Minister Jason Kenney meeting the Tamil community in Toronto
Posted on November 20th, 2010

Asoka Weerasinghe (a card carrying Conservative) Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario Canada

November 20, 2010

Hon. Jason Kenney, MP 
Minister of Citizenship &  Immigration 
House of Commons] 
Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Jason:

Re: Your Meeting with Tamil Groups in Toronto

Yesterday, I received an anonymous 8″x 11″ brown envelope in the mail with an interesting package of photographs and Tamil news paper cuttings of Minister Jason Kenney doing his Ministerial work, campaigning among the Tamil community in Toronto, as any parliamentarian would do, to buy, to garnish, promise this and that, shake hands and kiss cheeks saying that, “Give us Conservatives your vote and we will look after your community interests.”

The photographs were interesting.  “You lucky bugger!” I said under my breath, to see all these Tamil women swooning all over you and someone had garlanded you with an enormous garland that covered your neck.  And you were loving it, and you had a smile like a Cheshire cat.

Why wouldn’t any man, when the Tamil women looked gorgeous, with crimson moon thumb-prints between their eyebrows, none were flat chested, and everyone was buxom ballooning the front of their blouses, with Colgate polished smiles all looking at you with “come to me eyes”, wrapped in very rich Tamil coloured saris with gold and silver threaded oriental designs.   I was jealous.  “You lucky bugger!”, I said again under my breath.

But what bothered me was to see the Tamil men, quite happily smiling, almost saying to their women, “Good, you got him.  Act more sensuously.  We think he has fallen into our trap.  Get closer. Smother him with your jasmine and sandalwood scents.  He is smiling.  He seems to like it.”  Jason that is exactly what the photos show.  And this is exactly how I would interpret the photographs.

Then as a Conservative, it bothered me for a moment.  Will Jason, as a young handsome man reject the stoic ideal of disdain for human passion, desire, and enjoyment of things usually accounted good in this world.  Or will he be weak as Bill Clinton was?  Does it mean that the Human Smuggling Bill C-49 will now turn out to be an eye wash.  Does it mean that these Tamils can now line up their next refugee ships, MV Ocean Letchimi, MV Sun Manjula, MV We are Coming Canada, with 492 illegal Tamil migrants in each of these ships, to enter the Canadian waters from the Pacific Ocean to land on Canadian soil and claim that they are refugees?

My Million Dollar Question One to you Jason is, how would you reconcile brushing shoulders with the Tamils who were members of the banned World Tamil Movement, and members of the Tamil community who are still supporting the LTTE separatist terrorist movement that you instigated to be banned in April 2006.  Where is your neutrality?  Where is your honesty?  Or are you just being another unprincipled politician?

My Million Dollar Question Two to you is, was it you or the Calgary Northeast MP Devinder Shory, according to the Globe & Mail who told Balan Ratnarajah, that “the troubling elements on the refugee  human smuggling bill will never see the light of day”.  Is this true, and if so, are the Conservatives trying to cheat the Canadians with this Bill C-49 as it is a complete eye-wash?

By the way, Balan Rathnarajah was elected as a member of the Tamil separatist “ƒ”¹…”Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam” in exile to represent Canada’s District 3: Western Ontario with a vote of 4,844 in December 2009.

As it did look like the Tamil women in those photographs were swooning all over you with their sensuous jasmine and sandalwood scented charm,  did you fall for it?  You know, the human flesh is weak and many a politician in North America had their political career destroyed by women.  My God, Jason, I hope you are not heading for that unceremonious fall!  You looked glowing in those photographs with the Tamil women.  Did their separatist Eelamist men trap you?

Let’s hear you Jason.


Asoka Weerasinghe (a card carrying Conservative)

7 Responses to “Minister Jason Kenney meeting the Tamil community in Toronto”

  1. M.S.MUdali Says:

    You are crying like a fool! Canadian minister meets Canadians and not LTTE. Better ask why Rajapaksa treat KP as a prince! better ask Ranil why he carved out an area for LTTE!

    LTTE was banned by Conservative government because the actions of the Tamils with conservatives. People like you are the racist tail pieces of the conservatives. Better throw your card and go back to Sri Lanka!

  2. jimmy Says:

    I am a Registered Republican
    I have no idea how dare you are to call yourself as conservative when you do not have a basic human tendency
    You are a very horrible racist .
    I am a tamil moderate I have wonderful sinhala friends who feel the same way I feel about you
    not sure you are an alcoholic who write racial comments after consuming alcohol
    I will pray for you that you will be a changed person .Think before you write
    Please do not ever ever say you are a conservative you behave like a KKK ( skinhead)

  3. sanath sirisena Says:

    It is not a surprise to see the approach of the politicians as they always play for the majority.This what I call dirty politics. This trend will continue whether we like it or not. What ever it is I feel that it is always good to bring to light of these dirty politicians. I also find that Mr or Mrs M.S. Mudali and Mr Jimmy may be supporters of the LTTE movement or they may be tamils trying to find fault with Mr. asoka who is doing a wonderful job in highlighting the right and wrong of priciples of politics. I also do not understad the attidude of Mr. Or Mrs Mudali to order Asoka to get back to Sri Lanka. WHo the hell are you to throw a order like that after you are also a immigrant who is sucking the dirty politicians **** Yes the way things are going in this country I also feel like geeting back to Sri lanka. I suggest you Mr Or Mrs Mudali also think about. In my case I do not trust any political organization at all.

    Dear Mr Asoka ,Please keep fighting against these dirty politicians actions ad also the under world actions of the bloody LTTE.

  4. jimmy Says:

    You are totally wrong in your assumption . I hate violence and People who believe in Violence

    Pray for Peace Love is God it is not too late

    Do not fight , Do not hate , do not insult

    I am shocked big times to see the hatred . It is unimaginable in this newspaper lankaweb

    what is the point? honestly I do not see such hatred for colored people in USA where I live .
    Look why so much hatred in Lanka between Tamils and sinhalese

    Only If you pray to Jesus instead of idols you will develop compassion on others

    Surrender to Jesus

    Jesus will cure you
    Jesus will cure Asoka
    Jesus will make you and people like Asoka a better soul

  5. ram Says:

    Asoka Weerasinghe

    Even though u r in the civilized world and a Card Carrying Conservative, your language and manners prove that you and your clan do not belong to this part of the world. You should join with the State Terrorists, Mahinda and Co and should carry their card. You should be knowing that your sisters, mother, and your aunts were the descendent’s of Kuwwni, who was a prostitute. Hence, it is natural on your part to view others with same wicked angle as per your instinct.

  6. jimmy Says:

    stop that nonsense
    I am a Tamil and you should never ever say bad about Sinhala race
    how dare you are to say that??
    What is the difference between you and KKK ( skinhead) you need to apologize
    You behave like a racist talking about sinhala race

    You do not talk bad about sinhala race because people like Asoka write articles like that

    Have you ever ever met any sinhalese in your life? Do you have any sinhala friends in your life

    I met them not when I was in Srilanka sadly

    I met and developed friendship in USA. wonderful wonderful people mostly Budhists
    I will defend if any one talk bad about sinhalese

    The other day in a church an indian tamil man said something bad about sinhalese and I asked him to stop that BS
    I told him there are good and bad people in every community He apologized and felt it was a mistake saying things like that

    we all need to be honest to ourself and then we will have peace
    The life in earth is too short why we need to fight

    When you say things like Kuwani dont you know it will hurt people

    Take everything to the Lord in Prayer

  7. Raymond Says:

    How soon has the Sinhala communities in Toronto forgotten the favors done by the Conservatives.
    The CP MP Vic Toews donated $50,000 to 2 Toronto Buddhist temples. Even now there are many Sinhalese working in Mr Kenney’s department. How did we Srilankan ban the LTTE when the conservatives came into power?
    Of course, our ladies also did their part. Also our men are good at it too.
    Now that we have competition some of us are feeling the pressure. Don’t worry putha! let’s bend some more.

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