Letter to the LTTE Butt Licker Jon Snow of Channel 4
Posted on December 3rd, 2010

S de Silva London

Dear Mr Snow,

Clearly you with  C4 are hell bent on besmirching Sri Lanka at every opportunity and it is no surprise you on purpose in this instance curtailed broadcasting the response of the SL Foreign Minister Dr GL Peiris to your reporter’s questions. So I am attaching that for your edification.

You seem to have forgotten history “”…” how convenient!!  Since you pretend not to, do try and remember that it was your forefathers who in the past created this current ethnic problem in Sri Lanka through your divide and rule policy which, in short, included privileges to the Tamils.  Incidentally, while you bemoan the fact that your reporters were not allowed to report from Sri Lanka during the troubles you have conveniently forgotten to remember that once upon a time the IRA spokesmen like Gerry Adams were prohibited from access to British TV media and his words were mouthed by actors “”…”but you may be too young to remember that!.  in comparative  terrorism terms the IRA were a bunch of  kindergarten kids at a tea party compared to the Tamil LTTE in Sri Lanka!! My advice to  you, therefore, is before you make comments on Sri Lanka in the future and display your utter ignorance of its history better first get yourself educated on the subject and pre-qualify to enter  the debate.

 When I learnt English as a second language in school in  Sri Lanka during the tail end of the Raj, I was told there is a word for this kind of behaviour  identified as “Hypocrisy” “”…” better start eating that word slowly, letting you digest it fully, so that you might just begin to understand the meaning of it !!  It is unfortunate that reporters like you,  prejudiced by the Tamil Diaspora, will fail to recognise the truth even if the truth was ground up and sprayed into your eyes.

 Yours sincerely

 S de Silva


 CC The Sri Lankan High Commission, London



One Response to “Letter to the LTTE Butt Licker Jon Snow of Channel 4”

  1. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    From what we hear about C4, they are now taking instructions from the Tamil Tiger Terrorists masters as to what they should broadcast and also the timing of such broadcasts. The Tamil Tiger film industry is also becoming more and more sophisticated and now capable of creating movie clips good enough to fool the so called Western educated elite. Unless C4 management replaces their current journalists, we have no hope that C4 would cease serving the Tigers.
    This business of publishing terrorist supplied news seems to be so lucrative, we now see other broadcasting stations such as Aljazeera too joining in this game. They just dont seem to care for the human right of the innocent civiliance wanting to live without the threat of a Tiger revival.
    No point trying to educate C4 journalists, as they must be knowing they are publishing lies, since they always qualify their slanderous reports, with the statement that they cannot vouch for the authencity of their reports. This is todays British journalism, so just ignore them and move on.

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