Dear Citizens chose wisely and give your Verdict!
Posted on January 24th, 2011

Ranjit Wickremeratne

Dear citizens another elections on the way this is not General or Presidential but for Local Government where you will select grass root representatives for 4 Municipal councils, 39 Urban councils and 262 Pradeshiya Sabahas around the country. Those who will be selected  has to work with the Central Government hand in hand to uplift the standard of our citizens and their areas around the country. Think wisely and select the right person who can deliver the goods to the public in a bipartisan way. Dont waste your vote on corrupt guys. Dont waste your vote on party politics. Do not fear,vote for your childs future by electing decent, educated individuals who can work and will work for the people. There are parties which cannot chose their own leader and some which instigate violence and disturbing the peace most of the times. Think wisely and use it for the benefit of all. Local Government polls are very useful to expedite the work of the Government therefore we need to elect good educated strong individuals to go there and work for the people not work for themselves. We have come so far after the war under the wise leadership of the current President Mahinda Rajapaksa. He has another six years to rule our beloved country and he needs all the help he can get to carry on his agenda to take our Motherland to the twenty first century. I dont think anyone can spoil or stop his forward march because of the support he has from all corners of the land. This is the time to build our land for the future generation not for divisions or insults and mud slinging. Be aware of the traitors who simply tell fairy tales to hoodwink the masses. See from your own eyes and hear from your own ears without listning to rumors spread by bankcrupt politicians in the opposition. Take the right decision for the benefit of your children and yours.
 After the bloody war of thirty years we see some good progress in our economy as well as our day to day lives which nobody can deny except those who try to divide our nation and those who work for International community interests for their own benefits. Our Government has to fight all corners of the globe because of our own citizens Sinhalese and Tamil traitors who gives false information to the world community regarding our country and our leaders. They dont care of the country or the people except Money and Power. There are fighting each other to get to the top. Shame on these dirty harry’s. Those who doesn’t know to respect our own National Anthem cannot be given power to rule our Motherland. These traitors should be taught a lesson this time by rejecting all their candidates by the people of SRI LANKA my Motherland. These opposition parties dont have any new ideas or plan for the future except the same old slogans. The people who laughed at our war heros and made stories to please their International community friends abroad should be ashmed to come in front of the masess to beg for their valuable vote again and again. There are some stupids who belives in them still and I hope someday they will realize their mistake for believing in them. We all need a peaceful place to live happily with our families with good jobs,Housing,Good health services and so on. We need a Government which can provide those facilities to the people in all sections irrespective of party politics. Most of the Governments in the world now started fighting corruptions in their Government institutions. Our Government too should do the same and bring corrupt politicians and Government officials to books. If we go to rob the money meant for the public services then people will be angry and fed up of the Government therefore we need to eliminate corruption from our society for good. This is a cancer in our society and world over.
This current Government comprises of different ethnic minorities from different parties and this will help them to work for all the communities in the country. We need a Government who works for the people and the country not a Government who cater only for few privilage section of our population. If you go around the country you can see the progress in many fields although these ungreatful opposition group barks day and night for not doing enough. When these young group were selected from any party to work for the people they should do an honest work without giving hard time to the poor masses. We have to get rid of all bad habbits from now on and work honestly to the satisfaction of the people who give their vote to make that happen. If someone does something wrong there is always someone to listen to you not like those days and it’s none other than our own President Mahinda Rajapksa. There are so many bad guys out there who spread lies and fear among the population. They want somhow to distrupt and topple this democratically elected Government by any means. They use diffrent kinds of methods but cannot succeed because the people and the world knows what this Government has done and do now to their people. When our President went on a private visit to America all mad dogs and bitches around the world barked loudly and tried to harm our President by requesting America to take action for war crimes but our fearless President didnt take any notice of their barking and proceed on his mission and later America said ” we are happy the way he handle things in his Motherland” and the shit dogs has to hide their tails under their legs. So my dear citizens think when you go to vote whether we give our vote to a true son of Mother Lanka or to a party full of traitors who sell our country to the white dogs in the International community to get luxury life for themselves.
This is first local polls after the President’s second inaugaration and I dont think that people have already fogotten what he has done to the country in whole. When we send the local representatives from his party it will be easy to get the work done if not little difficult as you all know about the politics. When they win the local elections they will have the power to do things as they please but they have to be careful when using their power not to strangle the poor masses. We all give our vote because we need a better life and good future for our children. People needs the cost of living to go down, good jobs with good salaries, good housing, good health service, good Education facilities etc Also Government needs to eradicate powerty, Drugs, Underworld, Terrorism, Aids, child abuse, money laundering and unscrupulous foreign job agencies who  squeezed money out of poor people. This is the time to clean up our Motherland and be an example to the world. This is our nation we should be proud to be born to this jewel of a country. Just look at the countries around and see how they treat their peoples and how they live but fortunately we have a better living conditions and facilities than many of those countries. If every citizen thinks that this country belongs to us then we can make our country a heaven but unfortunately we have traitors who thinks otherwise and wants to destroy our unity and land we called our home.
Please dear citizens make it a Grand Slam for President Mahinda Rajapksa by sending all his party faithfuls to the local Government and give him the powers he needs to take our country forward and make SRI LANKA Light of Asia.
Ranjit Wickremeratne

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  1. Raj Says:

    As Ranjit says, use your vote wisely. You do not have to vote a particular party just because you have always voted that party. Think of the country first. Look at what has happened in the past thirty years and what has happened in the last 4 years under a capable leadership, who has the expertise in selecting the right person for the right job, taking right decisions. Do not get fooled by the enemy propaganda. Above all do not forget the events in 1971, 1988/89. Do not forget what some political parties are doing to your children in the universities. Do not forget that some polititians will do anything for dollars. Do not be fooled by the self exciled ‘journalists’ screaming ‘media freedom’, ‘human rights’, ‘corruption’, ‘cost of living’ etc.etc. Think of the Southern Highway, Hambantota harbour, new model rural schools coming up, new bridges, road networks. I changed my lifelong allegience to the UNP since 2006 December when I realised that the world’s most ruthless terrorist was going to be defeated at last, and our little gem of a country is going to be the wonder of Asia during my lifetime.
    Thank you Ranjit for bringing this up.

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