Posted on June 29th, 2010

Ranjit Wickremeratne

War is an ugly word. When cold war was over new wars started in many parts of the world by different groups with different ideologise. Those days they waged wars to conquer another country but now it’s different Its holy wars between Chirsitians and Muslims or wage wars to have separate lands by different ethnic groups in their own homelands.

We sufffered thirty long years beacuse of war.We lost thousands of our citizens and lost millions of rupees because of war.World powers jointly fighting wars with Muslim fanatics losing many of their valuable citizens daily in many countries. Nobody likes wars but nobody can avoid wars because we are living in such a dangerous world at the moment.

Peace loving People all over the world prefer peace over the war and it’s very difficult to have peace with so many terror groups fighting each other and killing each other unneccessaraly to get hold of power in to their hands and to rule this world. Wars destroy the lives of the people but if you have peace then of course people are happy and the atmosphere is quite and tranquillity. That’s the peace we were having now thanks to our current government under the leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and our beloved war heros who fought a bloody war day and night facing deadly bombs in various kinds around the country.

Twenty six thousand war heros were dead,civillians in all faiths and many of our political leaders were killed in cold blood for no reason by those blood thirsty murderers. My countrymen hates the word war now as they enjoy peace around the country with all communities living together as one big family.

 One year has been passed since my motherland enjoy this quiteness and tranquility and calmness of mind.Peace is the word every leader in world democracies fighting for but cannot achieve due to power hungry dictators,warlords and terrorists who likes to see blood,carnage and destruction rather than peace and happiness of their peoples. The world should take a lesson from my beloved country and they should be happy for ending a war of so many years. Now no more blood baths,No more citizens leaving the country,No more check points and hardships, No more of that fear among the people and the devastating sound of gun fire and the smell of gun powder. World should visit our beloved homeland and take advise from our leaders how to end a war with less casualties of civillians. Our brave soldiers fought gun in one hand and the other hand offering to help the helpless.

I say to the world without finger pointing at our leaders and our war heros please come and help us to rebuild our nation and to uplift the lives of our war weary citizens. UN and all other agencies,NGO’s without giving oxigen to terrorists and terrorists sympathizers like in the past anymore come and join us in good faith and friendship to rebuild the nation with roads,schools,bridges,and other important projects which our citizens needs at this hour. L.T.T.E terrorists organization was banned by so many western governments and it will not help anyone to talk about them after we eliminate the entire leadership of that murderers group. The world must help us to get rid of the L.T.T.E leftovers by arresting and bring the murderers to justice if not share the information about them with us and help to bring them to my country from their hideouts.

 Banki Moon appointing a panel to investigate war crimes is not the answer for peace. By appointing such unwarranted panels will bring only hatred among our citizens.We need reconcilliation process not panels to punish or blame somebody at this hour. Our Government and the President and the war heros doing their utmost to bring people together in war torn areas and in the whole country so the outside world must cooperate with our government and help us in all fields because the ruthless war brought us almost to the knees for very long time.

America,Norway,Canada,India and some europian countries who harbours and milk feeding some of the leftovers of the L.T.T.E die hards should understand that these snakes someday will bring more harm to their own countries if they did not get rid of them soon or educate them to live like human beings without insighting violence anywhere in the world including my homeland SRI LANKA. Banki Moon dont be a slave to terrorists and dont be a mouth piece to Tamil diaspora and harass our little nation of twenty million. We want UN to be bipartisan in all affiars related to world problems not to be a puppet on a string to world powers. We thought you were like a full moon when you was selected to be the General secretary of the UN as you was from south Korea and from an Asian country but unfortunately you are a half moon with one side is black. Dont get involved with Tamil Diaspora who still trying to create violence and disunity among our citizens hiding behind white man’s pants.

 There are so many lessons you can learn from our conflict after the war.Just imagine a ruthless terror financier KP who was very close to their ruthless leader Prabakaran has now become a good citizen and wants to help out our homeland and according to him some of his comrades too likes to join him to help us to bridge the gap between his people and mine. Bad guy has become a good guy after seeing a Buddha statue in front of my beloved Defence secretary’s bangalow. Statue of Buddha shaped his life and saved his life. Lord Buddha has visited our blessed country three times and watching us all the time and our Maha Sanga always stood for our freedom and our blessed country cannot be taken over by any ruthless terrorist or a group at anytime and we Sinhalese will fight to death if it happens.

 I hope and pray that every country in the world will support our freedom and allow us to live in peace without any conditions. World powers should come and take advise and learn how to fight in guerrilla warfare from our war heros.We dont tell anyone that we are superior than others but we managed to eliminate one of the most ruthless barbaric terrorists organization in the world. Only terror group who had Army,Navy and Airforce and suicide caders to strike at the enemy anywhere at anytime. They were so ruthless that they took hostage thousands of their own people from their homes and villages to give a covering shield from our war machine.They are the ones who killed innocent civillians indiscriminately who were escaping from their cruelty. Thirty years L.T.T.E. tortured ,killed and deny every human rights in the book to their own people.

 They collected millions of dollars from poor Tamils all over the world to carry on their terror in my beloved country to buy arms and ammunition and to pay santhosam to big political leaders in some countries around the world to be their mouth piece in world forums. They did illigal businessess under the cover of war like drugs,arms smuggling,money laundering etc. UN panel should investigate those crimes done by L.T.T.E because still many countries have the ban on L.T.T.E organization and not our government which truimphantly vanquished the L.T.T.E terror from our soil. I can walk or go anywhere I like with my family now without any fear of bombs or suicide bombs in buses,trains or in city centres any more. We have freedom more than before now as our people visit North and East in thousands to see historic places,pray in temples,churches and in Hindu kovils and enjoy delicious food in Tamil restaurants. This is our country and our people whether it is in South,North east or west. All the citizens are happy and free, government offices,schools,hospitals,new roads have been opened too much activities going on in the North and East where every citizen can see the difference between then and now. Mr.Banki this is the time to visit our country and have a good look,talk to genuine people not traitors of our Motherland and think what is good for our country whether to harass this tiny nation or help to rebuild it and leave the people of Sri Lanka alone to live in peace and in harmony

 We love peace. We need peace and we wont give up peace for war again and dont encourage any terrorists organization or their sympathysers to destroy our peace.

 Our Sinhala nation wont give in to 7% percent of population and wont allow 7% to seperate our land in to two or three and the Sri Lanka nation is for all communities to live as one under one flag and that is the LION FLAG.

 Please help us to reconcile the differences between the peoples of all faiths and built a just society under the leadership of our great president Mahinda Rajapaksa.

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