Massive Tamil Colonization of Colombo Threatens Security and Sustainability – a Response to Those Who Cry Sinhala Colonization of Jaffna
Posted on November 29th, 2010

– Kumar Moses

 Colombo was known as the garden city sometime back. However all that splendour was lost within a few decades as massive Tamil colonization rapidly changed the city. To make matters worse they settled down mainly in the Greater Colombo area which was already crowded. In order to house this massive Tamil population that flocked to the city suddenly, many unplanned dwellings were built. However, the drains, roads, garbage collection and other infrastructure could not handle this sudden influx. Greater Colombo (GC) area gradually degenerated into something similar to a South Indian city.

 Having done so, shameless racist elements within the Tamil community protest when Sinhalese and Muslims settle down in the north. This is outright racism and must be condemned by all. If the Sinhalese and Muslims cannot settle in their hundreds of thousands in the north, Tamils have no right whatsoever to settle down in Colombo. It is time to end this racism and aggressively create multi ethnic peace communities in the war ravaged north. Otherwise it is a matter of time since the Tamil Homeland struggle restarted.

 Recently a prominent Tamil news website published an article alleging military fortresses and colonization in Jaffna choke Tamils, Threaten India. []. This article is in response to that rubbish claim. These false allegations by Tamil homeland theorists are an attempt to cover up the truth.

 People must learn to live in multicultural districts right throughout the island nation. Those who cannot do so should find alternative places of adobe abroad. The purpose of this article is not to arouse any communal feelings but to highlight the hypocrisy of Tamil racists and their apparently innocent supporters (including some members of the clergy) who cry over alleged “Sinhala colonization” of the north. They must first take a hard long look at Colombo – the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. Here it goes, if you have not seen it before.

 Tamil Colonization in Colombo and Security Issues

All entry points to the Colombo City are choked-up by Tamil colonization. Peliyagoda/Wattala from the north, Dehiwala from the south and Wellampitiya/Kolonnawa from the east are colonized by Tamils within the last two and a half decades according to people living and lived in these areas. That is however, is only part of the story. All strategic locations within the City are also colonized by Tamils. The Colombo harbour stretches from Fort (Colombo-1) to Mattakkuliya (Colombo-15), through Pettah (Colombo-11), Kochchikadde/Kotahena (Colombo-13) and Hettiyawatta/Modara (Colombo-15). Except for Colombo-1, all the other areas bordering the Colombo harbour are occupied by Tamils making more than 90% of the population in these areas. During the war, this posed a huge security threat. LTTE made good use of this very high Tamil concentration to conceal suicide bombers especially in Colombo-13 and 15. Armed forces were deployed only in entry points to the harbour and the other 4km were saved only by a wall running alongside the harbour. Tigers twice attacked the Colombo port in 1998 and 2007 but both failed to cause any major damage.

 Now is the time to plan the City to meet future national security threats. LTTE is still active in the Diaspora. Small scale subversive activity against economically important places by frustrated Tamil Elamist elements is still a possibility.

 Bridges over the Kelani River were also targeted by the LTTE. However, stringent security measures saved these. The high Tamil resident population sympathetic towards the Tigers around this area was a decisive factor in harbouring terrorists.

 Oil refineries and storage tanks in the outskirts of Colombo and in Colombo-15 became the targets of terrorist activities. Once again it was the large Tamil population around these areas that proved valuable to the LTTE to spy on these installations, hide sleepers in the vicinity and eventually attack.

 Huge Tamil colonization of Colombo meant LTTE could very successfully maintain sleeper cells in the heart of the City! No other capital city of a nation faced such a huge terror threat from within. LTTE used it to the maximum by carrying out close to fifty bomb attacks within Colombo. The Central Bank attack (1996) showed how easily strategic economic targets could be reached by terrorists as they were residing just a few kilometres from the target for a while awaiting instructions.

 Security establishments within the Colombo City limits must stay contrary to myopic thinking of a few. Colombo faced grave security threats time to time. A resident army is many times more effective than an army that could be deployed in the city from outside. In the last century Colombo faced dire security challenges coincidentally every 18 or so years. When Elam War-4 broke out in 2006, threat to the Colombo infrastructure was most threatening in 2007. By 2008 and 2009 it gradually reduced with the decline of LTTE’s capabilities. In 1989 JVP terror brought the City to a standstill. JVP carried out a number of assassinations within Colombo. Another 18 years ago JVP’s first insurgency threatened Colombo security. Insurgents unsuccessfully planned to abduct the Prime Minister in Colombo. A further 18 years ago there was a major strike in 1953 when the army had to be called in resulting in a number of casualties. Before that in 1939 and 1915, there were riots in upcountry that threatened to spread to multicultural Colombo. Going by these events, it is only prudent to retain security establishments within the City.

 Further National Security Issues of Tamil Colonization of Colombo

Tamil colonization of Colombo had far worse long term national security threats. Since 1994, Mano Ganesan was elected from Colombo to parliament at every election. In 2004 another pro-Tamil Elamist MP by the name T Maheswaran was elected. These two individuals stood in the way of many security operations in Colombo. They did everything they could to stop search operations and counter insurgency operations. One of them made a rowdy display of thuggery in parliament against inspection of lodges. The other admitted to keeping LTTE cadres at his residence during the ceasefire. He was indeed the contact point of the LTTE.

 The ability to elect two MPs to parliament with pro-Tamil Elamist tendencies shows the damaging long term impact of Tamil colonization of Colombo.

 To cater to the huge Tamil population in Colombo, a number of Tamil TV stations, Tamil radio stations and Tamil newspapers emerged. Most of these including a very prominent TV/radio station owned by a business tycoon, openly supported the LTTE. Had there not been so much Tamil colonization in Colombo, it would have been unprofitable to run these, especially when they had no access to the north. The Eastern and Upcountry segments were not very lucrative financially.

 Wholesale and retail trade of the City came to be dominated by Tamil merchants. Some of them paid scant regard to price control and were powerful enough to arbitrarily increase the price of imported goods and blame it on the war. Today Dam Street, Moor Street, Armour Street and Bodhiraja Mawatha which are considered areas of high business concentration are totally dominated by Tamils and are Tamil only.

 Cultural Changes

Unseen to many, a massive process of cultural degeneration has taken place in Colombo. Old Sinhala, Moor and Burger names have been changed to Tamil. Sinhala place names have been turned to Tamil. Examples include Wellawatta (meaning sandy gardens) has been turned to Wella’wat’tai. Kotahena has been turned to Kottan’chennai; Kollupitiya to Kollu’piddi; Bambalapitiya to Bamblapiddi; Hettiyawatta to Chettiyawattai and Mattakkuliya to Mat’tak’kooli. As happens in the north, self styles Tamil Elamists “ƒ”¹…”scholars’ will soon find creative etymological evidence in these new names to claim ancient Tamil homelands.

 Buddhist and Catholic street processions that were unique in the past have drastically gone down giving way to Tamil Nadu style Hindu processions. Ancient Buddhist temples in the City dating back to over 200 years have reduced in grandeur and attendance. In 2003 there were even attempts to hold Pongu Tamil in Colombo! Such is the degeneration of Colombo’s rich cultural heritage. Overcrowded apartments and flats in the City are heavily occupied by Tamils. Surrounding these crowded complexes, a Tamil Nadu style subculture has developed. Severe lack of social discipline, every imaginable pollution, immoral activities including prostitution, smuggle in of South Indian pornographic materials, drug use and other social cancers thrive in the vicinity of these overcrowded apartments.

 Colombo has become the venue of choice of Tamil Elamists and other highly anti-national elements to hold their functions and events. None of this could have been possible if not for the massive Tamil colonization in Colombo.

 Severe Setback to Sustainability

Sudden and massive influx of Tamils into the Colombo City had a huge impact on sustainability. Flood control, water supply, drainage and sewage systems, electricity and telephone infrastructure, the road network, recreational and sports facilities, waterways, schools, Hindu places of worship and hospitals are some of the structures that stretched beyond their sustainable limits. These structures simply could not keep up with the influx and growth. Today there is very little scope for expanding these facilities.

 Water shortages are a regular occurrence in many parts of Colombo. This is solely due to the massive influx of people and unplanned apartments. Roads are overcrowded and there is no room for expansion.

 Massive Tamil colonization had another longer term impacts. CMC elections returned municipal councillors who were sympathetic to the Tamil Elam cause instead of competent persons. They turned a blind eye to sustainability concerns, illegal constructions and cheap apartments. Improving the drainage system was certainly not in their agenda at all. Instead they would blame the government in power.

 It is in this context Tamil racist elements cry Sinhala colonization of Jaffna when a handful of Sinhala families evicted from their homes in Jaffna try to return home after more than 30 years. Hypocrisy and racism are a very lethal combination and unfortunately they go hand in hand in northern politics. The only way to change this is to change the ethnic composition of the north not letting racist political parties any hiding place in the island. The good news is it is sustainable and economically immensely productive! What should happen is to encourage more multiculturalism in Colombo and Jaffna while maintaining sustainability, not the opposite.

21 Responses to “Massive Tamil Colonization of Colombo Threatens Security and Sustainability – a Response to Those Who Cry Sinhala Colonization of Jaffna”

  1. jayt Says:

    I have studied the case and I have telling Sinhalese about the this conspiracy, but it was hard to convinced Sinhalese who are lowly educated on this military matter and Depending on Sri lanka politician who cannot be trusted. And I believe, it is good time for us to get together (sri lanka communities in US, UK and Australia) and create global Sinhalese govt or congress in a conveniently located small town somewhere in north America and launch programs to protect our inerest and elemanate the poplulation growth of some group who are threat to
    sri lanka. Please note: that I was hoping that some Sinhalese from the west or Sri lanka will bring the solution for this but there is nobody to do it. Now we have to be selfish and get the help of a country that can do the miracle and learn the miracle from them by working to protect the interest of each other. Sri lanka government too have no choice but to go for it or quit.

  2. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Tamil Colonization in Colombo? But Sinhalese who went to Jaffna ask money from government. Did the Tamils get money from government to settle in Colombo?

    Is this author telling here that Tamils have no rights to live in the Sri Lankan Capital?

    Many Sinhalese said Tamils fled North and east and settle in Colombo to counter the EELAM but now this man cry in a different racist tune.

    If the Tamils must live in the North and East, it is a good idea for EELAM and I hope World will back that idea.

    I always counter the EELAM idea by telling more Tamils live outside of North and East. But this man is crying for Colombo. Colombo is neither Tamil nor Sinhala name. Moses better ask to change this Portugeuse name first!

    If the author is so in love with Sri Lanka and Sinhala, first he has to change his name to Kumar Appuhamy!

  3. mjaya Says:

    Hi M.S.MUdali

    There is nothing racist in this article. It just exposes the logic of racists themselves. The racist logic is simple. Its perfoectly OK for Tamils to live outside the NE but when a Sinhalese or Muslim or Burgher or Malay wants to settle in the NE its called “colonization”. Its obvious that people resettling in the NE need government money. Ethnic Tamils are given state support all the time! So why not give state support for Muslims and Sinhalese people who were once settled in Jaffna or the NE to resettle?

    Again you are simply exposing yourself!!

  4. kosala Says:

    People!! what is wrong now…. I see there’s a lot of animosity towards both communities… First thing we should think is that.. we are all sri lankans so shall be!! We need not point at each & every one & say he’s tamil & they cannot do what other majority population is suppsed to do.. We have suffered enough in the hands of brutal terrorism for the last 30 years.. Let’s not forget, why the Diaspora tamil community is supporting the tamil course a. they left sri lanka as they thought majority is not supporting them..classic example 1983 riots orchestrated by the then government… Being Sinhalese I feel ashamed sometimes when I confront westerners, first thing they say is that Sri Lanka is truly an island paradise but the majority of us sinhalese having differences with the others.. Remember this is all because of bad foreign policies & greedy politicians… Let us be united as one nation & build a country without hatred towrads others & try to get rid of bad elements existing in our motherland.. Having said all the above.. It is impearative to point out that, our Tamil bretheran should be fortunate to call their fellow countrymen mainly Sinhalese, whom they live side by side.. the Most noble, Compassionate nationality ever existed on the face of this planet…

  5. samaraweera Says:

    According to recent statistics only 45 % of the residents in Colombo are Sinhalese . The rest mostly are Tamils and that is how People like Manoganeshan and so on walk into Parliament. And almost all the TNA Parliamentarians live in Colombo and make a fuss when Sinhalese and Muslims go to the North for Business or to settledown as some had been living there for many years. And they talk about colonisation of North with bogus theories. What is worse is some religious bodies as well support them which is not surprising because they have been supporting the LTTE, to decimate the Buddhists.

    P.A.Samaraweera, Australia.

  6. jimmy Says:

    My brothers
    Pray to Jesus for peace , love and compassion

    Give up idol worship

    Surrender to God . it is not too late folks

    It is so shame people fight , complain , hate each other . We all live in this world for short time and so much hatred so much hatred
    SriLanka is a small country but I am shocked how people behave and write things which are so horrible

    We need more people like Kosala who is too gentle and kind

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    The only problem here is when Tamils can live in Colombo as they wish, why can’t Sinhalese live in Jaffna as they wish, fullstop. Nothing more. Settle the Sinhalese IDP in Jaffna railway station and Duraiappa stadium.

  8. jay pathbey Says:

    An excellent article. Nowhere in Sri Lanka should there be more than 10 to 15 percent of any particular ethnic minority. Sri Lanka is a majority Sinhala Buddhist country and we should cherish that thought and ensure that the rulers are made aware of this rather obvious fact.

    The main reason for Eelam is this make believe stories abot tamils being the owners or the selected race that is previleged to live in North and East and that it should be only for the tamils, but at the same time be allowed to live anywhere else in Sri Lanka. This is absolutely not-acceptable.

    I also notice a south Indian Tamil by the name of M S Mudali writing and commenting on Sri Lanka on matters that does not concern him. He is a bigot, a racist and professess to know it all. In fact he he is a nut case who bodusly analyses peoples names, places and origins and according a few people who know him, his real name is Francis Xavier and is a low-caste catholic from Goa, from a Portugese father and a Tamil dancing caste mother, that the Portugese left behind in India when Nehru kicked them out in the late’50s. JP?Jakarta (A true red blooded Sinhalese)

  9. jimmy Says:


    Love and respect each other

  10. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Samaraweera coveniently hide the fact to make a flvor to this article by telling ManO Ganesan story. Can he tell the persentage of Muslims in Colombo? Because they are the second or first majority in Colombo.

    What kind of racist you are and talk too much about civilization!

  11. jimmy Says:

    I am not going to write any more

    I am shocked why people are unable to have a normal conversation
    come on There is no need of racial attack
    My Lord what is going on people
    do not get it same skin color different language people hate each other? God help
    I will pray for you guys to heal you . God can heal
    when you write it reveals your soul . I feel sorry for your souls
    I will pray for you all

    Jesus love you all . Life is too short love and respect each other folks

  12. Samson Says:

    As a Sinhalese I’m ashamed and disgusted by what happened in July 1983. It was done by Jatika Sevaka Sangamaya (JSS) thugs. They beat-up and chased away Tamils. However, how many Tamils are ashamed of their conduct in 1970s that chased away 20,000 Sinhalese from Jaffna permanantly? None or very few.

    I’m extremely proud that there are more Tamils today than in 1982 in Colombo. However, is any Tamil proud to welcome Sinhalese in Jaffna? None or very few. Even moderate Tamil politicians (including ministers) and moderate Tamil people are against it.

    This is the reality. It is very sad.

    Live and let live people.

    Sinhalese have the same right to live in Jaffna (no matter who sponsors them) as Sri Lanka’s Tamils have the right to live in Galle or Colombo.

  13. Samson Says:

    Joker Jimmy

    Jesus wants Sinhalese to live in Wanni and Jaffna as Tamils live in Colombo. Stop spreading religion here. It makes you look like a cunning opportunist.

  14. Samson Says:

    Kumar, you are wrong about Bodhiraja Mawatha. Verify your facts with more sources than a single source before writing. Instead add Galle Road, Wellawatta.

  15. jimmy Says:

    Do not say I am a cunning opportunist please. I am not

    I do not have problem Sinhalese living in Jaffna or Vanni

    Did I say it is wrong??

  16. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Let the Sinhalese to go and settle in Jaffna on their FREE WILL. I am happy to see a FREE Sinhala comorade in Jaffna and not a person with state aided colonization.

    Do any one need some Sinhalese who recently went to the Jaffna library and made a mockery?

    Peaceful movement and living is always welcome.

  17. kosala Says:

    Well, Reading & trying to comprehend each comment is like climbing the ” Sri Pada”, It is hard but at the end ther’s the serenity & bright light… Life is all about Sacrfices & giving.. That is what Lord Buddha teaches us, we need to build Compassion towards each other & get rid of our inner Devil– Hatred…. Show love & empathy, Anways, Most of the points some have written are true… Tamil hated the majority of Sinhala people to settle in North, because they dont trust us Sinhalese..So It is natural on the other hand Sinhalese too feel bad about Tamils settling in other areas in Colombo or elsewere.. Now, How can we do away with this Tug of war.. If & why….. Show your love & let them love you… Then not only Tamils will love us, but they will Cherish our whole race… As long as there’s hatred/Greed towards other people, we will never succeed & break the ice!! Some comment with much anger & some with commitment towards their race/nationality… I think this is not wrong as so many things have taken place & so many people sacrificed their kith & kin in the name of our mother land… So Like a child starts to cry, when her father cannot give what she wants.. People also will start to feel anger towards each other.. That’s simply being human… Not racism…. I reckon, the way out, is that, let us all think, that there’s only one world One race on this planet under one giant Blue sky.. We all get up in the morning, seeing the blue sky & go about doing our daily work…. Politics is the start of greed & gluttony.. The people in power, want others to be suppressed by anymeans…

    As I always say.. let us all live in harmony & enjoy what mother lanka give us & Dont forget, we have to Give her more .. Protect our mother land as one UNITED Sri Lanka.. Show love to all

    Amor Vincit Omnia Love conquers all

  18. jimmy Says:

    Kosala. Agree


    we need more people like Kosala then there will be peace

    God bless you richly I will pray for you

  19. Fran Diaz Says:

    Mudali: without state protection, no Sinhala or Muslim can live in North or East. However, Tamils live in the South without such state protection. What do you say to that ?

    Also, to the best of our knowledge in these matters, in the 1983 Riots, only Tamil HINDUS & some Sinhala BUDDHISTS died. If someone knows of any Christians or Catholic people who died during the 1983 Riots, please do write in with the details. The perpetrators of the 1983 Riots carried electoral lists. It was pre-planned. We personally know of Sinhala Buddhists who worshipped criminal gangs not to attack Tamil homes.
    Some of the criminal gangs were dressed in white ‘jatawa’ & sarong in the ancient Sinhala style, to show, presumably that it was “Sinhala Buddhists” who attacked the Tamils. Films were made of the attacks & sent to three Tamil Ambassadors. Luxmi Naganathan in Bonn (Germany), Balachandran in Paris & Moorthi in London. These films were shown to government members of those countries, and that is how the Sinhala Buddhist community of Lanka was brought down & the Tamil Exodus abroad began. Please correct me if I am wrong in these details.
    We ourselves ran around saving Tamil people & their property.

    To re-build Mutual Trust among our different communities, first the truth must be told. “Truth shall set us Free” is a good motto for our times.

  20. M.S.MUdali Says:

    You are wrong. Thousands of Sinhalese now go and come back from Jaffna without any police escort. But those Sinhalese in the “library” are unwanted and an alarm for another 1983.

    Recently two TAMIL businessmen were kidnapped and their bodies were recovered. Can any Tamil business survive without paying “kappang” to police or Sinhala thugs in Colombo? But no thugs in Jaffna to extort money from any Sinhala trader!

  21. Renee Says:

    Tamils are like pests…How disgusting…… Yak
    Why don’t you all Tamils get a refugee boat to some western country and leave us Sinhalese, Muslims and Burgers alone. There are lot of cheap refugee boats for sale in eBay.

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