Sarath Fonseka M.P., omitted from Parliamentary conference in Kenya
Posted on July 5th, 2010

Dr.P.A.Samaraweera, Australia

The Sri Lanka Executive Council of the Commonwealth Parliamentary MP’s have decided that Sarath Fonseka who had been nominated to tour Kenya to attend the Commonwealth Parliamentary conference be omitted from the tour. The reason is that if he goes to Kenya he will not return to Sri Lanka. So they have removed his name.
The DNA says that the government cannot stop Fonseka attending the Commonwealth Parliamentary Union. The DNA secretary says the speaker had given the green light and the government has no right to prevent him from travelling to Kenya.
Sarath Fonseka is under Military detention. It is a common practice in Sri Lanka for people to ‘run away’ from the country when they have court cases. Therefore, when this is suspected it is the normal practice for the courts to impound the passport of the person who is on bail. But still they disappear. The most recent case is that of Sarath Fonseka’s son-in-law, Danuna Tilakaratne, who was on bail and now absconding. The rumour is that he has left the country.
Then we have cases of doctors, engineers and other candidates who had gone on scholarship, students who had gone abroad to study, sportsman and so on who had not returned to the country for various reasons. So ‘running away’ to greener pastures is not uncommon.
According to a recent news item, Fonseka has 4 court cases. He has also made certain allegations about war crimes in Sri lanka. He is also a Green Card holder. So there is every possibility that he will run away.
Further, during the last couple of weeks the responses made in several websites  were advising him not to return from Kenya after the conference. So there cannot be a smoke without a fire. Therefore, the Executive council of the Commonwealth Parliamentay MP’s had made the right decision by deleting his name from the list of nominees to attend the conference.

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    I think we must take him to Kenya and let him run away, so that we do not have to worry about his security. He is a burden on poor tax payers of Sri Lanka. Let the traitor go. Please take him to Kenya.

  2. Anoj Fernando Says:

    DNA should work for the people in SL. not for the SF he is being curse for SL so far. should leave him alone to solve his own problems. why to waste ??

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