Posted on January 7th, 2011

Ranjit Wickremeratne

It’s heartning to see in the news once again Killings and Kidnappings in the North. Mr.President you cannot allow that to happen at any cost. All your efforts to build a new nation will be wasted and Motherlanka will be unhappy for ever. How much you asked Opposition traitors and Tamil politicians to come and joined hands with you to build our shattered homeland these traitors will never join you in good faith except they want only power to their hands by any evil means.

So Mr.President please listen to the Patriotic Sri Lankans who love our Motherland and take action immediately to prevent these kinds of killings and kidnappings before the problem gets out of hand. Kumar Moses article was an eye openner. He has explained it in a simple way and any Idiot should understand what is going on in the country at the moment and what remedy we have to take to prevent this very serious matter.

 Mr.President do you know how many of our war heros were killed during thirty years of war and how many of our innocent citizens were killed and massacured during that time? How much you spend on war and how many Mothers,Fathers,Sisters and Brothers suffered due to the war and destruction to our beloved Motherland? It’s huge isnt it? So Mr.President act the same way you acted during that tenture and bring law and order to the whole country without wasting a single moment. Any hardcore terrorist cannot be made a good man overnight or most of the time. You see most of the Al Qaida members who were released have joined the group once again and doing the same old killing of innocent human beings.

Terrorist is a terrorist very rarely they become good citizens in a country. They always have the instinct to kill someone or harm somebody. L.T.T.E is no different. Although they were released you must be on the lookout on their behaviour. We cannot afford to go back to the dark days again in any part of the country.Before it’s too late get our war heros back to their places in the North and East and have their bases permenantly built in those areas and provide them with all facilities to live a decent lives with Schools, Housing, Super Markets and other essential facilities. Open Government offices, Banks, Hospitals same like in other areas in the land and also put Sinhalese, Muslims mixed with Tamils and give protection to all our citizens twenty four hours without any discrimination to any person of the society. Everyone should be equal as citizens of Mother Lanka.

 First of all every citizen of the country should know that this country belongs to Sinhalese not for Tamil Nadus or any other race or religion or any sort. We are Sinhalese and the religion is Buddhist and no one can doubt about that or insult our religion or our Motherland, Who ever does that we should treat them as traitors. Mr.President people who go abroad and condemn our Motherland and disrespect our lion flag should be banned from entering our homeland or they should not be allowed to speak on any forums or to do political activities inside the country because they poison the minds of the citizens and create disunity among the population.

Those traitors should be brought to justice for treason. When you read ” Education Director gunned down in cold blood” or Sinhala traders were murdered in Jaffna” Kidnappings here and there in the North and East what do you think we can do Mr.President just hide from the facts and pretend everything is normal and peaceful? No need to hide anything from the voters who brought you to this position. We need the truth from you and the Goverment not lies as these Opposition traitors bark everyday.

 India is not our true friend as I said before many times. Did they come to do any excersice with our Armed forces before? Did they helped us in anything before we get rid of that murderer Prabakaran? Why now all this bogus friendship with you and your Goverment? Why that traitor Ranil visits India thru the back door and have discussions with their leaders every now and then? What’s going on Mr.President be tough and be truthful to the nation and dont allow India or their cahoots to start bloodshed again in our beloved Motherland. Dont hide anything and pretend that everyhing was alright and peace prevail in the whole country. You need to catch these TAMIL MURDERERS by any cost and bring them to justice and keep them behind bars for ever or do like Gota clearing the bad guys from our streets

 You Mr.President have a strong Government and you should not be afraid because the whole nation is with you except few traitors to the Motherland like Ranil, Awamangalaya, Ponnaseka, Anura Kumaraya, Jayalath-Bahu twins, Somawansaya and few others. These Idiots cannot see the reality and understand the gravity of what they do.They are blind for power and wealth. Their bank accounts getting fat day by day by providing lies to their friends in the International community in the west. They dont love the country they were born or they damn care about the development in the country. They are curse to our Motherland. From Marshy land Singapore becomes one of the beautiful and disciplined nation in the world. Japan after the world war two destruction became one of the biggest economies in the world today. So what prevents my Motherland to come to that stage? Terrorism wont bring any good to a nation.

We cannot milk feed the terrorists because they are ours. We need to act fast and get rid of them for good. Let any of their fofathers cry or aganst the actions we take, dont mind them or have peace talks with them, just finish them off from the Sri Lanka map for good. You know Mr.President these snakes wont take revenge now but after many more years therefore we have to finsih them off every time they raise their heads. Ignore the opposition, Ignore the International community who cry on their behalf because of the dollars these terrorists pay them and save the land of peace from Tamil terrorist who is trying to raise their ugly head again and trying to destroy our new born freedom.

Tamil Nadu or Tamil Diaspora or TNA or India should never ever interfere in our affairs as they dont have any say in my Motherland as this beautiful land belongs only to SINHALESE. Mr.President, Gota our beloved Defence secretary and our gallant war heros be aware of the threat pose by these elements and be alert 24 hours and also be prepared to avoid the bloodshed which will bring sorrow and sadness to the millions of our citizens once again. You need to take the FEAR out from the minds of your fellow citizens MR.PRESIDENT as soon as possible. We look up to you as you were the one who saved our Motherland once a upon a time from that ruthless barbarian manslaughter VELUPILLAI PRABAKARAN AND HIS GANG OF MURDERERS.

 Act fast before it’s too late. Dont allow Motherlanka to cry again. NO MORE TERRORISM IN MY BELOVED HOMELAND. They are not our brothers nor our cousins, they are simply terrorists . These cold blooded murderers simply wants to kill innocent human beings and destroy our unity and peace. Think wisely MR.PRESIDENT we all are behind you in this mission. Just think for a moment by any chance if a bomb blast happened during people visiting the north in millions and some innocent dies what will be the reaction by the majority of the people. We cannot say when that will happen and where.

We need to take precautions before hand. We cannot allow terrorists to play with our lives. We have to erased everything which related to L.T.T.E and terrorism from North and East. Should not allow any Tamil to commomorate any function related to L.T.T.E activities. Our Inteligence should be strengthen and should encourage informers and given protection to them. Ground information is very useful to keep tab on these elements. Millions of our citizens visiting the North and east today to see the beauty and enjoy the sandy beaches in the east , visiting Nagadeepa to pay homage to Lord Buddha and so on. People were excited to see the land of beauty after it was denied by cruel war for thirty long years.

 If these wicked terrorism raised their head again and some kind of violence errupted at this moment people will stop visiting these places and foreign tourists will be scared to visit our beautiful land again. It will not be a good sign for our future therefore the Government should act fast to bring the murderers of the education Director and other culprits to books swiftly without any delay. Where ever any violence occured it should be eliminated at once and destroy the root cause. Our homeland should be violence free as we have seen enough violence in the past. It’s all in your hands MR.PRESIDENT our saviour and hope for a better LANKA.


  1. Andare Says:

    The recent attack on Arizona’s Democratic Congresswoman in USA, who has been seriously injured with a number of others killed too, mainly due the excessive rhetoric generated by Tea Party’s Sarah Palin and Fox News, should make the traitors like Ranil think carefully how words can affect the minds of unbalanced people turn to violence. This should make hyenas like Ranil think a little before opening their foul mouths to bring down the GoSL. Instead of cooperating with the GoSL in this hour of need he is trying to make political capital by inciting the trade unions, and creating dissatisfaction among the people of the country without giving the GoSL some pause to put the country back on a sound footing again. I really hope the GoSL would set up a committee to report on all the activities of Ranil and Co. with Solheim and if found guilty give due punishment to the guilty parties.

    Our present President Rajapakse is a fine person to lead Sri Lanka. He has done well under tremendous odds and deserves a chance to set the country on a sound footing in development. All right thinking people of this country are with me on this, and there are many millions of them, I am sure.

  2. ranjit Says:

    You are damn correct Andare.President is the only genuine person who can turn this country to a better future not those walbahu’s and that short tounge Ranil SOB and his no good bunch of cowards. They do hate speeches and make unbalanced people to instigate violence. These traitors should be taught a lesson once and for all. The Government should not stay blind without taking action on these traitors to the Motherland. When the President does all he can do to help the poor masses these SOB’s going around the country telling lies & lies and the public must teach them a lesson by rejecting these cowards, boycot their meetings and tell openly to their faces. People should unite and reject these traitors to save our homeland from their evil conspiracies. No other leader brought people to the Temple Trees and gave lectures, advise and recognised them for their valuable services to the homeland Like the current President. This alone shows how faithful and loyal he is to the country he was born. We need people who loves our Motherland not traitors like the current Opposition U.N.P, JVP AND other Walbahu’s.

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