Foreign Nations Must Be Made Aware Of Tamil Tiger Ploy To Use Human Smuggling To Regroup, Particularly Canada!
Posted on August 23rd, 2010

Lankaweb Weekly Editorial

Aug.23rd 2010

The recent brilliant analysis by Dr Rohan Gunaratne the specialist terrorism analyst based in Singapore conveys an all important caution to the world that Foreign Tamil Tiger militants based outside Sri Lanka are turning to human-smuggling operations to raise money in a bid to revive the group, which was decimated by government forces last year,and a caution which needs to be heeded towards preventing the once most dangerous terror group in the world from ever raising its head!

 Preying on the sympathies of Nations like Canada these conniving residual Tamil Tiger criminals who are not entirely wiped out  and continuing to maintain their efforts to recussitate the liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam now defunct in Sr  Lanka should never be granted any means towards their ambitions and the recent shipload of so called refugees which is being viewed very judiciously by the Canadian authorities and law enforcement as a possible terrorist threat seems to be exactly what Dr. Gunaratne has overviewed asindeed a terrorist threat and needs to be taken to task objectively and tangibly.

 It has been discovered through intelligence investigations that the rebel operatives who organised a human shipment aboard the Sun Sea cargo vessel that arrived in Canada last week charged up to C$50,000 (Dh31,333) per person, as outlined in the latest report by Dr.Rohan Gunaratna, head of the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore where the head count of Tamil would be refugees on board was said to be about 492.

It cannot be dispelled  entirely that the Tamil Tiger organization albeit non existent in Sri Lanka is  not a
threat to global security as there are warnings signs flashing vividly to the discerning analyst scrutinizing the issue on an ongoing basis of which Dr. Gunaratne is a part of as the many activities of Tamil Tiger representation globally point to the reality that they still have funds  and means sufficient enough to regroup and launch further attempts towards their ultimate goal where only a substantial base is now missing.

India once thought of as a prime location for this is now intolerant of their clandestine and  surreptitious activities and monitoring them on a daily basis, particularly in regions like Tamil Nadu once a hub of pro LTTE activity now outlawed and viewed with near zero tolerance towards maintaining India’s cordial relations with Sri Lanka as well as the related protocols where even certain LTTE sympathetic political groups are unwelcome and incarcerated whenever they step out of line and the ignominious  name of Vaiko crops up instantly along with many others of similar ilk and consequently the would be future Ealamites are now looking for a more fertile and safer base to operate out of, where Canada seems to be their ideal choice as many pointers to this indicate so Canada Be Warned!!
It is indeed heartwarming for the global community that after so much global terrorism which still continues to plagues the world perhaps to a lesser degree, many powerful and prominant nations have taken up the cause to outlaw Tamil Tiger terrorism and any other forms of global terrorism where running them into the ground is the only option and it would be a travesty of justice if terror groups such as the Tamil Tigers are permitted any leeway through the lack of insight and perceptionon the part of some to see through their ploys and be hoodwinked into believing their cause is legitimate by virtue of their theatrics and an outpouring of fecund sympathy with no substantial reason for it!
In this respect the recent stand by the Canadian authorities need to be applauded and it is hoped that this would continue without wavering or prevaricating towards Global Security!

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