Why should not Mahinda take a firm stand?
Posted on April 11th, 2011

Sunil Vijayapala  Australia

During the final days of the war with LTTE, Mahinda took a firm stand not bowing down to external pressure by Americans and British, the War Criminals of this world.  Why doesn’t he continue on this firm stance and ignore Americans and British? This certainly is a mystery.

 Mahinda has let down his friends in Sri Lanka and his friends all over the world in many respects including his continuing relationships with Norwegians, the puppets of CIA, the Americans and the British.  His recent stunt at Oxford where a leader of a country was humiliated in the face of the whole world has not yet taught this man a lessonl.  He should convene the Ambassador of US and High Commissioner of UK to his office and give them a warning not to interfere in our countries’ affairs and failing which that both the embassy and high commission will be closed down. To hell with sanctions, we as a nation simply cannot be pressured by this Satanic race.

 Why cannot our leaders show some guts like the Burmese leaders and come out of the Anglo Saxon spell once and for all?  Knowing the man himself who hates injustice and hypocrisy it’s not quite clear at times his intentions when dealing with these cousins of death and misery.  He has somehow made his enemies work for him but he needs to be careful of not letting a man like KP out of the country as this crook will immediately seek asylum in a western country and skin Mahinda.  Mahinda’s aerobics with fire will someday backfire and one wonders what his Think Tank is deliberating these days.

  In fact why does the whole world keep on bowing down to British and Americans when they have the solid opportunity to even disband the UN and form a separate World Body with its HQ in a neutral country, without US and UK?  A good start will be the Non-Aligned group in UN which has a solid majority. True most economies depend on US with itself on a 14 Trillion Dollar hole, including Sri Lanka where 20 odd per cent of all exports heading to US.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to bow down to them unless Mahinda is chasing his Wonder of Asia dream and Mahinda Chintana, irrespective of American pressure to tow their line.

 Mahinda did show some substance during the final stages of war however taking flak now from Americans makes him a spineless leader. He too should warn the Americans that the world have already judged them severely on WikiLeaks reports on War Crimes committed by Americans.  In fact their war crimes began much earlier with testing of Uranium and plutomium on Japanese.

 Our Political leaders and bureaucrats have an ingrain fear for whites and they constantly get fooled by them with their articulate speech in English and so forth.  Indians on the other hand may show respect for whites but eventually do their own thing as they clearly showed this tactic when they took a defiant stand on the Nuclear issue carrying out tests, unhindered.  In this respect Pakistanis too need to be admired.  But our politicians especially in the presence of Americans and British have their tails between their legs when dealing with issues of National interest.

 Blake is yet another CIA crook, probably as most Americans who work or did work for US embassies, who suddenly has shown a keen interest in the strategic Hambantota harbour.  If we allow Americans there, we will surely antagonise the Chinese who helped us to build that and also who helped us unconditionally supplying us with weapons to destroy the LTTE, which the Americans and British refused.  Why is Mahinda showing strong leadership qualities at one time and another time act like a wimp?  Americans and the British should be kept out of Hambantota Harbour all together period.

 If our man declaring himself a Buddhist goes on invoking Hindu gods to bless his party to win Elections and to win Cricket matches, we Sri Lankans need to look at this man under the microscope and ask ourselves whether he will eventually deliver the goods or will he bow down to India, US and UK with regard to the ethnic issue.  Dudley was coined Bath Piya and JR was called Pim Piya and Mahinda might be remembered as Hambantota Piya or a shorten form of that Hamban Piya.

 We come across valuable contributions to this journal often poignant and the writers take the trouble to address the issues to the sources (special mention must be made of Asoka Weerasinghe) but what effect that has on Sri Lankan politicians and the world stage at large is debatable.  

 Sunil Vijayapala  

5 Responses to “Why should not Mahinda take a firm stand?”

  1. Nanda Says:

    Please give him a call. He is your ex-friend.
    Dudley was called Bath Dun Piya. JR Pin Piya ( not pimpiya) because he was Dharmishta.
    We cannot call him Hamba Piya as he does not help Hamba so much.
    Worst of all he is too much pandama to India , worst country in the world.
    I agree with you, he should be firm.

  2. ranjit Says:

    Atlast I met someone who thinks same as me of this wicked empires and the man who saved our land from the ruthless terrorists. You are damn right and this letter should be read by his excellency and act strongly if he wants his dream come true. Every freedom loving country in the world should stand together and form a new union to counter these evil so called International community. Americans,English,French are blood suckers and highwaymen. They rob the whole world and kill millions of Innocents in various countries around the world in the name of terrorism.

    After ten long years still they couldnt catch the tail of Osama Bin Laden or his second in command. They only knows to harass the small countries like us. I cannot understand why every country bow down to them as if they are the Government for the whole world. Let them pass any bills in their senate or in their congress we are a sovereign nation we must do what we need to do for our country not to listen to these bullies. Let Blake and that bitch pillai or Monekey Moon go to hell our leaders should not waste our time and energy to answer to those one sided,no good hypocrits for any reason.

    Look at what they are doing to LIBIYA and other countries. Daylight roberry of oil and gas by these thiefs. All these western countries specially whites should not be allowed to do any business or dealings in our country.They cannot trust for a moment.Sometimes I too wonder how the President have close connections with these specially Norweigns and Europians who was very critical with us during the war on terror. We should keep INDIA,AMERICA,BRITISH AND OTHER EUROPIAN countries in arms length because what they did to us during the Tamil WAR. Reconcile with Tamils is good but we should not trust them at any time because they are like snakes they will wait for a long time and take revenge ( L.T.T.E Tamils & their sympathisers) few may be good not all. The President should show his same courage as before and shouldnt be lenient to these rattle snakes. He should be strong in front of this International community cowards and bullshiters. He should not let us down at this moment. We hope our leaders will show courage in front of the white slaves

  3. ranjit Says:

    Sunil I should put gold in your mouth for writing what’s on your mind. I too asked the same question from the President. Sometimes I feel why he doesnt act the way he acted during the war? sometimes I am surprised to see articles and pictures of him with those empire vampires. He should not trust Norwegians,Americans,British and the Europians and the mostly Indians. What they did to our country should not be forgotten so easily. We have to identify our Friends as well as enemies. Chaina and Russia always stood by us and still they help us a lot so we should not let them down and go behind this white rascals. They are daylight robbers and killers. Once Hamid Karzai said the Americans smoke Marijuana and drugs in the night and kill his fellow countrymen for entertainment in the morning. He is correct see what they were doing to LIBIYA? Why they didnt rush to attack Bharain,Ejypt, Iran and so on why they select LIBIYA in a rush? These hypocrits are pirates in sea,land and air. The whole world must condemned these blood suckers.

    Twelve long years they couldnt catch the tail even of OSAMA BIN LADEN or his second in command and they are killing innocent civillions in thousands in pretext of terrorism. Before they blame us for any human rights that black bitch should question them for all the crimes they commit daily in this world. Our President should not bow down to any one except to his countrymen. We are a sovereign country nobody should bother us or we should not listen to any mother’s son for any advise. Our President must stand tall and act strongly same like the way he acted during the war. India is not our relation like Premadasa said once They are the cut throats who brought terrorsim to our beautiful Motherland. Nobody should forget that. Still they are planning to divide our nation as if we are a province of India. Our leaders must open their eyes and ears all the time and make sure that no one will give in to rattle snakes who pretend to be friends and do opposite behind. I hope Sunil this letter will read by his excellency because I see he is little bending towards India and to those white slaves who called themselves International community. I know for sure the President will not be like JR or Dudley or anyone of the past Presidents even not like the Opposition traitor we have now Ranil the lizard. He gave us freedom,Peace and love to all and we have a position in this world and some respect after he came to power. I hope he will do what we expect from him to do and be a good leader to serve all.

  4. Sunil Vijaya Says:

    Nanda – the derogatory versions were made by Wijeweera, who apparently was freed by JR and as gratitude these names were uttered by him in Moratuwa addressing a meeting. We all are aware of the Dharmista rajya of JR, no need to bloat about it. As for Mahinda being an ex-friend I should have corrected this before. He remains a friend to everyone including me. But as a friend who will advise another if he/she faulters, irrespective of being a president or pauper is a noble thing. True he is not doing much to Hambantota, at least to the west of it he has done much, including the harbour which I saw, which is not in Hambantota. There are worst countries than India but since Indians presume Tamils are their brethren but not the Sinhalese and Tamils being Hindus, Indians side with Tamils. If Sinhalese were Hindus rather than Buddhists one wonders which side India would take. Nanda – we Sinhalese just around 17 million have no friends in this world – we have been/are benn exploited by others. We have fought for milleniums to preserve our culture , and that culture includes Buddhism, our unique Language and an unparalled heritage etc.etc.

  5. ranjit Says:

    You are damn right Sunil.I too wondering what has happened to our gutty President sometimes for not being strong enough when it comes to India and other western countries who conspired to divide our beautiful country. We should not have any dealings with Norway and the British,French and Americans. They dont treat us as friends but always try to blame us and try to take our leaders to courts. President should be more tough on India than now. We know how they treated us during the war and after the war so we should be vigilant on all sides without give in to them easily.
    Our Friends was China,Russia and Pakistan and now lot of countries in the world respect us and wants to learn lessons from our war on terror so we shouldnt worry much from the so called International community of white terrorists. They kill more innocent civillians in the world daily than actual terrorists.For them no human rights or anything because bitches like Pillai and Monkey Moons are all in their pockets. They dont serve the world community but the evil empires like America,British and French. Our President and the Government should be more tough on foreign policy without bow down to super powers or specially to India. India is not our friend nor will be our friend in the future. Our population dont trust the Indians.They helped to ruin our country for thirty long years and now they come pretending to be a friend but I tell you they are jealous and dirty.They dont like our country go forward and become a prosperous nation.They will do something therefore we should be vigilent and alert all the time. We cannot trust the L.T.T.E and their sympathisers at any time.They will wait for years for the right moment to strike back.They are like snakes.Our Government should take tough stand on them without listning to any outside powers.This is our country and we should protect it at all cost. Mr.President be tough same as before like you showed us and the world.

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