Any one heard about retribution.
Posted on December 10th, 2010

By Charles.S.Perera

 If you do a bad turn to some one who is a good person, it may rebound on you. You cannot escape from it if the person humiliated or put into an embarrassing position had no bad intensions. They say these retributions normally take place within 7 days or three months from the day of the occurrence of the humiliation or the untoward act.

 It was on the 2nd December that the President of Sri Lanka Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse who was invited by the Union of the Oxford University to deliver a speech to the Union members, was stopped from delivering the speech giving a flimsy excuse of the in ability of the police to control an expected manifestation against the President by the pro-terrorist Tamil expatriate community in UK.

 The President Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse took it calmly and regretted his inability to have spoken. He added that he intended to inform the Oxford Union, his future projects for the development of his country, and said that he promotes unity of the Communities in Sri Lanka rather than their division.

 On the 9th December, just seven days after the incident in which the Oxford Union humiliated or caused an embarrassment to the President of Sri Lanka Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse, the Prince Charles, and the Duchess of Cornwall was attacked by protesters. The Prince Charles is the future King of UK and the second highest personage next to the Queen.

 Therefore any embarrassment cause to him during his visit is an affront and a disgrace caused by the inefficiency of the Police Force of UK, who was unable to have given appropriate security to Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.

 The Daily Mail reported Charles and Camilla were visibly shaken after their armoured car was targeted as they made their way to the concert. The car was daubed in paint and a rear window shattered as protesters vented their fury after MPs voted to raise tuition fees.

 Parliament Square was flooded with angry protesters clashing with police. Officers stalled hundreds demonstrating on Westminster Bridge.

Prime Minster David Cameron expressed his shock at the attack, saying it was a disappointing move by protesters. Police announced that they anticipated more than 20,000 demonstrators to attend.

 The Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square was burnt, while windows were also smashed. Approximately 150 students held a sit-in at the National Gallery.

 Beware Great Britain and the West, it does not augur well to humiliate a democratically elected President of a Sovereign Member State of the Commonwealth- Specially a good man like Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse the President of Sri Lanka.

This may be a warning. The retributions to come may be worse.

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  1. Sajith Says:

    Britain has the right to protest. Sri Lanka doesn’t.

  2. Siri Says:

    This is an unfortunate coincidence. It should not be wrongly called retribution. People in the West do not believe in superstition. However Mr. Sajith seems to think that in “Britain has the right to protest”. If the British have the right to protest why did the police get involved? Why did the protesters get beaten up. It just shows that the Police were taken by surprise and were not prepared for what took place. Sajith thinks that Sri Lanka does not allow protests. I wish he was right. Unruly behaviour by any group should not be tolerated by any civilized society. In a democracy there are other options which are more civilized.

  3. Nihal Fernando Says:


    Which part of the world are you from? There are protests, demonstrations, picketing, etc. in Sri Lanka almost daily.


    Whether people in the West believe in superstition or not retribution is a reality. When a minority LTTE sympathisers in England can cause chaos disrupting the normal life every now and then the others eventually follow suit. The sorst is yet to come. Wait and see not only the retribution but the repercussion also.



  5. De Costa Says:

    Look, London is the terrorist capital of the world. Ome should expect anything to happen there and be careful. We should be lucku that Mahinda is safe, to hell with Oxford Union f the terrorist capital.


    We must not worry about Oxford. MR can go to Cambridge or Middlesex next time and tell the world how Sri Lanka is progressing and invite everyone to join-in.

  7. Sri Rohana Says:

    President Mahinda is a very popular leader in Asia and the world. He has most recognize forums to address such as UNO, Non- Align Movement, SAARC, etc. He was the guest of honor for the Libya’s revolutionary ceremony of Hon. Muamar Gadafi. He was the guest of honor for New Delhi Commonwealth Games closing ceremony. Then we was the guest of honor for the closing ceremony of Shanghai Expo 2010.

    Hay Priyan, He needs not to go to European racist countries and address to feudalist institutes like Oxford, Cambridge or Middlesex. We should ignore anglo, American and European racist countries as much as we can. Since we were under british invaders for 133 years still we have semi slave mentality and attitudes like that “whites are right and west is best”. Only on a cultural revolution we can change this type of attitudes. Since then we will kneel down to whites.

  8. cassandra Says:

    It is part of our cultural and religious conditioning to think that retribution must inevitably follow the evil things we do – it seems logical that bad actions should attract punishment even as good deeds deserve to be rewarded. It seems unfair and unjust that wrong doers should go unpunished and, therefore there HAS to be something called retribution. So our reasoning goes. Hence, the temptation is great to link unhappy present events to previous bad conduct on our part. However I cannot see the justice or fairness if those other than the original wrongdoers have to suffer the retribution that follows any particular bad action. For instance, I cannot see why children should have to pay for the sins of their fathers. To me, that is manifestly inequitable.

    To me, the suggestion that the attack on the car carrying the Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall was an act of retribution for frustrating President Rajapaksa from speaking at the Oxford Union, is irrational and illogical. As far as we can establish, it was sections of the Tamil Diaspora in the UK who were behind the successful attempt to prevent the President from delivering his planned talk at Oxford. But why should poor Prince Charles have to suffer the ‘retribution’ for the action of these Tamils?

    I cannot help thinking that we can be unduly harsh on the law enforcement agencies in the UK, for not coming down hard enough on those who sought to sabotage the President’s planned talk to the Oxford Union. Considering all the circumstances, it was perhaps the right and reasonable thing to do, to have the talk cancelled. Indeed, it will have been prudent, for the same reasons, if the President had cancelled the trip in the first place.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    (1) The Bible says thus :
    Deuteronomy 5:9-10 (King James Version)
    ” …….. visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation …. ”

    Buddhism & Hinduism talks of Karma Vipaka.

    Sinhala people say : “Kala kala dae, pala pala dae”.

    Generally speaking, there is a reaction to whatever that happens in the Universe, including in the UK ! None of us are spared escape from the Laws that govern the Universe.

    (2) Our President should not go to places with large numbers of ltte sympathisers. It’s simply not worth it.

    (3) UK should improve her security for the Royal Family & other VIPs. UK too is a small overcrowded island, with some angry sectors of society.

  10. Andare Says:

    Jesus Christ said that you reap what you sow. This is the same as what the Buddha said. Laws of the spiritual world are very exact just like the physical laws. Because we do not know our true nature we think we are just what we see and hear and experience with our senses. There is another dimension to our existence which has been spoken of by many teachers and Mystics who experienced it. In deep Meditation when the mind is silent it can be experienced. There are many ways to meditate but it is best to find an experienced teacher and learn under him/her.

  11. jay-ran Says:

    Yes its nothing but RETRIBUTION.Its true that it has happened to Prince Charles and not LTTE supporting diaspora.But the fact is UK Govt is responsible for upkeeping the security intact for visiting dignatiries and and its nothing but Jealosy and Revengefull attitudes of the UK Govt towards Sri Lankan President for defeating the LTTE who were openly supported by UK, by allowing a Group of protesters hoisting a banned terrorists grpoup’s flags and UK Police not preventing them. So one of the highest dignateries in UK suffered the RETRIBUTION.

  12. Nanda Says:

    What happened to Charles may be kamma of arranging to kill his wife. He did not stop Mahinda. It is stupid of Mahinda to go there in the first place. May be it is a kamma of Mahinda himself.
    I agree with Casandra on this. I hate people trying to praise Mahinda as a saint. Sure he is a great man, but he still is an ordinary man drinking , partying and enjoying. He is not an arahant.

  13. Sajith Says:

    When mahinda dies LTTE, UNP, JVP and Fonseka will say retribution from gods. See how insane it is?

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    Anyone who says “retribution from gods” is rather ignorant. There is the one true God/Truth & the Dharma (Laws of God/Truth of which the Laws of Karma is just one Law). No one has actually seen or spoken to any mini-gods of any religion. The true God/Truth can be felt in the Hearts of human beings.

    Ancient Greece was abound with mini-gods, all created by the imaginative Greeks to find some explanation to the daily round of good or bad weather, crops, marriage, the heavenly bodies, wars, pestilence, etc. The need to escape the trials of tribulations of daily life made them create all the mini-gods to whom they could pray to and make sacrifices to. Modern Greece has done away with all their mini-gods. The statues & temples to the mini=gods are mere tourist attractions.

    The Hindu religion too has a pantheon of mini-gods too (no disrespect meant). But, like the Greeks, they too will gently remove the mini-gods. Education & understanding will automatically bring this about. The mini-gods in Buddhist temples are an off shoot of the Hindu belief system. Pure Buddhism does not embrace such mini-gods.

    President Rajapakse is a human being, a Statesman of stature, a decent person who loves his country & his people. He has a vision for uplifting Lanka & all her People. If the UNP, ltte & jvp has any sense, they would support him in his endeavors.

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