Posted on January 3rd, 2011


War crimes or any other crime should be based on accountability. To have a blinkered view of the war and concentrate on the final days of the war is both immoral and ingenuous. Such compartmentalised thinking is the modus operandi of the lawless.  Sri Lanka is a sovereign democratic country however imperfect and has the right to protect its government from external or internal threats. The  civil war which lasted 30 years was initiated , orchestrated and conducted from the outside. The proxy war was organised by a well established modus operandi . A genuinely felt discord which the majority and minority communities could not be resolved is abducted by interested parties. It is then  gradually cajoled into a civil war by well orchestrated and organised violence with a view to hegemony and exploitation f or geo political interests. Finally moralise and accuse leaders of the country of genocide whilst the real perpetrators are behind the scene invisible as in the case of Afghanistan as seen in the release of confidential documents in the west.

“ƒ”¹…”83 Riots and the Tiger Violence

It is difficult  without getting into the secret files of the agencies to exactly know the real intricacies  as to the people  who were directly involved in the violence. How ever a set pattern of behaviour can be established.

 When in Tamil tigers  stole dynamite sticks from the KKS cement factory the British press highlighted the possibility of violence in Sri Lanka . It was meant to start a cycle of violence which in this case only ended in Nandikandal  in 2009 30 years later. When in July the western media was already to highlight the mayhem in every channel atleast in the international media it was an open secret. A priviledge the Sinhalese did not have in the JVP uprising against the 87 precipitated by the Indo Srilankan  accord .Might I say with the RAW agents showing clenched fists.  The mayhem carried out was well organised with the looters carrying electoral registers. This was hence never a spontaneous reaction. If it was planned was it political and what was the government of the crafty JRJ going to gain from it. On the other hand it was a extremely potent propaganda  against the Sinhala Buddhists the most abused in the war of words. It also was a design to alienate the Tamils who were readily conscripted and trained by the Indians. The refugees created by this mayhem who were encouraged to come to India gave a ready made excuse for Indian interference. A Bangladesh phenomenon that India used to break up Pakistan.  There onwards the Insurrection was geared to enhance the cycle of violence or to ethnically cleanse the North and East  an area the Indians are showing undue interests after the war.  From an Indian perspective 83 riots was the turning point for direct interference in Sri Lanka which was in keeping with the Pannikkar Doctrine which says from an Indian Security point of view India must control Sri Lanka. Ever since then India has never looked back.


It is of course now an open secret that the Indians armed and trained Tamil rebels and were actively involved in the mayhem. RAW was the culprit the same organisation that now stands accused of the killings and insurrection in Nepal. A set pattern of hegemonising her neighbours on the very flimsy grounds that the neighbours have been unfortunate victims of nature to be based in her back yard.


Prabahakarans  defying of India and fighting the IPKF and finally killing Rajiv was a stand against the Indian Hegemony . To his credit Sri Lanka is a soverign nation today because of him. IPKF would have never left Sri Lanka if not for the stand by Prabahakaran.  In spite of the hand he had in the violence one must give credit where it is due.


Where there is a problem in he world you can bet your bottom dollar the west has a hand in it. It is of course now well known how the Isrealis trained both Tamil Tigers and Sri Lankan army at the same time according to the book   In THE WAY OF DECEPTION by Vananu the Israeli dissident.  It is also said in the book that JRJs daughter in law was also entertained by the Isrealis. More importantly of course they gave refuge to the LTTE to have there offices in the west , collect money  and turned a blind eye to the drug and human smuggling that the LTTE carried out. At the same time exerted immense pressure diplomatically against the sri lankan government  whilst pretending to be unbiased . They sold arms to the government . It is now well known the part played by the Norwegians and the Japanese in the training and arming of the LTTE. This duplicitous behaviour was geared finally to divide Sri Lanka Different agents were sent using different tactics’ but the final aim was the same. Their behaviour at the final days of the war and the Kerry Report  gives an understanding of the geo political aims of the West .


After 30 years of war, 200000 killed the economy in dire straits no doubt accountability and compensation must be the prime motto in any investigation. Any investigation for human rights abuse must encompass the whole of the war starting from the very beginning. The lawlessness from an international perspective must involve the investigation of the west and |India in the abuse of human rights of the citizens of Sri Lanka both Tamils and Sinhalese  for they started and maintained the war. As for the Tamil Diaspora that financed the war and used the children of the poor as cannon fodder whilst their children were well educated  and lived a life of luxury must not escape by moralising on the predicament of the Tamils. They must be also be charged for human rights abuse.  To accuse the government of War Crimes for a proxy war started by India  working knowingly or unknowingly with the west is both immoral and ingenuous for it is the duty of a country to safeguard its Sovereignty. For the damage and destruction in Sri Lanka the international community must see that the real culprits are punished. PROXY  WARS MUST BE BANNED.


  1. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    I believe that any investigation into war crimes should cover the entire 30 years of conflict and the role played by the Tamil Tiger diaspora which operated from overseas to assist Prabakaran to commit heinous crimes against the nation and India, EU, UK, HRW, AI, the Christian Church and Norway.
    SriLanka may have survived this time as the enemies were not united in what they wanted and each of the groups had different agendas with the LTTE wanting a Tamil State, India wanting to expand its territory, the West and the Church wanting a Christian enclave in South Asia just like East Timor in East Asia.

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