Mubharak Chapter Ends – Islamic Fundamentalists Rule the Roost!
Posted on January 30th, 2011

Prof. Hudson McLean

With the possible “End of the Mubharak” Chapter in the offing, Americans once again have created their own monster.  Omar Suleiman the ageing Chief of Intelligence, the “Guardian Angel of Hosni Mubharak, now appointed Vice President, may use brute force through Mukhabarat, the feared Egyptian General Intelligence Organisation, but not for long.

The prize of a huge pile of American Defence equipment (Class 11) awaits the winner and Israel might be “Shitting Bricks” (pardon my expression) at the immediate prospect of the entire Middle East at War, and how it might spill-over to the Land of Moses!

The cancer of corrupt political leaders supported by USA in the Middle East, simply to siphon oil, covered the entire Gulf, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sudan, Tunisia, North African Libya etc.

According to reports, Mubharak family has amassed a fortune in excess on US$ 30 billion, whilst after  the overthrow of President Ben Ali of Tunisia has over US$ 30 billion deposited in France, with his wife hauling 1.5 tons of gold bars to Dubai in her private jet. Most of the Islam Muslim corrupt leaders seek refuge in Saudi Arabia, whilst the corrupt  Jewish leaders hide under the safety net in Israel.

Whilst the American leaders including Hillary Clinton are contemplating whether to accept exile of Hosni Mubharak and his stinking rich family to USA, the British giovernment just might allow them to shop at Harrods, and Selfridges, and reside in fashionable Knightsbridge. This spells the end of travel to all those who are British and American to the Middle East, with the Mullahs governing the oil deposits, in the forseable future.

The circus will start when the Lord Osama bin Laden and his Merry Men take over Sudan, Tunisia, Egypt and move onto Saudi Arabia (where ObL will run the ex-Kingdom to ruin), and Kuwait.  This time the US Strategic weapons will not be of any use unless they wish to “Nuke” the entire Middle East and concurrently wipe-off Israel et al. And El Al!

And those who have predicted the End of the World on the 20.12.2012, might realize their Prophersy, under the above scenario! Yellowstone volcanic eruption with a gigantic California super storm are forecast with serious consequences.

The Mother Nature reclaiming the artificial Islands of the World created by the Ruler of Dubai, was no quirk of nature, but a warning to UAE to “come down to earth”!

Whats in the Bag for Sri Lanka?

Sri Lankans still have time between now and 20.12.2012. Most likely Sri Lankans will prevail, since they have been to Hell and back.

The Tamil Terrorist LTTE with their “bird brains” will stagger on regardless, with their Dream of Tamil Eelam. But more realistic is to change course and head towards Canada, with the help of a few sympathetic politicians, and the Dollar muscle from Rudrakumaran, and the British Oxford educated playboy Paki Saravanamuttu in the UK.

However, although the Motherland of the Tamils rest in Tamil Nadu in the Republic of India, the Tiger LTTE brigade lack “balls” to challenge the Indian Secret Service might!

Australia has now woken-up to reality and so have Italy, France, Swirzerland to the LTTE Tamil Terrorist Threat. So far no words of wisdom from the Fjords of Norway!
However, Sweden, Denmark and Finland are still soft on the Tamils of Sri Lanka.

The volatile situation in the Middle East means, that the Osama bin Laden led Al Qaeda, Islamic Fundamentalists led Taleban, and the rest will focus immediately on Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain to get rid of the corrupt Kings, Queens and the Sheiks. UAE will escape the wrath, for the simple reason, that the new Rulers, Mullahs and the like need a banking facility, and a place for Rest & Recreation (R&R), and Dubai suits them “down to ground”.

As expressed by WikiLeaks recently, the bigotry and hypocrisy, double standards of Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum of Dubai, a “devout Muslim”, allowing Sex, Sun, Whores, Booze, Corruption, and dehumanising & exploiting Slave Labour from poor Asian countries, may change hands in leadeship into a Flexible Fundamentalist Islamic scholars. The “horsey” His Excellency Sheikh Mo is a good friend of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 of United Kingdom and may be offered temporary accommodation at the Buckingham Palace.

Under such conditions, USA may leave Sri Lanka to Sri Lankans, whilst India may suffer from Westerly winds from Afghanistan & Pakistan Muslim Fundamentalists to keep the Indian Security Service RAW occupied.

For Sri Lanka the best preventive options lie in closer cooperation with Chinese and possibly Pakistan, and maintaining good relations with the Russian Federation. Close cooperation with the Indian Government might mean that it may antgonize the Tamil Nadu to take a “pot-shot” at the North of Sri Lanka as a diversive action to trigger a Chinese response.

All in all, Tunisia started the ball rolling which has inserted “pins & needles” into Dishdashes in the Arab World, bringing the Islamic Fundamentalists to Rule the Roost – the Oil Wealth.

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8 Responses to “Mubharak Chapter Ends – Islamic Fundamentalists Rule the Roost!”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Good analysis but why drag the 20.12.2012 nonsense?

    Although Americans show in the ourward they support the people of Egypt, the reality is the opposite. They want Hosni Mubarak (the most US friendly ruler of Egypt) to stay and trasfer power to another pro-US dictator. I’m pretty sure another superpower is behind this.

    Israel now faces an even more uncertain future but they are known to thrive in chaos.

    Meanwhile Iran enriches uranium! We are in for some big fun. CIA must be working overtime to help kill protestors in Egypt while supporting protestors in Iran. However given the utter foolishness of most if not all Islamic leaders around the world this will do them more bad than good. Ultimately the most ruthless and violent will prevail in the oil rich middle east. I’m pretty sure it will be Israel. Russians will grab more and more oil fileds eventually. What balck gold does to nations.

    A great fortune in the hands of a fool is a great misfortune.

  2. De Costa Says:

    It is funny how you could not catch prof’s way of writing. Ofcourse he is not serious about 2012.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    2012 is big time thinking among some in the west. They like to think that it will bring the 2nd coming of Christ and only Christians will be saved and all the others not !

    Should Lanka ever dig for oil seeing the misery it brings ?

    May be better to go back to bullock carts and pony traps, with ‘Ambalamas’ for Inn service on long trips ! We can enjoy our lovely scenery and have clean air resulting in good health and a debt free nation !

  4. AsokaK Says:

    USA wants free elections only in Cuba where Fidel has given free education & health care to all.

    USA also over threw democratically elected Presidents, Arbenz in Guatamela , Mossadeq in Iran, Allende in Chile , Honduras, briefly Chavez in Venezuela & Ecuador et al.

    Failed with Fonseca in SL.

    Tamil Tigers should try Vadakaha Sudiya on 20-12-12 and wake up in Eelaam.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    De Costa,

    I get what he says. Love reading his stuff. But there is no need to mention 2012 silly garb within some serious stuff. Nevertheless agree with his assessment of the situation.

  6. aravinda Says:

    The Americans are planning to replace Mubarak with Al-Baradei. Al-Baradei, has a wife in Vienna, two kids settled in London, American University degree and for 30 years lived outside Egypt. He will be just another puppet in a string. God help Egypt! Egyptians should get rid of Al-Baradei before Mubarak.

  7. Kit Athul Says:

    Prof, you have written many times that you love ARRAK, so am I. May be you had little too much before you wrote this article. Yes 2012 is an important astrological year. I do not know how you got this date. may be with the help of ARRAK!
    In 2012 there going to be an uprising in TAMIL NADU. As soon as this happens, Tamil Nadu Tamils are going to attack Sri Lanka. Initially they will capture Kachthev Island. Then Sri lanken Tamils will join with JVP and attack the Parliament. Next INDIA is going split in two. South India and North India two separate republics (Later they will attack each other). Hopefully by that time Armed forces of SL will be powerful enough to push back the Tamils and capture the coastal parts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala like KING Parkramabhu did way back then.

    Not so fast Prof. “End of Mubharak” read the news and watch TV. Mubharak supporters are attacking the protesters right now. Al-Baradel is nobody, but he is a ah! An Ignobel prize Winner. I think what will happen is the Mubharak supporters will attack the woman in long black dresses with head scasfs and rip there clothes off. Then and only then these women will run back to there houses. I will give two weeks these croweds will disappear and Mubharak will stay until September as he said.

  8. jimmy Says:

    Nice Article professor

    I enjoy reading your articles

    According to Brother Harold Camping of Family Radio, California , the world ends on May 21st 2011 ( 111 days more)

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