Sri Lanka: a response to your comment
Posted on January 9th, 2011

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario .  Canada

8 January 2011

Hon. Surjith Singh Barnala 
 Governor of Tamil NaduRaj Bhavan  
Chennai – 600022,  India

 Dear Governor Surjith  Singh Barnala:

Sathyalaya Ramakrishnan reports from Chennai (7 January, Asian Tribune) that you have expressed your concern that “The governor of Tamil Nadu Surjith Singh Barnala had said that when speaking about the Sri Lankan Tamils issue, pointed out that many Tamil civilians were still “languishing” in camps and not even preliminary steps had been initiated on the long-cherished political solution,” and you stymied me.

Reading that statement from the Governor of Tamil Nadu, Surjith I cracked up.  What if these “languishing” Tamils do not wish to return to their homes, because they are well looked after, a roof over their heads, three meals a day, visits to medical clinics free of charge”¦ what better do they want for survival, when you should be crying with shame when there are less fortunate Tamils in your part of the world begging for survival. 

Go to Ana Salai and Royapettah and you will see Tamils begging near traffic signals in Anna Salai, near the Central Railway Station and Egmore, and you are worried about a few Sri Lankan Tamils “languishing” in camps enjoying three meals a day and sheltered under a roof from the hot sun and rain. Phew! Just, come off this crap, Surjith.   Tamil Nadu politicians like you make me sick.  And step off that 1980s M.G.Ramachandran, Jayalalitha, Karunanidhi train.   It only leads to the fatal Nandikathal lagoon that these three politicians prepared as the final resting place for the mythical Eelam searching Sri Lankan Tamils who called themselves “ƒ”¹…”Tamil Tigers’.  This is where their leaders died from gun shot wounds on 18 May 2009.

Why don’t you take care of your Tamil beggars in Tamil Nadu without worrying about the Sri Lankan Tamils who have just seen a miracle performed by the Sri Lankan government, having saved 300,000 of them  in May, 2009, from the clutches of your Tamil Tigers, who were herded like cattle for 30 months from the west to the east coast as a human shield.  These Tamils will tell you, “Governor Barnala, we believe in miracles now.  We were saved from torture and death, we were fed three meals a day, we saw a million meals prepared a day to feed us by the Sinhalese who the Tamil Tigers and  you Tamil Nadu politicians hated, and we were sent back to our refurbished homes with seed money to start our lives and  businesses, all provided  and given by the Sri Lankan Government,  and we are OK.  Just mind your own God damn business, leave us alone and take care of your thousands of low caste  poor Tamils in Tamil Nadu, especially the beggars that walk around town and stand by traffic lights with stretched palms for  paisa handouts.”

I am not sure where the heck you were Surjith in the early 1980s when Tamil Nadu was creating a hell in Sri Lanka with an orgy of  “ƒ”¹…”Made in Tamil Nadu’ violence, kidnappings, bombings, shootings, and killings and now you are pretending to be a “ƒ”¹…”Goody-twoshoes’.  Sweet Mother of Jesus, aren’t you Tamil Nadu politicians a bunch fraudulent bleeding hearts!

Remember how the silver-screen man, M.G. Ramachandran your Chief Minister in the 1980s played God-Father to these Tamil Tigers encouraging them to make a mockery of a decent civilization and the home of the Sri Lankan Tamils by trying to create a separate mono-ethnic, separate, racist Tamil state Eelam, a satellite of your Tamil Nadu where 55 million of your people lived and toying with the idea of having your own Dravidistan?

Here’s part of the menu of  M.G.Ramachandran’s (MGR), your Chief Minister’s God-Fatherly acts:

  1.   The reaction to the July 1983 riot in Colombo was predictable.  MGR asked Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to raise the issue of pogrom at the United Nations.  And then he was the chief organizer of mass demonstrations, and thousands of your Tamils took to the streets shouting slogans against Sri Lanka. You guys had little concern about the Tamil Tigers killing my people, the innocent Sinhalese, for the want of their piece of real estate to call it Eelam, but hey, no one can touch your Tamils in Sri Lanka, and you funny ha-ha lot in Tamil Nadu go berserk.  That is a hellava-how-do-you-do, Surjith!;


  1. Remember how MGR organized a black flag sale in September 1985, not to help your poor beggars who were throwing their hands out at every passing person for a paisa, but to collect huge funds for the Tamil Tiger terrorists to buy guns and bullets to go on killing my innocent Sinhalese people for the name of “Eelam”;


  1. MGR contributed 3 million dollars from the Tamil Government coffers to the Tamil Tigers, and another 833,300 dollars to EROS for “refugee work” soon after Sri Lanka Government’s “Operation Liberation” concluded.   That both Tamil Tigers and EROS were having the blessings of the Tamil Nadu Government was hinted at by B.B.C’s Mark Tully.  Both the Sri Lankan Government and other Tamil militant groups were shocked by this benevolence;


  1. On November 3, 1984 MGR called a meeting with five leaders of Sri Lankan Tamil terrorist groups who were then staying in Chennai to air their views on the Sri Lankan package of regional autonomy.  S. Balakrishnan, an Indian constitutional expert was present at that meeting.  You guys were trying your best to break up Sri Lanka, weren’t you?;


  1. When the Tamil Tigers and all the other  Indian militarily trained Sri Lankan Tamil terrorists set up 30 camps in Tamil Nadu, MGR, the Chief Minister of the AIADMK never raised objections as camps came up at Koli Hills, Magaral, Sirumalai, Orathanad, Theni, Pattukottai, Kumbakonam, Uchipuli, Vikravandi, Aranthangi, and so on;


  1. Uma Maheswaran, the leader of PLOTE’s (Peoples Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam) cozy relationship with MGR paid dividends as by 1985 they had the largest group of terrorists, 5000 to perhaps 8000 trained in Tamil Nadu.

 So Governor  Surjith Singh Barnal, stop pretending that you are a babe in the woods unaware of your Tamil Nadu treacherous politics against Sri Lanka,  and now showing your concerns for a few Sri Lankan Tamils “languishing” in camps in the north of Sri Lanka, because you are simply one of the God-Father MGR’s gang by association.  With that long silver beard, you are old enough to remember what you guys did to Sri Lanka 30 years ago.  It was blasphemous and nasty”¦nasty”¦nasty!

 So let’s cut out the silliness and stupidity Surjith.  You got a Himalayan task on your hands.  Take care of your Tamil beggars on the streets of Chennai and give them a life.  President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government can and will look after their citizens, and believe me Surjith, the Tamils in the North and East of Sri Lanka are doing extremely well since the war ended on 18 May 2009, much, much better than your low caste Tamil citizens of Tamil Nadu. 

 Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha’s antics on Sri Lanka are another story.  It is one of idiocy, one of treacherous clap-traps, one of brainless political drivel.

 Can you imagine, this woman Jayalalitha, the Chief of AIADMK making a statement in Vellore on May 4, 2009, promising to create an independent state for Tamil minorities in Sri Lanka “the same way as the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi liberated Bangladesh“, she said. 

 How soon this woman forgets that such a misadventure by Rajiv Gandhi sending the IPKF in to Sri Lanka in 1987, and not achieving a damn thing and failing miserably to disarm the Tamil Tigers who he promised would be done in seven working days after the signing of the Indo-Lanka Accord, which cost India over 20 billion rupees and the lives of 1200 soldiers.  How stupid can one be!  And that is Jayalalitha for you, Surjith –  an irresponsible politician.

 Again, during an election meeting in Salem on April 27, 2009, “to form a separate Eelam, vote for the AIADMK-led alliance“, she coaxed the electorate.

 Surjith,  this woman Jayalalitha certainly hasn’t got over her life as a film star, still romancing in a film set continuing in her day-dreams to run around trees singing love songs and jerking her ample hips in dance to hypnotize her male costar,  and hoping that with this proposed Eelam adventure that she would be romancing in real life the handsome Commander of the Army and running around army tanks and barrels of guns singing seductively to this army man in uniform; “I love you in your army uniform Sir/ with the seven golden stripes/ but catch me if you can my dear/ as I am orgasmic for you and ripe.”

 And for God’s sake leave Sri Lanka alone.  If you are still that concerned about the Sri Lankan Tamils who are really your people, then take them back, and give them a plot of land and stick a sign at the entrance in the mud which says, “Welcome to Eelampuram”.  This would do the world a lot of good, and I could have a good night’s sleep without being irritated by Tamil Nadu politicians like you.

 The time has come for you Tamil Nadu politicians to train your voices and sing in harmony the Sinhalese anthem, “Sri Lanka says, don’t cry for me bully India”.


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)


6 Responses to “Sri Lanka: a response to your comment”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Most importantly Mr Surjith teach your kith and kin not to crap by the road side. The stench of your malodorous existence across the Palk Straights is too much for us living peacefully in Sri Lanka. Not only you crap through your back door, you crap through your front door too – this is what you have just done!

  2. jay pathbey Says:

    A valid to the by Asoka Weerasinghe.

    No wornder General Sarath Fonseka called these people a bunch of JOKERS. Otherwise where in the world would one find a such a bunch of day dreaming morons and fools calling themselves the oldest civilisation in asia. It seems they remained in the stone ages except for a sprinkling of tamils who claimed refuge status and escaped to the west to get civilized.

    MGR was the biggest of the tamil jokers ever produced by india that Indira Ghandi used to do her dirty work to destabilize Sri Lanka. Fat ugly Prabhakaran fell hook, line and sinker for MGR’s bait to carve out a peice of real estate for the tamils. And the rotten carcass of fat, ugly Prabha ended up feeding the fish and ugly crabs and maggots in Nandikathal. So much for Tamil Eelam. Any other takers.

    How about Foul Mouthed Hooker MIA and Sad Faced Jana (whose face looks good at a funeral) or Money Grabber Rudra to be used as bait to carve out a possible future Eelam. JP/Indonesia

  3. callistus Says:

    Mr Surjith Singh, there are no Tamils in sri lanka. All here are sri lankans. Any tamils who are here please take them back to where they belong to, ie. tamil nadu. Our sri lankan brothers and sisters in the North and East and also in other parts do not want to becalled tamils, and we don’t want your winging. We have a caring government headed by the brave Mahinda Rajapakse, and please mind your own business and attend to the needs of your own people, such as decent toilet facilities, hari jana issue, beggars at every traffic light etc. I am quite happy to send you a list of concerns you must attend to if you can’t think of. My family and extended families consist of people from different ethnicity but they are mostly sri lankans. As to the ‘political solution’, we already have one thank you. We don’t need another one, certainly not one you would like us to have. Our ‘political solution’ is, every sri lankan citizen has equal rights. They can live where they wish, send their children to any school if they are eligible, they are all allowed to marry anyone they like, unlike harijans in your country. There is no need at all to have different laws, police, education departments, etc for different parts of our beautiful but small country. We look after our bretheren as much as we can, and as Asoka said, we have rescued 300,000 people from the grip of the worst enemy of theirs, called Prabhakaran. Tell your own people that is our ‘political solution’, and we are happy with it. One more thing, Mr Singh, our children are taught in three languages. In 10 years the whole working population will be equally fluent in the 3 languages. Also Mr Singh, we don’t consider brahamins, and sikhs are born with such religions. Our people can choose any religion they wish, and worship any god, devil or any other.

  4. Chintha Says:

    You disgusting Tamil politico’s has NO regards to your own Tamil lives. You selfish bastereds herded Tamil civilians and used them as human shield HOPING THEY WILL ALL get KILLED so you FRAUDS can Prove the NON EXISTING genocide you were screaming to the world. When Sinhalese collected funds to help the victim Tamils the rich Tamils in the South said ” We will not help them. they should have died with Prabhakaran. That is what they supposed to do”
    SL will look after Sri Lankan Tamils. You look after your own TN Tamils so they will not cross seas to SL for better life.

  5. jimmy Says:

    good article Asoka

    Agree 100 % callistus, I like what you said

  6. prashantha Says:

    This is a good answer to Surjith Singh Barnala . Asoka you have done a good job.But I have some comments based on jay pathbey


    PS- Hey jay pathbey when you make comments please use a decent language , I dont know your family background etc , but decent people read this blog. Fools like you bring a lot of discredit to a good article like this

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