Asia’s Wonder or Blunder ?An open letter to His Excellency President Mahinda Rajapaksha
Posted on December 20th, 2010


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 The massive corruption, lethargy and negligence from Govt. folks of all starting from high holders, Ministers, Officials to the other lower levels are at unexplainable levels and the general public is tormented in all levels and activities, raises whether the your  Wonder can be made a reality.

 None of the state officials are honest, thus they need the Pound of Flesh to do any works although they are being paid from public money, so do the Ministers, keep enjoying their luxury and benefits at the cost and curse of general public that is not well to do or under privileged.

 From ministers to officials in every state institution, are making massive amount of money from various activities, awarding of contracts, development projects and even attempting to suck money out of investors. Investors have returned due to this factor.

 The Politicians and Officials are both highly corrupted and their only aim is to earn massive extra money for their well being and fun. They have new kind of expenses such as Womanizing, Clubbing, Buying lands, Vehicles and Investing in Companies with vested interests. For your information, a secretary of a ministry was watching a cricket match while public is waiting in long queue to meet him. Some are spending official time in Brothels, Having Drinks in a beach resort during even office hours. These officials don’t want to do any work, rather than doing any thing, because doing any thing is unnecessary work for them, thus they cannot relax and enjoy.

 Without elaborating much, and while the entire public is aware of what is going on, it would not be over emphasis to say that Wonder of Asia would be just another slogan such as Rice from Moon or Eight pounds of Pulses (Eta Ata)

 If you wants to deliver your dream to the country, you must get rid of Corrupt Ministers  and Officials who don’t do any work, instead delay, or stop development and other fiscal works at their whim and fancy, regardless of the party or relation. You can use your powers to do that, if not soon the public will start reminding your parents. If too bad !

 Simple fact is that Govt. is unable bring in control of essential commodities from the guillotine of Black market mafia, simply because the Minister and his officials are highly corrupted. One person was commenting that the Minister could be taken for ride simply providing a women, so do the officials who goes around to dealers and take bribes to keep a blind eye. The poor consumer suffers endless, and politicians are commenting various jokes as to why the commodities are expensive.

 Mr. President, with this situation  your dream will no doubt be a Blunder if no immediate action is taken. You should appoint educated, experienced, honest people to decision making positions to deliver your vision to the country, or you will be perished with your corrupt set of Ministers and Officials for sure.

 Sure, you won the war against the world’s most ruthless war against LTTE tigers, but keep in mind these folks are more ruthless than LTTE in every level, they will lead you to the hell just like they did to late Mr. Dudley Senenayake.

 If you want to avoid the hell, then look in to this matter immediately, correct it and sack whoever are not doing their duty, fast and clean, replace them with honest people who love the country and work.

 Appoint a secret investigation unit (In a Gestapo style) and investigate on the spot and iron out and make available a way for public to convey complaints and information without being intercepted and hidden by your immediate officials. Be careful of people around you, they are the culprits at first, and the sentries at the gate for your Hell !  It would not be a surprise some of them around you will lead to the International Guillotine too.

 I feel very sorry for you, because I bear same name as you. If people starts reminding your parents, then it hurts me also, unless I change my name. Willing to help you and advise where necessary, please let me know through web.  Can provide you more information to help you. 

 Doubt much even this will be conveyed to you or not? Yet the poor I cannot reach you. 

 Anyway my hats off  from Heaven

 Good luck sir !

29 Responses to “Asia’s Wonder or Blunder ?An open letter to His Excellency President Mahinda Rajapaksha”

  1. Raj Says:

    Surely this guy is a UNPer or a Bankrupt JVPer. The president is doing a fine job. You had better keep your advice to give to your Ranil and Somawanse, and the rest of the traitors.

  2. Nanda Says:

    Don’t say so Raj. We must encourage this type of whistle blowing.
    There is no doubt that there is truth in saying widespread corruption even before MR took over and is continuing. While is is worng to go and cry in other countries, there is nothing worng in telling MR what people think.
    Just take one thing. MR promised a smaller cabinet. Now we have 50+ ministers and another 50 or so duputies. Who is not a minister, I don’t know.
    Can you justify why without asying the writer is a UNper or JVpier ?

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    The author of this article never said that the President is NOT doing a fine job. The President himself, on TV said that most Government Officers work only for THREE HOURS AND TWENTY MINUTES A DAY. He virtually pleaded change of such attitudes, and requested to do an Honest Days work. His plea was very soft spoken,and humanely.

    It is true, that the irresponsible behaviour of SOME of his Ministers, and also SOME Members of Parliament, who have started with nil base, now overly enjoy the benefits of their rich profession, and are going to extremes, bringing disgrace to the President. They are making HAY while the Sun Shines, to the detriment of the COUNTRY.

    Nobody in his right mind, would want His Excellency in difficult situations. What he has done, and what he is doing for the Country, has been written, and is being written in Silver and Gold in Sri Lanka, even as we deliberate the subject just now.

    What the author in good faith is saying, is, that HE should weed out those who are bringing disgrace to him. It would be an effort, that can be equated to cleaning of the Augean Stables, which I too believe, HE should do.

    It is noble to tell the truth, however distasteful, and caution HE, rather than being a Yes Sir, No Sir, Three Bags Full Sir.

    As suggested, there should be a secret investigative unit, following those who play truant, during their work hours, and expose them in the press. Two or Three good stunning exposures in the press, would be a damning deterrent.

    When I was at Levers, we had Area Managers, coming out of nowhere on the field, and checking our Sales Entries. That should be the style. Any shortfall in work for the number of hours expended, has to be explained, for better or for worse. Any Sales Force out on the field, is monitored by their Area Managers / Supervisors.

    Ministers and allied officers, and Members of Parliament should inform Parliament daily, as to their where abouts, and the kind of their work in hand, for the day. Deputy Speaker can be assigned to this task. Data could be collected electronically.

    There should be a day when every Minister and parliamentarian should look at any poor human being on the road and say,”’ I LOVE THE SUNSHINE OF YOUR SMILE, AND I LOVE THE LAUGHTER IN YOUR EYES.””

    HE THE President does it always.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Well said. Unless this massive corruption and mismanagement ends, there is no hope for SL. People will soon demand WHERE THE HELL IS THE PEACE DIVIDEND and guilty politicians will not have answers.

    Patriots should not be happy the way it is. They should always QUESTION and BE VIGILENT. It was MASSIVE corruption that was responsible for the war to rage for 22 years without victory. We are sliding back to it unless the government stops right now this wasteful and corrupt nonsense.

    We need this type of articles more and more.

  5. mjaya Says:

    As I have said again and again, the greatest curse to our country is not seeing things for what they are. Telling the truth does not make this person a UNPer or a JVPer, in fact he is much better than many UPFA people who blindly support whatever the leadership does, good or bad.

    HE Mahinda Rajapaksha did a great job of ridding our country of terrorism. He has also done a great job by constructing the Hambantota Harbour and all those massive development projects.

    However, now the govt. seems to be going way off track! If this continues, then I’d rather not thing about where our country will end up. Its time to get this govt. back on track. That is the whole objective of this article.

  6. nandimitra Says:

    The country is going from bad to worse. when 27% of her academia and 18% of its Doctors leave the country the country has no hope.Sycophancy is not going to help. Accountability and good governance is what is needed.

  7. jayt Says:

    mjaya, You are right this article writer is telling absolutely true. He is not taking any side. Why raj could not take it; many people like him was trained by political warlords of two main parties-UNP and SLFP. how they did it. They did it by bribing them with a job and potentially with other benefits as a election promise. Afterward, He or She become a permanent proxy or sworn members to the party. That’s the way they built a permanent vote bank and then run the dictatorship govt And then take revenge and promote hatred against people who voted other the party and then division of Sinhalese and that is the reason they almost lost the war in Sri lanka.

    Lorenzo, This is what I was trying to explain to you yesterday.

  8. Nihal Fernando Says:

    Of course we need more and more whistle blowers to get the wrong right. It is always better to come out with the names of the corrupt ministers, politicians and government officials. I was in the Customs Department in Sri Lanka to get a shipment cleared and one custom officer was bragging about with his colleagues how well he performed on the previous night with a woman in a brothel regardless there were so many men and young women who were there outside his office. Everybody knows how well some of them perform their duty if you offer something to them under the table. It is no secret that most of our ministers and government officials are corrupted. Unless the corruptions are wiped out and the culprits are brought into books there will not be any wonder in Sri Lanka but it will get plundered into the abyss of misery.

  9. ranjit Says:

    Susantha’s reply was relly good and we all agree that corruption should be eliminated for good from our society starting from the head. I wrote many articles about corruption in the Government and we remember how MR promised in his election meetings that he will do his best to eradicate corruptions of his Government but I cannot see much he has done about it. The whole world is corrupt and rarely we can find a good one or a good Government in this world. This bad habbit can be stopped if we catch a big fish with proof and exposed him or her in the news papers for everyone to see and keep on doing it without fear. MR cannot do all the detective work and run the country alone.We as a nation should cooperate and help MR and his Goverment to eradicate corruption once and for all. If any Minister or M.P. get caught for corruption he should be sacked at once for the good of the Government and the country. We cannot afford to keep corrupt Ministers or Government officials in our midst if we want to make our Motherland LIGHT OF ASIA. Writing articles about this subject is good atleast we are aware of what’s going on in the country better expose corruption without fear if anyone knows something. We love our country and we want corruption free society to reach our goal.

  10. Nihal Fernando Says:

    Ranjit, I do agree with you. We hardly can find a good politician in the world. Politics itself is a very corrupted ‘game’. I can remember some interesting quotes as follows:

    “A good politician is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar” H.L. Mencken

    “Politics is not a bad profession. If you succeed there are many rewards, if you disgrace yourself you can always write a book” Ronald Reagon

  11. Charles Says:

    Dear Mahinda,

    I do not like the subject “Asia’s Wonder or Blunder”, you had selected for your open letter to the President.

    Today Sri Lank certainly stands a “Wonder” not only in Asia but even among the developing countries every where in the world. Sri Lanka is an example for other developing Nations to follow. In fact it would be great if Sri Lanka could build a political block like the SARC with the developing countries in the world, to accelerate their development with the help of the countries like, China, Russia, Iran, India, Viet Nam, Korea and perhaps Burma in the near future, so that the Western Agenda against Developing Nations could be stopped,.

    Your article is an eye opener. But it would have been more relevant, and important if you could have given examples of corruption. Your accusations are vague and any body could write an article attacking the government for “blunders”. Please be more exact and point out what areas of government have to be kept under watch for evident corruption.

    I once went to get a visa from the Immigration and Emigration Department. I went to the Office immediately after the office was opened to the public. I had all the documents and even the Assistant Commissioner approved my application. I handed it over to the Visa issuing section. At 3, 30 in the afternoon , the officer asked me whether I could come the following day as he has too much of work. I had to plead with him that I had come from far away and I could not possibly come again, and therefore give me the visa that day itself.
    Finally I got the visa at about 5 in the evening.

    The government is not paying attention to lower grade government servants., resulting in their distancing from the trust they have in the President. There was training course for young graduates called the Tharuna Aruna. They were made to suffer under a military style training course. But they were not given employment for several years.

    They had to go to meet different Minsters and make several manifestations before they were finally employed in schools as financial assistants- mere clerks. The Tharuna Aruna Trainees in Kandy have still not been given teaching appointments though some of them in Badulla have been absorbed into the teaching profession.. A delegation of them had gone to meet Mr. Tikiri Kobbakaduwa and he had told them that he will never give them teaching appointments and they should be happy that they are employed. They now say that they have lost their confidence in the government and therefore the President.

    When lot of money is spent on ceremonies and official functions giving a meaningful occupation for persons qualified for such occupations would be an affordable asset to the government.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    An interesting subject. However, we do not know Mr Karunaratne’s intent in bringing this subject out at this juncture with the country facing so much flak from various foreign sources bought over by the rump ltte. Yes, and wouldn’t it have been good if he supplied some examples to go with his charge of corruption covering the entire GoSL ? And why “Rajapaksha” and not Rajapakse ?
    We do not condone Corruption in any form.
    As far as we know, corruption existed in governments of Lanka from the time starting with especially with Mrs Bandaranaike’s govt. During her tenure in office, a neighbor of ours had sacks of white sugar, when the rest of us had virtually none except for dirt ridden kade bought sugar at a high price & bread with weevils ! During JR’s time, corruption reached an all time high with the ‘rogue barons’ coming into the country for business.

    When the Cost of Living is high and the salaries of govt. is staff low, corruption is bound to occur. This factor would not apply to the Ministers of the GoSL who enjoy many legitimised perks anyway. In their case it would be Greed, not Need.
    In the case of govt. staff of lower rank working for a low pay, it would probably be Need & not Greed.

    Almost all the democracies all over the world are corrupt, and only the degree of it differs. We have only to look at the American politics of today – legalised corruption of the political parties through Corporate party funds. It is said that in India, govt. clerks have one of their desk drawers open to receive the ‘santhosam’ from the public ! China goes extreme and a severe punishment in full view of the public can be expected by the culprit.

    Having said all that, how do we find ways and means to stop Corruption in GoSL ? It would be a real help to the President if ways and means are found to stop it, without resorting to the ‘Gestapo’ style of doing things, or Chinese extremes.

  13. AsokaK Says:

    Mervyn Silva extorts Rs10 000 pm from small businesses in Kelaniya; excuse- to feed poor people !

  14. helaya Says:

    Well said Mahinda. These corrupt ministers supply ammunition to the opposition and other foreign adversaries trying to divide country. Some ministers are so greedy and not seeing the things to come in future. These idiots must be fired.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    AsokaK: You have made a statement without proof. For proof, you will have to provide names of the small businesses in Kelaniya which paid the money to the Minister, plus the amounts paid with dates, with witnesses willing to go to Courts over this matter. Also, whether the Minister actually used this money to feed the poor. If true, was money paid by extortion or by request ?

    These small businesses can form an Association to protect themselves, if they so wish. There is a legal system in place to provide help, isn’t there ?

  16. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    PLEASE READ Enews today. Startling revelation of absolute corruption.


    Earlier he has collected Rs65 Lakhs to renovate the same residence. Hence, HE HAS COLLECTED 78Lakhs totally, for the same Job.

    Now this is what Mahinda is trying to point out. Stealing Government Funds, has been great fun for this Minister, if what ENEWS reflects is true.

    NOW, WHAT IS THE ACTION AGAINST THIS MINISTER, IF THE STORY IS TRUE ? My point of view is that he should refund the monies immediately. Thereafter, he should be kicked out.

    Let us hear your verdicts, ye all jurists.

  17. Nihal Fernando Says:


    Thanks for the information of the today’s Enews. I have already requested the editor of the Enewss whether somebody could file legal action against this minister. What can our Bribery Commission do if they see a news like this? Can’t they investigate and bring him to book if guilty? Just blowing a whistle will not good enough.

  18. Nanda Says:

    There is no “government money”. Even when it is money from other countries, it is hardworking peoples money.
    When one steals this money he is a betrayer of the country. He is a coward. No matter to what party he belongs to he will suffer in hell.
    Politician did not give there life or their son and daughters to the country. No matter how, even Mahinda or even Gota did not give their own life. They have to work hard not to betray these young lives.

  19. Nihal Fernando Says:


    This is absolutely nonsense. Mahinda or Gota do not have to make a supreme scarification of life to rule the country. For that matter did SF give his life? At least Hon. President Mahinda Rajapksa was patriotic enough to enrol one his sons in the Sri Lanka Navy at the time of the war.

  20. ranjit Says:

    Atleast there is a debate regarding corruption that is good for the country more and more will come up and expose the corruption of the Government Ministers and Govt.Officials. but anyone can say things or write things easily but there should be proof without proof it’s useless and not fair to sling mud against anyone whether Government or any Individual. Let’s suggest some kind of mechanism to investigate or catch culprits and brought them to books. We need to be united to clean up our corrupt society without fear. MR should set an example in the begining of his term by catching and sacking these Dirty Harry’s from their posts. We all love to see a clean and educated society which can be an example to young generation of our Motherland. Without finger pointing and accusing people just let’s start a campaign against corrupted Ministers,MP’s and Government officials with solid proof and find a way to attract the President attention to take action if he needs to mke our Homeland Light of Asia.

  21. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    This is where the frustration comes in. If this Minister has powerful connections, then, the Bribery Commissioner will REFUSE TO SEE IT. His first principle is, “” Let me keep my job “” Neither will the Inland Revenue Officers.

    Now, if no action is taken, people in frustration will curse and join the band waggon of those shouting for a change in Government, pointing the finger at the President.

    This is where the Opposition should come in, instead of acting like court jesters, asking for Harbours in Polonnaruwa. If nobody takes any action, it will come down to the proverbial…..”” WHAT CANNOT BE CURED, HAS TO BE ENDURED “” and so life will go on.

    A brave and formidable character should take the matter up in court, and ask the Minister for explanation.

  22. Kit Athul Says:

    Mr. Good Truth, is there a thing called BAD Truth? This how I translate your “Good Truth”; I want to be honest but the Truth gets on the way. To begin with, 21 responses only Fran Diaz found the spelling mistake. Only a Tamil will spell a Sinhala name incorrectly. This is my take on it. He is a Tamil living in Boston, USA. He is in his 80s. If you read carefully he wants the Military Intelligence unit in Northern Province disbanded. He came on a channel 4 interview recently. He likes Dudley Senanayake. Why? Because that was the time Tamils got anything and everything they wanted from Dudley. Dudley, hero worshiped Indira Gandhi. When he died, they found a big photo of Indira in front of his desk at his home office. He attacked all the ministers around him but did not attack HE M.R or his family. Why? Now about his same name; I was told H.E. M.Rs name is Mervin Percival, they called him Mahinda from his childhood. What was the purpose of the article? It is to suggest that Professor G.L. Peris and Rajive Wijesinghe should be removed. I hope the readers focus about the purpose of this article and the author.

  23. Caeser Says:

    Most comments are addressing Oranges to Apple.

    The question is not about who leads the country, its about Massive Corruption, Mismanagement, Abuse, and Misbehaviours.

    The content of my article is more than enough any one to understand the case to the point.

    Providing proof is not a problem, who will gurantee the lifves of informants?

  24. Nanda Says:

    Have frogotten that GL Pieris was a supporter of ceasefier agreement when he was with dreaded Ranil ?
    MR is not a God. He and his family need not be 100% pure – nor are any other reputed politician like Mahathir Mohamad or even Lee Kuan Yew.
    What is important is to put a stop to widespread corruption which did not reduce after MR coming inot power.
    When poor boys and girls paid supreme sacrifieces it is MR and Gotas duty not to betray them. That is not nonsence. Nonsense it comments by those who worship MR. No need to do it. I hope MR and Gota and Basil will live up their expectations.

  25. Fran Diaz Says:

    (1) It may be easier to work on the Givers of Bribes rather than the Receivers. If the Givers don’t give, then the Receivers won’t receive. It all depends how much the Giver wants his/her wish granted. If the Giver is willing not to give, then there won’t be Corruption.
    In the end, it is the Desire of both the Giver & the Receiver that creates Corruption.

    (2) There could be some mechanism put in place where every Government Department tender etc. is made public. I do not know the procedures in these matters. This is just a suggestion to at least expose & mitigate one aspect of the problem of

  26. nandimitra Says:

    why should the giver worry. All the illgotten wealth enriches its banking system and its invisible earnings. The poor pay the price. This is called the trickle up theory wherethe rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Without accountability this embezzlement will continue.

  27. Nanda Says:

    Giver is also the taker. Taker takes less than the giver but he is the main betrayer. In the end both are big big loosers , accoridng to Buddhism.
    So don’t say giver. He is not giving anything. He is a greedy taker of hard earn money of innocent people.

  28. Fran Diaz Says:

    Nanda : I agree with you. We should always say “Giver of Bribes” as opposed to the genuine Giver of gifts (Dhane) without expecting anything in return.

    What about the Bribes (money, jobs), by various Churches, to bring in Conversions ? Doesn’t that fall into the category of Bribery ?

  29. Kit Athul Says:

    Nanda, thanks for your comments, Can you remember H.E. MR on his first election said that he was going to implement the 13th amendment? Did he do that? Try to learn about politis. What one does today is what counts. See how G.L. Pieris confronted the US ambassador? There is a big differnce between NOW and THEN with HE MR and G.L. Pieres. So there is corruption in any society. In Cuba, in China and US etc. So now let see the intension of author of this article. He wants to create a division in the parliament using corruption as a tool. This is an age old INDIAN RAW tactic, see how Raul Gandhi now bringing up resettlement of Tamils in to the open?

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