Posted on February 11th, 2011

Priyantha Hettige

All through Christian history those persons who gave outstanding service to the world power that is generally known as the Roman Catholic Church, were elevated after their death to “sainthood.” In fact, you should correctly see this as simply a reward for services rendered, just as “lord” is awarded to military generals after a successful battle.

 Everyone thinks that a “Saint” is someone who is morally good “”…” someone who does good works, etc. This is not necessarily so – “Saint” Anthony who labeled a million good French Albigensians (Christian but not Roman Cahtolic) as HERETIC is a good example of that!  He contributed, of not actually participated in, their slaughter and extermination.

 Bishops rode horses into battle in continuation of the long tradition of the rich upper classes of the Roman Empire fighting and suppressing the uprisings of slaves all fed only on watery gruel soup.

 On Saint Valentine ‘s Day 2006, the BBC interviewed an Italian historian living in Turin concerning the truth of Saint Valentine. She gave the REAL STORY as that Valentine was a Christian priest who was imprisoned by the Pagan Roman Claudius II for arranging marriages between the children of the rich upper classes just at a time when the Army needed single men to fight the Empire’s uprisings. They had to go and fight to put down the continual uprisings in different places, of the thousands of slaves working for the Empire.

That is, he was directly undermining the power of Pagan Rome at its weakest spot at that time!

 They imprisoned him and during his period of imprisonment he met the daughter of his guardian “”…” the man made responsible for his secure captivity, probably a high official in Rome. He claimed to have fallen in love with this man’s daughter, (sic), etc. (The power of Love, one of the four great Powers used by Christianity).

He had a quarrel over the matter with his guard, the high official and he killed him!

 The Pagan Romans were so angry with this man that they wanted to deny him the Pagan day of Love “”…” February 15th, so they arranged to execute him on the day before, February 14th in the year 200CE.

Just before his execution he passed to his sweetheart an elaborately decorated love message, signed “Your Valentine.”

That is how Valentine’s Day cards came into being “”…” as a result of a cunning, murderous priest!

 PH.  February, 2006ce.

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