Posted on April 19th, 2011

Ranjit Wickremeratne

Dear citizens irrespective of race,color,religion or party politics give your best to the country we love so much to uplift the standard of our citizens and to be par with other developed better countries around the world. We should all get together and build our country as good citizens. We are very lucky to be alive today to contribute one way or the other for the development of our beautiful nation. In our political history we have never seen such progress done by any Government in the past. Today we are very fortunate to have a sincere, brave, kind hearted native of our land as the President to lead our nation to become wonder of Asia. His vision for the country has accepted by our own citizens and the foreigners as well. He was featured in the Time Magazine ” TIME 100 TOP 10″ He was the most influential and popular democratically elected leader of all time in our country and in Asia. It’s an honour to have a President of that calibre as a leader to lead our nation. Now is the time to get rid of party politics and color politics and join with this President and help him as a united nation to build our country for all of us to live in peace and harmony.
Mud slingling and working aganst our own Motherland wont take us anywhere. I call upon our opposition dirty harry’s to join with the president without running to their Masters in the white community and do things against the country we love so dearly. Our country is not anybody’s private property.It belongs to all human beings who have born and bread and suffered in this land. We dont want to fight each other and destroy our own land because of petty things. Every issue can be solved in this world by having discussion with mutual respect for each other. If all wants to live in peace and helps each other we should all stand up and say in one voice NO TO WARS anymore. The world needs an organization which listen to all sides and helps each other to solve the problems not an organizations who danced to the tunes of big powers. 
No country can dictate terms to others as each country has their own laws and regulations. We just started to build our country after thirty years of war and destruction. L.T.T.E led by the most ruthless murderer and coward assisted by our neighbour in 1983 ruined and destroyed our country and  economy for thirty long years. They killed our citizens in cold blood and brought immense hardships to each and everyone of our innocent citizens. Our past political leaders and Governments has to answer for all the carnage occured during those thirty years. Because of their stupidity and cowardice our countrymen suffered and was humiliated in front of the world. We should not forgive those who did those crimes and helped those terrorists to do such crimes. Nobody should forget for a second what they did to our most revered holy places in the island DALADA MALIGAWA,Anuradhapura AND Arantalawa massacre. Our opposition baboons should be ashamed for what they did to our Motherland during those black days.I will never ever forgive INDIA, RANIL,JR, PREMADASA AND CHANDRIKA for what they did to my country never. Who will bring back those heros who died for our country? Why our past shameless leaders didnt have guts and ideas to wipe out terrorism long time back rather than dragging the war for such a long time? How did this great man did in four years? What’s the magic wand he had to wipe out terrorism completely from our land of birth? Think of all this my dear citizens and try to understand what these evil corrupt politicians did to our country and to the people of my country.
Party politics and blaming each other should be stopped at once for the sake of our future generation and our beloved country. If you are not blind anyone can see the difference then and now. We didnt have a president or a politician who worked so hard to give a better life for his people like the current president.Everyone irrespective of politics should admit it honestly. People are blaming him unnecessarily for giving high posts to his kith and kin. We have a safe country now because of his brother Gota and his war heros. We have a good economy because of his brother Basil and his good economy team. These people are workolics who works tirelesly to bring happiness and prosperity to our land and it’s people. Corruption and waste is there but we cannot stop those in a hurry it takles time therefore we should give some more time for the president to clean his Government and bring those responsible to justice. With rampart corruption no country can survive therefore we should help him to eradicate corruption completely from our society same way we got rid of terrorism. We should not forget one moment of our war heros who sacrificed their valuable lives to save our country. We should not forget the money we spent for the war and how many good inteligent human beings was lost because of the war. We should be greatful to the man who saved our country without any argument. We have this freedom and prosperity because of his bravery and his vision. So help us all and show the world of our proud Sinhala nation.
The way our leader show us the path to move forward should be commendable and appreciated. Others who follow him should learn how to lead the country without praising him all the time just because he is the leader. He himself cannot do everything and see to everything alone therefore his team players must cooperate and go along with him in the same path without jeopardize his Mahinda Chintanaya program. All his team of Ministers should be loyal and faithful to him and be an example to the country by doing decent good things for the people. They should not involve in corrupt practises and indecent behaviour in public. When we see Ministers,M.P’s and other big wigs involved in corruptions and criminal activities we were wondering why the President dont take any action against those dirty individuals. We as decent citizens of this country doesnt like to see or hear anything against our President because of unsrupless and vulger individuals who were his team players. It’s shame to see corruption and criminal activities at newly built Peliyagoda Fish market after spending millions of rupees and a big openning ceremony by the President. Those who were involved in this should be brought to justice and give punishment without looking at their position to teach a lesson and to show the public that the Government wont tolerate such unacceptable behaviour of his team players. Kelaniya is not anybody’s private property although the Minister in-charge is popular or won the elections. He too should have the same laws like any ordinary citizen. He is not above the law nor the others. Our religion shows us the way to walk in the right path and these individuals preech one thing and do another thing which is against the principles of our religion. Our religious leaders should take a leading role and educate our citizens to be worthy citizens to the country they were born without siding with political leaders who bring shame to our Motherland and involved in criminal activities.
The so called International community which comprise few western nations who bully the world as if they own the world should not bother or question our right to live in freedom like any other country. Instead of giving the Nobel Peace price to our greatest President who wiped out terrorism from our beloved country they unnecessarily giving hard time to him and his Government which is not acceptable for anyone of us in the country except for the traitors in the opposition. They too go to world forums and make complains against our country as if they were non Sri Lankans. What a shame? These individuals should be shot to death in public like in the olden days. Our educated greatful citizens showed these shameless politicians a lesson in all past elections and they should be deported from our land for treason. If I can become the President for one day I will definitely do that because I am a citizen of my country who lived in fear for thirty long years seeing red blood and carnage all over my beloved land. I am so angry with traitors who laughed at our war heros,who tried to put our President behind bars,Who sided with L.T.T.E terrorists and had parties with them and those who lied to the International community like white flag stories etc. When our country is moving forward in the correct path we should have the strength to flattened the evil from raising their heads again. We should have programms like DORAMADALAWA, MIND STAR to educate our children and all our citizens the value of our religion and our culture. Instead of vulger dancing and useless programms we should encourage to have more educational and family programs to watch decently with all family members sit together.This is a new era for the country and we should take advantage of the prevailing peace and try to do good things for the sake of our peoples of all nationalities. As President says we are all one and our country is one and we should think as one for the love of our country. Let’s build a new nation with the participation of all without party politics. Be happy with a President who brings us honour and fame due to his correct vision to the country. Instead of insulting and blaming him for petty things everyone should get together and help him to do his job,if you are not satisfied with him or his Government you can always change him in the next General Or Presidential elections in a democratic way not by force or violent protests like JVP and UNP was doing. People are fed up of all these nonsence.We need jobs,housing,food and other neccessary important things for our daily lives. For the first time I see in the news that the opposition has open their hakara mouths in favour of the Government and against the UN panel.That’s a good sign for the country.That’s what we need at this moment to be united to face our enemies within and around the world. We dont want politicians to do shameless things to bring bad name for the country like Jayalath’s,wickremebahu’s,Attanayakes were doing. They are worst than ordinary criminals therefore Government should take tough action against them before they bring more harm to our Motherland.
The whole country should stand up as one aganst the UN panel and the Banki Moon commitee report and show the world of our unity. We should hold rallies around the country with the participation of all young and old. Religious leaders should take the lead against this unfair report and the conspiracy by the evil white empires. We have to rally our friends around the world against Banki Moon and the UN for harassing small nations without finding the truth. Our leaders should be given Nobel Peace price and alcolades for their bravery and ending a ruthless war for thirty long years not calling them guilty for war crimes. Did Banki Moon call for any report while that murderer Prabakaran was alive? How many innocent civillians were killed by him and his murderers in cold blood? Where were you Mr.Banki Moon? How much you were paid to do dirty businesses to white empires? It’s disgrace to have a man of his calibre as head in a big organization like UN. We all should condemned his actions and protest against this report. People are jealous of our newly won freedom,peace and harmony prevailing in the country and we should be vigilant on all times and rally around the President and his Government to show our unity. This is a new era for our Motherland and we should all get together and preserve our sovereignty and save our Sinhala nation from all evils.
Ranjit Wickremeratne


  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    RANJIT ! You have gone to a great extent to evaluate the present position, and bring about an awareness of what is going on in Sri Lanka. You say that the Opposition has opened their HAKARA Mouths in favour of the Government, and against the UN Panel. Their promise of being associated with the Government, carries a TAG. This is the unkindest cut of all. They want the President to intervene in the Country,s Judicial proceedings, and release Sarath Fonseka. So, unless the Opposition comes clean in their offer to help the Country in its fight against International Skullduggery, they should be sidelined for the moment. The Opposition should at least NOW, lend a helping hand to the Government to fight the conspiracies being laid out bythe Tamil Terrorists Diaspora, using the SGUN, and his THREE STOOGES Panel. So let no one intimidate the administration of Sri Lanka, to offer half baked proposals in this fight for justice.

    THE WEEKS AND MONTHS AHEAD WILL BE VERY INTERESTING< AS DELIBERATIONS CAN REACH HIGH TEMPERATURES. Nevertheless, I promise that all SRILANKANS irrespective of ethnicity, nor religion, will join hands to pulp the panels findings

  2. ranjit Says:

    Buddhism has so much to do with our daily lives and issues related to our country. He is the one who is protecting our land from all evils as we believe in him as Buddhists. You maybe a non believier or you maybe believing in other Gods so nothing to explain to you. I didnt talk about Buddhism here I wrote about being a good decent citizen and be useful to the country we love so much without blaming and mudslinging at each other of our own citizens. Buddhism teaches us good behaviour and discipline therefore be decent and respect others.

  3. andylingam Says:

    Dear Sinhala Brother ranjit
    I agreed all ,but

    1) Please tell me , Our brave forces killed any civilians in this end War ?

    2 ) at the end you said IT’S PEOPLE OF ALL RACES but in midle of your article you said, our proud Sinhala nation.
    Please tell me, am I Sinhala Nation ?

  4. KingSasanka Says:


    I do not think my religious convictions have nothing to do with the subject matter.

    If anyone wants to discuss the legitimacy of setting up a panel to investigate the alleged war crimes committed during the final stages of the crushing of Tigers or any other political issues then it should be addressed in that line.

    Bringing religions in to their arguments, if any thinks would add more weight and legitimacy to argument, then it is wrong assumption.

    Dhamma will only protect those who live by the teaching.

    If we have nothing to hide, then why some are so worried about setting up this panel?

    Your babbling rigmarole was nothing but blaming and mudslinging and you should be ashamed to be identified as a Buddhist even.

    The Enlightened one has said “Practice only what you preach”.

  5. sena Says:

    The blue collar rural folks have done their part and are also carry much of the economy. Irrespective of blessings it is how proficient our economy in adopting and innovating technologies will be the decisive factor in building wealth, having enough resources for adequate living conditions and standing up to external prssures. Unfortunately as indicated by the following index, we are very close at the bottom in this regard. The folks who have benefited from higher education haven’t done much to fulfill their obligations to the society for the last eighty years. Hope they can get together through their respective professional organizations to remedy this sad sitution

  6. ranjit Says:

    Dear Andy I call my Motherland Sinhala nation because more than 80% are Sinhalese and this is only country we have in this whole world to be called home for Sinhala people. So I dont think there is anything wrong in calling Sinhala nation. Like chinese have their own Rusiians have their own likewise every nationality have their own nation so why cant we Sinhalese have our own nation? Other races like Tamils,Muslims,Burgers,and Malays too belongs to our nation as they were born and bread here. So lets live unitedly without arguing about religion,race or party politics. This country needs unity to survive because of too much interference from jealous evil enemies within and outside.

    However this article is not about Banki Moon or Buddhism although some lines are there mentioning both. My intension was to call upon every citizen to be decent and united to build our shattered nation without unneccessary fighting among ourselves. I love humans and I want humans to be decent and live according to their beliefs. We suffered immensly as all knows.Our loved ones was murdered brutally by ruthless terrorists,Our economy was devastated and people were living in fear for so long somehow we managed to overcome and be victorious at the end thanks to the President and his Government and all the war heros who sacrificed their lives to bring peace and harmony to our beloved nation. Please understand that and be part of building our nation without division. Sorry if I have hurt anybody’s feelings. Andy no hard feelings. My father had a very close friend he is a Tamil and his name was Chelvanayagam and we used to call him Chocolate uncle because he used to bring us chocolates when ever he visits our home. Nobody brings such tasty Chocolates except him in those good old days.This was forty years ago.

  7. andylingam Says:

    Thanks Dear ranjit
    Please do not hurt us ( Tamils) I am sure you won’t hurt any human as you are a true follower of Bhuddha !
    of course You know & We know ,who trained all Tamil militant groups ( including LTTE). Yes We were misguided to belive tomorrow We will get Tamil Eelam ( Nalai pirakkum Thamil eelam).

    Please belive me , Mr Chelvanayagam ( TULF) or Mr Amirthalingam (former oppotition leader) never want separate land , all declarations ( inc Vaddukkodai) to get maximum devaluation from Central goverment.

    why cant we Sinhalese have our own nation? – this argument will not unit us .

    As Our President said , one Nation one country that is Sri Lankan ( not Sinhala nation , not Tamil nation ,etc…) !!!

  8. ranjit Says:

    I am not repenting for anything what I wrote.It was real and I mean every word I wrote. Maybe you dont have any heart for the Motherland you were born although you are having a Sri Lankan name. I dont like non believers,cowards and traitors. I dont play games with anyone.That is not my style. I play the game fair and sqaure and I say sorry because I am a gentleman who respect others feelings as a human being but if others dont act as human beings then we have to treat them as animals. Some Animals far more better than humans sometimes.

    I dont think anyone was there in my homeland who never feared of suicide bombs and terrorists. I dont know about you silva actually I was afraid and my family like all the other families were afraid. We were not sure about next day in those dark days. Thanks for the war heros we are alive and healthy to face another day. By living outside you may not know the sufferings they go thru during brutal terrorism. Better hide behind the white man’s petty coat and stay put if that is your style with your ancestors.

  9. ranjit Says:

    ONE NATION ONE COUNTRY THAT’S THE NATION WE CALL SRI LANKA for all to live happily without any discrimination. Thanks Jimmy for correcting me. We need to learn from one another of our mistakes and then only we can be partners for ever. “LONG LIVE SRI LANKA” and all it’s citizens.

  10. andylingam Says:

    Dear Ranjit

    if others dont act as human beings then we have to treat them as animals ?????

    human is human , animal is animal !!!

    Omm Shanthy !!!!

  11. KingSasanka Says:

    Someone who proudly announces to the whole world that he is a Buddhist says that he does not like non-believers (I hope Ranjit has guts to explain to us, who he considers as non-believers); traitors etc and wants to shoot them like animal.

    And whereby he has shown his true colours and what he truly believing only.

    This was exactly I was trying to explain about the militancy fraction trying to take root in Sri Lankan Buddhism (

    This self contradicting and unrepentant man is a disgrace to the millions of other people who also call themselves followers of Gautham Buddha’s teachings and live by the teachings everyday.

  12. ranjit Says:

    Yes I am very very proud to be called a Sinhalese Buddhist and I dont put down other religions as I respect all the other religions same as mine. I wrote in my letter to be decent and live unitedly and support the Government to build our shattered nation without being a traitor to our Motherland. My main point was not about religion or about Sinhalese. I dont want to argue with anybody and show the whole world our disunity.This is not the time for it. I am a straight forward person who talks my mind openly and I am ready for any argument not like you people hiding behind bogus names and trying to make and issue out of small things same like our opposition specially wickremebahu’s,Anura Kumaras, Mangala samaraweeras etc Also I like to remind you that I never said that I will shoot anybody like animals. No more shooting, time for peace and reconciliation. Anyway from where did you get that name King Sassanka? Are you related to King Kasyapa? So long King and my friend Andy.

  13. KingSasanka Says:

    Just before the Indian independence, the Colonial masters held Gandhijee behind bars for his freedom activities.

    So were many other Indians found guilty of defecating along the railway lines.

    When he was finally released from the captivity the others who were also held there, because of defecating charges too were released (due to over-crowding situation) and they were the first to rush out shouting Freedom slogans.

    There was a time in Sri Lanka not so long ago that the Armed forces were having a very tough time recruiting new carders to supplement their drive and the government was mulling the idea of conscription to solve the issue.

    The forces had to go to far flung villages in abject poverty to get young boys and girls to join them.

    They joined not because for their love for the country but to feed their families as no other vocation was available to them in those villages which are blighted with No schools, hospitals, roads, electricity and irrigational infrastructure to toil on the land even.

    Now to add injury to insult they are forced to sell Fish, Vegetable and coconuts on roadsides, thanks to our myopic economic policies, mismanagement and rampant corruption.

    Now every other person in Sri Lanka is a patriot.

    But where were they when the country wanted their participation most.

    Those who were hiding under beds,( like the ones who were held for defecating charges ) are the ones who are making the biggest noise now.

    I remember my grandmother used to say; “ You can argue with Hundred Wise men and convince them but not One Ranjit ”.

    Sorry Ranjit, I do not belong to any dynasty (Past or Present) but this is how I am known to many of my friends (It is a long story and I am sure you have no time for that).

    I too rest my case.

    May GOD Bless Ranjit!

  14. ranjit Says:

    Thanks guys no hard feelings just for enjoyment and fun and to learn more about the world which we dont understand and know sometimes. Thanks to the Lankaweb for giving us the opportunity to have good discussions in very good subjects and to know each other although we havent met or seen each other. So long friends.

    May God Bless all.

  15. A.Kumara Says:

    dear andylingam Says,

    what is your argumants regarding sinhala nation. as Mr.ranjith said sri lanka is sinhala nation.
    <<>> Hindusthan
    <<> Tamil Nadu ….. that is in tamil ….Tamil Country.

    what is wrong with if Mr. ranjith tald as sinhala nation.

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