Government Regrets Space Given for Tiger Propaganda Tiger Proxies – Nov.11,2010
Posted on November 11th, 2010

Ira de Silva London, Ontario

The Editor
The Island
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Dear Sir:
The fact that LTTE proxies in the U.S. have formed a “Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam” and that V. Rudrakumar is the “Prime Minister” is not new information.  Rudrakumar  has been the leader of the Tamil Tigers in the U.S. for over twenty five years, has represented the LTTE in the so-called peace talks in Geneva, and has on-going dialogue with the U.S. State Department and other U.S. government institutions on behalf of the LTTE.  The representatives of Sri Lanka in the U.S. should be well aware of his activities, have advised the Foreign Office in Colombo and initiated action in this regard based on U.S. laws on supporters of terrorist organizations.  
It is also not “new” that the LTTE were able to grow and influence western countries because of their propaganda machine that promoted the myth of the Tamil homeland and the concept that they were a “nation” etc. which was not effectively understood and dealt with by the representatives of the GOSL in countries where this propaganda was being carried on. This ignorance and complacence led to the continuance and intensification of the terrorist war which resulted in thousands of deaths, the erosion of confidence in the leaders of Sri Lanka that they could defeat the LTTE, the country being subject to the dictates of foreign countries who believed that only they knew what was best for Sri Lanka as well as destroying the economy which increased the suffering of the people who had to deal with terrorism, lived in fear and lack of economic opportunities.

The lack of initiative by successive governments, abject failure of those who represented the country in the missions overseas over the period of thirty years is well known and documented. Statements by the current Defense Secretary indicated that he was well aware of the continuance of the threat by the LTTE after May 2009. The news report states, “asked if the issue would be raised formally with the US government, Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said that the Foreign Ministry was likely take up the matter in due course”. What is the Foreign Ministry waiting for?  Is it that they are continuing to live in a world of their own as they have done in the past? Should they have not dealt with this matter and formulated a strategy by now based on the numerous reports of the LTTE activities since May 2009 to prolong the dream of “Eelam” from overseas and already taken up the matter with the U.S. government because in the U.S. the law is that supporters of terrorism can be prosecuted?
The military part of the war on LTTE terrorism is over but the diplomatic war to create Eelam continues.  When are our “diplomats” going to recognize and deal with this LTTE diplomatic war? What is “due course” – could it take them another thirty years?
Yours truly,
Ira de Silva
London, Ontario

3 Responses to “Government Regrets Space Given for Tiger Propaganda Tiger Proxies – Nov.11,2010”

  1. Ben_silva Says:

    An excellent article by Ira. Clearly various people and organs of GOSL have been ignorant of serious external threats and have been inactive and shown apathy. India and most countries have organizations that monitor external threats and take action. It appears that Indians keep a close eye on Sri Lanka – hence spy stations in Jaffna and Hambanthota as consulates. These could even be used to destabilize Sri Lanka. The serious Indian threat cannot be ignored. However we cannot make them our enemies as well. Indians need to be reminded that the Sinhalese will not be hostile to India as there is respect and love for India. There is a need for a permanent body, such as the defence academy that monitors external threats and take corrective action. Just as India and many other countries are doing, our missions abroad should do a professional job in information gathering and should be a platform for countering false propaganda. So our missions abroad need to be managed by professionals, who are not hostile to Sri Lanka. These missions should not be used as a means of rewarding party supporters.

  2. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    If Mr Rudrakumar claims to be the Prime Minister of the “Transnational Govt of Tamil Elam” sponsored by the LTTE, then, we need to applaud him for admitting he colluded with the LTTE and is equally guilty of whatever crimes against humanity the LTTE committed. Now there is a possibility of him getting arrested under the US laws, not withstanding the influencial US friends he has cultivated through bogus means.
    FBI why wont you act fast against the leader of a group affiliated to a banned organisation?

  3. Sri Rohana Says:

    Great article and you are correct Ira! Tamil Terrorists international network is still active and they haven’t give up their separatist agenda. U.S and British politicians openly support Tamil racist separatist expansionist terrorists.

    Why U.S is so much worried to give a separate country to tamil terrorists. Tamils already have a tamil country (tamil nadu) which covered the area of 132,000 km2 and the population is 62 millions. Why they want to give another 1/3 from Sri Lanka (20,000 km2) to tamils. No doubt there should be political, financial or military benefit to U.S? Unless otherwise there aren’t benefits, U.S will not interfere. Where ever U.S interfere end results was a massive blood baths and human catastrophe to that region. Japan, Israel, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan are some examples of our era. It shows Hilary, Milliband, Solheim, and Couchner’s tamil axis going to revenge from us.

    What will be the reaction of U.S and Britain if Sri Lanka allows Al Qaeda to form a transnational government? Not only USA and Britain, Sri Lanka also a democratic country. To encourage and allow tamil racist terrorist members to form TGTE it-self a war crimes.

    What I cannot understand is why don’t our political parties and NGO’s protest against U.S and British governments on this issue. If a minor thing happens in Sri Lanka our opposition start hunger strike, signing petitions, protest in front of Fort station; meet ambassadors, organize joint opposition meeting and protest march etc. Where are those heroes when American and westerners allowed tamil terrorists to form a TGTE. What action are they going to take?
    Where are the UNP’s Ranil, Ravi, Jayalath, Sajith, Dayasiri and Mangala and JVP’s Somawansa, Anura, Vijitha Herath, DNF’s Arjuna and Tiran Alles and Wicramabahu of LF? Are they happy of TNA/LTTE friends form a TGTE with the support of their paymasters U.S and U.K? Or are they deaf and dumb?

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