Tamils frustrated by detention: lawyer
Posted on August 21st, 2010

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Gove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

21 August 2010
The Editor (Letters)
Re: Tamil frustrated by detention: Lawyer,  Tamil-Canadian lawyer Luxmi Vasan who arrived as a refugee at Toronto’s airport in 1991 with her year-old son, says that she understands their frustrations.
But here is the problem.  The Canadian government is being careful to go through the process of finding out who these Tamil people are and it takes time, whether they are indeed genuine ‘convention refugees’, Tiger terrorists or  ‘economic refugees’.
But here is the litmus test on lawyer Luxmi Vasan. If she indeed came in as a convention refugee in 1991, and if her passport has stamps of entering Sri Lanka as a visitor on holidays since then to meet up with her relatives and friends, attend weddings or replenish  a bit of her lost tan  by sunning herself along Sri Lanka’s beautiful beaches then
she is indeed an “economic refugee” and she fibbed her way into Canada, perhaps saying that she was running away from persecution.  That is indeed the rub, and that is why Canadian authorities are taking time to find who these 492 illegal Tamil migrants  who came on Sun Sea are.  And that should take its course and Canada should not open the flood gates wily-nilly  to let every Tamil Siva, Rajah and  Rani enter the country just because they claim to be a refugee.
In the past almost all Tamil ‘convention refugee’ claimant has hopped on a plane no sooner   he or she received the Canadian passport to visit Sri Lanka, the place they ran away because of alleged persecution.
Asoka Weerasinghe

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