Tamil terrorist claims exaggerated: former UN spokesman
Posted on July 17th, 2010

Vajeera Warnakulasuriya, Melbourne

To the Attention of Presenter Asia Pacific,
 Mr. Liam Cochrane 

Tamil terrorist claims exaggerated: former UN spokesman

  In response to the above interview during Asia Pacific segment of ABC National radio that went on air today (17/07/10) and the article that Gordon Weiss submitted to the Age canvassing a favourable selection criteria by the department of Immigration & Emigration for Asylum seekers who have been arriving frequently these days I wish to posit the following.

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Gordon Weiss says, the LTTE cadres that come in those boats are no threat to Australia. May be so.  The intention of the Sri Lankan government in advising any foreign government is to allude to the fact that this generation during the last three decades, whilst being deprived of a decent education were unfortunately involved in every facet of a senseless brutal terrorism, unlike those who had an excellent free education to be qualified as Professionals and migrate to the foreign soils.

 The government of Sri Lanka does not give a rat’s arse even if Australia gives migrant status to the entire Tamil tiger cadres or the economic migrant Tamils who capitalized on the current situation in Sri Lanka to migrate to Australia. The exodus of this arrival is due to the fact they know the future chances of arriving on this pretext is fast running out. You can only fool the Australian Foreign Ministry for some of the time! Obviously the Australian Embassy in Colombo is sufficiently qualified to provide adequate information to the Foreign Ministry.

 When you wrote this article in the Age, basically you insulted the reading public with the belief that they have so poor IQ, that they are incapable of realising your biased opinion of LTTE, and that you were a NEUTRAL UN spokesperson who just spoke against the Sri Lankan Governments’ injustice. You being an Australian, I have to give you the benefit of the doubt that you have valid reasons for your assumption of the intelligence of your countrymen, but why do you want to pull wool over the eyes of the Foreign Ministry and rest of the Government including the Prime Minister! Surely there’s no question about their IQ!

 The conflict in Sri Lanka is now over and the government is providing all facilities required to lead a comfortable life to those Tamils who lost almost everything during the past three decades. If the Sinhalese government is demonic as you project to be, then, those who were dragged as human shields during the last stages of the conflict would not have crossed over to the government side expecting them to be saved from the cruel LTTE. They would rather have swallowed the CYANIDE capsule provided by your countryman Adele Ann Wilby (Mrs.Balasingham) to live in Haven with the leader. 

 However, if anyone travels with an open mind to the East & Nortern parts of Sri Lanka, they will appreciate the developments that have already taken place and in progress within this short span of time. Louisiana is still a ghost city according to Philip Adams of ABC after the hurricane Katrina five years ago. It was only last week, he was reporting about one of the states in the mighty USA. In Haiti with the presence of all UN organizations still millions of people are living in absolute misery without a decent roof over their heads!  The sanitation around the temporary tents provided are so pathetic, one wonders how a protectorate of USA is kept under such a horrendous plight.

 Gordon Weiss, who should have been a neutral UN staffer, has only shot himself in the foot and not the government of Sri Lanka by exposing his alignment with LTTE in the letter to the Age. One who talks so vehemently, quoting a distorted short history of a half a century from 1948 is undoubtedly an LTTE activist most unsuitable to be an impartial UN spokesperson!  One need not be a Rocket scientist to disregard his accusation of figures of those who were killed during the last phase of the conflict to increase from official UN figure 7,000 to 20,000, then to 40,000! The Tamil doctors who worked in LTTE control area hospitals were forced to exaggerate the actual figures of the dead, for the UN to come up with the figure 7,000. As you can see Gordon was a rotten egg in the UN; Government of Sri Lanka submitted convincing evidence to the UN of this partiality towards a terrorist group, that’s why he resigned from UN before he got the boot!

 Sri Lanka is unquestionably HOME for all her citizens irrespective of ethnicity. Gordon’s claim that the Sinhalese deny the Tamils claims to the island as also their home is nonsense.  What the Sinhalese objected to is the claim to a particular area as their homeland.  He has mixed up two completely different issues.

 During the British occupancy they brought nearly a 500,000 untouchable Tamil labour from India to start Tea cultivation (known as Estate Tamils) in Sri Lanka.  When they (Britt’s) left Sri Lanka, they left the Indian labour force behind.  Sri Lanka was magnanimous enough to accept them as citizens of Sri Lanka unlike the Indian labour force that was given 24hour marching orders in Uganda when they got Independence! Today they are citizens of the UK, yes Gordon you can blame Sri Lanka for depriving those Estate Tamils the British Citizenship!

 Gordon Weiss’s voice at this moment is merely to strengthen the legitimacy of processing refugee status in favour of the asylum seekers. There are thousands of Aussies who are homeless, jobless with very bleak futures who should get the Australians’ support rather than spending millions on confident tricksters from Sri Lanka who abuse the generosity of the unsuspecting Aussies!   

 I believe my attempt to dispel Gordon Weiss’s wild accusations will be food for thought!

Yours Sincerely,

Vajeera Warnakulasuriya,

5 Responses to “Tamil terrorist claims exaggerated: former UN spokesman”

  1. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Oh! you are crying for the Aussies while you forget to know that Australia isa colony of criminals and you have chosen to live with them. Better try to live with the black Sri lankan criminals too!

  2. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Gordon Weiss is on a mission. He did not mind losing his UN job or his reputation when issuing unsubstantiated statements favourable to the Tamil Tigers and other asylum seekers arriving illegally by boat to gain easier access to Australian residency. Little does he know the long term damage he is causing to the Australian society by blindly promoting all boat people as innocent civilians running from persecution, even though many could be criminals and terrorists escaping from being arrested and prosecuted in the countries of their origin (not only SriLanka).

    How does GW know these illegal boat arrivals are all innocent civilians without even meeting them to check their background? Also, how does he know whether one thousand were killed or hundred thousand killed in the last few weeks of the war, when he or any third party did not have access to the area of conflict during the last few weeks of the war?
    I understand he now hasn’t got a permanent job and is engaged in writing a book about the conflict, probably to discredit SriLanka. Why is he deceiving Australians to accept his unsubstantiated versions in favour of Tamil Tigers and asylum seekers? Is there a benefit for him?

  3. Nanda Says:

    This Tamil Mudali is a worst Tamil I have ever seen. He is a disgrace to his race. He should joint his express buzz comminumity ! Not Lanka Web !

  4. cassandra Says:

    Gordon Weiss is not alone in saying that ‘the LTTE cadres that come in those boats are no threat to Australia’. There have been well meaning Australian academics and even former members of the Australian High Commission in Colombo, saying the same thing. They seem to look on these LTTE cadres as ‘victims’, guiltless and innocent who will settle down to be model citizens in Australia. In this, the likes of Weiss are clearly misguided and very short sighted. I wonder whether they would have taken an equally tolerant attitude towards members of Al Quaida seeking entry to Australia. Surely, even if the ex LTTE cadres pose no threat to Australia, what about their potential anti Sri Lankan activities after they arrive in Australia? Surely, Australia cannot be indifferent if they continue to be members of a terrorist organization or one that actively plans violent action against a legitimately elected government of another country, especially, of a fellow member of the Commonwealth? And people like Weiss should realise is that the threat to Australia is not confined to national military security. What about other matters? Recently it was found that the majority of those arrested in connection with ATM frauds were Tamils who had been given residency in Australia. The record in Canada is not very encouraging either. So, Weiss and others are simply refusing to face reality. In Australia’s own interest, it should be concerned to ensure that those to whom it gives entry are actually fit and proper persons deserving of it.

    You state that “The government of Sri Lanka does not give a rat’s arse even if Australia gives migrant status to the entire Tamil tiger cadres”. I don’t know whether this is in fact the attitude of the government. If it is, it should not be. The SL government should be concerned in this instance because of the possible action by these cadres to plot and plan against it and pursue the cause of the so called ‘transnational’ Tamil movement.

    I see that MS MUdali has come up with another mindless comment. He should know (as indeed should others who carry on in similar vein) that Australia is not “a colony of criminals”. The British used Australia as a penal colony in the early days but to call today’s Australia “a colony of criminals” is puerile and reflects ignorance.

  5. M.S.MUdali Says:

    I like to call myself SRI LANKAN MUDALI and not a Tamil or Sinhala!

    Some people like the RACIST past of Australia or the current Racism of Aussies but they should know Sri Lankans (No Parangiya) will be treated as a shit by Aussies.

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