UN Panel Report Speculative With No Tangible Evidence ~ The Inspiration For Which Has A Clear Ring Of Tamil Tiger Sympathies Denying A Nation’s Right To Defend Sovereignity Against Ruthless Terrorists!
Posted on April 25th, 2011

Insight By Sunil Kumar
April 26th. 2011

The report of the UN expert panel on war crimes in Sri Lanka based on the caption “Slain Tamil Tigers Wanted To Surrender” if one were to read it closely when it comes out in its entirety (as at the present only extracts are available) seems pure conjecture and  speculative with no tangible proof towards confirming any of the accusations.

For the UN’s sources of information there can only be the Tamil tioger sympathisers who continue to egg on the UN to file this report in the hope that it will change world opinion about what truly transpired during 30 odd decades of an illegal insurgent campaign to wrest power fron a Sovereign Nation and its climax which is an insult to the protocols which govern Sovereignity and a Nation’s right to defend itself against armed insurgents the reality of which seems to have bypassed  the myopic UNSG leader as this report seems completely flawed towards its objectives.

When it says that “in the last days of the war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in May 2009, three top LTTE leaders had approached the Lankan Army’s lines carrying a white flag intending to surrender, but they were reportedly shot dead by the Lankan troops the term reportedly holds the key to its veracity so who reported it? LTTE sympathisers, affiliated global Tamil diaspora or their counterparts within the UN or ( tongue in cheek) maybe even Sarath Fonseka!! where the finger points to certain known personnel within the UN with vested albeit conflict of interests who have from time to time agitated the UN towards this issue!

To have the nerve to boldly assert that “While there is little information on the circumstances of their death,” according to the report where once again the “While There Is Little Information on the circumstances…. ”  clearly indicates conjecture and speculation which the panel has had the affront to present as their claim  of proof and believes that the LTTE leadership intended to surrender.” It needs to be emphasized that  belief is one thing and the realities related are quite another and the credibilities surely rest on the information presented by the Armed Forces who had no choice but to shoot down the advancing terrorists in the final confrontation where for the sake of argument it would have been virtually impossible for the terrorists to come at the armed forces with guns blazing with a raised white flag which sounds more like a joke and come at them they did!!  according to very credible reports by the Forces personnel involved! and obviously their word against
terrorists  or their supportives ~ worthless terrorists out to destroy a Sovereign nation it needs to be emphasized!!
There is also information from some of the LTTE cadres who managed to escape the clutches of the LTTE and its murderous leader Velupillai Prabhakaran, that to the end he had insisted “we will never surrender and will die fighting ” which is the more plausible side to this cooked up UN allegation which truly needs to be trashed!
The report is not a plausible presentation of factual testimony with tangible proof which will never hold up in any tribunal or court of law and is in fact damnable to which the UN leader probably needs to be held accountable for his attempt to falsely villify a Sovereign Nation!  ironically without full approval of the United Nations it has been reported.

Stoic in  its stand that there was no such scenario of a surrender request acceptable as the fiery and concerted terrorist advances demanded the greater attention as a priority and what the UN is trying to do seems irresponsible towards UN objectives with glaring felt needs of  real Human Rights violations around the world totally neglected or a blind eye turned on them, the Sri Lankan Administration  has asked for the fullest support from all citizens and its global allies where already some nations have stood behind Sri Lanka’s right to defend sovereign territory against terrorists and questions the irrationality of the UN direction which is more erratic than accurate. In all likelihood there will be many other Nations in support of Sri Lanka which has never given cause for accusations of Human Rights violations beyond those concocted by those presenting this case in her entire history!!

There is every reason to conclude that the UN’s accusations against the Sri Lankan Government are speculative and unsubstantiated where the UN panel has said that “in the very final days of the war, the head of the LTTE political wing, Nadesan, and the head of the Tiger Peace Secretariat, Pulidevan, were in regular communication with various interlocutors to negotiate surrender. It was reported ( once again who reported it becomes a key question and where are these insdviduals who did, today? if deceased which they probably are !there is absolutely no prima facie case against the GOSL even if recorded exchanges were made available as they would be inadmissable and invariably be bogus knowing the relativities of the sympathisers and their capacity to falsify evidence) that they were accompanied by about 300 civilians,who would have been a human shield if there were any civilians involved many of whom were eventually freed by the Army!
To suggest that “The LTTE political leadership was initially reluctant to agree to an unconditional surrender, but as the SLA (Sri Lankan army) closed in on the group in their final hideout, Nadesan and Pulidevan, and possibly Colonel Ramesh, were prepared to surrender unconditionally.” is something
which appears to have been divined by those presenting the case towards their advantage and even if “Their intention was communicated to officials of the UN, and the governments of Norway, the UK and the US, as well as to representatives of the ICRC and others.” as reported bears a semblance of truth, there was the reality of the relentless LTTE synonymously pushing forward towards the Armed Forces with Prabhakaran at the helm where the only conclusions the Armed Forces could have drawn towards a surrender request, a bluff!

This appears to be a clear cut case of an attempt by the UN leadership, a lame duck one at that,
to secure his leadership for a second term by presenting what he believes is his plum assignment after years of sleeping on the job and something which he believes has been presented to him at an opportune time little believeing that it could also portray him as an incompetent bufoon who believes in cooked up stories of conniving would be ursurpers of a legitimate Government of a Sovereign Nation making every attempt to emerge from a terrorist torn past where his support should be towards the Nation under review rather than his allies in the UN with their conflicts of interests sticking out like a sore thumb for all the world to see.

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  1. DEVONECO Says:

    I wonder now if the LTTE would have actually surrendered or not. Wasn’t it their leader Prabhakaran’s strict policy that no LTTE fighter should surrender to the Sri Lankan military forces and that’s why he advocated the wearing the cyanide capsule around every Tiger cadre’s neck so that if he or she was cornered by the Sri Lankan forces, it would be better to commit suicide than to be their prisoner. Some hard core Tiger cadres are supposed to have done this when they were cornered by the Sri Lankan military and even some of their child soldiers also strictly followed this instruction or were either killed in action or even shot by their own senior cadres if they were to turn back in fear. I now wonder if Prabhakaran really wanted to surrender. Why didn’t he swallow his cyanide capsule and committed suicide? Was he wearing a dud cyanide capsule around HIS neck? Moreover, he had also instructed his bodyguards to shoot and kill him if he was going to get caught to the Sri Lankan military. Therefore, I am confused as to why some Tamil extremists want to dishonor him and insult him by saying he wanted to surrender with a white flag if he was supposed to have been the supreme brave person amongst their Tamil brethren. If he had died a hero as his followers and supporters say he did, then they must not make him look like a shameless coward by saying that he wanted to surrender waving a white flag after he had forced all his fighters – including the little child soldiers – not to surrender to the enemy. So, can someone enlighten me : did the tiger supremo die a hero by committing suicide or getting his bodyguards to shoot him OR was he a utterly shameless coward that was waving a white flag to surrender when he was cornered?

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