True Friend Pakistan : Visa on arrival
Posted on November 28th, 2010

Shenali Waduge

While India in post-war Sri Lanka is bending its back to make us Sri Lankan’s believe India was all the while helping us to eradicate terrorism, it is without any doubt that Pakistan has been a true friend.
While India to negate or balance the mass assistance being given by China strives to involve itself in Sri Lanka’s development by once again doing petty deals like opening consulates in Jaffna & Hambantota, Pakistan has signed with the Sri Lankan Government visa on arrival for Sri Lankans.
When Indians have been given visa on arrival status in Sri Lanka…why has India failed to reciprocate this gesture, since clearly more Sri Lankans travel to India on a daily basis as students, pilgrims, business & holiday purposes…yet India despite repeated requests have denied us this…how can it call itself our closest ally & friend…especially when we remain doubtful of India’s sincerity and that is something the entire public of Sri Lanka are unanimous about.

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  1. Hermoon Gill Says:

    Pakistan and Pakistanis consider the SriLankans as true friends and this has been demonstrated by Pakistan’s commitment in helping SriLanka defeat terrorism.
    By granting Sri Lankans visa on arrival status,it is a small gift to the brothers in Sri Lanka to come and visit and explore the Pakistan.We can assure you of friendly hospitality.

  2. M.S.MUdali Says:

    India never give VISA to any citizens from other countries on landing. Dont you know it? That is their policy. The same thing applies to US or UK or Canada.

    Canada has one High Commission in Colombo but Sri lanka has a consulate in Toronto. Why?

  3. jayt Says:

    this is very great step. Sri lanka and Pakistan should develop more closer brotherly relationship. Pakistan had few set backs, but Pakistan thousand time way better than Sri lanka in defense, education and intelligence, and Pakistan have to solve only one problem= political disunity otherwise, Pakistanis are most beauty-full, happy fun loving hospitable people. Disunity caused by mistreatment of Buttos familly by early military govt and some cases more resent military govt. However, Former president Musraaf have apologized fore it which is a great wise thing he did to correct the past mistakes and bring the unity back and fight foreign threat to destroy Pakistan. Beside from those mistakes, President Musraaf is great patriotic intelligence man.

  4. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Sri Lankans have nothing to learn from Pakistan. Pakistan is a corrupt and unfriendly nation since it was created by British.

    Those who like Pakistan or proclaiming Pakistan as a friend can learn about separation, corruption, religious fanaticism only.

  5. mjaya Says:

    Hi M.S.Mudali,

    India was created by the British first. India was never a unitary state. Occasionally someone managed to unite most of India under a single empire. Also those who like India can learn a lot too! You can learn about how to live without sanitation, how to discriminate based on caste (yes have separate counters for untouchables!!!), how to bath in a river where you float your dead, the use of cheap magic to rip off innocent devotees, the possibilities are endless. And BTW who said there was no corruption in India?

    India was never a friend of Sri Lanka (nor is it a friend of any of its neighbours). India created the LTTE and was determined to prevent their defeat. During our times of need Russia, China and Pakistan stood behind us. They gave us weapons to defeat the LTTE when we needed them.

    The fact that you are not a true Sri Lankan, is probably why you do not at least remember how the Pakistanis cheered for us during the final of the 1996 cricket world cup!

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sri Lanka should grant VISA ON ARRIVAL only to people of countries that have a similar arrangement with Lanka. Do all the ‘tourists’ who come into Lanka go back, especially the Indians ?

  7. mjaya Says:

    Hi Fran

    Good point! There are a lot of rumors that Indians come to Sri Lanka as tourists and then seek work. We should be very strict with such cases and deport them immediately. Apparently that is why Indians are not given visa on arrival in Singapore.

    Always our agreements with India are lopsided. Indians can come here and get visa on arrival but not the other way around. Also Indian tourists have many concessions in Sri Lanka compared to western tourists but in India a Sri Lankan tourist are not treated the same. One example is the fact that to visit the Taj Mahal, Sri Lankans have to pay the full amount.

  8. cassandra Says:

    The Indians who come to Sri Lanka are well known not to want to go back. Will we never learn from history? Remember what a fellow called Vijaya did so many years ago?

  9. M.S.MUdali Says:

    India created LTTE. So, UNP’s Ranil, Catholic Jayalath Jayawardene and many other Sinhalese supported LTTE. Nice to hear.

    Is that why British too support LTTE?

    I am a Tamil and never supported LTTE but you guys Sinhalese. Better explain me why Catholic Church support LTTE even today. Can anyone explain why Premadasa gave financial and gun support to LTTE? Can any Sinhala Pandit explain why Ranil carved out an area to the LTTE with “POWERS”? Sinhalese keep silence on the “love affair” of UNP and catholic Church. Are you all telling us that Sinhalese supported LTTE because of the Indian pressure?

    Before “India”, did the Sinhalese go to Pakistan or South india for all businesses?

  10. Rohan Kaul Says:

    Okay, So I registered just to reply to all of you guys. I am Indian and would like to enlighten you guys with certain facts that you have got wrong. I am deeply sorry for your country being ravished by the LTTE and am also not very pleased with the fact that my country failed in helping our neighbours. So, firstly touching the core issue that is highlighted at the top, India does not provide a visa on arrival for any nationality because that is our policy. We do not differentiate between nationalities and thus to create a same set of rules for all we require all nationalities to get a visa in advance of their arrival. Secondly, Pakistan is an amazing country. I acknowledge that they have certain problems within their nation but overall Pakistani people are wonderful. Apparently one of my close friends is a Pakistani. Just that because things with our neighbours haven’t been going well, we fear Pakistan getting close and friendly with other south asian nations and that is all. Pakistan has a few set backs but who doesn’t? I would be a liar if I denied the amounts of corruption present in my country. Next, India and Pakistan were never a separate nation before 1947. It was a single combined Colony which was under British administration. Due to stressed relations between muslims and hindus at that time the country was split into two. Pakistan for the muslims and India for the rest. If I am not wrong Sri Lanka (Formerly Ceylon) was a british colony until 1947. The Indian people do not lack any forms of sanitation or hygiene. Only movies highlight a much older reality which was present a long time ago. We have a strict policy against any kind of discrimination. It is regarded illegal with a huge penalty if practiced. We are a secular country which allows all religions to be practiced and promoted freely. All languages specified in the constitution (About 20) can be used in official procedures. I agree that it is rather peculiar to bathe in the same river in which the dead is floated ie. River Ganges but it is a Hindu ritual and is based on people’s belief. Rip-offs do take place but not on a large scale. ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ is our motto which literally translates to Our Guests are Our Gods meaning that we treat all guests with the highest amounts of hospitability. I would not like to comment on where you guys got your weapons from or who helped you because I lack knowledge on that topic but I do want to tell you that the LTTE was surely not created by the Indians. It was a a rebellion caused due to the tamil oppression in Sri Lanka because of making Sinhalese the official language and making Buddhism the prime and official religion. Enough on that because I really don’t know the motives behind that but I really deem this act and was delighted with joy when I learned that he was finally shot dead by the authorities. On the other matter, even if Indians do come to Sri Lanka to seek work I don’t see why that should be much of a problem and even if one Indian came there and did what he did please I beg you not to regard all of us like that. My father is Sri Lankan and he is an amazing guy. I know that you people are the friendlies and most hospitable so, please don’t regard all of us as your enemies. We have all intentions to be friendly. About the Taj Mahal, well it is government policy to charge a full rate even from us Indians. We have to pay up the same amount as you guys and you don’t need to feel sorry for that. Finally, India did not create the LTTLE, only a small group of tamil rebels and this activity was hugely deemed buy all of the country. I am sorry for whatever happened in the post but please let us look forward to a better relation with each other. Honestly, we are in a bad position being attacked from all position of the region and you and Maldives continue to be our only ‘True’ friends here. India needs Sri Lanka’s support. Thank you for reading this if you did.
    Kudos from New Delhi, India :D ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ Sri Lankans are always welcome to our country and we hope we get the same welcome too.

  11. Rohan Kaul Says:

    *Addition – We don’t have any separate counters for untouchables. No one is regarded as an untouchable in India and doing so is punishable by law.

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