Posted on July 11th, 2010

Ranjit Wickremeratne 

You are a president of a democratic country and still acts like an ordinary citizen taking care of the people with kindness and courage. Thank you Sir for saving the country and decide to come forward personally to save a man who stood fearlessly in front of the terrorists and the world when ever there’s a danger to our sovereignty and freedom. Wimal Weerawansa is not an ordinary man. He is a man of principles and a lover of his country of birth. He is a fearless individual who has will power same as our President to stand tall in front of any opposition. You cannot compare him for those HIKANELLAS in the opposition.He stood with this government when ever the government needed him and he is true son of Motherlanka where nobody can deny it.
I was thinking to myself why some human beings are so cruel and why they cannot understand the feelings of a another human being?.Why they kill each other why can’t they live in peace and harmony with others? How come a person wear a suicide belt and just blast himself up in the midst of so many poor human beings who dosent know anything about politics or care about politics? Why not the UN and other so called human rights organizations and the world powers wont try to prevent such inhuman acts done by the devils of mankind? When thousands of people dying around the world why this Banki Moon is in a hurry to investigate our human rights? Thirty years what they were doing when those Tamil terrorists massacre thousands of our innocent civillians in cold blood? What UN did when they killed hundreds of muslim worshippers inside the mosque? Another time they killed hundreds of Buddhist priests in cold blood did they do any investigations? This great son of Motherlanka decided to go on fast unto death because of this double standard to our nation. He was ready to die not to please anyone or to get famous but he did it for the sake of our country and it’s leaders. If we have sons and daughters like him who has courage to stand up for unfair and unjust accusations then we can conqer the world.
I myslf dont have a party or color to cheer up but always like to stand up for the right thing in my life and this great son of Motherlanka always stood for the sake of our country in every issue concerning our country, leaders and the citizens. When his daughter visited him while he was fasting I couldnt bear up my emotion by seeing her cry and I think every parents who saw it must have felt it that way except heartless,wicked human beings like Anura Kumara,Tilvin,Ranil,Awamangalaya, Jayalath,Sarath and the rest of the useless opposition in my homeland. Any democratic country when facing danger from outside world even they are in the opposition they get together unitedly and face the enemy but in my country the other way around these sons of bitches in the opposition always take the enemies side and pressure the Governement to do as their masters voice. When we were fighting a war with so many dying around the country day and night what these opposition goons did except laughing and enjoy the benefits they got from their white masters for providing lies of information about my Motherland. Our great heros were figting bravely during the war including this great son of Mother lanka Wimal Weerawansa who was traveling from place to place and educating the people the gravity and danger we were facing due to terrorism and told them to be vigilant at all times during the bloody war.Thank God he was saved by our greatest leader of all time most kind hearted and sincere leader who brought us freedom and rescued our beloved land from ruthless killer Prabakaran and his gang.

Our citizens by watching at our president can learn so many things. After suffering so long and so many hardships during the war we now have atleast some kind of hope and freedom in the country. If we need to have this calmness prevail continuously we all should keep our differences aside and get united as one nation to face the enemies of our land. If not the enemies will not allow us to make our country LIGHT OF ASIA because they are jealous and angry for not listning to their advises. These white skinned slaves dosent like a small country like us coming out of age and standing amongest developed countries in the world. They know that we Sinhalese are beautiful  and straight forward peoples and have a president with a backbone and will power to stand against anyone. This is the first time we had a president who dosent say YES SIR NO SIR to the white slaves. He is actually a true lion who has a beautiful heart with forty years of political experience born to serve his people. You take any Rajapaksa in this Government and watch how they work for our Motherland by seeing them working we can learn many things. As leaders of this beautiful country they are showing how to live,how to work,whom to respect so on. So if you are a good citizen best thing to do is to follow them and respect as same as your teachers without listning to once a upon a time stories of the opposition baboons. They will tell hundred stories about this family and they can sling hundred tons of mud at them but if you have brains and eyes you can judge them by yourself without listning to those goons in the opposition. Just go and listen to a president speech and then listen to a speech by opposition leader Ranil the gay boy and think what you can learn from both leaders surely there’s nothing to learn from the gay boy because they talk all bullshit nothing concern to our daily lives. Listen to others like Anura Kumar or Somahansa,or Awamangala they all talk with anger and jealousy ” PALAYAN YAKO,THO MARANAWA,HORA etc.Can anyone learn anything from those vulger comments.These suckkers dont have any plan or new ideas to give our masses except mud slinging and shouting like mentally detard persons. With four seats among 244 in the parliament these JVP blood thirsty suckkers cannot do anything to our masses except create distubances in Government offices,Universities and spread violence while they hide behind them. Only thing they have to do now is join hands with the government and help the president to take our country forward not backward by their terrorists activities. That way they can survive for some period if not their end is very near.
To answer any criticism from any corner president should have people like Wimal Weerawansa in his inner cabinet.He was helping the president and his government many times and he won a landslide in the general elections same like his workaholic son Namal therefore he should trust this man more than anyone else because he is a genuine Sri Lankan son who will fight to death if any harm come to our beloved land. We must keep an eye on him next time it will be too late. President and his brothers Gota,Basil,Chamal and son Namal were more than a light to our nation. May Lord Buddha protects him and his family and the good citizens of Motherland and the evil forces should be destroyed for every citizen to live happily and in peace

By saving Wimal by near death our President showed the world how much human life is worth rather than allowing to take his life. Those super powers can stop all the carnage in the world if they have the will power and courage to understand the reality on the ground in every country without poking their fingers unnecessarally to other peoples affiars. By preaching democracy they go to every small country and try to put their systems in order to have their say in internal matters of the country. If leaders in these countries dosent agree with them they start harassing them and try to change the leadership. Our country is an example.When Rajapaksa president is there no more GSP PlUS but if Ranil is there then they are willing to provide GSP because this Tie and coat gentlman is the YES SIR NO SIR man for them. So Banki or any other tries to take our leaders or war heros to war crime courts in Hague not one wimal will be there but millions of Wimals in my country will be there to safeguard our homeland as well as our beloved leaders specially Mahinda and Gotabaya the two heros of our land. The president has already given his word that as long as he is the president of SRI LANKA he will never allow anyone to appear in this one sided courts. So Mr.Banki dont try your monkey tricks with the Sinhala nation. We are not Gaza or Beruit. Can you remember they burnt your offices in Gaza, Iraq, Afganistan, Lebnon and so many around the world because you and your UN is a puppet on a string of US and other evil western powers. We didnt harm anyone except had a peaceful protest so dont get mad with us just leave us alone and allow my peaceful country and the peoples to live peacefully and happily with all faiths and religions as a united nation.
We love peace because we have peace now and we live peacefully so dont spoil our peace MR.Banki Moon the puppet of the western evil empires. Respect small nations like us and get respect in return then only you will have a peace of mind.
WE salute our great leader Mahinda Rajapaksa
We all pray for Wimal’s recovery.
God Bless all.
Ranjit Wickremeratne 


  1. Raj Says:

    Thank you Sir. Wimal Weerawanse is not an ordinary man. He is an extraordinary man, that is why he left the JVP to start with. These jokers who critisize his protest are just traitors who don’t care for our motherland. I am talking about here the UNP, JVP, DNA and Sarath Fonseka’s party. If not for the brave Rajapakses the whole country by now be ruled by the world’s most ruthless terrorist Prabahakaran. God bless the Rajapakse family.

  2. jay-ran Says:

    Yes, its TRUE that Wimal is a REAL PATRIOT unlike those who criticise THRU REAL JEOLOUSY as none of those critics would ever dream of fasting like that for the sake of MOTHERLANKA.

    This is the real golden truth: more and more those traitors try to humiliate Wimal, they are digging their own grave and finally will lose many Parliamentary Seats. If the next elections is held under the WARD SYSTEM, WE CAN SEE THE RESULTS!!!
    By the Blessing of The Noble Triple Gem, may Sri Lankan Govt lead by President Rajapakse be protected and Peace Prevailed in MOTHERLANKA for many many years to come!!!

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