Open Short Letter to Mr. Udaya Gammanpila: Western Province Councilor and a leading figure of JHU
Posted on November 8th, 2010

Kithsiri Athulathmudali, Florida, USA

Dear Mr. Gammanpila,

With reference to the article by the editor of Asian Tribune confused me.

What you are saying to the editor of the Asian Tribune is what every one is saying, but one expect lot more than giving press briefings, is actions from you and the JHU party. JHU has all the proof of how “Mudisooda Mannan” (Un crowned King of Northern and Eastern Province ref: P. Chidambaram) modified the Land Registry and during the cease fire, also got Ranil to issue a directive to the land registry in Jaffna to corporate with “Mudisooda Manna’s” staff of which, one of them were based in Ranil’s office in Colombo. 

 Reading the article by Santhus Fernando published in Asian Tribune on October 25th 2010


Nishantha Sri Warnasinghe has given far more details of this conspiracy of changing land registry records that dates back beyond 1940s. He also states that First Folios at the land registry has been changed.  Responsible for this scandal is the Mahaveer and pro LTTE groups working at the Jaffna land registry. JHU states that they have written to authorities but have not received a reply.

 This is what I am suggesting; Mr. Gammanpila:


  1. Go to Jaffna railway station and meet the people and find out what they want to go on their day to day business, and then request the government agent to provide those requested facilities. Official of the JHU has the authority to request this from the Government Agent and the Land Registry.
  2. Rent office space near the railway station, staff with efficient staff who understand the issue clearly, and who can read the land registry records and Folios. Pin point irregularity found on any record. Send the results found to the Government Agent and get a conformation. In this way you can eliminate the individual approaching the Jaffna land registry and the Government Agents office. In this approach the delay can be avoided because it is a collective submission and if delayed, JHU can question the minister Milroy Fernando in the parliament. Then ask him what took him 6 months to realize that displaced Sinhala families are living in the railway station when the local media was interviewing them every month.  
  3. Interview all staff who was in the land registry and the Government Agent’s office including the retired ones.  If you do not establish a JHU office in Jaffna you will not be able to find out what the new Indian High Commission is doing in Jaffna. HARI KRISHNA is coming to Jaffna in few weeks. What he is coming here is to establish a “LITTLE INDIA” as they did in Malaysia. Address the plastic issue later bring the resettlement issue forward. Some e-mails floating about suggest that Both, Milroy Fernando and Douglas Devanada take kickbacks regardless Tamils or Sinhala.

I hope what I suggest make sense to you.   

2 Responses to “Open Short Letter to Mr. Udaya Gammanpila: Western Province Councilor and a leading figure of JHU”

  1. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    I endorse your appeal to Mr Gamanpila. He also needs to verify whether it is true that last year Mr Chidambaran of India, promised an independent Tamil state in Sri Lanka within two years. I do hope this report is not true.
    In this context, the JHU, the only party protecting the rights of the victims of the LTTE, needs to counter the latest campaign by powerful personalities, trying to consolidate LTTE modified Land Registries. Mr Gamanpila would also do well to take Mr Gotabaya Rajapakse as an example and resolve these issues now and not later, in a fair manner to all, irrespective of race and thereby clear the way for economic development of the country as a whole.
    Recently I visited the ancient ‘Muhudu Maha Viharaya’ in the East and was dismayed hearing that much of the Temple land had been taken over by non-buddhist squatters and also that the Urban Council had failed to register the Head Priest, a resident for over 15 years, thereby depriving him the right to vote at elections.
    These are not isolated cases. Priority must be given to rectifying LTTE modified Land Registries or else the apparent promise of Mr Chidambaram could come true and throw back the country into another prolonged conflict to the delight of major arms manufacturers and smugglers.

  2. herman Says:

    Why is the president not making this issue his priority? Only the JHU is championing this matter and others in the govt are putting obstacles, leadership is lacking!

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