Norad is a part of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and report to Mr. Erik Solheim. In 2005 the LTTE front organization, TRO, received 15 million NOK(2,2 million US dollars) from Erik Solheim (Norad). The LTTE “peace secretariat” received 5,6 million NOK. We have original documents from previous years that prove the Norwegian funding of LTTE organizations.
    Why is Solheim lying?
    It is a mystery why Erik Solheim is risking the Norwegian Foreign Ministry reputation and credibility in Erik Solheim’s war of words with Colonel Karuna. The only reasonable explanation is that Erik Solheim acted irrationally when Colonel Karuna alleged he has received “help” from the LTTE when he bought his new house in Oslo.
    Erik Solheim tried to character assassinate Colonel Karuna by calling all his allegations for lies. However all allegations made by Colonel Karuna that can be verified by official sources has been proven to be 100% correct.
    Military Assistance
    The most famous episode of military assistance was when SLMM general Trygve Tellefsen gave military intelligence information about the SL Navy intention to stop a LTTE arms smuggling vessel. Thanks to the information provided by General Tellefsen the LTTE arms smuggling vessel was able to escape. How many Sri Lankan’s who has lost it’s life due to these arms nobody knows. The episode created diplomatic problems between Norway and Sri Lanka and General Tellefsen was replaced with General Furuhovde.
    General Furuhovde soon became famous for his bias towards the LTTE. He covered up LTTE crimes by blaming them on an unknown third party with stolen uniforms. In a phone tapping of General Furuhovde we can clearly hear his scheme and his advice to the LTTE to remove their cadres from the crime scene.
    The LTTE visit to Rena
    Another eye-opener was the LTTE visit to the Special Forces training camp in Rena. A video from this visit reveals the LTTE received information about their weapons, tactics and military strategies. The LTTE was allowed to videotape this training. We do not believe these videotapes only where used for storing holiday memories, but we assume these tapes have been used for training purposes for LTTE cadres.
    Other evidence of Norwegian training of the LTTE is the Canadian Intelligence Service who reports about the Norwegian Special Forces training of Sea Tigers in underwater demolition in the Trang province in Thailand.
    Erik Solheim surprises us again
    Erik Solheim denies the Norwegian training of the LTTE in the war of words with Colonel Karuna. This is a surprise since the Norwegian Embassy in Colombo previously has admitted the LTTE visit to Rena. The video of the LTTE is stored at the Norwegian military website so there is no doubt this visit has taken place.
    The Norwegian Army and the LTTE

    There has been meeting between the Norwegian Army HQ and LTTE Norwegian propagandist Majoran Vivekananthan, editor of UTROP This newspaper receives funds from the Norwegian Government and Norwegian foundations
    The Norwegian Army HQ acknowledges meetings with the LTTE editor. According to the Army they meet with him in order to get his advice on how to recruit more immigrants into the Norwegian Army.

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    This MFBSTD Eric Solheim, appears to be sexually depraved, and such people act very sadistically. Sri Lanka must find a way of bringing this MFBSTD Eric to face the Sri Lankan Judiciary, for commiting Genocide of the Sinhalese, Muslims and other communities in Sri Lanka, with his GAY friend that clown VP. Our Ambassador should collect all the names, adresses, and if possible, photos of all the TAMIL TIGER TERRORIST SYMPATHISERS in Noway, who are bedding down with him, and ensure that they be brought down to Sri Lanka for aiding and abetting mass murder over here, in collusion with this MFBSTD Eric, to face our Judiciary. IT IS HIGH TIME TO START COLLECTING NAMES AND OTHER DETAILS OF TAMIL TIGER TERRORISTS SYMPATHISERS ALL OVER THE WORLD, FOR FURTHER ACTION. There has to be a FORMIDABLE counter to the GTF, the MFs.

  7. Sam Says:

    Asoka, great article as usual with undisputable facts. I believe that Erik received a lot of compensation “under the table” for his support to the tamil terrorists. Sri Rohana has added some more evidence in support of exposing the past actions of this hoodwinking “peace facilitating” tiger terrorist lover. I also believe that these actions were possible partly because of unpatriotic, short-sighted political leaders of the past like JR, Premadasa, Ranil and Chandrika who never really had the guts to take concrete steps to eradicate the menace of tamil terrorism in its infancy. As we have heard, some even supported it with ulterior motives!

    Today the Sri Lankans are enjoying the freedom, thanks to the leadership of the Rajapaksa brothers. However, it appears that there is a grand effort on the part of western nations to destabilize SL for their own personal or political ends. This is a time the country has to rally round as one, to support the government and win this “international meddling in SL internal matters” war as well.


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