Cowardly Brits prevent Liam Fox from delivering the Lakshman Kadirgamar Lecture
Posted on December 18th, 2010

Vish Abeygunawardena

It is an absolute travesty of justice for the British Government to prevent Defense Secretary, Liam Fox, from visiting Sri Lanka, to present the Lakshman Kadirgamar memorial lecture.  Mr. Fox had been invited by the late Foreign Minister’s widow to give the lecture.  However, it seems like the British Government, led by the cowardly, William Hague, has persuaded Mr. Fox to cancel his trip to Sri Lanka. 

 The late Lakshman Kadirgamar was a true hero of Sri Lanka.  A Tamil, he vociferously defended the right of the Government of Sri Lanka to safeguard its territorial integrity and was persuasive in depicting the Tamil Tigers as nothing more than a murderous, terrorist outfit.  Nobody else had ever had Mr. Kadirgamar’s impact in eruditely championing Sri Lanka’s cause abroad.  For the British Government to stop Liam Fox from honouring this great man shows absolute cowardice and shows that a bunch of rag tag terrorist sympathizers can hold the Foreign Office hostage.  When Mr. Kadirgamar passed away, former US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, praised Mr. Kadirgamar as a man of “dignity, honour and integrity.”  For the British Government to prevent Mr. Fox from honoring such a great diplomat shows that the Foreign Office has lost whatever credibility it had and has further eroded any moral suasion Britain had in Sri Lanka.

 The least the Government of Sri Lanka should do now is to kick the British High Commissioner out of Sri Lanka, as a sign of protest.  If Britain does not have the courage to allow a cabinet member to give a speech honoring the ideals of freedom and courage, why do we have British diplomatic representation in this country?  They should pack their bags and get out of Sri Lanka for good.  What is the purpose of their presence here anymore?

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  1. ranjit Says:

    Dear Vish you are damn correct.Kck their buts out and send them packing. English never did anything good for us.They cannot give security to their own king so what can we expect from these white dogs. They side with terrorists for vote and money than siding with sovereign nations and act in a democratic way. We should as a nation condemned their behaviour and stop visiting their country by our politicians. Terrorist have more say in that society and they will suffer for that in the future that’s for sure. Those who give sanctuary to terrorists too guilty as terrorists as per George Bush JR. So English you too is a terrorist nation.

  2. AsokaK Says:

    No SL Minister should attend the British National Day reception at the High Commission.
    Ranil will of course go & sneak.

    William Hague, a married man, was caught sharing a hotel room with a male political aide who resigned later.

    The man is sick !

    Mr. Craig Murray was the British Ambassador to Uzbekistan run by a tyrant.
    When he reported back all the misdeeds there he was asked to shut up by the Foreign Office ( Milliband ? ) and later sacked & even discredited.

    Why – because of oil & gas interests !

    The White Western Mafia have no scruples and Sri Lankans, specially the Colombians, must stop looking up to them.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Defense Secretary, Liam Fox, was officialy invited to present The Lakshman Kadirigamar Memorial Lecture. due to his previous Friendship and other interlectual exchanges with him. He has been a long standing personal friend of his.

    Now who stopped his visit ? Please dont be carried away, by thinking it is offset by one or two Britishers. William Hague of the British Government, is a stooge of the Rowdy Tamil Terrorists Diaspora, consisting of Racist MEN, WOMEN, and their Children. This Diaspora can be equated to a prostitute who bares herself, provided the paramour grants her the favour she desires. My tamil friend in UK, told me that there are only a handful of decent Tamils in UK. The rest are Gangster level Rowdies, including Women, that forms the diaspora.

    So when the Rowdy Diaspora pressurised William Hage, to stop Liam Fox going to Sri Lanka to speak about a GENTLEMAN TAMIL MINISTER, there was a tag attached to it. The Diaspora intimidated William Hage that he will not get any Tamil Votes. Being between the devil and the deep blue sea, he opted to keep his votes and the prostitutes.

    This Tamil Diaspora has brought the so called BRITISH BULL DOGS to their knees. It is a set of Diaspora Prostitutes, that now controls the once arrogant Britishers. They are totally under the Diaspora Terrorirsts boot. Shame on the Britishers.

    When the Tiger Terrorists Diaspora, create pandemonium on the streets of London, carrying their Terrorist Leaders Flag, the British cringe. They can play merry hell on the streets, and the LAW MAKERS, each with one tamil vote in the hand, looking helplessly, while the other hand is in the posterior, covering the exit of the Alimentary canal.

    LAKSHMAN KADIRIGAMAR is a gentleman of the highest order, and a beautiful personality. Liam Fox, would have highlighted his principles, his beliefs, and his openness about Terrorists, as mass murderers. This is where the rub lies for the murderous Diaspora. They dont want their evil agenda to be exposed by none other than LIAM FOX.

    It should be noted that this ROWDY TAMILS, disturbed His Excellency’s Speech at OXford, and now disturbed the LAKSHMAN KADIRIGAMAR MEMORIAL LECTURE by Liam Fox, in Sri Lanka.

    It is evidently seen now, that the TAIL (Rowdy Tamils) IS WAGGING THE BODY (Britis Legilature)



  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Basically, some Brit VIPs find the ltte rump in UK more useful for various dubious purposes than the democratically elected President of Sri Lanka who removed the ltte terrorist outfit from Lankan soil.
    Colonial Rulers never quite gave up the idea of ‘divide & rule’.

  5. jayt Says:

    Where really started this or who really started this first. UK had a normal good frenship. However, I believe this hostility started after some Sinhalese wrote a racist article against UK

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Looking back, it was after the Tamil Exodus to the west, after the 1983 Riots, that the ltte took root in the west. Thereafter, the Tamil Diaspora was used by the ltte leaders/sympathises in the west to create animosity towards any GoSL, UNP or SLFP.

    What is most bothering the west now is the monetary situation, with the Pounds Sterling, the EU currency, and the US Dollar values falling. I think it was the British Finance Minister, George Osborne, who announced a few ago that he sees markets in the Asian region as the most promising to uplift the economy. Please double check on this information on the Net. Lanka is important because she is in the Sea Route for the Asian markets. It’s possible that the ltte rump is being used to gain some bargaining mileage with Lanka.

    Definitely, its ‘divide & rule’. But, we have lived with it for so long, it’s part and parcel of us !!

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