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Posted on November 6th, 2010

Warna Hettiarachchi

My intention is neither to insult, nor offend Christians nor Catholics of Sri Lanka or anywhere in the world. My ideology is to live in peace with everyone together.

Sri Lanka belongs to ALL that lives there, not just Sinhalese, Tamil, Burghers and Muslims, but also the whole of its fauna and flora.

 I could not be silent on absolute bullshit published like this, repeatedly and more frequently by the Catholic Church recently.

 Warna Hettiarachchi

 Questions for Catholic Peeping-Tom’s:

 When did Sri Lanka’s Catholic Church and its bishops and now Cardinal EVER celebrate the peace after its government won the war against Tamil Tiger Terrorists?

 Why did Catholic Church promote Mannar Bishop Rayappu Joseph to smuggle 9V batteries which was banned in the war-affected areas in the mid-1990’s? The government had banned these batteries due to its use in suicide jackets to power the detonating circuit. The archbishop approached the stupid president of SL at the time Chandrika Bandaranaike and got Rayappu released from custody, after his van with false-bottom was caught smuggling the banned batteries and he was taken to custody.

 Why is Catholic Church and Catholic action/Vatican pushing Tamil separatism in SL?

 Why does Catholic Church and Pope PROMOTE raping, violating, sexually abusing under-aged minors/boys all over the world? All the Bishops and Catholic clergymen were pardoned by Pope after proof and revelations by hundreds of innocent victims that their entire future have been completely ruined by the culprits. The Pope stood-by the priests who raped these innocents and defended the Church’s stand of refusing to take action against the criminals who continue to wear catholic Clergymen’s robes and practice your organized religion.


Leave Sri Lanka alone!!! Do not mess with Sinhalese people who are living with TAMILS and MUSLIMNS and Burghers in ALL parts of the country! 31% of Colombo city population is Tamil and 31% Muslim and 38% Sinhalese. Wellawatte, Bambalapitiya, Kotahena, Colombo-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 sub-divisions are brimming with Tamils and Tamil businesses and workers.

Sri Lanka’s Gold-Jewellery business town Sea-Street is 100% Tamil owned and located in the south right in the heart of Colombo!!

 Sri Lankans have SUCCESSFULLY defeated 460 years of Christian Crusaders’ invasions from turning the whole island into a Christian Nation. It didn’t work then, and it will not work now.

 Let me tell ya, never underestimate the true power of the Sri Lankans combined together 9Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslims, Burghers, and all). They managed to defeat 30+ year old gruesome, grizzly, chilling War sponsored by you, the Catholic Church and the Vatican.

 Your control over the world media, particularly, Times, Guardian and other Christian media franchises are on a massive campaign to DEASTABILIZE the political might and economic success it has been

Enjoying and tarnish/end the PEACE the people richly deserve and currently enjoy after painstakingly earning it.


 LTTE, aka Tamil Tigers are world-condemned terrorists.

 Catholic church doesn’t think so??

If you ignorant didn’t care to check, the following CREDIBLE LINKS (Not pro-LTTE, pro-catholic diabolical-fabricated-cooked-up chicken-shit sites)  may open your corrupted eyes masked by blind faith:

There are thousands more.. no space here for all.

 All that, and the Catholic Church hierarchy in SL and Vatican are still hell-bent on driving a racist wedge, disharmony, colonizing the North and East, rather than respecting the LAW OF THE LAND

Which stipulates any Sri Lankan can live in any part of the country they wish. If Tamils can llive in the South, Sinhalese can live in the North & East. Does England or Canada or US or France or Germany has any laws which says otherwise, in their own countries? Cannot a Welsh live in Scotland or England? Can a Black not live all parts of the US? Your corrupted bullshit is as good as the same chicken shit that have been killing the most number of people on this planet… Christian Wars!!!!!!

 Most of Sri Lanka’s Christian and Catholics are embarrassed and offended by the recent and previous statements, pro-LTTE stances,

 In closing, you tell your bloody robed priests, bishops and Pope to keep their dirty hands off this resplendent land. Ask them to clean up their dirty, sick acts and asses and face the public’s anger over homosexual Child-molesters preaching sermons all over the world.

 Sri Lanka’s Theravada Buddhism will flourish for another millennium or more, unlike how you managed to unethically convert the Thai Buddhists in exchange for money donated by unsuspecting

Congregations and fund-raisers in the West, showing crying, hungry and fly-infested children in a desolate place in Africa. CCF, World Vision, to name but a few where corruption and mismanagement of public donated money are rampant. Canadian Christian Charities were found with evidence supporting LTTE build bunkers, transport LTTE terrorists in their NGO vehicles, and providing UHF and Satphone communication equipment passed through SL customs duty free for humanitarian work.. You call THAT humanitarian??

 Instead, go peep on your rear-ending priests who are raping a young, under-aged boy somewhere on the planet. Once you spot that, you will PEE in your pants.

 And by the way, tell your Pope to punish England and America for illegally attacking Iraq, killing innocent unarmed civilians (mostly women and children), over seventy thousand of them, according to the most recent Wikileaks of US Military’s own log reports on killing fields!!!! Then he can wash the dark patches behind the robes of corrupted priests and keep his place clean. He has NO JURISDICTION NOR ANY RIGHT to interfere with Sri Lanka’s affairs. Only its people-elected government will and could handle that and do it well the way Sri Lankans want it.

 Not the way stinking baby-boy-molesters do!

 Warna Hettiarachchi

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