Posted on December 18th, 2010

Malin Abeyatunge

The latest news as reported by Times Of India that LTTE”ƒ”¹…”s latest plan to assassinate Indian PM Manamohan Singh, Home Minister P Chidambaram and Tamil Nadu CM Karunanidhi has to be treated very seriously not only by the Indian Government, but by Sri Lanka and the countries in the western world who still mollycoddle LTTE activists in their countries. Although Sri Lanka defeated the most brutal terrorist outfit militarily, its remnants which consists of Tamil Diaspora are still active in countries like USA, Canada, UK, some EU countries, Scandinavian countries, down under Australia and India in an attempt to revive LTTE and their dream of Tamil Eelam with blessings of these countries. Recently when Sri Lanka protested of allowing V. Rudrakumaran (American citizen) and his gang to form a  Transnational Provisional Eelam Parliament in USA, the US Ambassador in Sri Lanka Ms. Butenis said that the US Government cannot stop it as the constitution allows freedom of speech. Only thing is that she has forgotten that same thing does not apply to the Al Qaeda or Taliban operatives in USA. UK recently allowed LTTE Tamil Diaspora to protest against President Rajapaksa’s arrival waving tiger flags despite the fact that LTTE is a banned terrorist outfit in UK.

India has a guilt of training and nurturing LTTE terrorists on their soil. India should galvanize all their intelligence services and take immediate steps and action to wipe out this threat presumably coming from Tamil Nadu which is a terrorist den of fleeing LTTE cadres protected by some politicos in Tamil Nadu. Such threats would destabilize not only the Indian Region but whole of Asia. With subtle Indianisation of the North and the East and improving passenger movement to and fro from Palk Sraits; opening of Indian Consulate in Jaffna etc, LTTE can still be a threat to Sri Lanka. It’s fact that LTTE is not a threat to USA, UK, Canada and the rest of the western world unlike Al Qaeda or Muslim fundamentalists but it still remains a threat to Sri Lanka thro their LTTE Tamil Diaspora.

With the latest threat by LTTE activists spread around India and mainly coming from Tamil Nadu, it’s time that India requested USA, UK, Canada, UK and other EU and Scandinavian countries to take strong action against the LTTE Diaspora activists who still aim for an Eelam who are thriving with the hospitality of these countries.  INDIA SHOULD ACT FAST AND DEMAND THE WESTERN WORLD WHO MOLLYCODDLE LTTE ACTIVISTS TO TAKE LEGAL ACTION AGAINST THE TAMIL DIASPORA AND THEIR DUBIOUS FRONTS.   

 Malin Abeyatunge

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  1. ranjit Says:

    How much our Government say that they will not allow terrorism to raise their head we cannot be sure of that with our own traitors in the country and outsiders who sympathize with terror organizations around the world. L.T.T.E snakes will harass our Government from where ever they live and will pose a threat to our sovereignty and peace therefore we as a nation should get together and try to protect it at all cost. They will never sleep and they will take their own time so we should double our defences around the country and be ready for any threat within or from ouitside. Our President should be strong as ever same like he acted during the war and after the war without give-in to outside pressure at anytime. The Governments which was sympathatic to L.T.T.E. during the past must face the music now as they never listen to us or helped us during our dark days. We will watch as spectators and guard our beautiful nation with open eyes from evil terror.

  2. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Whatever is said and done the fact is that the Western Nations are prepared to give refuge to “friendly or good terrorists” who undertake to help them to do their dirty work in countries they want to control. India and China need to watch-out.
    Countries like UK, EU, Canada and Norway have the guts to point a finger at Libya, Syria, Iran etc for harbouring terrorists, while they themselves allow and sometimes even join hands with Tiger terrorists to run down independent nations. Wiki-leaks have also divulged that the so called Western democracies run two Governments in parallel – the one open govt for the masses and the other the underworld or covert govt. devoid of accountability and transparency.

    Tigers terrorists harboured by the West, too may have changed their tactics and instead of wasting time trying to create a mythical Tamil state named Elam (which word itself means the land of the Sinhalese), they have now turned their guns on India to achieve their original and main goal – and independent Tamil Nadu.

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