Posted on July 3rd, 2011

Ranjit Wickremeratne

“Sorry” is the word those western hypocrits use when ever they kill innocent civillians or innocent children. Every child is a child whether the child of a terrorist or of a president.These are all innocent human beings who doesnt know anything about war or peace. Why they kill innocent children? why dont they have any heart for these innocents. What kind of Animals are these western gun trotting gansters America, British and Nato? Dont they have any pity for these tiny little sleeping angels who die in their sleep when these cowards putting their heavy bombs on to them day and night in Libiya? How many children these evil empires kill daily in Afgansitan,Pakistan,Libiya and other places around the world? Why no human rights for them? How can they go scott free after doing so many atrocities around the world? These questions should be asked by all peace loving nations? Nobody should be allowed to rule the world by gun? When the countries seeking peace to live as human beings these rich terrorist countries play havoc with the small countries around the world.
They create disturbances in countries to rob the rich resourcers or to sell their war machines. What they were doing in Libiya is daylight roberry. Nobody should believe in those western rich countries. Check what they did to President Hussney Mubarak? He was a friend and a democrat for thirty years. They enjoyed every bit of his hospitality during those years and suddenly they dumped him like garbage at the end. Now he is a dictator,thief and a no good person. They do the same to Gadaffi also. They entertained him in their countries and gave their women to him and enjoyed with his money and suddenly he was an evil man. Just imagine of these hypocrits? Why Somalia has become a terrorist heaven? because of America. They went there and got humilated and they left without helping that country so now terrorists are ruling and nobody is helping those poor people. No country has the will power to stand aganist these evil empires but they will be punsihed by nature someday for their crimes aginst humanity.
This guy Obama is talking about Israel children and their children. He wants to achieve peace in the middle east to stop missiles falling on Israel sent by Hamas and other terrorist groups but he never speaks about Isreal high handed tactics against the poor Palastine people attacking them with full force and killing innocent civillians and destroying their livelyhoods. How many were killed in recent Gza offensive by Israel and did UN or any human rights organization took any action against those who did those crimes? In his first year Obama got the nobel peacce prize. How he got that nobody knows. What were the qualification for him to get that while so many leaders were there who was well qualified for that prestige prize. For example our own President was there who eliminated thirty years of terrorism and others who deserves more than Obama.
They are catagorizing regimes around the world for their own benefit. They themselves label countries as terrorist regimes,failed regimes,friendly regimes etc. Because of sole super power can they do anthing they like as they please? Why other powerful nations like Russia,China,Brazil,India get together and say enough is enough to these evil western countries if not they will destroy all the peace loving beautiful countries around the world.
America and England are the breeders of terrorism. Most of the terrorist leaders were product of America. They finance them and allow them to stay in their countries. How many have been given sanctuary in their own countries. Every coward and traitor runs to them and ask for asylum when they are in danger in their own countries. Next miniute they changed and attack the one who gave them sanctuary. They breed and they themselves get attacked because terrorist and terrorism are their make.
The whole world is suffering because of terrorism now a days. UN and all other organizations were stormed by terrorists or terrorists sympathizers. They know how to get their services. These terrorists pay them well and protected that’s why they are not afraid to do anything. Does Human rights call for any terrorist leaders head or terror organization for what they are doing to this peaceful world? How many innocent civillians killed daily by these terrorists in Pakistan,Afganistan,Iraq,Libiya,Palstine,Lebanon etc?  Piracy in Somalia why cant these powerful forces destroy them completely. Dont they have any means or guts to go behind them and destroy them? Why Governments pay huge amount of ransom to these pirates with AK 47. There’s something behind these maybe America is involved in piracy? How we know the truth? Why Mr.Obama and other evil leaders like Cameron and Sarkozy go behind pirates and destroy their dens? If you allow Terrorists,bandits,pirates,drug lords to roam around the world like they do now what will happen to this world in the future? Where is the peace all talking about? Stop all wars,Stop killing innocent children, stop piracy,drugs and all evil things rather than supporting it. America is involved in most of the problems in the world and nobody can deny that. They dont allow innocent small countries like us to survive.They create unneccessary disturbances and make people suffer. Our leaders dont dance according to their tunes that’s the reason for unneccessary harasments.
We have our own traitors who run to them and ask to punish us for bringing peace to the country. UNP and JVP cowards who doesnt have any love to our Motherland give false information in world forums and try to bring unneccassry hardships to our country and to it’s people. They deserve punishment as per our laws for treason. They are the ones who is helping those evil empires to create unneccessary tension in the world. We need to stand up together. Unity is the key at this hour. I hope Russia and China will come up to help small nations like us from evil western countries who bullies and kill innocents.
Respect every child and every human being. Stop massacreing and destroying nations. Human rights should be eligeble to every nation and every terrorists because they kill in cold blood men,women and Children. Human rights should be equal to everyone and everyone should respect human rights. Mr.Obama you lead this world for peace as you got the Nobel peace prize then only people will respct you and your policies without being a terrorist or terrorist sympathyzer. Love all the children of the world the same way you love your own children. Chose between heaven and hell and rule the world. Heaven with angels and hell with fire.Dont play with fire MR.OBAMA.
EVERYHUMAN BEING NEEDS PEACE NOT WAR. Spend money to feed the world not to destroy the world. Keep up you motto ” YES WE CAN”
God Bless the world.


  1. jayt Says:

    Pakistan deserve our help to get out this great tragic. Pakistan people and security forces have to work together to improve security.Also they have to be vigilant, united and have to work toward political unity.

  2. Sri Rohana Says:

    Ranjith it is great and nice article. But we cannot expect justice from Satan. Anglo American and European cruel nations destroyed this world since 15th century onward. The cruelty is part and partial of their life and had gone to their DNA. For them it is difficult to get rid of cruelty similar to a fish cannot get rid of water.
    After 2nd European barbarian war they were changed the pattern of war towards developing nations. Ever since 1945 still there is no sign of stopping their greedy wars on Asia, Africa and Latin America. Korea, Vietnam, Egypt, Laos, Cambodia, Cuba, Algeria, Nicaragua, Angola, Grenada, Chile, Argentina, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya etc are few examples.
    When are they going to stop this? No body knows only CIA, MI 6 only knows. Either democrats or republican comes or labor or conservatives comes this war against other nations continues.

  3. jay-ran Says:

    Yes Ranjit,’but they will be punsihed by nature someday for their crimes aginst humanity.”

    This is the gospel truth of LAW OF NATURAL JUSTICE!!!

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