Terrorist-Propaganda Exposed:Channel4 and Ofcom Owe an Explanation to Sri Lanka and Her Citizens
Posted on June 30th, 2011

By L. B. Wasantha (USA)

A group called the ‘Sri Lanka Almanac Vidhyuth Koshaya’ has presented the unedited version of the UK Channel-4’s “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields”, of which the broadcast has caused much international decry and condemnation against Sri Lanka.

As appeared first in LankaWeb, the Facebook post http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150208292415642&oid=127743420642303&comments
, by the Sri Lanka Almanac, has caused serious consternation regarding the propagation of fabricated mass-media against Sri Lanka by terrorist-funded media sources.

Importantly, the Facebook video choreographs, in perfect unison, to the voices in the background: And, all dialogs are in Tamil, the native-language of the terrorist outfit, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (1). Translating from the Tamil dialog in the video, the group describes some parts of the dialog video-recorded during the apparent shootings of “POW’s”: The person who orders the apparent killings in the video says, “Blindfold”, “Bring the next man” “Remove the boots” and, “Are you taking the photos?” (2), all in the Tamil language.

The description accompanying the video further states that modification of the original video was conducted by a group called ‘Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka’ (JDS), which has a registered address in Berlin, Germany: ( http://jdsrilanka.blogspot.com/ ). Further, the Sri Lanka Almanac questions whether these “ƒ”¹…”killings’ were in fact staged for propaganda purposes for the terror-group during their last days of defeat.

In an article that appeared in The Asian Tribune titled “Is British Broadcasting Getting Funds From Terror Groups?” (3), Dr. Siri Hewavitharana, former Head of Cisco’s Global Broadcast and Digital Video Division and a world-authority in video analysis, has provided evidence that the video in question was filmed through a high-quality recorder, and that they could not have been filmed from “cell phones by soldiers“ as claimed by Channel-4. Further, Mr. Hewavitharana states that the video shown by Channel-4 has been digitally altered with fake stills, and some parts have been digitally “ƒ”¹…”paint-brushed’ to include the appearance of large amounts of blood around “ƒ”¹…”dead bodies’.

 In the Facebook post, Sri Lanka Almanac questions whether the “ƒ”¹…”shooting of prisoners’ had actually been a staged-scene for terrorist propaganda, or that the people shown shot were actually Sri Lankan soldiers (with the terrorists donning the uniforms of the disrobed soldiers). (Tamil terrorists are well-known for their deceptions to gain sympathy and support, and have been exposed many a time publishing staged-scenes or fake material in their propaganda).

Sri Lankans, be it peace-loving Tamils or Sinhalese or Muslims or Burghers etc, need to be much concerned about these attacks against Her sovereignty. Already, concerned Sri Lankans have submitted many complaints regarding this “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” with Ofcom (the Independent Regulator and Competition Authority for the UK Communications Industries).

With the unedited video for all to see, Sri Lankans, who are now enjoying peace, love and prosperity after thirty years of manic terrorism, are more-than-due an investigation (and subsequent explanation) by Ofcom, the Media-Regulatory Authority of the United Kingdom, for the defamation of their country by the UK’s Channel-4: Sri Lanka, after all, is trying best to recover and reconcile after the elimination of thirty years of terrorism that had caused indescribable damage to the country.


1. Sri Lankan armed forces consist mainly of the majority Sinhalese, who do not fluently speak the Tamil language of the terror-group, the LTTE.

2. In Sri Lanka, both Sinhalese and Tamil languages usually address any capture through camera or video as “photo-taking” during casual communication.

3. The Asian Tribune article ” Is British Broadcasting Getting Funds From Terror Groups?”, can be found at:



32 Responses to “Terrorist-Propaganda Exposed:Channel4 and Ofcom Owe an Explanation to Sri Lanka and Her Citizens”

  1. jayt Says:

    what ever it is, today Sinhalese are people with empty hand. Do not know how to counter. Last week or two, they came up with several tricks that excellently worked with Pres. Rajapakse. One trick is video. Trick 2 is directing tiger in new York to lay charges against precedent. Trick 3 is American threatening Sri lanka. All these trick have worked well and Sri lanka govt is co operating with them plus there is a duplicity with Sri lanka government. and Sinhalese; they say they do not want Tigers programs, but at the same time, they are complaining to western tigers supporters saying why are you attacking us, why not you “loving international community” come and help. So, they next things. Tigers supporters in Canada and elsewhere celebrate endless jubilant and go sign agreement with Sri lanka government. This is the exactly story of “Fox and Crow”. Sinhalese are well known Crow in the World.

  2. Vis8 Says:

    The person who orders the killings says “remove the boots”….. Tamil terrorists did not have any boots. It must be Sri Lankan soldiers who were shot. The terrorists must have donned the uniforms of the disrobed soldiers to pose for the video.

    Karma has it’s own way of giving due returns during the least desired moments (that is, for the LTTE-terror-supporters) :)

    Whoever found this original video :Your efforts are greatly appreciated by all peace-loving Sri Lankans (Tamil, Muslim and Sinhalese, Burgher, Malay, etc), who are finally enjoying peace and prosperity in Sri Lanka. Thank You!!!!!

  3. Vis8 Says:

    Dear Jayt, Just take look at the unedited video before Crowing your terror-agenda?

    Tamil terrorists have been caught with their pants down. Sri Lanka should take the terror-media channel-4 to the courts.

  4. jayt Says:

    I did not compare all the Sinhalese to a crow, but there are some group of Sinhalese who can be easily tricked. This has to be with Sinhalese knowledge. Sinhalese are still mising the knowledge.

  5. jayt Says:

    I did not compare all the Sinhalese to a crow, but there are some group of Sinhalese who can be easily tricked.

  6. devamitta Says:

    Why not let this origional video be analized and commented by experts of international fame and them bring this c4 to court? Sue their pants of so they cant play this game anymore! a disgusting lot which is known to fake all kind of footage! There must be a way to do so! international press org. etc. etc. They are always used against Lanka, lets try to use them now against this c4 frauds!

  7. Sarath W Says:

    Jayt,you are right. Some Sinhalese could be easily tricked, and that’s what the Tamils did for so long. You cheated at exams and got to universities and with the help of Tamil lectures cheated again and became doctors, engineers etc and got the best jobs.You guys even did this in England.You guys did all sorts of scams like credit card frauds in your adopted countries to collect money for the “so called tigers” who died like dogs.You thought your “so called armies” cannot be defeated. You fooled so many foreigners and continue to do so. But you guys can not fool the Sinhalese any more.That is why you guys are so bitter now.

  8. S de Silva Says:

    Ladies & Gents – You nice people on Lakaweb, we have had enough said on this video so, instead, please do something now to achieve a positive result like having the CH4 fined and prohibited from broadcasting this video in the future. Please stop this thing about seeking a mere apology. What is needed is a thorough hammering for CH4!
    And that includes TWO things: (a) Individually complain* to http://www.ofcom.org.uk the broadcast regulator in the UK that sets out the standards to which CH4 has to stick to and ask them to investigate,and, (b) pursuade the GoSL (Foreign Office in Colombo and the High Commission in London to complain to ofcom AND file fo action in UK for libel for a substantial sum as compensation. Everything else, including protests opposite the offices of CH4 while ‘satisfying’ is simply letting off the just anger of the people and nothing more!

    *briefly the basis of the complaint should be (a) failure to be impartial, (b) failure to be accurate and (c) giving Undue Prominence of Views and Opinions-visit the ofcom website for details.- London

  9. AnuD Says:

    Recently, AnandaSangaree said to the public Radio, their first call for separate state when they were the opposition was just a leg -pulling of the govt and a manipulation tactic which was taken serious by LTTE.

    A few days before, SL president said, that TNA does not have one set of proposals and they change what they want day by day. therefore, he handed that over to the parlaiment.

    The problem is when there is this kind of manipualtion country’s resources are focused on tamils and can not concentrate on other things.

    We need to get over this head ache and think about other important things.

  10. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    I saw the unedited version of Ch-4 video, now released on internet. I can’t understand what was spoken in Tamil by the killers, but this explains why the Ch-4 is refusing to give a copy of the original they used. They seem to be guilty of doctoring the video by rubbing off Tamil comments and trying to dub it with comments in Sinhala. However, what really angers me is that the terrorists having donned the uniforms of the captured soldiers and then shot them in cold blood, obviously to deceive the naive international community who wouldn’t imagine of such a gruesome crime by anybody. This has been standard practice of the LTTE terrorists and only SriLankans understand the fraud in the video. Therefore, I fault the Govt of SL for not acting fast to show and explain the original to all those who have pointed the finger at the SL security forces, when in fact they were the victims of this gruesome act of the LTTE. For the LTTE, torturing and killing captured people was nothing.

  11. sanjeewa Says:

    A portion of the same video was published by Agence France-Presse last year. It also has the Tamil audio and importantly they say that they were handed this by JDS (i.e the “original” source, who gave it to CH4 as well). You can see it on AFP’s Youtube channel:


    See the banner at 0m03s.

  12. gamunu6 Says:

    Dear L.B. Wasantha! Very impressed by ur timely letter. It is persons like you who should get together with other like minded people, and counter lies & damn lies by EVIL DOERS as George W. Bush stated.

    I am in Canada, but often visit USA as my small BIZ is registered in WA & MT states. T have contacted Prof: Shelton Gunaratna from Moorhead University-MN and WINDSOR University in Windsor, Canada to gather all Sri Lankans who love their Motherland to write, organise to counter these undesirables seeking sympathy AFTER distructing their motherland.

    Thanks again & keep us informed of your writing & postings.

    May Triple Gems gurad you from all evils & evildoers………..Gamunu Alahakkone

  13. jayt Says:

    dear gamunu6,

    This is what I was looking for. how about organize your idea in Montreal. Montreal is excellent location, convenient place. and best city in north America. I am not a professional but I give all backing in many field as I said before. This is a great opportunity to discover what is missing and put the foundation for future. There is lot of business opportunities and can start with buying a small real estate property with a small business in it and can use it for meeting too. Necessary funding can be established for it. And if Sinhalese want the future protection, now Sinhalese have to start. There is no guns or bombs involved here. Everything is done according to rules of law.

  14. Vis8 Says:

    Dear Mr. Sooriyaarachchi, in defense of the SL Govt, I am pretty sure they did not have the original video, but one taped by an expatriate during a foreign broadcast. But, you are right, they are very slow. They are ignoring the West because they have China and Russia. And its is the Sri Lankan expatriates who have to suffer this harassment and humiliation by the ltte-rump. But, there are groups of expatriates all over the world who are working tirelessly to safeguard Sri Lanka. All peace-loving expatriates should come together to help these patriotic-groups achieve their goals.

  15. Vis8 Says:

    Dear Jayt: Still in denial?????????????? Hard to take the truth????

  16. jayt Says:

    dear Vis8,
    i have nothing done wrong. may be misunderstanding. let’s meet to clear everything out

  17. SonOflanka Says:

    Give nothing is the best answer for this question till the Channel 4 proves its allegations.

  18. AnuD Says:

    Does any one know who had this original video in his/her pocession. He/They may be able to say who brought it overseas, whether those LTTE cadres, who shot the Sri Lankan soldiers, are alive. If the movie is shot by by the so-called truth tigers where those cadres are. Probably it may be the Tamil Colonel woman LTTE cader who is working in the channel 4 may have bought it overseas. Sometimes, that famel Dr. Vanniya.. (who was helping LTTE – hospitals) also may have brought some.

  19. Fran Diaz Says:

    Channel-4 owners (ITN group) will only understand the Language of the Law and must be defeated in Courts. We MUST SUE CH-4 to get lasting results to show the truth to the international community and regain the self respect of all peace loving Sri Lankans, whatever community. The sooner this is done, the better.
    We thank all writers who exposed the truth about Ch-4 and their lies, cheat & deceit.

    Yes, the Sinhala people on the whole have been very trusting of deceitful people. But, all that is in the PAST. We are no longer the naive, innocent sweeties – so watch it !

  20. jayt Says:

    nothing will happen and nobody will know the real truth about Sri lanka war until a world court stablish in Sri lanka and begin hear about it. Once start the hearing, it will bring a big relief to billions of poeople on earcth who suffering from many kinds of wars and western public who seeking the truth about mesteries affares as well because Sri lanka war linked to everything and every country affairs. Everybody benifit from this hearing in defferen way; Sri lanka will benefit from it, India will, Pakistan will, China will, Middleast will, Russia will, Africa will Canada, US, Europe will and generallly all children in the world who lost their parents will and all prents who lost their children inluding Western parents who lost their children for the wars will. This will bring a bigger revolutionary changes to the world.
    A world court can be establish within a month or two; just need some people to get Sri lanka politician to initiate it.

  21. jayt Says:

    America was generally friendly to sri lanka and on other hand sri lanka ws not against anybody. for this video, sri lanka for sure do not know who made it. guessing is no good, have to have mechanism
    to find out the truth

  22. Rohan8 Says:

    Yes Fran Sri Lanka would have defeated the terrorist menace of the LTTE sooner had the Sinhala people wised up sooner to the deceitful people in the world. Many of them centred at world bodies like the UN etc. Time to take all these deceitful people to court. So like you said Fran to those deceitful people in the UN to like you said watch it!

  23. jayt Says:

    Theses deceitfulness people are from Canada, US and most them are from Europe. And there are others who are working for bribes. They are made up of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Muslims from Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Gulf states, Africa , America, Canada, Europe and other part of the world. All these people do not only work for UN but various orgs. and news papers around the world. The Muslim who works for them are working against will of Muslim of the world. However, some Islamic government too may read the western propaganda because they control their economy.
    Taking a legal action against them is possible. Take one to a court in Canada, US or Europe, the truth
    will come out and the end of UN will follow.
    Two lawyers from Canada and US asked me “why are you guys are waiting? lack of money? lack of organisation? you guys give us the job and will clean up not only whole West but the world”.

  24. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Sri Lankans who love to see the Truth emerge in any event : run with it, you can’t lose ! The very forces of Nature/God are with you.

  25. jayt Says:

    If any case, if Sri lanka hearing take place in any Western country, public will be shock of something that they never discover without a any hearing; one thing I know is public will regret and apologized to us of not taking any action against Tiger supporters. Second, there will be a great public backlash against Western politician and great chaos and turmoil will take place in North America and Europe.

  26. dhane Says:

    LTTE was very famous for filming most of their actions. This unedited video could be LTTE killing of 600 surrendered Police Office during president Premadsa’s period. In that case Karuna may know more truth about this Video. Its worth while investigating more to this Video and more to come out in future. Make arragment to show all videos to UN Secretary & his 3 member panel to re-write their report.

  27. Fran Diaz Says:

    It is not only through Ch-4 etc. that cheat & deceit is taking place, it is also through trumped up news that the SL Navy is killing Tamil Nadu fishermen. The latest canard is that some 14 fishermen from TN had been arrested by the SL Navy and were let go when the Indian Navy approached the area. All Sri Lankans who care about Lanka should double check such news items and lodge their protests. This type of building up of lies is to sway public opinion in India & the west against Sri Lanka.

    You can see that the SL Army is attacked through the Ch-4 type of media whilst the SL Navy is attacked through the Tamil Nadu and other Indian newspapers.

    Get savvy Sri Lankans ! Get smart ! Double check news items that are written against Sri Lanka and lodge your protests.

  28. Marco Says:

    Rajiva Wijesinghe on HARD TALK

    Is he changing the story?

    see for yourself:


  29. Fran Diaz Says:

    Here is a list of videos showing up the Ch-4 fake videos, compiled by “DeMel” published in the Asian Tribune. Please cut & paste each web address on the search site.

    The debate on Hard Talk with Rajiva Wijesinghe (#9 in this list) is very good. Rajiva presents facts as they truly are on the last war with the ltte whilst clearing the good name/intent of the armed forces of Lanka.

    A Compilation of Videos Saying Channel 4 Video is a Fake :

    1. Original killing Fields Video with Tamil Voices

    2. This analysis shows that the Sinhala soundtrack in the channel 4 video was dubbed. If a similar analysis shows that the Tamil soundtrack is not dubbed, we have excellent evidence to prove that the Sinhala voices have been dubbed by pro-LTTE sympathisers.

    3. These are other reviews of Sri Lanka’s killing fields aired by Channel 4.

    4. Analysis of Channel 4 Videos by Siri Hewawitharana

    4 Jun 2010 – On 25 August 2009
    13 Jun 2011

    5. An expert committee has been appointed to investigate into the Channel 4 video

    6. Analysis by Shavendra de Silva during Question Time

    7. Interview with Palitha Kohona on Channel 4

    8. Interview with Rajiva Wijesinghe

    9. HardTalk: 05.07.11- with Rajiva Wijesighe

  30. Fran Diaz Says:

    The original video with Tamil voices in website of the Facebook post http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150208292415642&oid=127743420642303&comments (as shown by Mr Wasantha in his article), HAS BEEN REMOVED.

    What is going on ?

  31. Vis8 Says:

    Fran Diaz, As I understand, the original video has been obtained from the person who posted the facebook article by GoSL. In fact Sri Lankan TV aired the unedited, original version. The original video also has been shown to diplomats in Sri Lanka.

  32. Fran Diaz Says:

    Vis8: I don’t see why the video had to be removed from Facebook even if it was given to GoSL. Once copied into the Facebook, that copy ought to have remained there, isn’t it ?

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