Presentation made by Douglas Wickramaratne,UK to LLRC
Posted on January 10th, 2011

Representations made by Mr. DOUGLAS WICKREMARATNE to the Commission of Inquiry on Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation at its public sittings held on 0Ist DECEMBER 2010 at the Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute of International Relations and Strategic Studies.

Chairman (opening statement)

Mr. Wickramaratne may I take this opportunity of thanking you for having come over here all the way  from London to give your evidence before this Commission. As a person who has been involved in this ethnic problem “”‚ so to say “”‚ for a very long time, I think you could make a very valuable  contribution to the matters that come within the purview of our orbit. And I believe you know the general procedure that we follow in this Commission about public sittings  and sittings in camera. So I take it that you want to give your evidence in public. So you can  proceed.


Thank you Mr. Chairman. First of all Mr. Chairman and the Members of the Panel, and the Secretary Mr. Atug oda, let me thank you for giving me an opportunity to come before the Commission. I feel greatly honoured. I have a slight cold since I came from London so please bear  with me.


I am also afflicted with the same problem. ____ 

Oh! I see. I am not spreading the germs. With your  permission  Mr  Chairman I will only be making  oral submissions because I have not been able to make written submissions as I was unwell.  What I personally have done on this issue for the last over 35 years.

I became aware of this problem “”‚ I have lived right throughout in England for the last 40 odd years   although  I come here regularly on a visit about 2-3 times a year sometimes. Now I first came  across this problem in London many years ago in 1975 when Dr. Colvin R. de Silva was the Minister of Constitutional Affairs. He came over to London to speak at the then existing Ceylon Students Centre. He spoke about the constitution of Sri Lanka and towards the very end of his speech  there  was a big disruption from a group of Tamil youths ·who started screaming and shouting  at him saying “you are a murderer” and in fact they wanted to physically harm him.

And I intervened and told Dr. Colvin “ƒ”¹…” don’t worry about it they are not going to do  anything to you’. He knew me very well and he said “Douglas don’t worry, these people don’t scare  me” and I escorted him to the vehicle that was waiting for him.

And then there was an attack on the High Commission “”‚ a fire bomb attack on the High Commission “”‚ and also the Student Centre  was  attacked as well. And then later the following Year  in 1976, actually at the  London Oval when the Sri Lankan Cricket Team came to play England there was a Tamil demonstration outside and they  were  shouting  “ƒ”¹…” sorry I didn’t follow that’.


There was indecent exposure also I think at that time.

Exactly. That’s right and there was a demonstration and their charge was that there was no Tamil In  the  team despite the fact that there was Neil  Chanmugam who was playing for the team at the time.  And then when I pointed this out to them they said: “Oh, he is not a real Tamil” . And  at the match a group of about  25 Tamil youths assaulted 3 Sinhala students  with bottles as well and I went to their rescue. In fact I got  the  Police to arrest some of the people responsible. And that is how I knew that there was a big movement coming up  and I contacted quite a lot of people in London who were running various Associations asking them  whether  they  could  play a role to counter  this but nobody was interested. So I ended up by a group of us forming the Sinhala Association in 1977 and I became the President of   We  started  by holding a number of cultural events. We  were  pioneers  in bringing Sri Lankan singers  like  Amaradeva, Nanda Malini, Sisira and Indrani , Jothipala, Latha, Victor all  well known names of Sinhala singers were brought to London and other European  capitals and held concerts. And then even the Gypsies  and  many others  like Clarence Wij ewardena,  every   year we brought about 2 sets of groups to London. The idea was to collect the Sinhala people together and also create a cultural  awakening  among  them.

 Tamil groups were  meanwhile  misleading  foreign leaders and the public  by saying that in Sri Lanka there was discrimination,  genocide, holocaust, ethnic cleansing, concentration camps: this mantra was being repeated  over  and over again. And this propaganda has really been so successful I would say that even   the  Nazi propagandist Goebbels was made to look like an amateur . But the success of that propaganda also was a reflection of the failure of the  Sri Lankan  expatriate community and our Missions abroad to tackle this issue. When we brought this to the attention  of  the Missions  they didn’t take it seriously at all.   

I have Mr. Chairman quite voluntarily for the last 30 odd years  appeared  on television and Radio  well  over a l00 times participating in debates with LTTE reps.  On 18th and 19th of May 2009 alone  I  participated in 7 TV debates. Sad to say not even an  encouraging  “ƒ”¹…”thank you’ from our  Head of Mission.

I take a completely opposite view of what is being said in Sri Lanka on the so called ethnic issue. I have maintained  in  my speeches  everywhere  that the Tamils are the most privileged minority in the world. I have listed the reasons.

Tamil language is an official language in Sri Lanka. Nowhere else in the world is there   free Education  available  to a Tamil to learn in Tamil from the kinde garten to the University. Tamils are free to Settle  down in any part of the country. Public holidays given to all minority religions in this   country.

I don’t have that freedom in England. I have lived there and I have argued with British MPs When  they  talk about discrimination in Sri Lanka. I said you don’t give one date as a public Holiday  either  to the Hindus or the Muslims or the Jews; only Christian days are holidays. And this  applies  not only in Christian countries but   Mu slim countries as  well. I am not aware of a- country  in  the world that gives public holidays to all minority religions . Currency  notes,  coins, stamps, all have Tamil wordings.  Even strips of the national flag are devoted to the minorities. I could go on and on.

I maintain that during the colonial rule there was a semi apartheid  system  of government in  Sri Lanka and the victims of that system were the Sinhalese and especially the Sinhala Buddhists. For a proper reconciliation I would like to  mention  that in my opinion  first we must be aware of those  who supported terrorism all these years  . I have debated and argued with most of  these  as they were going around  Europe and UK supporting terrorism. I will list some of them in no particular order.

The Tamil  leaders  starting  with Amirthalingam who came there as the Leader of the Opposition and he used the media   to condemn Sri Lanka and the different Tamil  leaders  who misled the Tamil youths by quoting false history and incited them to violence. Next  Comes  the action of the Catholic and Christian churches. I find that there seems to be  a sort of conspiracy of silence in this country to talk about the role of the churches. I am fully  aware of what they have been doing over the years in Europe because lot of these clergy came  over  there and they ran down Sri Lanka supporting LTTE terrorism.

.In fact there was once an Irish Catholic Priest  who came to a Buddhist Temple in London to give a talk on Sri Lanka and his qualification “”‚ he had been in Sri Lanka for 2 weeks  And he tried to depict this as a religious war between Buddhists and Hindus. And I had to challenge this person (and this was at the height of the IRA activities) and I said look There  is no religious war between Buddhists and Hindus in Sri Lanka. We in fact worship in the same  temples  together. We go to places of worship together. There has never been any religious clashes.  And you all are Christians and in your own   Ireland why don’t you look at your  problem.  Christians killing Christians; Protestants  killing  Catholics and Catholics killing  Protestants  and  you come here as an expert to talk about Sri Lanka.

  I am sure this Commission is fully aware that even-Dixit the former High Commissioner For  India  in Sri Lanka in his book “Assigenment Colombo” says: what was fascinating was that The  Tamil Catholic clergy kept arguing in favour of the LTTE throughout my tenure in Sri Lanka. I had a debate with Father Emmanuel on the 24″` of February this year on Sky TV , the day the Global Tamil Forum was  formed. He was saying  that  there are still 300,000 Tamils in concentration camps; they do not have basic facilities and  he  went on and on  uttering falsehoods. And I challenged him on this  and  said there are no concentration Camps  in  Sri Lanka. And this is the way they mislead and he became the President of the Global Tamil Forum and he claimed that he is a Catholic Priest ,was the former Vicar general of Jaffna  and now  lives in Germany.

  I have not seen anywhere the church either condemning these false  statements  or Issuing   any statement to say that what these church leaders are saying is wrong. The next people I hold responsible   are countries like India, Norway and some  Western  countries  that helped to perpetuate the misery for 30 years. And I know   that  some of them are now offering us aid.   But it is not aid we require from them we need war reparation from them for their responsibility for the death and destruction caused.

 The next lot I have listed is the BBC “”‚ the BBC Sandesaya   especially  and the Tamil Service. BBC Sandesaya was run by very eminent broadcasters from this country for many years. They used  to  go regularly to London for about 2-3 years come back and be replaced by somebody else.

But for cost cutting purposes Maggie Thatcher the Prime Minister stopped the service. I personally   campaigned  for the restoration of the service and requested Mr. Premadasa Prime Minister “”…” when he was on a visit  to  London  to speak to Mrs. Thatcher about it and he did speak and finally it was Restored  in  1990. But to my amazement the person selected as the main producer was one Vasantha  Raj ah and I told the High Commissioner in London (our High Commission): look protest  about  this because I know the background of  Vasantha  Rajah. But the Mission said we don’t  even  know who he is. That is the kind of information they had. Now Vasantha  Rajah having  been  the producer of the program later came to be appointed, as you know, the Chairman of the Rupavahini  Corporation here. Can you believe it! This can only happen in Sri Lanka. The LTTE agent in London at the height of the war was appointed as the Rupavahini Chairman.

I have had 2 TV debates and one 4 hour radio debate with Vasantha   Rajah .  In fact on all 3 occasions he was nominated by the LTTE as their spokesman.  And then after Vasantha   Raj ah left the Sandesaya to come to Colombo  as Rupavahini  Chairman he appointed another Sinhalese person who was working as a care  assistant in an elderly peoples home with no experience in broadcasting to succeed  him.

The only qualification was: he was anti Sinhala; anti Sri Lanka. And that person is still the Producer  of  the program and he has his cronies around him and the BBC Sandesaya  does a lot of harm  to  Sri Lanka’s image. They keep publishing only negative aspects of Sri Lanka. Every event in Sri Lanka is given a twist by the BBC Sandesaya.

And the Tamil Service was run  by  a lady called Anandi who retired about 3 years ago and on her retirement Prabakaran gave her an award for the services rendered to the LTTE. So you see our London Mission has not objected to any of  these  things  to the BBC. I have personally  written  on a number of occasions to the BBC and  also held two Demonstrations  against  the BBC Sandesaya: one in year 2000 and again in 2006, but I think the Year  2000 demonstration got a lot of publicity in Sri Lanka because Elizabeth Wright who was The  Asia  Coordinator came over to Sri Lanka at the time and the newspapers took it up in a big way.

And the next lot I would list in this list is the JVP. The JVP     membership is Limited  to about 5 or 6 families but they are very vociferous   and hold  regular  demonstrations. Of course they don’t know whether they are coming or going because at one  time they were  against the LTTE and the next thing is they are in favour.

Something that is not known in Sri Lanka is that in 1978 Rohana  Wij eweera when he was released by .l.R. Jayawardena was on his way to Cuba and  held a meeting in London at the Conway Hall, Red Lion Square and I went over there with a crowd of my  members   “”‚ he only had a question and answer session,   a Tamil youngster got up and said Comrade when you had your I 971 struggle we helped you what Is the assistance that you can give us now? Then Wijeweera  got up and said:’Y es comrade yours is a just Struggle’ I remember his exact words because I have repeated this at meetings several times. He said:’ Yes comrade yours is a just struggle. The way I can help you is I can create problems in the South. The Sinhala Army cannot fight on two fronts the South and the North.  I got up and challenged  him  and  we had a heated debate and he made a pathetic attempt to save his face.

 He said that he  couldn’t  debate with me because his mother tongue was Sinhalese and his second Language  was  Russian and third language was only English. I told him’ you can’t get away with  a reply like that. Reply to me in Sinhalese I will translate it, to the benefit of the audience to Sinhalese’. But finally I was almost evicted from the  place  because  his group did not want me  to  ask him any more questions.

And then we have the Opposition MPs including the Leader of the Opposition  who  goes around the  circuit blaming Sri Lanka. And I have repeatedly asked  these  people  to  do your politics In  Sri  Lanka by all means, say what you like  in Parliament  but when you leave  the  shores of Sri Lanka don’t  run down your mother  country .  Only last week I was asked to challenge one   MP  from  Colombo  Jayalath Jayawardena  but because I was coming over here I was not able to do that.

Then of course you get the Tamil Diaspora over there who are hell  bent  on bringing the Sri Lankan  name  to disrepute. Now the amazing thing is just last year I had a debate on BBC  Radio , with  a  Tamil student from Imperial College, London. This student was doing his masters and to my  amazement   he said things like’ We all  know that Tamils are not allowed to go to school in Sri Lanka’. I asked him who told you this. HE said  his  father told him. So this is the  kind  of brain washing  that is being done to their children over there. I am sure that happened here  and  that is  still happening. That is why proper history of Sri Lanka should be taught in schools to everybody.

 How do we tackle this propaganda; this anti Sri Lankan propaganda abroad. I think first and foremost  our  embassies and High Commissions should be staffed by competent, dedicated people.  But  unfortunately  in  my experience which goes back to the days of Dr. Malalasekera, a very eminent person “”‚ at that time there was no such problem here. But since then  quite  a lot of mediocre people have occupied the Missions and they are not able to challenge any  of  these false statements against Sri Lanka and often when they go to meetings all they do is   monitor  what is being said. Nobody challenges the lies.

But sometimes I find that the people at the top of the ladder obstruct our work   through  sheer  jealousy  and fear that their incompetency would be  exposed. There have been some of course who have been  very  helpful.

 I  received  death threats in 1983 when   I had a debate with LTTE  on a Live  BBC News Night programme  and Scotland Yard had to put my house on a special list and they gave  me  protection.

And then in 2007 when I went to Geneva Mission (The Human Rights Commission) I  first I received a number of emails asking me: Why are you coming over here to do this. We will support you,· we will give you whatever you  want and not to come to Geneva any more. I Ignored  them. Then they threatened me.  I have a copy here  with  me .

Dear Mr. Wickramaratne,

My previous emails do not seem to reach you. I think you will remember me from your Geneva visit. We are organizing a seminar in Paris to which Brian Seneviratne is also coming. >* (Brian Seneviratne is a medical doctor from Australia who speaks for the LTTE who has been paid by the LTTE. He goes around the world on LTTE money.) He is also coming. Why  don ‘t you consider coming? Don ‘t  worry we will look after you. We Know  your  problems and can help ` And then it goes on: Don feel shy. By speaking for Sri Lankan Government you will be in the ame  boat   every day. We have contacts we will help you. And then finally it says: Only  thing  if you don ‘t accept genuine offer don ‘t think our people will forget.  You know what happened to Kadirgamar.

And that was the last email I received and then of course a friend of mine, a Barrister, said this is a death threat you must refer this to Scotland Yard, which I did. And to the credit of Scotland Yard they sent the anti terrorist squad people; local Police, community Police, all sorts of people came  and took  copies of the emails. Because I was due to go again in September to Geneva they contacted the Swiss Police and made sure that I would be given adequate protection In  Geneva.  Now that is the normal method of their activities.

But I missed out one lot in my list of people: it is the NGOs. Now  I  have  had quite a lot of tussels  with  the NGOs and lNGOs in London. When Martin Ennals    the former General Secretary of Amnesty when he retired – lot of these so called human rights activists don’t retire.  When they retire they start another NGO somewhere because there is a lot of money in NGO   work.  So he started   International  Alert  and he invited me to join International Alert. I pretended  that  I was very interested in joining that and I went over to see  him.  , when we  were  talking I told  him that if I were to join him I would have to make a big financial sacrifice because I would have to give up a very good job.

 He said no, no, don’t worry about money. We are Getting   enough  funding. So I asked him where was the funding  coming  from? He said the Dutch churches  are   giving us; Norway is giving us; we have enough funds. So then showing a lot of interest   I  asked him: there are about 40 countries where there are problems “”‚ separatist problems “”‚ why  have we started International Alert only on Sri Lanka? And then he said Douglas Right  now that’s where the money is’} So every  time  I  see all  these NGO agents  speaking at meetings I look at Them   and   say  to myself  Martin Ennals words “ƒ”¹…” that is  where the money is.’  I have challenged most  of  these NGO people who come there .   In fact last June2″ (2010) I was asked to come to Brussels.

I took on NGO crowd in two seminars in Brussels  .And then when I read about the Human Rights Watch refusing to give evidence at this Commission I was quite surprised at their turnabout  because in 2004 “”‚ it was reported in these papers as well “”‚ the first meeting that they held in London at the London University they condemned the LTTE  in  a big wav. The Advocacy Director Ms Jo Becker who spoke against the LTTE saying that they conscripted children, abducted   civilians and murdered innocent people.  There was a large LTTE presence and   they  tried to silence her. I intervened on her behalf and she thanked me saying that they   did  not want to hear the truth. Two days later HRW attempted to hold a meeting in Toronto but was abandoned as LTTE members disrupted it.

I would like to suggest that when we try to find solutions to the problem of false propaganda by the Tamil  Diaspora that  when  Ambassadors or officials to our missions  are appointed  there should be a proper vetting system and their spouses should also be vetted.

I would also  like  to  say a few words about Devolution which some people are advocating as the solution to a non existing problem. Countries that adopted Devolution, say like United Kingdom to solve the Scottish problem are finding the errors of their ways.

The President and  Defence  Secretary resisted the pressure from foreign leaders and directed our  forces to victory Our forces made  the supreme sacrifices  to save our country being divided. If we go on the path of  devolution  it would finally lead to division.

   It may not happen in our generation but let us save our country for the future generations. The East, the West, the South, the North of our country is our country Sri Lanka; and for Somebody  to  come here and say that: Oh! We  should not send the Army or Army should not be in The  North, they should go back to the south. Army is everywhere in our country they have not gone  to  a foreign land and I insist that the Army should be wherever there are possibilities of trouble  they  should be placed in large numbers permanently to prevent another uprising  whether it  is in the north or whether it is in the south, and I think those who advocate this concept of homelands  and  their saying that the Army should withdraw and the Sinhalese should not settle in the  north  are stoking the fires of racism and separatism, because every inch of this country belong  to the people, whether it is  Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers, and they should have  that  freedom to settle anywhere in the country. And we should not have ethnic enclaves where  areas  are demarcated  for Tamils only; this is for Muslims only; and the rest of the country is for all races.

 And I say that we owe a duty to the families of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives to save our country.  We should think first about them: how do we look after them; how do we settle them and  their  families; and those injured soldiers from all Armed Forces. Our Forces must be vigilant, Those returning refugees from Europe or from Canada and America,  should  be investigated,  screened properly because there are elements that are out to create problems again because  their  lifestyle, their living standards depend completely on this ongoing problem and  they  have huge amounts of money, resources. And  some  of us still have that slightly servile mentality that when we see a white man coming to tell us  What  we should do; how we should run the country; just like David Milliband coming over here.  In fact at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office David Milliband addressed first the Tamil Global Forum  and after that he wanted to address the Sri Lankan Diaspora, not the Sinhalese Diaspora , the Sri Lankan Diaspora, and I went on invitation to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office .  Milliband sent a video message only  saying  that he was very sorry, that he was In  Canada  for a Foreign Ministers Conference and Des Browne was the main man there. And When  they  talked about,   Milliband talking about discrimination · I challenged again and asked Des Browne  do you give these rights to the minorities living in the UK. How dare you  say  about discrimination.   And [told them stop bullying Sri Lanka. I said it is very easy for you all to bully Sri Lanka, a small country, but they will not do that with bigger countries like India or China .

 And then there is this idea floated  again  about we are a multi cultural, multi lingual society. Now multi -culturism has become a dirty word in Europe , they tried all this and   it has failed they are talking about in England or in France, in Germany that any immigrants   that  come there must have a working knowledge of the language in the country. In England now they are saying all people must have a working knowledge of English. So it is in Germany  and France. They  are  coming back to  basics.’

Now here we talk about  learning  three  languages as a solution to this problem. I think Personally  that  is a very sort of simplistic approach.   In Sri Lanka about 80% of the people speak Sinhalese. Surely I mean I can’t go to England and expect the English to  learn   Sinhalese. I got to learn their  language.  Anywhere the  minorities  learn  the  language of the  majority.

On my way here, a few days ago  only, at the M.E. when the plane stopped there, I met 3 Sri Lankans working  in  the airport. Those people were able to speak fluent Arabic and they had only been there  for  a couple of years or so.  And then one said I can speak five  languages. Actually the more languages you learn I have no objection. By all means learn it.

But that is not the solution that the majority race should be forced to learn the minority language. I mean that would only antagonize the majority race. Even our village women who go to work in Middle  East  are able to converse in Arabic in a short space of time.

 I appeared on a live TV broadcast from Rome which was broadcast to the Middle East and That   was  a Sinhalese program. There were about 5 in the panel. But all the questions from countries  like  Kuwait and Saudi  from Sinhalese workers were about this language  issue. They said well we are here only for a few years and we have learnt Arabic. Why can’t people  learn  Sinhalese. That hostility should not be there because the Sinhalese and the Tamils have  lived  quite in harmony. You learn the majority language.

And then also I would urge this Commission to see whether the LTTE funds that have been frozen  in  foreign countries could be repatriated to Sri Lanka. Because of the damage that has been  done to Sri Lanka, those funds should be sent back to Sri Lanka.

And I end my submission by saying reconciliation by all means but reconciliation should be accompanied  with  justice. And  there  was an injustice done to the people of Sri Lanka by these Groups  they  must first apologize to the country, and that is the first step in reconciliation. They must apologize for what they did and then only we can  progress  and build a Better future for Sri Lanka. ·

Thank you



 Chairman (closing statement) l

Well there was agreement with you on certain matters and disagreement with you on certain matters. We are at variance with you on certain matters but I must say that the efforts that you have taken to offset the false propaganda that had been circulated against Sri Lanka is very laudable. People like you spared no pains in exposing the falsity of some of these allegations “”‚- unfounded  allegations so to say “”‚ that was leveled against Sri Lanka.

So I think we are all grateful to you for having come over here and made your representations. Certainly there was a lot that you said that will be very helpful to us in the formulation of our recommendations. Thank you

8 Responses to “Presentation made by Douglas Wickramaratne,UK to LLRC”

  1. helaya Says:

    Dear Mr Wickramratna,
    Thank you for eye opening presentation. LTTE reps are doing what they do the best. Our Sri Lankan are lithagic and only few are working tirelessly to counter LTTE propaganda. I had a same experince when I went to a meeting at George Washington University to question Sravanamutttu. I could not believe what misleading statement he was saying. I question him and most of the audiance was dumb Americans.
    Thanks againg for the your contribution to Sri Lanka.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thank you for exposure, Mr Wickremaratne. From the 1983 Riots (which was a set up job for Tamil Migration to the West) onwards, it has been a case of some Tamil people & their sympathisers carrying false stories to ‘divide & rule’ Lanka.

  3. Chintha Says:

    Thank you mr. DOUGLAS WICKREMARATNE . All Sri Lankans should be thankful to people like you for defending SL against all these fraudulant lies and misinformation. People like you who stand up against unjust to its people and fight for motherland are inspirations to all. Most of our people are clueless and ignorent whats going around them, blaming someone else for mishaps and do not take any action themself. Triple gem bless you , and protect your life from the fraudsters. Thank you again for the immense sacrifies and good work you do for our country.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Given the fact that Tamils want to migrate to where their rich relatives are, there should be a peaceful process of facilitating that. Those who want to be with their relatives abroad will never have any attachment to SL and it is foolish to expect their commitment to SL. Best thing is to send them packing, peacefully. They will be happy and we will be happy too. If they can’t achieve that peacefully, they will again try riots. This is a never ending saga. They come illegally to SL from Tamil Nadu. Get SL citizenship (any GS can give you that). Then create trouble and go west. SL is only a transit point. They cannot create these nonsense in India so they do it here. SL should first close its borders completely.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    We agree wholeheartedly with Lorenzo. We are horrified to learn that any GS can grant citizenship in Lanka. No wonder Lanka is a ‘sitting duck’ for vested interests. The fault-line is the close geophysical connection between Lanka & Tamil Nadu. So, what should we do, given the Millions of Tamils of Dalit origin who wish to leave Tamil Nadu for any country ?

    (1) Guard our Border Coastlines with all our might to prevent illegal migration.

    (2) Do what the West does re migrants, i.e. have the similar RULES in place to enter the country on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. To migrate to the West, stringent rules have to be followed (unless, of course, people rush to places like Canada as Refugees, sometimes on trumped up charges !) . Canada has a net loss of people due to emigration out of Canada, mostly due to cold weather, and readily takes in Refugees when it suits them).
    Some western countries demand papers covering a person’s birth certificate (original) the details about the person’s parents, educational qualifications (with original certificates), ability to speak the language of that country, usually English; work records with certificates from places of work & recommendations – the list is endless. And sometimes they check back with the country of origin for Police records. Some money is required to enter the country plus a Sponsor. An Oath of Loyalty to the new country has to be taken at a ceremony after which the Citizenship Certificate is given.
    With these kind of requirements in place, it is not easy to enter the west, unless of course, on some trumped up charges against the country of origin – trumped up, sad to say, even if that country of origin treated the miscreant refugees fairly well.

    We can see the danger caused by these people who have entered Lanka, and have no love of our country. Instead of loyalty to Lanka, they have lent readily themselves to be pawns in the hands of vested interests.

    (3) Dual citizenship with other countries also must be investigated thoroughly and care must be taken when granting such.

    (4) GoSL should take a hard look at ownership of property in Lanka by non-nationals. Care has to be taken just who owns property here.

    We have only ourselves to blame for not putting out proper RULES for migrants & land ownership in Lanka. If we want migrants here at all, we suggest that strong RULES be put on the Internet for all to see, as soon possible. We suggest that only Permanent Visas be granted for a long period of time, say at least 10 yrs, before Citizenship is granted, in an entirely new way to ensure loyalty of the new citizen in the country.

    The LAW & RULES have to be properly formulated, put out on the internet, and methods devised to follow up, just as they do in almost all countries.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Below is the application form on the Net for Dual Citizenship with Sri Lanka.

    What we like to know is : what is the position of Tamils of Tamil Nadu who have entered Lanka illegally ?

    Documents required for the Dual Citizenship
    (a) Applicant’s Original Birth Certificate and a copy.

    (b) If the applicant is a citizen of Sri Lanka by registration, the relevant certificate and a copy.

    (c) If applicant is married, The Marriage Certificate and a copy.

    (d) Applicant’s Foreign Citizenship Certificate/ Foreign Travel Document/ Permanent Residence Visa.

    (e) Applicant’s current and / or previous Sri Lankan Passports and copies or an affidavit.

    (f) If applying under professional category, applicant’s Educational/Professional Certificate and a copy (minimum a degree from a recognized University).

    (g) If applying under wealth category, original of the documentary proof of applicant’s assets such as; lands or other immovable properties in Sri Lanka worth of Rs. 2.5 Million or above and a copy. Deed Valuation report extract and Title report for the same should be also submitted.

    (h) If applying under 2.5 million category original of the documentary proof minimum one year Fixed Deposit in a bank in Sri Lanka of an amount not less than 2.5 million.

    (i) If applying under age category, applicants over 55 years of age original birth certificate and a copy should be submitted.

    (j) If applying under fixed deposit US$ 25,000/- category, original of a fixed deposit certificate and a copy exceeding US$ 25,000 for a three years period in a bank in Sri Lanka.

    (k) If applying under fixed deposit US$ 50,000/- category, original of a fixed deposit certificate and a copy exceeding US$ 50,000 for a three years period in a bank in Sri Lanka

    (l) If the documents referred to above are submitted without originals, they should be attested by the Sri Lankan Mission accredited to that country, or the nearest Sri Lankan Mission or Consulate of the country of domicile or Solicitor or Justice of Peace in the country of domicile.

    Dual Citizenship Fee
    (a) According to the application for, if applying under A1 (a)(b)(c) and (d) the Dual Citizenship fee as follows.

    (I) Principal Applicant Rs (SL) 200,000.00
    (II) Spouse Rs (SL) 50,000.00
    (III) Child under 18 years of age when applying with parents Rs (SL) 50,000.00
    (IV) Child over 18 years of age with parents application Rs (SL) 200,000.00

    (b) If applying under A1 (e) the Dual Citizenship fee is Rs (SL) 200,000.00 for entire family irrespective of the number of family members.

    (c) If applying under A1 (f) the Dual Citizenship fee is free for entire family irrespective of the number of family members.

  7. Sri Rohana Says:

    Mr Wickramaratne it is great to read your submission to LLRC. You are doing a great and wonderful service to our country.
    “But sometimes I find that the people at the top of the ladder obstruct our work through sheer jealousy and fear that their in competency would be exposed”
    “When Ambassadors or officials to our missions are appointed there should be a proper vetting system and their spouses”

    No doubt we have to reform our Embassies and Foreign Service. Those guys are there to look after their kid’s education and have a good holiday on taxpayer’s money and enjoy all the perks. They only bother on their personal benefit and never bothered on our country.
    If tamils can insult Dr. Colvin.R. De Silva means they are very ungrateful people. Dr Colvin fought for the rights of tamil language since 1955.
    Mr Wickramaratne you have very well exposed Wijeweera and NGO’s. The notorious Wasantha Raja appointed to SLRC by Chandrika Kumaratunga.

  8. Terry Says:

    Douglas Wickramaratne, many thanks for publishing your submissions to the LLRC.
    I regret to say you appear to have a selective memory of events that took place in 1970’s in London.
    However, i’m pleased the Chairman in his closing remarks (Not sure if the LLRC is wise to air their thoughts publicly at the submission stage) pointed out matters of “disagreement” and “variance”

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