A reply to Satheesan Kumaaran, Columnist Sri Lanka Guardian website.(or some one who wrote under his name on 29 January,2011 « Even if humans let forgive criminals, ghosts would not let them free »)
Posted on January 30th, 2011

By Charles.S.Perera

Satheesan Kumaaran,   reading your article in the Sri Lanka Guardian Website of the 29 January,2011, it appears that you are not a true Sri Lankan born and bred in Sri Lanka.  You are perhaps  a second or third generation Tamil of the diaspora.  Because,  you will not otherwise write about the President of Sri Lanka the way you have written.  President Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse is after all the elected President of Sri Lanka and some how connected to us as Asians if not as Sri Lankans. 

We should be proud of him not only for getting rid of the ruthless terrorists, but for what he has done to develop Sri Lanka since 2005.  No President since Independence has done so much to  develop the potential of Sri Lanka and its people to make it a significant country respected  as much as it is hated  for its courage and undiminished  vitality to spring forth as a developed country.

Blinded through hatred for unknown reasons, you seem to be bloated with triumph that the President met with  what you call  a  “total flop after the Tamil Diaspora came out to Britain’s streets demanding that the British government arrest them for war crimes.”  Instead of being bloated about it you should be ashamed calling your self a Sri Lanka Tamil to have allowed our President to be humiliated by the ” shameless London Tamils” making his  visit to London a “flop” as you flippantly say.  The Tamil diaspora is foolish not to understand that in UK they are only strangers despite  waving their British Passport to be some sort of respected citizens, but there they will remain strangers all their lives.

The President Mahinda Rajapakse did not come back defeated as you say,  but he came back matured from the experience, unlike you who gloat over it as if it was your success, having learnt nothing of being a part of a set of ragamuffins taking to foreign streets to bring disrepute  to one’s own elders. Yes “own elders” if you have any intelligence to think.

The World is still civilized,  though  you are trying to make it look less, to arrest a leader of a Sovereign State because a handful of senseless urchins who are  perhaps accepted citizens only on paper, cause traffic jams.

What have you learnt from your experiences Satheesan Kumarans from the thirty years of day in and day out of  suffering caused to innocent Tamils in the North and East of Sri Lanka by a notorious band of ruthless blood thirsty terrorists you have come to worship like your  “gods”.  People who hero worship such demons cannot certainly be doing so with any clothes on.

How dare you call the President Mahinda Rajapakse a criminal when it is your filthy Talaivar who led the Tamil brutes on the path of terrorism killing, massacring, and blasting innocent Tamil and other people and the Tamil intellectual in Sri Lanka. And you and your clan led by the Sri Lanka Guardian dare call those who challenged the “demoniac terrorists” and eliminated them criminals.  You are now putting on the “filthy attires left behind by the eliminated terrorists” attempting to “finish”, the unfinished “terrorism”, apparently happy about it like  Hindu pilgrims paying penance rolling towards Kataragama.

Whether your kind is in UK , USA or Canada you have not forgotten the rituals of terrorism , and all your lives where ever you will be you will  continue to perform the role left for you by the eliminated terrorists, to  dance your demoniac Tamil diaspora dance on the foreign streets as manifestations against visiting Sri Lanka Presidents who will continue to be Sinhala Buddhists.

Nothing will continue to be the same for the diaspora Tamils as it had been for the terrorists.  You will continue to be like the proverbial dogs barking on as the caravan rolls on.  The President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s hands are not dirtied by the bloods of the Tamil people, but the Tamil people in Sri Lanka find that his hands had brought comfort to them and generously handed over to them the courage  to face the future with fortitude.

And what a  “damned” pack of lies you write Satheesan Kumaaran hoping to put the foreign readers ( if they would read such rubish) against our good President Mahinda Rajapakse, when you say, “Enough Tamil blood has stained the hands of Mahinda Rajapaksa to qualify him as a perpetrator of ethnic cleansing. Well over 30,000 innocent Tamils were massacred in the final stages of the war that ended in May 2009. LTTE political leaders like P. Nadesan were asked to surrender with a white-flag and then were shot and killed upon surrender. Wives of the LTTE leaders who had given testimonies to the partial investigation team appointed by the Sri Lankan State Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) said that they had witnessed that their family members and friends taken away or shot and killed by the Sri Lankan armed forces.” 

It is reproduced  above to show any one who would care to  read this article to understand , that what you have  written has no credibility and it is only a website like the Sri Lanka Guardian that would provide space for your nauseating dribbles

The rest of what you had written are cut and paste passages taken from the same things you had been writing ad nauseam in your previous  “articles” to the Sri Lanka Guardian Website.

It is simply sickening even to read them let alone replying to them, and it is better left for readers other than the “terrorist demon” worshiping Tamil diaspora, see the apparent falsehood in what he states.

Reading along this  long rigmarole of crap which is not interesting either for the dirt it  scrounges or for any of its literary  quality, it appears that this  Satheesan  Kumaaran is only a fictitious name invented  by the tortured mind of the  Editor of the Sri Lanka Guardian website to give its readers the impression of a wide dislike for the President of Sri Lanka.  It is long as all articles under this name appearing in the website, and  plenty of ” cut and pasted ” passages from previous articles and  other anti Sri Lanka writings.   All  articles under this name are scandalous, insulting, deliberate lies or exaggerations, and meant to drag the name of the President of Sri Lanka in dirty mud of  whatever shanty towns in foreign lands.

 Instead of trying to reply to this “rot”  Satheesan  Kumaaran or whoever he is should be reminded that what ever is said and done by the pro-terrorist Sri Lanka Tamils of the diaspora are not of great importance to Sri Lanka or the Tamils living in Sri Lanka, even with their  so called Rudrakumaran’s Provisional government set up in UK, USA or Canada.

 The Tamils if they would like to contribute positively to the development of Sri Lanka should  fall in line with the major political stream of Sri Lanka.  It is only those Tamils who had joined with the Sinhala Majority who had made any positive contribution to our motherland-Sri Lanka- for example the late Mr.Lakshman Kadirgamar,  Late Mr.Jeyraj Fernandopulle, and Mr. Douglas Devananda, Mr. V.Muralitharan among others.  If the Tamils stay outside the mainstream in Sri Lanka they will be a nefarious lot neither helping themselves, their generation of Tamils, nor Sri Lanka .

 In Sri Lanka the Sinhala Buddhists have shown that they can fight any evil enemy or invader, be victorious and develop Sri Lanka on their own  and be generous to the other communities without forcing them to cooperate with them in the defence of the country and its people.  Therefore, Satheesan Kumaaran or whoever writing under that name,  take note that it is in your own interest to join hands with the Sinhala and Muslim Communities in Sri Lanka to form a united Sri Lankan Nation, otherwise you will always remain outside, with your hatred and hateful dreams never fulfilled.

 You accuse the President of Sri Lanka a kind, generous, and a very religious man for all crimes you imagine he committed without an iota of evidence of any sort.  You do not know the Sinhala people, let alone the President and the Sri Lanka Armed Forces. The Sinhala people do not treat life lightly.  Even the life of an animal is respected. It would not have been a pleasure for  the Soldiers of the Sri Lanka Armed forces to shoot to kill the terrorists.  But  it was a life and death decision that forced our Soldiers to shoot to kill the terrorists, and that was only in the defence  of the country and its people. Whatever the  outsiders may say in their ignorance, the true desire of the Sri Lanka President and his Government was to rid the country of terrorism and develop it for the greater good of all communities.

 It was quite the contrary for the Tamil terrorists. They killed for the pleasure of killing.  They killed by blasting claymore bombs, hand grenades, using snipers and pistol gangs, and suicide bombs.  They were the criminals though in your mind you have put “the cart before the horse.”

 Your complete ignorance of the situation is seen in your accusing the Government Armed Forces, stating that,””¦.. Well over 30,000 innocent Tamils were massacred in the final stages of the war that ended in May 2009.”  On the contrary the Government Forces rescued more than 300,000 Tamil civilians kept as a human shield by your terrorist Thalaivar and his cohorts.

 From the way the Tamil political leaders,  Tamil intellectuals, the Tamils of the Diaspora and the Tamils of Tamil Nadu are behaving since the end of terrorism in Sri Lanka, it is evident that the Tamils are incapable of  helping either themselves or  allow  others to help, to make  Sri Lanka a developed Nation.  The Tamils of the diaspora have turned out to be extremely racist with the only ambition of the lives  being the defeat of  the  Sinhala majority in all their  progressive projects carried out for the benefit of the  Tamils as well as the other Communities. 

 The President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his government  since they have  come into power have done more to Tamils than to the Sinhala themselves.  But the Tamils who ask for devolution of power do not seem to know what they want to do with it.


3 Responses to “A reply to Satheesan Kumaaran, Columnist Sri Lanka Guardian website.(or some one who wrote under his name on 29 January,2011 « Even if humans let forgive criminals, ghosts would not let them free »)”

  1. aravinda Says:

    President Rajapakse’s strength is his ability to extend hand to enemies and make them friends. In London, Tamil diaspora had a golden opportunity to reconcile. The anger, hatred, jealousy in hearts will not allow them to see clearly. They could wave their ” BRITISH PASSPORTS” till cows come home, but in England they will always be just “BROWN”.

  2. Raj Says:

    As you correctly said Charles, whether Tamil, Sinhalese, Indian, Pakistani, or African, you are not considered ‘British’ no matter how long you held a British passport. Even the second and third generations will be ‘British, other’, here in Britain. Sri Lankans used to have some sort of recognition before the LTTE ruined it by fraud, human trafficking, drug trafficking etc.. President Rajapakse has now elevated us to a recognisable community, because he stood up to the British in his time of presidency. Some of these people of the grade of ‘Satheesan Kumaran’, must realise that Mr Rajapakse is a genuine person who treats ordinary Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims all alike. It is the LTTE remnants and the likes of Illangamuwa, Sunanda Deshapriya, Witthanachchi etc who do not want to live harmoniously among others, supported by the white masters.

  3. thurai Says:

    Some elements misguide Tamils in Sri Lanka and in Abroad. Some Tamils who never interested in their
    own Tamil community started the war againts Sri Lanka Govt. They are profiting by showing The President Mahinda Rajapakse is enemy of Tamil community. Innocent Tamils don`t know what to do with these peoples.
    They try to show President is enemy, Sinhala Govt is enemy, Budhist mongs are enemy,Sihala people are enemy.
    There are football Clubs in Europe and owners of Clubs earn big Money. Tamils have also Club name
    LTTE their Goal is Tamileelam. Now the Club is renamed as TGTE. Captain of the Club is Mr. Viswanathan
    Uruthirakumar. The Captain is friend of World famous Terrorist leader of LTTE. Players are from all countries.
    All players worked for Terrorist activities for the last 25 years. we all must cooperate to ban this
    club and players who are responsible of the 30 years old war in Sri Lanka. Not The President of Sri Lanka.

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