Ban Ki Moon, who seems to have acted beyond powers vested in him as Secretarry General of UNO, should show cause before the Security Council or be impeached.
Posted on April 27th, 2011

By Charles.S.Perera

Ban Ki Moon the Secretary General of the United Nations Organization had appointed an advisory panel to  investigate and advise him if there had been violation of human rights by the Armed Forces of the Sri Lanka Government  in the “elimination” of terrorists, paying from his special  Fund.


After the advisory panel made its investigations and  handed over  its report,  the Secretary General  published the report without the consent of the “party” concerned- in this case the member State of  Sri Lanka.


The question is not whether the appointment of the advisory  panel by the Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to advice him on the particular issue or the publication of its report,  is right or wrong.


But the question is , why the Secretary General Ban Ki Moon singled out the member State of Sri Lanka  for the investigation, leaving out the other member States who are also engaged in similar “military operations” for the elimination of  terrorist in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya ?


Is it because the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka eliminated terrorism in a military operation while the others have still failed to do so ?  It is for Ban Ki Moon to explain.


In order to justify the appointment of the  advisory panel of investigation for the member State of Sri Lanka, and the publication of its report  causing lot of internal problems to the member State  which is in the course of  reconciling the communities after elimination of terrorism, Ban Ki Moon should also appoint an advisory panel to investigate whether the on going Military Operations by America, France and other European Nations are violating the human rights of the people of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.


If not the  Member State of the United Nations should demand  that the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki Moon is brought before the  UN Security Council, if not before a Special General Assembly of Member States,  to show cause why he should not be impeached  for  acting beyond powers vested  in him as the Secretary General of  the United Nations to treat one member State differently from others causing  that particular member State internal difficulties of reconciliation of its people after delivering them from a 30 years of suffering under terrorism ?


This is a sine qua non as the Member States of the United Nations are equal before its constitution.  There are no powerful Member States  of the UNO who  have special rights,  and poorer   Member States  of the UNO from the “third world” who have lesser  rights.


The Government of Sri Lanka through its Embassies should get in contact with  the Member States of the  “third world  countries “, to make them aware of the situation  as the Secretary General may make this a precedence to continue treating other Member States differently for  “personal reasons” against some, in favour of a few.


This should be made an eye opener for all member States to become aware of  their equality of status before the constitution of the UNO, to begin a reform of the United Nations to allow it to become a true Forum of Member States to settle their problems  in peaceful dialogue without allowing any member State to over-step the UNO to intervene in the internal affairs of any Member Sovereign State.


2 Responses to “Ban Ki Moon, who seems to have acted beyond powers vested in him as Secretarry General of UNO, should show cause before the Security Council or be impeached.”

  1. Nanda Says:

    For a long time ( 5 years or so), western countries are of the opinion that UN is useless. This is why US went to Iraq war unilaterally.
    The reason is because their power is decreasing.
    Ban KI Moon is also getting hammered by westerners. If read what Gorden Weise says he could not do much because of Ban Ki Moon.
    This Moon fella get hammered in all directions.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    There is very pertinent data that Banki Moons unilateral and Arbitrary action to appoint an illegal panel, is gross misconduct of his office as Secretary General of the United Nations Assembly. His conduct is reprehensible as the UNSG. His action is ultra vires. His arrogance and sanity is in the nude. His servitude to the Rump LTTE Mafia is damning. He is a sorrowful disgrace to the KOREANS. This Korean is a BRIBE TAKER. This Korean has no spine to say “NO” to the LTTE TERRORISTS, who has bribed him. I always thought Koreans were a Proud and beautiful nation. But this Korean is a worm.

    Therefore the world must rise to IMPEACH BANKI MOON, period.

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