Posted on November 26th, 2010

CHUTTA. Farnborough,UK

This is a common man’s viewpoint about Foreign Minister of India, Mr Krishna’s agenda about finding a political solution to Sri Lankan Tamils.

HE The President had already offered an excellent political solution to Tamils, to all other ethnic minorities, as well as to the Sinhala majority, soon after the annihilation of the LTTE in May 2009.  His statement, if I can remembered it right, conveyed the message, “We do not have Sinhalas, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers or Moors etc in this land.  We are all Sri Lankans. From now on what we have are those who muster under the Lion Flag of Sri Lanka, and those who do not or do not wish to muster under the Lion Flag.  Those who muster under the Lion Flag are the Sri Lankans, and those who do not are the aliens”

 To me, the political and philosophical message embedded in this statement is crystal clear.  If Sinhala and all other ethnic minorities who consider themselves Sri Lankans can live under the Lion Flag as equal brothers and sisters, sharing the good and bad times together, then there would be no problem.  But if some groups think that they are better than the rest of us, and need special privileges above and beyond other ethnic minorities and the rest of us majority, then they cannot be part of this nation.  In particular, if for the slightest sense of a political nose-cold and sneeze, they want to rush off to complain to the big brother in Tamil Nadu, or the younger brother in Norway, or the pukka sahib in Britain, or Uncle Sam in the US, then they cannot be considered as patriots mustering under the Lion Flag.  They want to live here in Sri Lanka, enjoy the privileges, dictate to the indigenous citizens and want to muster under alien flags. So what rights they have here to demand political solutions?

 If Moors could live in harmony with Sinhala for 2-milleniums or more, have integrated well, and spread themselves amongst Sinhala communities, then why cannot the Tamils? If Burghers who held even mightier positions than Tamils in the Sri Lankan administration under British could intermarry to locals, got off from their high horses and got real, then why cannot the Tamils?

 Someone might say, oh yes, they do not mind, but only as the masters, as they used to be under British.  I can remember that in my youth, my local station master, the PWD overseer, local police inspector, the DRO, all these were Tamils.  Quite simply, anyone with significant authority in our area was a Tamil.  And where was it that I was living?  Was it Mullativu, or if not Batticaloa, or may be Chilaw? Good heavens …… No ..! It was in Gampaha District, in the heartland of Sinhala community. 

 British were good in keeping us majority under control, by giving privileged positions to Tamils.  Were the Tamils more intelligent and more educated than Sinhala?  May be a higher percentage more educated at that time, but certainly not more intelligent.  Every ethnic group would have the intelligent ones and the dull ones; any society is like that.  One has to be given the opportunity to develop. British made sure that opportunity was given according to what the British imperial agenda wanted to achieve. They made sure that Sinhala children were sidelined as second class citizens, depriving them good education, and creating an elite class from Tamils ……. to keep the majority under their thumb.

 Only in late 50s that the Sinhala people woke up and a balance was struck.  From our area departed the Tamil PWD overseer, the station master, the local police inspector, customs and excise chief and the DRO.  Ironically, the Sinhala officials who took over were not all that good.  They did not have the dedication to duty, pride in their work, and the management skills of the Tamil elites, and I can tell you, that nothing had run smoothly since then.  So, I take my hat off to the Tamils who had the skills and methods, and I for one would certainly like to see them back in our areas.  But I want them as equal partners and citizens of this nation, and not as a master ethnic group as British intended for their political expediency.  Skilled and talented Tamil youth must work together with our younger generation of Sinhala and Moor and Burgher administrators, scientists, doctors, and teachers etc, all of whom are now highly skilled and talented.  Has anyone thought about our own Adivasi? Let us give them too, recognition, education and position in our modern society.

 So, back to the political solution:  muster beneath one flag, have equal opportunities with all other brothers and sisters of the nation, and let your abilities and skills float you to the right level.  Give something to the nation generously, and then you will get equal amounts in return without having to demand it.  Come and live in our areas, as you are already doing so well in Colombo and its suburbs, or in the hill country.  Nobody has thrown you out or has asked you to go if you identified yourselves as part of our nation; if you are running off to Tamil Nadu, then it is in your own free will demonstrating that your loyalty is not to this nation but to some other.  Likewise, let the Sinhala, Muslim and Burgher settle in north and east which is Sri Lankan land, neither Tamil land, nor Moor land nor burgher land.  It certainly is not Tamil Nadu land. 

 Learn to live together first, indentify yourselves as patriots and identify where you belong, before asking for political solutions.  When you get your ideas sorted out, then I am sure everything else will follow.  There is no need to demand, or to run off to this alien uncle, or to that alien brother to complain. If you identify yourselves with Sri Lankan flag, learn to live with equality with your fellow citizens, give to the nation before demanding from the nation, then I am sure manna will fall for you from the sky.

 Finally, my message to Mr Krishna.  Before you preach us Sri Lankans what to do with our ethnic minorities, please listen to the cries of the people of Punjab, Naga land, Bhutan, Assam, the Gonds, the Dalits, the Adivasis, etc.  What about giving them political solutions?  May be you want to ignore the voice from these people, in order to keep India as a unitary state, lest it will fragment.  You are a very large country, and I am sure the US and the west would love to see you in bits as they have done in the Balkans and in the former USSR. 

 But on the contrary, you do not wish to see Mother India suffer the same ignominy, despite the generosity that you are currently receiving from the US. But I suggest to you, please watch your backside and pay attention to what the US is doing in the south, inside and around Tamil Nadu.  If Mother India does not want fragmentation, then why you are trying to impose fragmentation on a small Island of Sri Lanka? Are you jealous of us?

 Since your advocacy does not make sense on the face of your own conduct, we can say it in the best of British way, “what is good for the goose is also good for the gander”.  So, Mr Krishna, please go home, and take your agenda back with you.  We don’t need it here.  Remember, HE the President has already put forward the political solution back in May 2009. Muster under one Lion Flag, and then all the best will follow.


  1. Kit Athul Says:

    Thank you CHUTTA, at last some one is telling HARI KRISHNA to get lost. What about this Roa woman, Anura Bandaranayke told her to get lost in the parliamant and she did, but she keeps coming back.

  2. mjaya Says:

    Well said!

    The Indians are ALWAYS up to no good! They have plenty of problems in the huge “mess” known as India. From the inhuman discrimination of low caste “untouchables” to the lack of sanitation facilities to 30% of the population.


    You never know what will happen in the future. In 2008, India started pressing for a political solution and negotiated settlement with the LTTE when the war was ongoing. Then came the Mumbai terror attack. Who knows what is in store for “India” a country which already has 20+ rebel movements.

  3. jayt Says:

    lately, Sril anka president made statement which says there are should be a sri lankan identity, if not Tamil tigers population will threat to Sri lanka. Mr precedent why not you tell these spies group who brought this id proposal to bring it to Hindus in India and ask them to intermarry to Muslim, then, there won’t be Kashmere threat because there will be only one id which is “India Muslim”
    Same thing can be done to American and European; all American and European intermarry Arab Muslim, then there will be only one id which is “European-American Muslim”, and Palatine return to Palestinian, peace is guaranteed.

  4. De Costa Says:

    Shameless Indians ! Krishna is no exception. Ignorant,stupid,arrogant and ugly racists. Their political solution was terrorist training camps in India to kill Sri lankans.

  5. dhane Says:

    It is Indians who are having several ethnic groups who cannot come under one banner. Therefore Krishna who should try to educate their people. I cannot understand why all these people are try to lecture Sri Lanka when they could not do them self. Where is UN & its “Ban Koon” these days let them read about 26 Solders killed by LTTE.

  6. M.S.MUdali Says:

    //His statement, if I can remembered it right, conveyed the message, “We do not have Sinhalas, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers or Moors etc in this land.//

    Are the Sinhalese serious about this statement? If they are serious ask the president to abolish school names as Sinhala, Buddhist, Hindu, Tamil, Muslim, English, Christian, catholic and all other names with ethno-rreligious identities.

    For example Muslims who have already have a “Pakistan” in Sri lanka by having separate schools and so on while all these Muslims talk Tamil Language! All these Muslims came from South India but they are separated from Sinhalese and Tamils under religion while their mother toungue is TAMIL.

    The comments are not in good faith but with a RACIST tone.

    India is under a FEDERAL system like USA or Australia or Canada or Pakistan. Federal solution is the best to solve all the ETHNIC based tentions.

    India has the moral right to talk on the ETHNIC matters of Sri lanka because Tamils run to India only when Sinhala racists beat them and nearly 100000 Sri lankan Tamils are still Indian refugee camps.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Mudali : how can a Federal solution work for Lanka when more than half the Tamils are in the South which is a traditionally Sinhala area ? Will the Tamils in the South ever go to a ‘Federal’ Tamil area in the North ? No.
    It sounds like some Tamil leaders & Mudali are saying : what is mine is mine, and what is yours is also mine !

    As for “100,000 Tamil refugees” in Tamil Nadu, a greater number have come to Lanka as ILLEGAL TAMIL MIGRANTS. Talk about how to stop that, please. Even today, so-called Indians (including Tamils from Tamil Nadu), come to Lanka and get in with our “visa on arrival” program. We can bet that there are some who have converted to various religions to get permanent access to live in Lanka through this program.

    Chutta: I appreciate your honesty in your article. Tamil workers were considered ‘good’ by Sinhala people. Are they equally good when they work in Tamil areas ?
    How is it that Sinhala workers excel abroad, or if Sinhala people work for foreign companies in Lanka ?
    There is a simple psychological explanation to this : we all work harder, acquire the skills & the discipline to excel so when we are INSECURE, whatever the ethnicity.

    By now, the Sinhala people should feel insecure enough to work with skill & discipline in Lanka, or else Lanka will be over run by those who will.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Mudali: Moreover, unfortunately, Tamil Nadu operates mostly even to this day on the Tamil Dalit (Untouchables) mode. That is an inhumane way to run any area. Please find solutions to this massive problem affecting some 5 Million Dalit Tamils there first, before some Tamil people of Lanka attempt to carve out parts of Lanka – to get away from Tamil Nadu, we presume ?

  9. jimmy Says:

    Pray for Peace Love is God it is not too late

    Do not fight , Do not hate , do not insult

    I am shocked big times to see the hatred . It is unimaginable in this newspaper lankaweb

    what is the point? honestly I do not see such hatred for colored people in USA where I live .
    Look why so much hatred in Lanka between Tamils and sinhalese

    Only If you pray to Jesus instead of idols you will develop compassion on others

    Surrender to Jesus

    click the tune in tab


  10. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Federalism is working well in USA, Canada and in many other countries. Even the people speak SAME language FEDRAL structure is doing well.

    So, dont worry about Federalism!

    Your DALIT talks come from the Catholic/christian moronic propaganda. That propaganda is against to Buddhism as well.

    Buddhism never advocate for Caste but your NAZI POPE barks that BUDDHISM is not a religion and must be eliminated.

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