Any time we are with Sri Lanka; Russian Ambassador
Posted on April 22nd, 2011


Mr Vladimir P. Mikhaylor, the Russian Ambassador in Sri Lanka states that,’ It is the responsibility of the United Nations Organization to support the government of Sri Lanka who have defeated the terrorism. Russia will strongly reject the report released by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. He also says that, the report published by the UN Secretary General is not a report issued by the Organization, but a private report prepared by a private committee appointed by the Secretary General.

He has further stated that, since the report is being introduced as a document issued by the United Nations, it should be corrected as a private report issued by the committee appointed by Ban Ki Moon. The Russian Ambassador has also said that,the committee has performed unilaterally even on preparing the report.

‘A report of that nature should not injure the healing ethnic wound in Sri Lanka, but as a world recognized organization, should extend their helping hand to heal the wound and the standing point of the Russian government in this regards will be informed to the United Nations Organization through the Russian Representatives, He added. 

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  1. Dham Says:

    Hope China too will issue such statement.

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