Change the slogan from Stop Boats to Stop Tamils
Posted on August 21st, 2010

Sunil Vijayapala          Australia

Both leading Australian parties have agreed on one agenda and that is to stop boats with bogus asylum seekers or now they coin the phrase ‘illegal emigrants’ an accurate refreshing phrase.  Australia, unlike Canada, is certainly not ready for SHIPS full of illegal immigrants as they will have no capacity to accommodate them.  Who ever who comes to power must stop these Tamils jumping the queue on legal immigration to Australia and Canada which may affect Tamils themselves who aspire for a better life though legal means.  These latest Tamils have spent around $22 million or approximately Rs.2200 million to travel from Thailand to BC and one wonders where in the world they get this kind of money. 

 We certainly are not in position to make any statements on other asylum seekers as we are not aware of  the “ƒ”¹…”ground situation’ in those countries but can categorically state Sri Lanka is a safe place to live for all minorities including Tamils while the majority of Tamils live in Colombo and other parts of Sri Lanka, leading normal lives and are represented in Parliament and other state bodies adequately, unlike in Australia.

 Tamils play the usual trump card of “ƒ”¹…”persecution by Sinhala government’ to get the sympathy of Australians and Canadians while they prepare themselves to suffer in detention for long periods in Thailand or Indonesia to creep into these two countries.  No Australian or Canadian would ask the simple question why don’t they go to Tamil Nadu in India, the safest place for Tamils, if they are under persecution in Sri Lanka?  The simple answer is that Tigers finance these operations as no one would not expect a group of simple Jaffna Tamils to acquire Rs.2200 million a colossal amount by Sri Lanka standards.  These people are quite aware that they will have no chance with the legal immigration and hence resort to “ƒ”¹…”Asylum’ card.

 Although Australian government are on a war path on People smugglers latest documentaries shown here prove that those smugglers or boat operators love to spend sometime in jail in Australia as they find that a luxury for them and at the end of their term they may have a bit of money too to live decent lives in Indonesia or Thailand.

 Without stereotyping Tamils one can say most are pathological liars.  They will lie to gain anything as on former Prime Minister puts it “ƒ”¹…”Only 3 Tamils can be trusted.  One dead, one yet unborn and one in the picture’.  I would not even trust one in the picture as that person could also be a fake!  The decent Tamils who live in Canada and Australia must come forward and convince their governments to stop these bogus claims as their own relatives and friends who have applied to emigrate to these two fabulous countries will be affected by this intake of illegal migrants.

 Sunil Vijayapala          Australia

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