Amnesty International-THE HORSE FLY.
Posted on January 20th, 2011


Amnesty International has been sinister towards Sri Lanka from time immemorial, and has been selectively a smug moralizer. AI has no morals, and has abundantly shown bias attitudes. While they are singing for their Supper, they refuse to see the breach of principles, in other parts of the world, which they profess to uphold. Reason ? They are bound to lose their Bread and Butter. AI has taken for granted that Sri Lanka is their play ground. Should not be for long.

 Sri Lanka should get rid of Horse Flies, that continue to irritate, the Supreme Body.


2 Responses to “Amnesty International-THE HORSE FLY.”

  1. ranjit Says:

    We need to have a good secret service to catch the wrong doers and conspirators arouind the country who brings us bad name and tarnish our Image abroad. All foreign groups like International should be kicked out if they are danger to our sovereignty. We need to take action against reporters who spread lies and our diplomats around the world should work hard to show the world that these allegations against our Motherland is all lies and they are all make up stories to let us down. These conspirators will never sleep until they get revenge form our beloved President. They want his blood therefore we need to protect him and the country together. All peace loving citizens who loves the Motherland should get united and helps this President and the Government.

  2. lal Says:

    Imagine had AI, HRW and their cohorts were allowed in the war zones in Sri Lanka, and the stories they would have made up for the consumption of the IC. How prudent of our president to have taken preemptive action and ban the trash! If only they will act impartially and truthfully such banning would not have taken place.

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