Any Attempts by Tamil Tiger ‘Rump’ To Disrupt The Lankan Cricket Tour Of The UK Must Be Nipped In The Bud As An Act Of Terrorism
Posted on May 2nd, 2011

Top Spin By Suni

May 1st 2011

They tried it once in Canada in the not too distant past failin  miserably nonetheless and there are terrorism analysts who believe that the vicious attack on the Sri Lankan Cricket Tour Bus in Lahore, Pakistan was also linked to Tamil tiger terrorism and now they seem to be attempting it all over again in the UK  this time veiled in the excuse of support for a concocted UN Panel report which hardly has the official sanction of the  UN and merely led by a biased Secretary General motivated by falsely concocted ‘evidence’.

There seems very credible reason to believe, based on intelligence reports that a group comprising the residue of LTTE activists in the UK have organised a series of protests, targeting the Sri Lankan Cricket  team on their forthcoming tour of England  in a bid to pressure the England Cricket Board to call off the tour. Fat chance of that  if preponderances over the lucidity and transparencies vividly apparent pointing to disgruntled terrorist supportives being behind it  are viewed objectively by the English Cricket Board as well as  Law Enforcement Authorities who should round up any activists planning disruptions of the tour and deal with them in accordance with the law!

It needs to be made public that an un-named  Government official who broke the news to the media has based his conclusions on the information given to him by sources monitoring the activists who has said that it would be the responsibility of the UK authorities to ensure the safety and security of the visiting cricket team and indeed it should with no question of the tour being called off to appease a bunch of diagruntled terrorist supportives who curiously seem to be tolerated in the UK with leniency.

Needless to say, such disruptions would be an affront to the British Law Enforcement Authorities as these are  terrorist supportives who use politics as an excuse towards their objectives and still continue their reprehensible behaviour in quest of Eelam( Tamil secession in Sri Lanka based on terrorist objectives albeit beyond their reach) long after their terrorist counterparts in Sri Lanka have been put down, yet continue their terror campaigns overseas now veiled in the excuse of political motivation. While their goals will never be realised in Sri Lanka, politics as an excuse  should never be permitted to dictate to  or disrupt  any sporting event, least of all cricket in the UK which is also famed as the Mecca of Cricket.

Detailed information as reported recently in the Island News website also attests to the possibility that the organisers of these protests have launched a campaign to bring a large group of Eelam activists on May 14 morning to the Oxbridge Cricket Ground, where Tillekeratne Dilshan’s team would be playing their first match. According to the information, the protesters would try to disrupt the match, unless the British took preventive action to keep them at bay where it is the responsibilitiy of the Metropolitan Police Force and perhaps even New Scotland Yard and even MI-6 Britain’s Anti-Terrorist organization to see to it that these terrorists in disguise who they really are, have no opportunity to carry out their threats and deal with them in accordance with the law rather than keep them at bay as their track record portrays them as proven troublemakers around the globe!

The first Test match begins on May 26 at Sophia Gardens Cardiff. The tour includes three Tests, one T- 20 international and five ODIs.

In a most ludicrous manner the Eelamists,  (aka the LTTE rump) have been quoted as saying that  ” the UK cut all bilateral relations with Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe in 2008 due to large scale human rights violations in that country. South Africa, too, had been subject to “ƒ”¹…”sports sanctions’ not only by the British, but FIFA and IOC as well, while urging the British to slap sanctions on Sri Lanka where there have been no proven charges of Human Rights violations against Sri Lanka other than speculative allegatiions primarily promoted by Tamil Tiger sympathisers within the UN and elsewhere clever at doctoring evidence through graphically enhanced and falsidied material. The only proven Human Rights violations which have come under credible scrutiny point to none other than those proven through tangible incriminating evidence against the deposed Tamil Tigers  who are still somewhat incredulously the champions of these activists. To quote Zimbabwe and South Africa as examples and draw parallels with them to Sri lanka displays the ignorance and apathy of these would be activists who don’t seem to have a clue about the difference between proven evidence and  a speculative diatribe based on conveniently concocted misrepresentations of the truth!

When ‘The LTTE rump’ has demanded that ” a team which represented ‘war criminals and a genocidal state’, should not be welcomed in the UK ” they seem to be deluding themselves into believing that they have any right to the  demand or the inapplicable titles bestowed on Sri Lanka as they are made by terrorist supportives demanding rights they aren’t entitled to where they should be thankful that it is indeed cricket with the likes of Muttiah Muralidaran that has largely contributed to the reconciliation process in Sri Lanka as well as President Rajapaksha’s magnanimous gestures of reaching out to the Tamil Community  after an embittered and near nation destructive, decades long, insurgency based on which they have no claims whatsoever to disrupt this tour.

Britain on the other hand needs to be asked what their real role and responses are  when UK-based Ram Sivalingham, Deputy Prime Minister of the so-called ‘Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) In Exile’ tolerates the brazen nerve of what to all intents and purposes is an organization supporting terrorist objectives and perhaps needs to take a page from Canada’s zero Tolerance Policy towards any support for LTTE terrorism which this so called Trans National Government of Tamil Eelam In Exile is in reality .
When the Canadian Government gets wind of any LTTE or otherTerrorist supportive organizations surfacing anywhere in Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) gets on their case post haste and disrupts all their operations on the basis that Canada does not tolerate any terror groups or their activities and perhaps high time the UK authorities followed suit

External Affairs Ministry sources have been quoted as saying that tough action needs to be taken by the British to prevent troublemakers from disrupting this forthcoming cricket tour citing how The British Government allowed the LTTE activists to force President Mahinda Rajapaksa to cancel his scheduled speech at Oxford last December which seems apathetic on the part of Britain towards a visiting Head of State!

It needs to be  truly emphasized that any attempts by the so called ‘Tamil Tiger Rump’ to disrupt the Sri Lankan Cricket tour of England surely needs to be nipped in the bud by the British Authorities as an intended act of terrorism against a visiting team of cricketers from a friendly Sovereign Nation!

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  1. Samson Says:

    Today is match fixing day. That mad-hatter Hashan will reveal match fixing incidents since 1992.

    Arjuna another politician will support him.

    They are paid by the Indians to disrupt and discredit SL cooperation with Pakistan in cricket. First investigate that.

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