UNSG’s Panel Report on Vanni war
Posted on April 16th, 2011

Sunil Vijayapala    Australia

The infamous Report compiled by the panel probably has all the signs of some American/British input and involvement probably through their NGOs as the standard of English used is not akin with the panel members’ command of the English language.  Setting aside that, one of the UN Panel Report’s  findings is

 “(v) the role of the Tamil Diaspora, which provided vital moral and material support to the LTTE over decades, and some of whom refuse to acknowledge the LTTE’s role in the humanitarian disaster in the Vanni, creating a further obstacle to accountability and sustainable peace.”is encouraging for Sri Lankan expats who have been involved in fighting the “other” propaganda war carried out by Tamil Diaspora from 1983 on every conceivable platform.  In fact if the world believed us then when we tirelessly attempted to educate them the “ƒ”¹…”outright lies’ these irresponsible Tamils were propagating, the conflict would have ended long time ago peacefully or by other means.  The Panel left out this factor out as it involved the West and their front line organisations who have/had the habit of keeping “ƒ”¹…”watch’ on developing, powerless countries human rights record and keeping a blind eye on atrocities committed by the west, especially  by American and British.  This statement of UNSG’s report will convince the foolish and downright stupid politicians in US, Britain, Canada and Australia(especially Green MPs in Australia) to put an end to sympathising with Tamil Diaspora ‘creating a further obstacle to accountability and sustainable peace’ as per report.

 The “ƒ”¹…”collateral damage’ caused by Americans during Iraq war of course does not apply to Sri Lanka as Americans killing thousands of Iraqis is apparently different from Sri Lankans killing Sri Lankans.  WikiLeaks exposure of American gunships killing innocent Iraqis is another example of a war crime which UN must ignore as it was carried out by US on national interest and not accountable.  The hundreds of thousands of babies affected by the war in Iraq should not come under investigation by AI or HR Watch dogs because it was collateral damage caused by US and British forces.  How long should the world tolerate the hypocrisy of UN, AI, Human Watch dogs and this spineless Secretary General?  Should Moon be brought before a UN commission for his inability to address the war crime issues in Iraq and Afghanistan by US and British forces and his inability to take a firm stand when it comes to bombing a member of the UN as recent as Libya and attempt to kill its leader?  Obama a Nobel Peace prize recipient hinting “ƒ”¹…”getting’ Gaddafi which tantamount to murder which qualifies for his impeachment?  

 The mere mention of war crimes by Americans and British will be effectively quashed with mighty force even before it reaches the UN and the Propaganda Machine consists of Editors and Journalists of English speaking countries, along with their TV reporters and program producers of current affairs and news will see to that these type of allegations are not worth “ƒ”¹…”Pursuing’ as they are committed by their own people.  They might just hood wink the masses by reporting a shooting once but will never make an endeavour to pursue further as they fear of reprisals, which shows the degree of freedom and equally the degree of hypocrisy the west boast about.

 The Panel Report has bluntly dismissed the Reconciliation report by GOSL as biased and flawed and recommended an International mechanism to investigate war crimes committed by both sides.  Alas at least the mention of LTTE is some consolation to  law abiding innocent Sri Lankans who were massacred and blasted into pieces by LTTE through suicide bombings and other means for 30 long years.  Hillary Dickory Dock received funding for her campaign from Tamil Diaspora and is under obligation to pressure the US government to force GOSL to accept the findings of the Report.  If the US government declared the LTTE as a Terrorist organisation and if the Tamil lobby in Boston and Washington were pro- LTTE shouldn’t Hillary be brought before a commission as she accepted money indirectly from a terrorist organisation?  These are valid questions which need valid answers at the highest level in governance.

 Let us sincerely hope Mahinda takes a firm stand on this issue and challenge the UNSG to appoint a panel to report on war Crimes committed by US and Britain.

 Sunil Vijayapala    Australia

7 Responses to “UNSG’s Panel Report on Vanni war”

  1. Mangala Says:

    Sunil, you represent the typical Sinhala Buddhist racist group. People like you and the consecutive racist Buddhist Govts of Lanka has contributed widely towards the racial conflict in our country. If it has been managed like Singapore , all the ethnic groups of Lanka could have enjoyed the rich culture and resources of Sri Lanka. You racists are brought up to hate Tamils for no reason and to fantasize that this land is for you only and for none others. what are you going to achieve by doing so. Are you going to carry the land on your head to your grave?

    Please try to follow at least the fundamental teaching of Lord Buddha. If he is living now he would shed blood through his eyes to see your brutality against your own people.

    Please begin writing some facts and make sense out it.

    good luck

    Oh yes without the Diaspora the time Tamils in lanka is running out.

  2. Dham Says:

    YES. We hope so.
    Hope your ex-friend will stand firm and deliver yet again. We need sixes now. So far he his tapping here and there and running. We need a boundary, NOW.

  3. Vis8 Says:

    Oi Mangala, What have you been smoking, or are you just a fucking moron?

  4. Vis8 Says:

    The ltte-terror-supporters have infiltrated every corner of the earth. Pretty soon, they’ll be wanting to name the World :”Tamil EElam” Thankfully, Sri Lanka is the only place that is safe from these inferiority-ridden megalomaniacs. Good for Her!

  5. Sunil Vijaya Says:

    Mangala – Correction – I have been attacking LTTE and not Tamils.

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    Looks like you are Tamil racist.

    Nothing Sunil says is racist but you are a hardcore stinky Tamil racist who has got confused with territories.

    All these problems in SL is because of Tamil racism which dates back to 1931 Tamil racist demand made by the leader of the first racist political party of the country (all ceylon TAMIL congress). So stop talking nonsense. We know how to handle racists like you politically, militarily (HIGHLY preferred option) and diplomatically. Unfortunately people in the north still vote for Tamil racist political parties like TAMIL congress/kachchi/front/alliance. That is the problem.

    There is no need for anyone to hate Tamils or Sinhalese or anyone else. Why should anyone hate another just because of race? It does not make sense. Pointing out facts does not make it hateful. If you think Tamils in SL survive thanks to the Tamil diaspora, you are living in a fool’s paradise. There was no sizable Tamil diaspora before the 1980s. Does that mean there were no Tamils in SL before that?

    Lord Buddha and god Shiva would be very pleased to see there is no wide spread killings in SL today thanks to the elimination of Tamil Terrorists. They would be even more pleased to see one island nation. Hindu god Rama handed over the reigns of SL to god Vibhishana to keep it in one piece.

    On the other hand you have only dead sun-dog to worship! Your sungod worshiped us and kissed our feet before he went to Tamil Elam (hell). Learn from him.

  7. Nanda Says:

    I too belong to the same group as Sunil.
    Followers of Buddha.
    Buddha asked us to protect ourselves from thieves and murderers like you.

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