Posted on January 12th, 2011

Shripal Nishshanka Fernando

For the first time in Sri Lankan medical history Sri Lankan doctors in Colombo Ridgeway Hospital have successfully performed a surgery yesterday January 10th 2011 to separate twins who were joined at the abdomen.

Ashinsha Deneth and Ashinsha Denuwan who were born 10 months ago as conjoined twins were kept under special care and supervision of specialist doctors of Colombo Castle and Ridgeway hospitals till the surgery was performed.

According to the Hospital Director Dr. Mahanama Rajamanthri, this was the first successful separation of conjoined twins at the hospital and in Sri Lanka.

Director of the Lady Ridgeway hospital went on to say that four specialists were involved, including Dr. B.A.D. Jayawardene and a heart specialist in carrying out the operation, which lasted for nearly six hours.

“The two children were connected at the liver. They both had one liver, but it was separated. Certain membranes of the heart were also connected. But there were two hearts. Therefore performing the surgery was easy to an extent. The two infants are currently receiving treatment at the intensive care unit of the hospital,” said Dr. Rajamanthri.

Prior to commencing of the historical surgery Buddhist venerable monks have preached Buddhist protection stanzas in the operation theater for the twins and the staff carrying out the surgery and an auspicious time also had been set up to start the surgery.


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