Some thugs can’t even name themselves…
Posted on May 24th, 2011

by Malinda Seneviratne

It has been reported that Rajiv Gandhi, on his way to sign the Indo-Lanka Accord, had told Tamil Nadu politicians that the agreement he was to sign with the then president of Sri Lanka, J.R. Jayewardene, would bring Sri Lanka under the Indian orbit, just like Bhutan.

The before and after of the Indo-Lanka Accord is well known, but considering the recent joint-statement issued by the ministers in charge of external affairs of the two countries, it is worth a recap.  India, under Rajiv Gandhi and before him, under his mother, Indira Gandhi, armed, funded and trained Tamil separatists from Sri Lanka and as such has remained the principal instigator of and contributor to terrorism and all its horrendous and tragic consequences.

The “ƒ”¹…”after’ of the Accord saw the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) engaged in wanton acts of brutality against the very people whose interests the accord was supposed to uphold. The IPKF is guilty of destruction, torture, death, displacement, rape, petty theft and other such “ƒ”¹…”peaceful’ operations in the Northern and Eastern Provinces. Having rescued the LTTE from certain defeat via the Accord, India ended up having to deal with the wrath of the terrorists it spawned, breast-fed, spoon-fed and gun-fed.  “ƒ”¹…”Tail between legs’ was how the IPKF left Sri Lanka.  By this time, natural antipathy to a regional thug had beefed up the fascist JVP of Rohana Wijeweera to launch its second and infinitely more bloody insurrection, leaving 60,000 dead in just over 2 years.

India left behind one thing. The 13th Amendment to the Constitution, whose political worth lies in the legitimacy it gives to the boundaries of the Eelam map, never mind the objections of history, geography and demography.  While some say that India did help Sri Lanka in combatting the LTTE, i.e. after 2005, no one can claim that such “ƒ”¹…”help’ did not come with a political price tag.  It was not about a friendly and repentant neighbor doing the right thing. It was the neighbourhood thug engaged in extortion.

Today, two years after terrorism was vanquished.  We celebrate this moment and must remember that we can do so mainly because of the political leadership, the security forces and the citizenry of this country.  If India helped (even grudgingly) in some manner, we would say “ƒ”¹…”thank you’, but we need to point out that it is the least that India could do, considering her considerable and significant contribution to problem-cause.

The statement referred to above clearly indicates that we should be sober in our celebrations.  It is one thing to defeat the LTTE and quite another to keep separatism at bay.  The one did not follow the other and only the naƒÆ’†’¯ve would believe that it should.  The LTTE represented the military option of the separatism, and for a time it did seem that guns could carve an Eelam out of Sri Lanka, whereby a community with no historical claim, amounting to less than 6% of the population (counting out Tamils living outside the so-called “ƒ”¹…”traditional homelands’), would get control over one-third the land area and half the coast.  After the military option petered out, Tamil chauvinism had to get back to what I call the Chelvanayakam Option — a little now, more later “”…” with “ƒ”¹…”little’ being the legalizing of the homeland claim (not even supported by myth, by the way) through the 13th Amendment.

What’s the source of India’s fascination with the 13th?  Right now, the Congress Party is deep in some foul smelling matter.  Scandals, mismanagement and the usual dissatisfaction with incumbents have seen a drop in popularity, a decline which has found articulation in electoral debacle.  Tamil Nadu returned not ally but opponent.  It is clear that retaining power at the next General Election could come down to obtaining Jayalalitha’s support or else neutralizing it.  For all the antipathy that her state has toward Tamils from Sri Lanka when they do come there, either as refugees or on visit, the idea of a Tamil Homeland and related sloganeering continues to have a lot of political currency.  Placating Tamil Nadu is not a political choice for the Congress Party. It is an imperative. A “ƒ”¹…”must’.

The wording of the “ƒ”¹…”Joint Statement’ indicates a lot of arm-twisting on the part of Delhi.  Mentioning “ƒ”¹…”investigations into allegations of human rights violations’, shows that Delhi must have cited moves by international thugs to harass Sri Lanka; it’s got “ƒ”¹…”we will protect you brother, but at a price,’ the cost being the 13th Amendment, which too has been mentioned.  Well, mentioned with a “ƒ”¹…”plus sign’, meaning land and police powers (included in the 13th as of now) and other things besides.  In reality, the small print is about editing the concurrent list in favour of Eelamist positions.

Now it is not only the Congress Party that has problems. India, as a nation, is in crisis.  It has countless separatist struggles to deal with, a grand mismatch between projected image of emerging power and a lived reality of misery and numerous other problems that the IPL, braggadocio, a few nuclear reactors etc together or separately cannot take out from the governability equation.  India wants, nay craves, international recognition. India wants “ƒ”¹…”thug-status’ acknowledged, i.e. by obtaining a permanent position in the UN Security Council. And nothing shows that country’s national angst than the fact that it cannot shed the name given by those who invaded and pillaged it.  Indeed that country became what it is (i.e. a country, and one of that size) courtesy of the invader.  That’s a huge psychological handicap to overcome. We understand.

The Joint Statement shows that Sri Lanka’s Minister of External Affairs had positioned himself (and thereby the country) as India’s vassal. There’s no mention of India’s endless wars, crimes against humanity, lack of domestic mechanisms to investigate known crimes against humanity (in Kashmir and elsewhere) and Sri Lanka’s concerns about these followed by India’s commitment to addressing them.

Why should Sri Lanka give guarantees of any kind to India?  Sure, Sri Lanka is not as big as India, has a smaller economy and even though the average standards of living are far superior, Sri Lanka doesn’t have the fire power or the bucks that India can mobilize.  Sri Lanka is a smaller market and therefore cannot use its population statistics as leverage. For example, “ƒ”¹…”we are a huge market, remember!’ is not a flag that can be waved to ward off the would-be de-stabilizer.

Sri Lanka has one thing that India does not, a “ƒ”¹…”one thing’ that has stood us well over the centuries when dealing with invaders.  A sense of dignity.  Whatever is bartered away by politicians, the people recover, sooner or later. Whatever the costs!  The costs, in this case, will most definitely be a major electoral reversal for those who sell out.

Sri Lanka did not become another Bhutan.  It will not.  Where Rajiv Gandhi failed, his wife will not succeed. Where J.R. Jayewardene failed, G.L. Peiris will not succeed.

Twenty seven thousand members of the security forces paid with their lives to defeat the LTTE and keep separatism at bay.  Close to a hundred thousand of our citizens perished in this 30 year long conflict. Sixty thousand were killed in 1988-89 and India helped in that particular “ƒ”¹…”evacuation’ by way of the Indo-Lanka Accord.  We have seen enough blood, courtesy of our neighbor.  They can make us bleed, again and again.  But death comes slowly.  This is something that India should realize. G.L. Peiris too. And of course Mahinda Rajapaksa.

20 Responses to “Some thugs can’t even name themselves…”

  1. mario_perera Says:

    Words of a talented, young, sensitive, far-sighted journalist:
    “Sri Lanka has one thing that India does not, a ‘one thing’ that has stood us well over the centuries when dealing with invaders. A sense of dignity. Whatever is bartered away by politicians, the people recover, sooner or later. Whatever the costs! The costs, in this case, will most definitely be a major electoral reversal for those who sell out.

    Sri Lanka did not become another Bhutan. It will not. Where Rajiv Gandhi failed, his wife will not succeed. Where J.R. Jayewardene failed, G.L. Peiris will not succeed.

    Twenty seven thousand members of the security forces paid with their lives to defeat the LTTE and keep separatism at bay. Close to a hundred thousand of our citizens perished in this 30 year long conflict. Sixty thousand were killed in 1988-89 and India helped in that particular ‘evacuation’ by way of the Indo-Lanka Accord. We have seen enough blood, courtesy of our neighbor. They can make us bleed, again and again. But death comes slowly. This is something that India should realize. G.L. Peiris too. And of course Mahinda Rajapaksa.”

    The final court of appeal against the ‘Rajapakse-Manmohan Singh Pact’ is the Maha Sangha. They defeated the ‘Bandaranayake-Chelvanayagam Pact’ and the ‘Dudley-Chelvanayagam Pact’. The Rajapaske-Manmohan Singh Pact is the most insidious of all. The only body definitively, unshakably, uncompromisingly dedicated to the integrity and sovereignty of Lanka like the one golden thread in the cloudy history of Lanka, full of invasions and machinations internal and external, governmental and foreign has been the Maha Sangha. GLP at the behest of MR has signed the death sentence of Mother Lanka. Yet, thank our destiny, the final word is that of the Maha Sangha. To them the nation appeals: Save Lanka!

  2. Nanda Says:

    Indians are barbaric and uncivilized because of their religion, Hinduism. Unders the banner of “Ahimsa” , hides the crimes, wars of Arjuna, Rama, Ravana, Shiva and endless list of mythical heroes. Indians can only draw aspiration form these animals.
    Mario is right. We should look up to Maha Sangha. They will save Lanka this time.

  3. P. Subasinghe Says:

    What a jem, Malinda … It’s timely … Thank you so much …
    The 13th caravan just started to roll after our neighbourhood thug, India, trying to extract the maximum out of SL waving the Darushman report … Then, there are  professors who genuinely believing in federalism/13th/decentralization  started to travel around the globe spreading the gospel that ‘we, sinhalese, are completely responsible for this mess’ citing various things happened in the past.
    Few of those crimes in the past include ‘Sinhalese as official language’, ‘standardization’ and of course ‘CYRIL MATHEW’ according to yesterday’s DailyNews ( …

    We do not need enemies or thugs to go under, Malinda …
    We do have these so called friendly liberal professors who fish in the trouble waters to get their ’emotional’ ideas to get into mainstream .. But they  point to others about their ’emotional attachment’ …
    If anybody wants to understand what happened in the past, one do not have to go beyond yesterday’s KP’s interview .. Look at what he says .. 
    ” In 1970, the Tamil youth in Sri Lanka were emotionally moving towards a freedom struggle and I am one of them. We lost a lot of Tamil youth in this armed struggle. You see, before independence, (Tamil leader) GG Ponnambalam asked for 50:50 representation for Sinhalese and Tamils in Parliament. Finally, the majority decision came to 55-45. But even then the Tamil party did not agree to this division of Parliament seats. Today, we (Tamils) are at the third stage; The Sinhalese come in the first stage, then Muslims in second stage and Tamils in third stage. So from the possibility of 50:50 representation in Parliament we have been reduced to merely 15 to 20 seats in Parliament.”

    Unfortunately for us, look at the people who are talking to the local LTTE rump, TNA,  regarding a solution to the country’s ethnic problem …
    Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha and Sajin de Vass Gunawardena and Minister G.L. Peiris, Nimal Siripala de Silva …

    Evan dasa maha yodayas can not help SL if MR continue like these …

  4. ranjit Says:

    Dont rush to any conclusions yet.I dont think MR will do a silly thing at this moment and sell our country to Indians as everybody thinks. Yes we should be alert and vigilant of these next door bullies. Not only Maha Sanga we have heros who fought yesterday today and will fight tomorrow even to save our Motherland. We Sinhalese wont back down when it is threatened. we will fight to the end to protect our land and our peoples. Let’s get united on this issue and see how this marraige will effect our Motherland.

    If you allow one Indian to creep-in thousands will swarm like bees in no time that’s their nature. We have to be aware of this danger and act accordingly if not we will have to suffer later on as we know the habits of dirty Indians.
    Maha Sanga always stood up to save our country when ever there’s a danger to our sovereignty and they will do the same if a situation arises in the future without any doubt. Our blessed land cannot be harmed by any evil force as it is protected by Lord Buddha who visted three times and his venerable disciples will act vigorously to save our Motherland if it is thretened. So let’s hope the peace we have now will prevail for many more years to come.

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    Although there is SOME hope, the president has fallen for it. He is advised by the likes of Rajiva Wijesinha and Sajin de Vass Gunawardena and Minister G.L. Peiris, Nimal Siripala de Silva (as Subasinghe mentioned) from within and by the Indians, etc. externally. He thinks we cannot and shouldn’t antagonise India.

    I’m no fan of the Maha Sanga in political matters. But if the Maha Sanga protects SL this time as well, I have no problem.

    India is creating enemies all around it – Pakistan, Kashmir, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Burma and now us. India is a curse.

  6. Dham Says:

    Your last point is a valid one. We should form a cartel with the enemies to tackle the big bully.
    I never liked Gong Pieris after he took part in signing the poo pact. Why Mahinda wants him I dont know.

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    He’s the one who called that Balasingham terrorist, “your excellency” at a time when he refused to call even the SL president by that term! In doing so he assumed Balla to be a HEAD OF STATE. What state?

    He engineered the 18th, 19th, 20th, ….. amendments. They all failed!

    Not sure how complete this story is but the fact remains China has acquired this island in Maldives for military purposes which is a very good thing.

    27 July 2001: China has engineered a manner of a coup by coaxing Maldives’ Abdul Gayoom government to let it establish a base in Marao. Marao is one of the largest of the 1192 coral islands grouped into atolls that comprise Maldives and lies 40 km south of Male, the capital. Coral islands make fine submarine pens. The Peoples’ Liberation Army Navy or PLAN proposes to deploy nuclear submarines fitted with sea-launched Dong Feng-44 missiles and ballistic missiles (SLBMs) in Marao.

    India is already in trouble from everywhere. This base is not targeting the huge US-UK base close by. China is no match for them. But for India it is.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Here is another point of view :
    It would be wise to keep India’s trust in Sri Lanka intact. This is a hard call as there are too many players on the Lankan ground, but Pres.MR is attempting to do just that. We have to put Laws in place re too many Indian (or other) investors coming into Lanka while we keep off illegal migrants from Tamil Nadu. If there are too many foreign investors, a feeling of being overwhelmed & mistrust of GoSL will creep into the Lankan psyche ……

  9. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Many who came from South India now Sinhala speakers like J.R.Jeyawardene clan! They are the coolies of WHITES for centuries. That is why they are barking like dogs. 2000 years Buddhism of Sri Lanka created 1983 and other criminal deeds because those Sinhalese are followers of the barberic Catholic Church!

    Indians try to find a solution but Sinhalese try to find a riot. I think that is the way of PARANGI Buddhism of Sri Lanka!

    India helped to destroy the TAMIL COOLIES of the WEST. Soon India will deal with Sri Lanka’s anti-Indian forces among Sinhalese. Mahinda is aware of the problem and he has no choice except shutting their mouth.

    Malinda thinks Sri Lanka is part of USA without knowing the History or Geography!

  10. ranjit Says:

    Mudali better behave yourself dont insult our religion or Sinhala race. Our Sinhala heros never did coolie jobs for whites or blacks anytime. You better go and lick the Indian asses dont try to teach us what to do you knucklehead. You kallathonis come to our land and now demand half of it you day dreamers will never ever able to see that dream comes true. When we are going to live with our Tamils,Muslims,Burgers and Malays as one family in peace dont poison their heads and start something new for everyone to suffer again.

    You saw no when Indian forces came to take Prabakaran what happened to them? More than thousand were killed like dogs. So dont think we are bhutans. Tell them to come and see you cannot scare us with your dirty mouth. Be careful you have to live without your tounge.

  11. jay-ran Says:

    As Ranjith above says,INDIA IS A CURSE TO SRI LANKA.
    As Lorenzo says that : Not sure how complete this story is but the fact remains China has acquired this island in Maldives for military purposes which is a very good thing.’

    Its a god-send to Asia.All against India should get together to defeat the BULLYING DOG.

  12. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Ranjit, I have observed for a long time, that Mudali is always insulting the sinhala race. He appears to be a racist. He will meet his Waterloo.

  13. ranjit Says:

    I know how to answer this SOB Susantha but I have to respect others in this forum. If one dog barks we shouldnt take it serious. We have seen more dirty dogs than him in the past but we have to warn these garbage not to meddle with our religion and race. Their waterloo is near if they act foolishly as you said. We love peace and to live with all races and freely observe all religions which ever they prefer. We have to live like human beings not as dogs like Mudali.

  14. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Dogs are barking at the moon. They refuse to accept the facts. TRUTH is the essense of Buddha’s message (Do not use abusive language- in the case of language that, when taken in context, tends to or is likely to expose an individual or group or class of individuals to hatred or contempt on the basis of race or religion, the contributor to this forum can be removed without further notice- Editor’s Warning)

  15. aravinda Says:

    Malinda, It is always a pleasure to read your analysis, MS MUdali, your language is very offensive. Please don’t judge people from their religion, race, cast, creed or social strata. We are trying do away with these MAN made boundaries.

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    Indian mythology & epic tales have had their effect on how the ordinary people of India view Sri Lanka. Some Indian leaders may exploit these ideas ingrained in the Indian psyche over thousands of years. There are two stories governing Indian spiritual thinking :

    (1) The Ramayana
    (2) The Mahabharata

    Take first the epic tale of the Ramayana.

    The Ramayana was written about 1,000 yrs BC (about 3,000 yrs ago). This is wonderful tale attempting to teach the pure Dharma (Duty) to the ordinary people of India. It glorifies Rama (Indian) as epitome of the shining Dharma, and demonizes ten-headed Ravana of Lanka – Ravana the learned one, lustful and lacking in wisdom. Turn the map of our region upside down, and Lanka is the Head (thinking apparatus) and India is the body & Heart (all that is good & wholesome) of a person ! Allegorical tales are like that.

    On the whole, taken in the context of those ancient times, the tale had value in imparting the Dharma & order in society. Dharma then meant Duty, Natural order of things & Justice. Dharma was enacted according to a person’s Age, CASTE, Class, Occupation & Gender. It was at that time that the Laws of Manu were also attached to the Hindu religion, giving rise to eternal CASTE SYSTEM & all its attendant present day problems impinging on Sri Lanka via Tamil Nadu, India, forever dictating what a person’s position/station is/was in life, irrespective of that persons natural human dignity & potential. Around the same time, whilst teaching the Dharma (Duty) to the Indians through the Ramayana, the Laws of Manu were also enacted, attached to the Hindu religion itself, to ensure that the Caste System would never be destroyed, creating eternal “institutionalized discrimination” (per Ms Navi Pillai, UNHRC). This is what present day India is facing – the fight against Caste instigated “institutionalized discrimination”, while trying to keep the Hindu religion intact.

    The Ramayana is an allegorical tale, wound around perhaps a real ‘Guru’ called Rama. The existence of a Ten Headed person called Ravana is not possible, and neither is a monkey army headed by Hanuman. Modern day science would not agree with such possibilities. Greece too had such allegorical tales, now brought into the stark light of present times, and dismissed as mere allegorical tales, yet keeping to the essence and lessons in the stories. India has yet to do so.

    In Lanka, the Rama/Sita Trail has been brought in to promote tourism. Is this a wise idea ? It seems to us that it merely reinforces the allegorical tale of the Ramayana which to ordinary people tends to demonize & demean Sri Lanka.

    (2) The Mahabharata, another wonderful tale written after the Ramayana, and spans a period around 800-900 BC. It tells a wider story on the same theme of Dharma (by then called Right Action), and expands into Artha (Purpose), Kama (Pleasure), & Moksha (Liberation). The Mahabharata centre piece is the Bhagavad Gita. In the Bhagavad Gita, the hero warrior Arjuna is on the Battle Field in Kurukshethra (India), and is advised on the Dharma by his charioteer/Guru, Krishna. This too is an allegorical tale on the need of a person to fight the Inner Battle in Life. Fortunately Sri Lanka is left out of this tale.

    It is possible that by the time the Mahabharata was written, the Teachings of the Buddha would have influenced Hindu thinking and the concept of the Inner Battle brought into the story. The Buddha also preached against the Caste System stating in the Vasala Suthra that “a person is high born or low born only through their actions, and not by birth”. We think that perhaps that was the main reason that Buddhism did not flourish in India. Buddhism does not promote aggressiveness. Buddhism promotes clarity of thought & vision, to see people & events in their true Nature.

    It may be a good idea to analyse the ‘supernormal’ aspects of all the popular religions, and accept only what is true.

    The above written with no intent to hurt anyone.

  17. Nanda Says:

    You are correct.
    This is why Hinduism is the greatest threat to Buddhism, compared to other religions. They have borrowed the good but still lives according to the mythical stupidity. India can never develop like China. They have no values now. They kill each other to make money. Although money minded Chinese still have some values from confuscism and Buddhism.

  18. ranjit Says:

    I agree with Nanda. Hindus are fanatics like Mudali,They act like devils and destroy other religions shrines and harass and kill non Hindus like maniacs. Buddhism teaches all good things peace love and goodwill to others. Hindu teaches the same but not your kind extreme hinduism like shiva sena. Those Sinhala traitors you mentioned Mudali were poiliticians nothing to do with Buddhism.Buddhism is a great religion belived by millions all over the world so dont try to mix politics and religion together.
    India cannot influence us for anything.We have a proud record for 2600 years of Buddhism and buddhist culture. See around the world how Buddhist countries prosper and live peacefully not like hindus who live like beggars in every corner of the world. We have to stop Indian hindus come to our land like bees nowadays.They enter first like saints and later on they dirty the whole place. See how many living without neccessity basics in India.These greedy Hindus cheat the population with their bogus promises and treat other religions and peoples like second class. Mudali is a third class hindu fanatic who lives in a dream of his own.

  19. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Ranjit ! I see that MSM has been warned by the Editor. If he cannot abstain from abusing race and religion, I believe he will be dealt with.

  20. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Ranjit writes “Hindus are fanatics”. How is this editor?
    You agree?

    Your ideas are good and fair but many simply abuse others for the only reason, they are TAMIL and Hindu.

    If LankaWeb is run by Christians for the benefit of Christians, I will stop reading it.

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