Posted on February 25th, 2011

Dr. Raju Selva

I am, being one of them at early stages of LTTE, have written many letters to the print media and the cyberspace against the actions of the Tamil Diaspora (TD). When LTTE was at its peak, I begged the Tamil Diaspora to stop supporting and funding LTTE as LTTE will never achieve what TD wants. I have made it clear that it’s not the Tamils living in Sri Lanka who want an Eelam but it’s the TD who wants Eelam whilst living in luxury in affluent countries; giving their children best of education whilst their brethren in the North and East were conscripted by LTTE as child soldiers, some of them are even 10 yrs old.

After 30 years of a useless  war launched by egoistic tyrant Prabhakaran (Tamil Diaspora supported him wholeheartedly) where the ordinary Tamils were sandwiched between the LTTE  and the Government forces, the Tamils in the North  achieved nothing until May 19 2009. They suffered for 30 years under Prabhakaran’s Tyranny. At last, thanks for the right leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa albeit they are Sinhalese Buddhists, the Tamils do not need to live in fear any more as before May 19, 2009. The Tamil parents in the North & East need not fear any more that their young kids will  be conscripted to take up guns instead of school books; Tamil parents need not fear that their daughters will be abducted and use them for war activities and perhaps even as sex slaves. Anyone goes to the North and the East now will observe the happy smiling faces of Tamil men, women and children. The Tamil children carry books now instead of carrying guns for LTTE. The Government is providing education facilities and encouraging all Tamil children to pursue in studies to become better and peaceful citizens of one nation i.e Sri Lanka. There is tremendous infrastructure development going on with building of bridges, roads, public buildings, hospitals, schools etc. There is increased economic activities in the North and East to give a better life for the ordinary Tamils. The Tamils living in the North and East have a life now and a bright future to look forward to.  Of course, the Tamils who were living in other part of the country have had no problems of the education of their children,  peaceful life and gainful employment living along with the Sinhalese, Muslims and other ethnic groups.


But what’s the Tamil Diaspora planning to do now? They have the lust for the enormous amount of money collected for LTTE. Albeit the war is over, the Tamil Diaspora wants to continue the LTTE Eelam Cry to collect funds overtly and covertly so that they can have a cushy life in the affluent countries. Towards this end, the Tamil Diaspora wants to continue with their struggle to achieve Eelam now by launching another front called Transnational Government of Tamil Elam (TGTE) headed by a self appointed LTTE activists called V. Rudrakumaran (VR) who is a Sri Lankan born American. Their objective is to take the Eelam cry from overseas(a) To disrupt the attempts by the Government to reconcile with the Tamils living in Sri Lanka  and to create mistrust among the Tamils and the majority Sinhalese (b) to hood wink the ordinary Tamils living in Sri Lanka that the TD is fighting hard to achieve Eelam and leading them down the garden path (c) To hoodwink the Tamil Diaspora at large to raise funds in the name of Eelam so that few in the hierarchy can continue to misuse and abuse those funds collected for their benefit (you are talking here of BIG MONEY about $300 million a year collected in these affluent countries).

Tamils have been liberated from the LTTE clutches and the Government is focusing more on the North and East than the South to create grounds for economic emancipation of the Tamils. The ordinary Tamils (other than the Tamil politicians who use the Tamil cause to retain their power base) do not care about a separate state or Tamil autonomy or what ever the TD calls it. The ordinary Tamils living in the North and East (Most of the Tamil politicians I believe live in Colombo) do not want lavish life styles enjoyed by the Tamil Diaspora in the affluent western countries. They do not want grammar schools for their children. They don’t want cars for their children to go to school or universities. They do not want takeaway food from McDonalds, Hungry Jacks or KFC. They don’t want lavish birthday parties, 21 Birthday bashes spending thousands of dollars in one night. All what they want is gainful employment (to facilitate economic activities in  agriculture and fishing industry and other economic activities which they have been accustomed to over generations)  for the adults to bring up their children as good citizens of the country. They are happy with fairly equipped schools for their children (like in the South), employment opportunities for their children, basic facilities like shelter, water electricity, public transport, hospitals etc. Basically what they want is to lead a trouble free life and to live in peace and not bothered of a separate state or a Tamil autonomy in the North.  However the Tamil Diaspora thro the newly formed TGTE is trying to drag these innocent people back to a pipe dream of Tamil Eelam so that the TD can survive in the affluent countries with continuation of collecting funds for a cause that TGTE will never achieve.   Every ordinary Tamil in Sri Lanka should be mindful of this newly formed TGTE Frankenstein and not fall prey to their pipe dream and reject it conclusively.


  1. jimmy Says:

    Great Article sir

    I agree with you

  2. Sunil Vijaya Says:

    Being an anti-LTTEier from the days in Toronto from 1983 and from the days I worked in Valachchenai early 70s, where the budding LTTE activities were questioned in Parliament by none other than the current President, thanks to the observant collegues of mine, including the Editor of this journal, and repeatedly attacking the LTTE through journals, I have one question for Tamils, local or diaspora. IF NORTH AND EAST fell to LTTE and with the support of the west, would you not be really happy you became independent, with years of clamouring for an blessed Eelam? What we need now is to counter attack the young pro-LTTE Tamil diaspora, who are poisoning the west, building a Sinhala young Diaspora(especially lawyers), so that they can take over the new threat by TGTE, which might last few more decades. We may have won the local war, but not the world war. Sunil Vijayapala

  3. jayt Says:

    I am waiting to see that Sinhalese in US take the lead by building up huge world org with huge world business empire. that’s where Sinhalese can buy the world. second, need to make friendship with a country who are superior in intelligent, military, and in other field and who can divide Tamil Nadu into small pieces possible and face the same fate what they did to Sri lanka. Also, increasing world Sinhalese population should be the one the themes of this world org. to counter Tiger diaspora population in the west and other part of the world.

  4. ranjit Says:

    Hats off to DR.Raju.Well said Sir, It’s very important to all of us citizens of Motherlanka to read articles like this whether Sinhalese or Tamils. Human rights watch of Navin Pillai and all those Tamil Diaspora should read this article which was written by a tamil gentlman who knows the reality on the ground very well. Those evil Tamil dias pora and all our enemies will perish into thin air very soon.There’s no place for cowards,traitors and evil peoples in this world. One by one will fade away like Tsunami. Let those Tamil Diaspora come and see the North and the East now and judge by themselves whether it is good now or then. What Prabakaran the evil did to those Tamils and what Our Government does to them now they can see from their evil eyes and decide.

    I tell to all Tamils around the world Dont fall in to the same trap and ruined your lives again. Take this valuable opportunity and be part of the Sri Lankan family. Help your brothers and Sisters in the North and East to live a decent life with good education,good jobs and good living side by side with the Sinhala majority. See how the Sinhalese visits the North and East and helps the Tamils in their daily lives by spending money in those areas and how the people in those areas live in happiness and harmony after the ruthless war. Only person who can save our Motherland and the people is none other than the current President Mahinda Rajapksa. All Tamils should be greatful to him for freeing them from the clutches of evil Prabakaran and his murderers goons. Anybody who will follow him and think again to start another carnage in my homeland have to think twise and he or she will take the same route to hell like their coward Prabakaran. So think wisely and join to build a better life and enviorenment for all citizens to live in peace and harmony.

  5. thurai Says:

    The real aim of LTTE organisers in Western Countries to be richest people amoung Tamils later in the world.
    They never considered about Tamils or Sinhalese in Sri Lanka. They demanded money only. There was
    no political attempts to achive their aim. In Sri Lanka Tamils donated their loved children to the LTTE in western countries money only. As I am from North and my experince, I realised after 30 Years Tamil Politician wanted
    power to rule the Tamils and never considered about prospectus of poor. TGTE also has the same Blood.

    Politicians Tamil or Sinhalese should care about all poor people from North to South and east to West
    without any discriminations. Tamil politicians who speak only about Tamils or Sinhalese only speak
    about Sinhala people are not belongs to Sri Lanka.

  6. Sihalaya Says:

    Ranjith is absolutely right. Hats off to a true Sri Lankan Dr.Raju Selva. I am very proud of you Dr. Selva. I know that there were so many Sri Lankans(Tamils) against that useless Eelam headache and suffered endlessly. But Mr. Selva, our innocent Lankans in the North have seen all with their own eyes. They are the witness of their past. They understand very well who gave them the real freedom. They are now well informed and I trust that those people can not be fooled at all times. We all must accept that the development process is not easy as some one demand or imagine after more than 30 years of Hell. The most of the developments has to be implemented and started from the scratch. Therefore it needs time, carefully planing and money. But look, what the government has done for the people of the North after the 19th of May 2009. It is amazing. I am very very happy and thankful to our president Mahinda Rajapaksha. Not a single Tamil political party understood the needs of our innocent Tamil people. Bogus shameless politicians only destroying peoples hopes and faith. We all Sri Lankans, it does not matter which corner we are living. We are eagerly waiting to share the happiness of our brotherly Tamil people of any part of the Island and my (OUR) hands are wide open to hug and embrace you at any time. Peace will prevail among all of us forever. You are ours and we are you.

  7. jimmy Says:

    I am a Tamil and I agree with Dr Raju
    There are thousands of thousands of great sinhalese and Tamils who want to live like brothers and sisters in Mother Lanka ( silent majority)

    we have to work hard .
    Anytime I talk to my tamil friends and sinhala friends I tell the imporatnce of unity
    we all can make a big difference
    I like what Thurai, Ranjit and Sinhalaya said also . God bless you all folks


  8. ranjit Says:

    Thanks Jimmy. We need good people who can understand love,unity,freedom and harmony among all human beings.This is our Motherland lets built it together and die together and save it together from all evil forces. Peace is what we need at this hour. War brings death and destruction to all. Pray for all of us to live in PEACE AND HARMONY in our blessed land. Sri Lanka is our Motherland and it will be a peaceful country for ever if we all helps each other and live like a united family.

  9. jimmy Says:

    Thanks Ranjit

    I believe there will be peace in Lanka and Tamils Sinhalese , Muslims and Burgers will live like Brothers and sisters. I have to include chinese Lankans also . I remember I met one guy when I was living in Colombo long long time ago

    There is peace in Lanka. There should be a new start . There can not be mistakes

    Government should pass law to sue the Mfuckers who talk against race or religion ( sorry to use bad word , apologize) Take them to laundry . Let them become peniless
    I do not care people in Abroad who cares them I do care for people in Lanka who live there

    Government also should provide councelling services all around the Country If people have hatred feelings they should go for treatment
    I can see from this web site there are people who do not want existence of Tamil race and some do not like existence of Christianity
    I do not care at all if they live in abroad , I do care if people like these folks live in Lanka. I am sure there are hundreds and hundreds of people still have hatred against each other ( 60 years of hatred)
    in both races and some against christianity or Islam
    The government should spend so much money starting councelling services all over the country for a while . It should be free and if any one feel they have issues they could go for councelling
    I highly recommend it

    (3) Srilankan flag should be hoisted all over the country in every school , every government building
    People could hoist the flag at their homes also

    National anthem should be sung every week in assemblies

  10. jimmy Says:

    what I meant was national anthem should be sung in School assemblies

  11. ranjit Says:

    Hey Jimmy you are great. Yes councelling is good like other western countries. I agree 100% with you for all three.
    The Government should take out the traitors how much they are powerful and put them behind bars as per the law of the country. We should not allow any SOB to play around with us or the country.We suffered too much and noway we will go back to that darkest era again.
    Government should be more tough with all the bad guys and who creates unneccessary disturbances among the population for petty things. The Government has all the power and the majority so they can do it easyly without giving in to ungreatful,unfaithful politicians in the country. We have to clean it completely from Dondra to Point Pedro. Let any Diaspora dance and womit no Tamil or Sinhalese should play in to their hands and fall in to the pit again. HELL FOR THEM AND HEAVEN FOR US.

  12. thurai Says:

    Dear friends,

    Now is the time to act not to write or speak. Some Politicians from Tamils and Sinhalese need racism
    to safegurd their political power. We must explain the truth to the nation. Tamils or Sinhalese are not dangerous each others only politicians. Who are creating problems within us.? do they really love their people? Why Tamilnadu politicians are interested in Sri Lanken Tamils? are they interested
    in Plantation workers? Or even Tamils suffer from Cast systems in Tamilnadu?

    There is a big Fraud behind Tamilnadu politicians and TGTE. which is dangerous to the peace in Asia.
    Please understand this and alert our whole nation to keep unity and fight against them.

  13. Sri Rohana Says:

    Those who love Sri Lanka are belonging to majority and those who doesn’t love Sri Lanka is minority. So Dr. Selva ,Jimmy and Thurai belong to majority of Sri Lanka. We love you guys patriots northern Sri Lankans.

  14. Chintha Says:

    Dr Raju,
    Are you real or are you pretending to fool the Sinhalese? If you are genuine, I would like to thank you first for thinking like a Sri lankan. But , if you are genuine you should be getting death threat from the TD now.
    We like all Sri Lankans to think as Sri Lankans not as Tamils or Sinhalese or etc. etc. Most Sinhalese think this way, but most Tamils are not. Lets put the test. Do you believe North is for Tamils only?

  15. jimmy Says:

    North is for Sinhalese,Srilankan Tamils, Muslims , Plantation tamils, Burgers and Chinese Lankans
    If Tamils can buy house and Land in Colombo , sinhalese can do the same as well as Muslims and Burgers

    Givernment should not intefere on this . If Srilankans want to live in their own let them go and live
    any where they want to live

    We have to go forward not backwards

    will ck lanka web On Sundays only I feel guilty cking it while at work

  16. jimmy Says:

    North is for Sinhalese,Srilankan Tamils, Muslims , Plantation tamils, Burgers and Chinese Lankans
    If Tamils can buy house and Land in Colombo , sinhalese can do the same as well as Muslims and Burgers

    Givernment should not intefere on this . If Srilankans want to live in their own let them go and live
    any where they want to live

    We have to go forward not backwards

    will ck lanka web On Sundays only I feel guilty cking it while at work

  17. Lorenzo Says:


    That’s the acid test. If anyone passes that he/she is a true SL. If they fail, for whatever reason, they are Tamil Elamists. If they don’t respond, they are not true SLs.


    No, government should interfere and make it happen. For instance there is nothing wrong in government sponsoring it.

  18. jimmy Says:

    I pray the Government will provide best Counseling services for All lankans . Set up Counseling services in every village , city and so on
    we have to be very honest . 60 years of hatred will not go away easily . Provide the best Counseling for Tamils , Sinhalese,Muslims
    It is a new start for united Mother lanka.
    There may be people in both races who can not be cured by Counseling They might need long Psychiatric treatment .
    I beg the people who really want peace to concentrate on this Counseling . Govt should spend $$ on this . People live in Abroad should contribute also

    Counseling should focus on Unity between races,the importance of unity, love compassion .
    Past Leaders like Chelva, GGP, Amir, Mrss B, MR B, JRJ, Dudley ,Premadasa all betrayed Tamils and Sinhalese. They were not sincere. They all played politics. They are responsible for the mess

    We can not live in past but we have to live in Future

    I pray for Peace.I have met sinhalese who are gems, extremely kind, honest will do anything to help a friend
    in need
    There are tamils who are like that aslo

    If we need peace we have to cure the hatred ( disease) . Be honest we can not cure it right a way and 60 years of hatred will not go away easily .
    Country require Counseling for 6 years old child to 90 year old Young man

    That is is the only only way for everlasting peace

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