Warning to all UK Expats… Please check your child’s school registration data sheet
Posted on November 28th, 2010

Sri Lankan in UK

Remember how the journalist Bandula Jayasekra (Now the Diplomat) revealed in the island  in 2001  that some UK Schools   re-clarified   Sinhala Children as  Srilankan Tamils on the school Registration forms. 
At that time. Ranil was “in peace” with Prabkaran and the UNP government was outraged. Then Foreign Minister Tyrone Fernando  called Bandula an irresponsible Journalist in the Parliament and  demanded an apology. Our High Commission in London denied such thing was happening in UK. Since Bandula was living in Srilanka he could not substantiate his claim and had to apologize.  
However, Bandula was telling the truth and I personally knew two Sinhala mothers whose children had been recorded as “Srilankan Tamils”.

One of our friends Bodhi Wije who was an influential member of the Labour Party took up this case with the Labour Government . If I remember correctly, then Education Minister told Bodhi that unless Srilankan Government made a specific request, he couldn’t  instruct UK schools to create a separate ethnic Category called Srilankan Sinhala in to school data forms.  However ,he assured him that  he would make  sure that no non-Tamil  child would ever be registered  as a  Srilanka Tamil on the school forms.    We were happy with the outcome  and left it at that.
When my daughter passed her 11+ exam two years ago and entered the only Grammer School in Ashford,  there was the usual question on her Registration form, Is your child’s ethnic origin is  Indian, Pakistan or other . ( If “Other” please specify) “.     I  ticked  Other box and then wrote Srilankan in brackets.   Last two Novembers, they sent me her new year  data sheet to check and sign and I saw her ethnicity had been correctly recorded  as “Other”.   
So imagine my shock and anger when my   daughter brought home her new academic year Registration form on Friday. Yes you’ve  guessed it, the school has re-classified my daughter  as a Srilankan Tamil.      Some  UK school seems to have gone back to their old ways and started to classify all Srilanka children as  Tamils. I am outraged. 
For me,  whether you are a Tamil, Sinhala, Malay or whatever,  you are a Srilankan and no more. We all should write  our ethnicity as Srilankans.     However  LTTE Diaspora was having none of that.  By relentless lobbying they have managed to convince the all UK Education authorities  that Tamils were a special ethnic group who needed a separate identity. Many local  authorities in UK have  meekly given in to  them and re-written  the data bases they were using in schools in order to accommodate LTTE’s demand .   Many of them even dont know Sinhalese are the majority in Srilanka . 
 There could be  a sinister motive behind this. For many years, Tamil Diaspora has been pressurizing  British Government to enter Tamil Language in to children’s school curricular.  If they do succeed in getting all Sinhala Children registered as Tamils, they could  use this false statistics to further their cause.   In a few years they would  say,    ” 25,000 Tamils children are attending  British Schools now  and we  are now the biggest minority children  in UK. So we demand British children should learn Tamil as an extra language, just like it is compulsory for them to learn German or French  or Spanish .”  They only have to get the support of a few LTTE boot licking  MPS like Keith Vaz   and Simon Huges the education Authorities would certainly  cave in.   This is how LTTE Diaspora  work in London and they always get  their own way.
If an English child has been registered by a school as British Scottish or British Welsh, there would be a huge  outcry in the media here. So why should you  keep quiet if  your Sinhala or Muslim, or Malay child has suddenly become a Srilanka Tamil in their eyes. 
 I am going to see the school principal first thing on o Monday morning to  demand an investigation to how she had suddenly become a Srilankan Tamil. 
 If you live in London and have school going children, I urge you to contact your child’s school  and demand to see his registration form.  You never know, he too may have been re-classified as a Srilankan Tamil.   If it is the case, please let us  know . 
London Srilankan Associations should  take  this up  with UK Education authorities as well as Srilankan Government before it is too late.  .  Thank your lucky stars. Ranil is no longer our PM.




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  1. jayt Says:

    This is done to retaliate some Sinhalese in Sri lanka who wrote racists attack against British as colonialists or white.
    I wrote many time to Sinhalese do not personally attack British because they can take revenge on Sri lanka many time through tigers. If there is a problem, Sinhalese have legal right to take legal action against any individual British who do wrong, but if you attack whole Britain personally, they can attack Sinhalese in their own country.
    Britain have shown willingness to be friend with Sinhalese and Sinhalese can greatly benefit from British in the field of business m, education and immigration, but something small happen, Sinhalese launch personal attack them which destroy everything.


  2. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Bandula Jayasekara was in Toronto. A good person. But he was right.

    Brits know the difference between Sinhala and Tamil well. But why are they doing this “mistake”? Sri Lankan government dont need to respond this problem but those who live in Britain must take action in courts.

    Sri Lankan elites and diplomats are Brit supporters. Tyrrone FDO once said LTTE criminal Prabhakaran was a REAL PATRIOT of Sri Lanka. If this kind of foul mouths exists in Sri lanka, how can we stop others?

    Administrative errors are common and not necessary to add a RACIST flavour.

  3. jimmy Says:

    Pray for Peace Love is God it is not too late

    Do not fight , Do not hate , do not insult

    I am shocked big times to see the hatred . It is unimaginable

    Only If you pray to Jesus instead of idols you will develop compassion

    Surrender to Jesus

    click the tune in tab


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