Is The Catholic Church the New Whipping Boy?
Posted on January 22nd, 2011

Prof. Hudson McLean

Are some writers in LankaWeb running out of material and imagination, and turning  to thunder the Catholic Church as a whole, with the presumption of collaborating with the Hindu led LTTE Terrorists to resurrect the Tamil Eelam in North East of Sri Lanka?

Agreed that many of the Tamil Catholic priests and a couple of Tamil Catholic Bishops sympathised with the LTTE.  However to assume now HH Pope in Rome has got his hand into the terrorist pot,  with the Canadian Catholics using Tamil LTTE, as the “front”, is way, way out.

In my personal opinion, the Sinhala Catholics in Sri Lanka in general, have never ever favoured a partition of the Island. The Sinhala Catholics are as patriotic as any other Buddhist, with the possible exception of some Tamil Christians and Tamil Catholics, who have favoured a LTTE led divided Sri Lanka.

Bringing in the Canadian Catholic dimension into play is also ludicrous. If  this theory has substance, the Catholics in Canada and HH Pope in Rome are now planning a massive global revolution to use a bunch of crazy Hindu LTTE Terrorists suicide bombers, and money launderers, to spearhead the next revolution in Asia, to convert India, Pakistan & Bagladesh into Catholicism!  Get a Life!

As another writer Kumar Moses has diligently presented the Sudan case, and I have stated several times, the best available option, whilst strategically placing the Defence element in the entire North, East upto Mannar, on a permanant basis, is to encourage and provide incentives to Sinhala population to relocate in the North East.

Let the Military help with the infrastructure on housing, roads, water, schools, community facilities, vocational training, logistics and participate in Real Construction of the entire community. The Military has tremendous leadership and displinary qualities which could set examples to civilian life.

As the Ministry of Defence has aptly demonstrated recently with, using the Army to distribute vegetables and supplies, utilise the Military and Defence personnel to engage in farming, fisheries, reconstruction in the North East. Make them a part of the community and “keep their ears to the ground”!

A well trained Defence personnel, bored within a peaceful lethargic miltary communal life, tends to get dangerous ideas including the attraction of getting involved in politics and crime. The defence personnel should be allowed to utilise their acquired skills and develop other useful skills in commerce, and be given monetary incentives based on productivity, which will help them in later civilian life.

If the argument of the Sinhala Catholic now joins hands with the Canadians and the Pope in Rome to topple the elected Sri Lanka government, has any substance, the next internal conflict with be based on religion!  Pure destruction!

President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his inner circle have demostrated loud & clear, that the policy of the present government is reconciliatory, in terms of religion, race and ethnicity. The next priority is “cooperation not division” for the good of Sri Lanka.

The hard line taken to eradicate the Tamil LTTE Terrorism was absolutely correct and necessary.  The Island is riding on a wave of economic competency directed by the Governer of the Central Bank.  The snow-ball effect is reflected in the increase of tourism, inward investment, despite recession in USA  and in Europe.

The outlook should be positive, corrective and encouraging the majority of the Sinhala polpulation, whether they be Buddhist, Christian, Catholic, or Muslim to relocate to create a “Green Environment” in the North East, to maintain the ethnic demographics ratio, within the National scale. Plant more trees, cultivate, animal farms, to create self sufficiency in the production of milk and exportable revenue generating produce.

Furthermore Prof. G.L.Pieris should take a good look at his overseas Missions, and do a Check & Balance on the contributions and productivity of his minions, who are enjoying Diplomatic Tax Free facilities, and playing on their “fiddles” whilst the LTTE Tamil  remnants are “cooking” their next moves!

Give a positive contribution in thought and deed to the government!

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19 Responses to “Is The Catholic Church the New Whipping Boy?”

  1. jimmy Says:

    Great Article Professor Agree 100 %
    This article is better than your previous one

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    In our experience the Sinhala Catholics are as good as their Catholic priests, the Catholic priests are good as their bishops and the bishops are good as their cardinal.

    I quite agree that there are good god fearing patriotic Sinhala Catholics in Sri Lanka and abroad. Only bad thing is they are tongue tied when it comes to the Tamil Racist issue, the cry for separation and the LTTE. I am yet to come across a single Catholic organization who stood up against Tamil Tiger Terrorism. Either they are scared of their church or are not concerned. Most of them change their color and opinion to suit the gathering their in. When they are with the Ealamists they support their cause and when they are with patriotic Sinhala Buddhists run down them as dastardly terrorists. So they conveniently ‘run with the hares and hunt with the hounds’. This is not to say there aren’t Sinhala Buddhist traitors. There are who are mainly Colombians, who are a down right disgrace to the mothers who bore them!

    Then there are the bad Sinhala Catholics who are downright Ealamists and supporters of the LTTE. In my long years of association with these people I find that their love for the Ealamists comes from their deep hatred of the Sinhala Buddhists, the Buddhist Establishment in Sri Lanka and Buddhism. Most of them like to see the job that the despicable Portuguese started, the Conversion Agenda completed and Sri Lanka made another success story like the Phillipines, Andhra Pradesh in India or even South Korea.

    Elsewhere conversion hordes are quite active in North Eastern India among the hill tract tribes. Some of these who were originally Buddhists – like Nagaland, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh are now majority Christian areas and have started intimidating and even killing those who are left un-converted. There a number of insurgencies now run by these hill tract tribes against the Union of India. They all subscribe to the Balkanization of India Agenda of the Western Christian Powers ably assisted by the Christian Church who’s job is to soften the population by conversion.

    There is an important statistic. They say once a population is converted up to 20% by various inducements, the rest happens automatically by imitation. Most vulnerable in this case are the young who get easily attracted to the church inducements. Those converted become virulently anti- Hindu or anti- Buddhist!

    However in all honesty it is difficult to foresee the Catholic Changing its agenda, as the super rich church’s only object is power and more power. It is not the welfare of the converted that they are after, it is the power they intend to exercise over those converted.

    The long and tortured history of the Catholic Church there is nothing to brag about. From inquisitions to pedophilia their human right abuses are legion. The recent tirade by the Pope against the Italian Prime Minister – Silvio Belosconi for sexual improprieties is laughable and downright hypocritical!

    You professor are a rare gem but unfortunately represent only a minuscule section of your co-religionists. We would like to see more like you expressing your views and taking up issue with the Church hierarchy when they are clearly out of line and hurting the sensibilities of a country that has been run as a majority Sinhala Buddhist country over two millennia.

  3. M.S.MUdali Says:

    //Hindu led LTTE Terrorists to resurrect the Tamil Eelam in North East of Sri Lanka?//

    Prof does not realise how the Catholic Church is powerful in North and East with their FOREIGN money. Hindus dont have a leadership so far. Is this prof telling here that a grade five educated Prabhakaran a Hindu and a leader?

    Portugeuse or Brits always hire local criminals to achive their goals. Catholic Church involved in bank robberies and stood with LTTE upto the last minute of the war.

    Sinhala catholics and UNP are for “white support”. LTTE easily get support from these groups. Can prof explain why UNP and catholic church support LTTE?

    Sri Lanka is always a BASE to be used by the Chrstian WEST. They will come in any form. Minorities are the easy target for the Christians.

    Can Pro.MClean tell why POPE threw out Catholic priests in Nicaragua for supporting Sandinista and not doing the same to Rayappu or other Catholic bishop morons in Sri lanka? So, Vatican is always a part of the LTTE to establish a EAST TIMOR in Sri Lanka. Tamil is a tool only!

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    Most terrorists are/were Hindus not Catholics.

    e.g. Amirthalingam, Prabakaran, Soosai, Tamilchelvam, Nadesan, Karuna Amman, Pottu Amman, Anandasangaree, Sambandan, KP, Rudrakumaran, Cholas, you.

    Some Tamil Christians are terrorist too.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    This is a good time to analyze the Root Cause of the problem in Sri Lanka.

    The Root Cause for the ltte to be born was the Hindu religion based Caste System. The highest caste in Jaffna is the Vellalah Tamil caste, and all the Tamil leaders of the time when the ltte arose was of the Vellalah or Christian/Catholic. The low Caste or even Casteless other Tamils had no voice in Jaffna, and had to just go along with their Tamil leaders. Their anger was cleverly turned against the ‘Sinhala’ GoSL & the pro-GoSL Tamils were killed off. The Eelam Idea was presented to all the Tamil People and there we have the story in a nutshell.

    That is how the Catholic Church has gained high power in Lanka today, due to the Hindu Caste System. Conversions to get away from the Hindu Caste System plus gain favor such as education in Catholic institutions, jobs, travel abroad etc. are all given through the Catholic Church. The Hindu & Buddhist Temples offer no such plums.

    It is ironical that Sri Lanka by its very nature of Buddhist tolerance has fostered the growth of the Catholic Church, now up to about 7% (and growing) of Lanka from a mere 2% before the ltte.

    Dear Prof McLean, we think that the Catholic church is more like a Corporation than a religious body. Most Catholic countries are poverty ridden, with wealth concentrated in the hands of a few.

    The bulk of the Sinhala/Buddhists have got caught up in a Hindu/Catholic problem not of their own making. The country has been turned into a kind of permanent War Zone, while Tamil Nadu sits comfortably having exported her Caste Problems to Sri Lanka. So, as a thinking Nation, we Lankans should believe in Prevention and not Cure as the best policy to follow. May be banning Conversions is the best thing to do.

  6. jay-ran Says:

    A good point highlighted by PrabasFlaccidHead!!!

    If Prabha was a Hindu,how come his son became Anthony???

  7. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    The Professor has a valid point. All Catholics do not deserve to be measured by the same yardstick as the Bishops of Mannar and Jaffna etc who definitely showed pro LTTE / Tamil sympathies at times.We have lived through the Portuguese, Dutch and British Eras where Buddhism has never been phased out or intimidated to oblivion and has grown in strenght to radiate the Theravada concept magnifiiciently around the world. Sri lanka is a proud majority Buddhist nation where most Buddhists are compassionate, tolerant, kind and have no religious differences based upon a wonderful interpretations of the teachings of Lord Buddha. the responses during the Tsunami proved this beyond a doubt as well as on many other situations where the Buddhuists always showed compassion to the less fortunate and vice versa. It is simply neo politics and the animosities the locals have against NGOs to a great extent that have created an unfortunate paranoia against Christianity in Sri lanka as a whole and is shameful. ” Get a life is!” right. It is childish to think that the objective of Christianity in Sri lanka is to take over as this is something unthinkable albeit perhaps linkable to the terrorists who once very visibly attempted to use it as an instrument towards their failed goals.I grew up in Ceylon now Sri Lanka where the majority Buddhists were gracious people and there was religilus harmony for generations throughout the land.Do not tarnish this which still exists in the Lanka of today, with petty paranoias as all religions preach merits of a good life.

  8. Terry Says:

    Are the diashoras missing an enemy?
    btw- Mrs Rajapakse is a Catholic and insisted on visiting the Vatican during MR first term

  9. Cerberus Says:

    At the outset I wish to state that I am writing without malice and to bring truth to the people and awaken them. The Professor who stated some months ago that he was ashamed to be a Catholic has now done an about turn. Wonder why?

    There are good Catholics & not so good Catholics. Was ‘Coup’ de Saram a good Catholic, when he tried to take over Sri Lanka? What were those 26 plus Catholic Priests doing in the Wanni area with the 300,000 ltte hostages ? There were no other priests representing any other religion in the Wanni during the LTTE days there. Ranil W. (SINHALA CHRISTIAN), had a Cabinet of 75% SINHALA CATHOLIC people during the CFA when the ltte went into gory action in Lanka killing many hundreds of innocent people, mostly Sinhala folk, and were ready to take over the island.

    Some thing must be done about organising favors from Buddhist & Hindu religious institutions. May be Buddhists & Hindus should also go after Conversions too by offering the conversion favors such as higher studies, jobs, travel abroad etc.

    Indeed the priests of the Buddhist temples were kind to one and all during the Tsunami, expecting nothing in return. The Buddhist priests did not say “ok, now that you are looked after by us, convert to Buddhism”. Unfortunately, Kindness is perceived by lots of people as Weakness.

    We wonder what the Catholic countries would do IF Buddhist priests were going actively going after Conversions in those countries ? Would they be tolerated in the same fashion as in Lanka ?

    I can understand converting people by force if Catholics had something real and substantial to offer. In the Western countries many Churches are closing down. That is why the last Pope declared that his harvest is going to be in India and rest of Asia. All they can offer is heaven after death. No direct experience of God while people are alive. Who knows what is there after death. No Catholic has ever come back to tell us what is there after death. In case of the Buddhists by self effort, cleansing the mind and meditation many reach an experience which is peace and contentment in this life which no Catholic can boast of. The Church has set them selves up as intermediaries between God and the individual. I wonder how many children were told by the priest that if they were allowed to be abused their sins would be forgiven.

    We see Conversions to Catholicism in an organised way as not so innocent as made out to be. The future will reveal this as true, as in East Timor. Once East Timor was taken over then the Catholic Church handed over the resources of the country to the Australian corporations to exploit and the East Timorians were left as poor as before. When all the catastrophes happened in Haiti, Chile, Phillippines, and other Catholic countries including the city of L’Aquila in Italy which was only 70 miles from the Vatican not a penny came from the richest religious organization in the world, the Vatican. Even the abuse victims of Catholic priests in Ireland were compensated by the tax payers money. In USA so many diocese went bankrupt due to child abuse cases where the victims sought compensation from the Catholic church. Not a penny came from the Vatican to bail them out.

    Generally when the Catholic church helps people, it helps itself to a lion share.

    We know Mrs Rajapakse is a Catholic. So were JRs daughters in law & close friends wen 1983 Riots happened where no Catholic or Christian got killed, only Hindu Tamils & a few Sinhala people died.

  10. lal Says:

    Hello Jay-ran,

    How do you/we know Anthony was Prabakaran’s son? All we know is Anthony was named after Prabakaran’s friend Charles Anthony. We know for sure who his mother is but not the father. (The older Anthony died of bullet wounds.)

  11. Lorenzo Says:


    Charles Anthony issue has been explained by Lal very well. So there was no Christian involvement.

    Having cemetaries was a clever plan to get Christians’ sympathy. However, there is no evidence anyone was burried there. These cemetaries were actually mere monuments only.

    All LTTE cadres and leaders are Dalit decendants. Dalits have been discriminated for centuries by Hindu oppression. When they found a compassionate, sympathetic, Maithree, Karuna, Muditha, Uppekkha and hospitable Buddhist country, they were overjoyed. Centuries of oppression forced them to get the maximum from these people whom they called “modayas”. Why? They were so unbelievably nice and kind to evil demands by Dalits. A quality not found anywhere on earth. That is why they are damned scared of India and high caste rulers of Tamil Nadu. MGR was an ideal Dalit slave who rose to prominance and supported the LTTE.

    All Tamil Christians supporting the LTTE are Dalit decendants too. They have the same mentality.

    Sinhala Christians and some Sinhala Buddhists sympathise Dalits (LTTE). Mere sympathy does not make them terrorists. But it certainly makes them traitors.

    We have to tell Dalits, “Hold on. Don’t try to grab everything as if you have not seen them for centuries. These are all for you to enjoy. But you have to share. Things are different here than your Dalit country. You don’t have to grab everything to enjoy them. There is no dogfight for everything under the sun. So calm down, relax and don’t be so stingy and greedy. Other Dalits are not going to come and grab your Thesawalamei protected land, etc.”

    The Air Force chief under whose able leadership we banged the LTTE mercilessly is a Christian too. There is no ethnic/religious problem here. Its all in the Dalit mentality.

  12. jimmy Says:

    There were great tamil christians who stood for their principle and Unity in the most difficult times and sacrificed their precious lives People like Kadhirgamar, Mayor Alfred Duraiuappa
    Minister Fernandapulle, Principal Anandarajan ( St Johns college)

  13. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Fr.S.J. Emmanuel praised LTTE as the DIVINE SOLDIERS OF CHRIST. The same person is the head of the World Tamil Forum which is responsible for the London fiasco of Mahinda Rajapakse. Catholic priests involved in bank robberies.

    Are these not Catholic “involvemnet”?

    Tyrrone Fernando, a Catholic, and the Foreign Minister of Ranil praised prabhakaran as the real Patriotic person of Sri lanka. Kenneth Fernando, and others praised Prabhakaran is more “humane” afater avist to Vanni!

    How are these?

    Catholic priests went on procession with photos of Prabhakaran in Kilinochchi. Ranil carved out an area to LTTE and gave open licence to LTTE to kill whoever they want.

    LTTE rarely touched Christians except Laxman Kadigamar who was not a Catholic! LTTE killed Hindu priests for getting aid from the ministry of Hindu affairs but they did not kill or question when the Catholics too get the same aid from the state.

    Caritas and Catholic Church still cry that government is not doing enough to the IDPs but they spent millions in building churches in Hindu dominated areas in Vanni after the demise of the LTTE. From whom they get the money? Catholic Church is always worked as the loot keepers for the LTTE. Now Catholic Church sit on billions looted by LTTE and continue their anti-Hindu/buddhist activities!

  14. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Alfred Duraiappah was killed in front of a Hindu temple where he went for prayers. I hope the catholic church sentenced him to death for his Hindu leanings!

  15. Lorenzo Says:


    Wrong. He was a Christian. A very gentle, mannered and kind hearted person from what I have heard. His wife a Hindu. He was waiting for his Hindu family members. Amirthalingam’s eldest son killed him.

    Anyway good there is some broad understanding everyone has with you and Jimmy.

    Life is too short for continuing disagreements. If we can’t agree on something we have to agree to disagree.

  16. lal Says:

    Jaffna has a large Catholic minority some of them supporting separation. Therefore the church in Sri Lanka was in turmoil and perhaps is now. It was like a home that was divided. Some Tamil catholics supported separation and Sinhala catholics didn’t. It was a testing time for all catholics and it was difficult to keep the unity at ” home”.
    There were Tamil budhists sometime ago in northern Sri Lanka, who were subsequently absorbed by the Hindus. Had they continued to exist some may have supported the terrorists because of (Tamil) language connection. Would it be fair to call all Budhists terrorist supporters because of a few?
    I can understand that there is a suspicion of christians since the Portugese, especially, and Dutch and British used force and other means to convert our people to their religion. Also used these converts to suppress the budhist population. It was also easier to suppress the population then as the Sinhalese were a divided nation. Where to from where we are now? Should we unite and celebrate our diversity or, go on witch hunts and leave ourselves open yet again for exploitation by outsiders? I’m for unity.

  17. cassandra Says:


    You make very good sense with your comments of today. As you have pointed out, “some Tamil Catholics supported separation and Sinhala Catholics didn’t.” Unfortunately, it seems, there are those who are convinced that the Catholic Church in Sri Lanka as a whole was supportive of the LTTE. I don’t think we can persuade these people to believe otherwise.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    The Tamil Catholics who did not support the ltte were never heard of …. thus the feeling in Lanka that they are non-existent.

  19. M.S.MUdali Says:

    I know Alfred Duraiyappa personally. So, dont make fool others. His wife was the niece of G.G.Ponnampalam and she was the MOH of Jaffna Hospital. He was a regular worshipper of Lord Vishnu in the Ponnaalai Varatharajap Perumal temple and he was gunned down by Prabhakaran and no body else.

    After that only Prabhakaran became a darling of Catholic Church till his end!

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