Winning War Against Terror, Human rights violations and War Crimes
Posted on June 30th, 2010

Warna Hettiarachchi Brampton

Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the UN
Ms. Navi Pillay, Hign Commissioner of Human Rights “”…” The UN
Ms. Radhika Coomaraswamy, Special representative of the UN SG for Children in Armed Conflict

CC. Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapakse
Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse
Mr. G.L. Pieris
Mr. Sergey Lavrov, Foreign Minister of Russia
Mr. Yang Jiechi, Foreign Minister of People’s Republic of China
Ms. Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State “”…” the United States
Mr. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada

June 26th 2010

 Winning War Against Terror, Human rights violations and War Crimes

Mr. Moon and All,

You have appointed a panel of “International-Experts” to investigate “War Crimes” allegations against Sri Lankan government during the last phase of its war against terror inflicted by LTTE. This is to justify your own convictions, as you previously lost the efforts in the UN Security council after Russia and China vetoed against it.  

With the appointment of this ad hoc committee, you are interfering with the internal matters and affairs of a democratically-elected sovereign member nation of the UN. Such actions cannot be carried out without first ratifying at UN Security council and its vote. You, Pillay/Coomaraswamy team and the Western “enemy-nations” of Sri Lanka knew it would not survive UN Security Council vote. So you went ahead and appointed it yourself. You are aware that the UN Member Nations have independent governments of their own, am I correct?

Let me briefly refresh your memory about what Sri Lanka and its people had experienced in the hands of LTTE terrorism sponsored by Western liberal governments and what they are experiencing after the defeat of LTTE terrorism from that little Island nation.

Civilian casualties are inevitable in war, as every single war that has ever been fought has shown us; the World Wars, US/allied-nations wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, Al-Qaida, and other terrorist and civil wars. How many civilians have died in Iraq? More than One hundred thousand!!

Fighting the most ruthless terrorist outfit with four-dimensional fighting arms, aka LTTE, for over 30 years, Sri Lanka having lost its economic, civilian and bright political minds to these terrorists had to take extraordinary measures to finish this parasitic terrorists to dawn peace to the country and its citizens.

LTTE Terrorists killed two heads of state – President of Sri Lanka and a Prime Minister of India. They have assassinated dozens other intellects, policy/lawmakers and politicians in Sri Lanka. This include former Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar and a bright lawmaker Neelan Thiruchelvam, both are peaceful Tamil citizens of Sri Lanka who vehemently opposed violent terrorism of LTTE. Where were your (UN) and human rights experts (Pillay and Coomaraswamy) condemnations when they were brutally gunned down by LTTE? Do these victims not belong to the realm of human rights?

As you already know, LTTE had its lifelines from the western countries, including the UK, Canada, US, France, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Germany and Australia, whose politicians were tempted with large vote bases of Tamil Diaspora in exchange of funding, feeding and providing weapons to LTTE terrorists to go on rampage and killing sprees under the classification “Freedom Fighters”. The Western-funded NGO’s/INGO’s used every loophole in International and Sri Lankan laws to keep the LTTE active in Sri Lanka and overseas. It was no secret how Norwegian, British and Canadian Liberal politicians did not even recognize LTTE as a terrorist outfit, until very late or only after a change of governing party.

A year after the defeat of LTTE Terror and dawn of peace to its Citizens, Sri Lanka’s economy today is one of the strongest and fastest growing in the world. Colombo Stock Exchange is one of the best in the world today. I am sure this worries the western economies and the IMF as they cannot impoverish this island to the point of bankruptcy with interest on loans any more.

Sri Lanka’s President Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse Yesterday rejected the EU’s conditions in order to get an extension of GSP+ export relief to poor nations. For Mr. Rajapakse representing 21 million people, the territorial integrity and its democratic sovereignty were utmost important than a mere US$ 150 million as export trade benefits. The EU conditions are contradictory to the procedures and measures adopted by the US and most EU nations in the war against Al-Qaeda terrorists. Do you know how suspects are treated by the US military when they are caught? Where are the UN Human Rights Specialists for such excessive use of force? EU’s conditions are insulting and depict a direct interference of Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and internal affairs by its member nations, possibly sponsored by Tamil Diaspora. Close scrutiny of the conditions show they would lead to rejuvenating the LTTE terror all over again to destabilize Sri Lanka again to the pleasures of Western Governments and its economists. It is not? Would EU ever pose such insulting recommendations to the USA, Britain, Middle-Eastern oil-rich nations?

During its final phase of battle against terror, a safe no-fire zone was established by the Sri Lankan government and military forces to minimize the casualties from the trapped civilians forcefully kept by the LTTE. Which country in the world waging a war against terror has facilitated this?

LTTE forcefully took 300,000 civilians at gunpoint as terrorists withdrew from the areas of their illegal captivity in response to the advancing Sri Lankan forces. LTTE  was positioning their heavy artillery guns in the midst of forcefully-kept civilians and firing at Sri Lankan government troops. Any military would retaliate in self defence. UAV videos taken by SL Forces show how LTTE kept these heavy artillery weapons inside civilian tents, flashing UNICEF, UN, Canadian, British and Norwegian aid agencies’ banners and flags as camouflage. After LTTE was crushed and mass-civilian exodus fled to government army front lines, it was evident how terrorists have dug trenches underneath tents, Aid containers and civilian homes to hide long-heavy artillery guns. Several of these were destroyed by Sri Lankan Air Force aerial attacks. If LTTE was not destroyed a year ago, the ugly terror war of Sri Lanka would have drag on to this day. And then the UN and most of its western member nations would have been much pleased.

During BBC’s HARDTALK episode from last week  “”…” former LTTE child soldiers/combatants are now being rehabilitated and released to their parents as respectable and responsible citizens of Sri Lanka “”…” confessing to BBC Hardtalk  about their horrific and nightmarish experience with the Tamil Tigers who forcefully conscripted these children, some as young as 9 years. After brief training on rifle shooting to kill Sri Lankans, they were garlanded with a Cyanide vial. Where were you during this time, Pillay and Coomaraswamy? Did this act NOT come under Children’s rights? Where was YOUR jurisdiction to force LTTE to release these innocent children and never to recruit them again? Why did the UN adopt such easy approach regarding innocent children being dragged away from schools and parents and forcefully conscripted to LTTE’s ad hoc terrorist fighting outfit? The UN and all Western countries had solid supportive proof and evidence as far back as 20 years ago.

The same BBC HARDTALK episode covered how these young boys and girls are being rehabilitated by the Sri Lankan government and its military forces. Where were you during forceful recruitment of under-aged children as Tamil Tiger baby brigade and using child soldiers ?? It was an internationally known fact that LTTE had a massive child army stationed at the front lines. Ms. Coomaraswamy, where were you and your actions against LTTE for recruiting children to hold killing machines and be conscripted against their and their parents’ will? But you did criticise when these “child soldiers” got killed when Sri Lankan government troops retaliated against fire from terrorists’ hideouts, unable to see children holding guns. YOU HAVE FAILED TO DO THE VERY JOB YOU WERE ASSIGNED TO DO! You instead used this opportunity to bring Sri Lanka to disrepute as its military killing children. You also practiced favouritism toward your ethnic Tamil rooted Tamil Tiger Terrorists. You are unworthy of the position that you hold!

After May18th 2009 with the crushing annihilation of absolute terror-outfit LTTE, 21 million Sri Lankans have finally started living again after 30 years, without fear of being blown to bits by suicide bombers or roadside IED (claymore mine). Why Is the UN not pleased with the peace that has dawned upon Sri Lankans?  Is it because UN has been USELESS and unsuccessful in bringing about peace to this island nation’s 21 million people for over 30 years??  

In late January-2009, Sri Lankan government  gave the LTTE leadership 48-hours to surrender to the government. See But the LTTE never surrendered.

In February 2009, the International community requested the LTTE to surrender and avoid any major civilian casualties. See But the LTTE never complied.

LTTE was shooting fleeing civilians who were forcefully kept around Tamil Tiger leadership as a civilian-shield/buffer to hold off SL forces from capturing the LTTE leadership. Where was the UN and its human rights advocate Navi Pillay when this happend?

The modern suicide bombers and IED’s that are killing hundreds of peace-keeping forces personnel from Canadian, US and other countries were originated from LTTE, who had proven solid connections with Al-Qaeda including cross-training programs between terrorists.

Despite proof, evidence and intelligence of LTTE’s illegal shipping, smuggling (people, narcotics, contraband, military hardware and explosives) and mid-sea warehousing/unloading, submarines, etc., no Western country with maritime/naval jurisdictions arrested, blocked, investigated or banned from entering its waters. Why?

Where were the UN Human Rights advocate/specialist Navi Pillay and Children’s rights advocate Radhika Coomaraswamy, when hundreds of children were brutally murdered in cold blooded killing sprees by the ruthless and organized serial killers LTTE? Do you remember Arantalawa Buddhist monastery where 33 young (mostly children) monks were brutally murdered by LTTE? How about when LTTE hit on all civilians of Sri Lanka “”…” where were your concern and condemnation and your push to have a UN committee appointed to investigate and try LTTE leader in the UN Courts? Also see the attached list of LTTE’s human-killings and infrastructure damage in chronological order.                                                 (see the link

Ironically where were you Human Rights advocates in 1987/88 during an anti-Governmental Marxists and Fasists literally killed hundreds of men  and women in Sri Lanka?

Do the Human Rights apply only to Tamils and Tamil Tiger terrorist? Where is the transparency and impartiality of the UN?

Now, conversely, which chapter of UN’s Geneva Conventions of War was employed by the US, when a US Apache helicopter gunship went on rampage, killing a journalist, children and several other Iraqi civilians in Baghdad in 2007? See Aren’t you going to appoint a special committee to investigate this incident? Ms. Pillay, are you afraid of the might of the US, that you did not investigate this or take actions to bring the culprits of the US military to UN War Crimes Court? Ms Coomaraswamy, few children also died in vain after being shot at point blank range of this US Helicopter gunship like rabbits. Was your Children and Armed Conflict stand ever imposed on the militarily mighty USA and initiated an inquiry or War Crimes Tribune?

When were your stands ever imposed on the US and its allied forces for war crimes, child abuses and human rights violations in Iraq, Afghanistan and prisoner abuses in Abu Gharib prison? Don’t remember? Let me refresh your minds again “”…” see the link

Have you seen at the ludicrous and ridiculous fifteen conditions laid out by the EU in order to grant an extension of GSP+ worth $150 million? Are these not DIRECT interference with Sri Lanka’s internal and governing affairs? This means the EU is telling Sri Lankan people-elected leaders how to govern the country and that any anti-terrorism laws and measures are to be dismantled!!! Let me ask you Mr. Moon, can the EU send the same demands to the US and other nations involved in anti-terror operations in the mid-East and their own countries? The harassment all airline passengers have to go through at US and European airports should be immediately withdrawn, in the name of Human Rights, am I correct? This GSP+ conditions/demands are the only proof any blind fool need to understand that a select few countries want to govern Sri Lanka to their fancies and destabilize its political structure.

Why? Sri Lanka’s geographical location is of great interest and strategic importance to the Western Nations. Between India and Antarctica, Sri Lanka is the only “tip” island that can monitor all naval activities from the Pacific Ocean to Indian ocean to the Atlantic ocean. Most trade shipping lines pass through Sri Lankan waters. China building Southern port of Sri Lanka (Hambanthota) will increase china’s naval presence in the Indian Ocean. Is this not a threat to US and European (NATO) naval fleets trying to cross Pacific to Atlantic Ocean and vice versa, as large Naval vessels including Nimitz class aircraft carriers cannot travel through Panama Canal, if an unrest or war breaks in the middle East or elsewhere.

Considering all this, it is clear that the Western nations are now trying to bully, intimidate and undermine the very fabric of democracy of Sri Lanka through the UN, with the aim to destabilize and weaken the people-elected government and leadership. The sponsors of such sinister campaigns have utilized the best available source and language for this purpose: Terrorism and Human Rights Violations. The western nations and the UN, including you, Mr. Moon, Pillai and Coomaraswamy, have utterly failed in eliminating either of them in Western Nations. When Sri Lanka defeated both, perhaps in an unconventional way you are unfamiliar with, your jobs are now at stake.

The UN Secretary General’s influenced decision to appoint a fancy committee of International “experts” to investigate how and why Sri Lanka finally got rid of terrorism and dawned peace on this land of serendipity will undermine the reconciliation and integration process already in progress in that country.

To recap, you are interfering the democratic governance, internal affairs, constitution and territorial integrity and independence of Sri Lanka. You can appoint not just one committee, may be one hundred panels. It will have no impact on this small island nation or its brilliant peoples of Sinhalese, Tamil, Burgher, Malay, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Bohra and other religious denominations. They are very well seasoned and battle-hardened to foreign influenced terrorism and extreme suffering for over thirty years. They do not need GSP+ or EU or IMF. Every inch of this land is fertile and arable. Any vegetable or grain can grow. All around the country is the ocean full of fish and crustaceans. Everywhere you look is a picture-perfect scenery where sunsets are the best seen in the world. Your committee’s position or your opinion doesn’t matter to the millions of tourists that will flock to witness the real beauty and the newly dawned peace of Sri Lanka. In case you missed it, Sri Lankans are having peace finally!!! No one will be able to take that away from them again. Not a single bullet was fired or a single bomb exploded after the annihilation of the LTTE Terrorists.

Before it is too late, I suggest you would relinquish your lop-sided partiality and double standards that bring the legitimacy and validity of the UN’s actions worldwide. That is the only way win the global war against terror, protect Human Rights and avoid real war crimes on absolute scale (not reports on news sites).


Thank you.

Yours Truly,

 Warna Hettiarachchi
Toronto, Ontario

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  1. Peter Says:

    Thank you Warana. You have shown how two faced the United Nations can be about what war crimes and who the perpetrators can be. They have as you say shown that they are traumatising a lot of law abiding countries with their “plans” and allowing the United States to get way with mass murder through proxy. In crimes like this it is aiding and abetting that makes the US of George Bush as guilty as the men who tortured and murdered innocent Iraqi and Afghan civilians in those countries.

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