Welcome to President H.E. Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan – a true friend of Sri Lanka.
Posted on November 29th, 2010

By Charles.S.Perera

While we say good by to  Mr. S.M.Krishna the External Affairs  Minister of India, it is a pleasure to  Welcome His Excellency Mr.Asif Ali Zardari the President of Pakistan.  Pakistan will always have a special place in the hearts of Sri Lankans, and will remain  a true friend of Sri Lanka.  Pakistan Stood by us through out that recent  dark period of Sri Lanka under the threat  of terrorism.

India’s relation with Sri Lanka was never cordial or sincere.  India  always had an ulterior motive in its “friendship”.  Even before terrorism India,  “”¦..keeping with the doctrine of Panikkar promulgated before Independence and which wanted Sri Lanka to be part of India together with chauvinist South Indian Tamils who had once wanted a separate Dravidistan had begun arming all our separatist groups.” **

India commenced the terrorism in Sri Lanka, and during the course of the terrorist insurgency  continued ” aiding and abetting” terrorists in Sri Lanka.

When  Prabhakaran  and his terrorists were cornered by the Sri Lanka Government Forces,

When , “”¦”¦.We were about to defeat them in Vadamarachchi. Prabahakaran was about to be captured when the Indians whisked Prabahakaran out of danger in a helicopter. Falsely claiming a humanitarian disaster, the Indians crossed our borders, now in a direct act of invasion. Initially they sent a convoy of ships which was intercepted by our Navy and turned back. Immediately, India called our ambassador in New Delhi and warned that if food parcels that it planned to be air dropped on Jaffna were hindered, there would be a full-scale military invasion of Sri Lanka. Soon gunboats were parked outside Colombo Harbour in a classic display of what in the 19th century was called gunboat diplomacy. ” **

This  resulted in Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi forcing the hands of  JR Jayawardhana to sign the 13th Amendment.

“This foreign imposed 13th Amendment was also a replay of what has been called the Monroe Doctrine whereby the US was to be the sole arbiter in the Americas. Indians were to call their incursion into Sri Lanka as its new Indira Doctrine (after Indira Gandhi) paralleling the colonial attitudes of the Monroe Doctrine. It was also reminiscent of the 1815 defeat of Sri Lankan sovereignty and the 1818 Treaty that followed, done under British guns. A subsequent OPA study a few years ago showed that the 13th Amendment resulted in a total waste of money. Like we rejected the 1818 British treaty brought under British guns, we should now reject outright the 13th Amendment brought under Indian guns -on the same grounds.” **  

Now that the terrorism is over and  with foresight and determination our  present governing political leaders , have been able to break through financial red tapes to raise Sri Lanka from the status of a developing country to a Middle Income level, with the help of China, Iran,  and other friendly Nations , India comes to our country not so much as a friend but as a new politically  developing Nation  to   overseer and out manoeuvre Chin’s  influence in Sri Lanka and spy on the activities of  China . 

Indian External Affairs Minister S.M.Krishna in opening the Consulate in Hambantota had said; ” “¦.. that Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has plans for developing Hambanthota and its environs as a major regional hub and naturally, India  when it had decided to open a Consulate in the South, chose Hambanthota”.

The Minister said India is optimistic of the future of the region and the inauguration of the Consulate General in Hambanthota is intended to build on India’s linkages with the region in the field of trade and commerce, investments, culture and tourism. “

India’s interest in Sri Lanka now is its own self interest.  It is more keen in helping in the development of  North and East of Sri Lanka rather than the  rest of the country, and therefore the bulk of its aid goes to the North and East.  There is a motive for that.

India is giving aid  to satisfy the interest of Tamil Nadu, and force the Government of Sri Lanka to stop the Sinhala community settling down in the area to seal its Unitary State and prevent any future  attempt for  India  to have a permanent stake in North and East of Sri Lanka as a separate Eelam State .

Unlike China which has given us more assistance and constructed Harbours and Air ports for a real development of  Sri Lanka, India gives nothing for independent development of Sri Lanka but only those necessary assistance to retain its  hold in Sri Lanka.

The Indian Minister S.M.Krishna had recalled  to take credit that when tsunami struck Sri Lanka  India was the first to come to Sri Lanka’s assistance.

His reminder that the relations between India and Sri Lanka are multifaceted and historical and that Sri Lanka  derive the full benefit of the proximity and exploited the full potential of their friendship and cooperation, does not make Sri Lanka forget India’s questionable role  during the military operations against terrorists. 

India was more interested in keeping the Tamil Nadu happy by interfering with its high-handedness.  India once refused to provide transport to our  soldiers when they were under siege by the terrorists,   refused to sell us offensive weapons, and  objected to our purchase of arms and ammunitions from China.

Even if Pakistan will not give us any aid Pakistan  unlike India will  always remain a faithful friend of Sri Lanka.   Pakistan was  always ready to help us when ever we were in need of help  in the past, whereas India let us down on several occasions, and sold us outmoded radar detectors which enabled the terrorists to  fly over Colombo to bomb the air port.

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  1. Charles Says:

    In the above article the extracts quoted are from the following source:
    **(Susantha Goonatilake on Lessons:| Past, present and possible futures to Lankaweb on 26.11.10)


  2. Kit Athul Says:

    Pakistan has been a true friend of Sri Lanka since her existence. I can remember, since the time of Aube Khan Pakistan has helped Sri Lanka. Pakistan has never forced religion or built mosques. If not for Pakistan there will be no repuiblic of Sri Lanka, but greater Tamil Nadu where no Sinhala could be used to communicate with the government. If Pakitan was not a nuclear power India would ignore any warings from Pakistan, of attacking and capturing the Northern Province. Time of Zia Al Haq Ceylon Air Force was a mess. He trained all the pilots. Musharaf gave any weapon the military wanted. Some one must say this in the parliament “WE WELCOME H.E Asif Ali Zadari President of Pakistan. A friend of Sri lanka since time began.”

    Following is how I analyze why Pakistanis have a natural tendency to love Sri Lanka. The very word SINHALA is derived from people who came from SIND (Now A province in Pakistan) came and settled in KALANY Vally and inter married locals, who were called HELA. SIND-HELA became SINHALA. Russian researchers have written papers on this subject. This is not recorded in the Mahawanse. When some one writes about this Pakistani connection. Tamil Nadu Tamils go banas.

  3. jayt Says:

    Pakistan and Israel both were with Sri lanka, but things with Israel did not go well lately because of mainly confused policy of some Western countries toward Sri lanka. However, both countries have been strong allies of West, and on other hand, both countries have no any connection as a result of conflict in the middle-east, but Sri lanka can play peace not hate.

  4. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Pakistan is a good friend? Tamils got the separatist idea from Pakistan. Pakistan now in deep financial mess and neck deep corruption.

    How many Sinhala kings and queens went Pakistan to marry or to get help?

    Now Mahavansa is obsolete for Pakistani bananas!

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