Thanks for Snagas leadership- but he should have gone further.
Posted on July 9th, 2011


Many critics are sceptical about Sangakkaras speech at MCC that it would aversely affect defence of C4 allegations. But to any sensible person, his clear and precise explanation of horrors of LTTE terrorism to a British audience is timely and honest. He also paid his tribute to our real heroes, the humble soldiers, without whom cricket would have been impossible during the past 40 years. The very heart of C4 allegations is to discredit our boys who won a difficult, if not impossible war with minimum brutality and causalities to general public, which then can be used to provide leverage for an Electronic Eelaam. So, many thanks and I pay my tribute to Sangakkara.

Critics cry for many reasons. To some, his correct English is unbearable and some think of him as a Colombian from Kandy. But to me, he spoke of the truth and then on the on going truth of the trouble created by Pandam Karayos who play cricket. In this aspect, I suppose, he should have gone further.

Corruption cannot be maintained by one side. There should be givers as well as receivers. This is why bribing as well as receiving bribes is an offence. Bribing, when neglected for long time, will surely become a national habit or a way of life , as it is in Indonesia, India, China, Malaysia, and many western countries such as UK, Australia and USA although white racists in these countries blame only the under-developed nations.

We seldom like to blame the politicians and cricket officials, which is fair, but we should also show our displeasure to the Pandam Cricketers strongly. It is not a secret that the politicians are mostly corrupt but Sangakkara did not blame politician alone. He was rightly targeting the officials who are the middle men and often culprits themselves. But Sangakkara did not pay too much attention to his fellow Pandamsekaras, Pandambis , Pandamsilvas , Padamsuriyas and who play a vital role in ruining cricket.

I would like to highlight the meaningless sudden selection of Jayasuriya to England, just to play two matches and retire. What a dirty and childish act which invariably provided ammunition critics of Mother Lanka ? We can easily and rightfully blame the selectors , officials and Mahinda Rajapakse for everything. But why not pay attention to the real culprits. They deprive young players of getting valuable experience, they have to be given higher order batting or bowling and captain usually cannot manage this nonsense. They are the main culprits as they contribute towards ruining of cricket in many ways and also help to award the win to the opposition and make them stronger than ever.

I would also like to take this opportunity to highlight the match played yesterday. Kulasekara played in every match. He was economical at times but he was always and he will always provide batting practice to opening batsmen. He was totally useless in West Indies – Sri Lanka test series in Sri Lanka and was the main culprit giving batting practice to brutal Chris Gale who was easily tamed by young Suranga Lakmal. Kulasekara also contributed generously towards recent world cup defeat. Yet he became Siri Lankas preferred fast bowler at 78 Mph. Dhammika Prasad was the bowler who surprised the opening batsmen who were allowed to set well by Dilshan, Malinga and Kulasekara. I do not want to blame Malinga as he is usually effective in death overs and he is not a Pandambi by any standard. He is a wicket taking bowler despite getting hammered sometimes. Only problem was he did not have much energy left after IPL participation to earn some bucks. Despite having a run (waste) rate of 7 per over Kula was given another over and Dhammika with rate of 4 was discriminated with only 6 overs bowled. Why did Dilshan did this despite his own bowling debacle at the beginning of the match ? Sometime we cannot blame the captain alone as he may well be under instructions.

We hope Dilshan will stand up to the challenge and be a real leader, rather than a looser saying yes to keep the captaincy. Sangakkara should have paid some tribute to Pandamas as well as cricket official and politicians, at Lords. I am hopeful that he will never become a betrayer of the calibre of Arjuna Ranatunga by joining the Master Betrayer, Fonseka.

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  1. Naram Says:

    In the cricketing world as in in any other sport pointing fingers only a fool would getinto the art of pointing fingers.
    If Chandimal failed our poorly informed writer would put him as another in the the dreded P class.
    Biggest temptation for the cricketers in the last year was IPL bonanza; the mega payment came with a huge demand for time and energy which took away what is available for team building at for the national side. It was a great opportunity for younger players to watch the likes of Chris Gale particularly for INdian home sides. But we saw a Sri Lankan team that was not quite functioning, ready for the lively pitches, swing and seam alongside the wintry gales in Cardiff.

  2. Nanda Says:

    One thing for sure is Kulasekara got a lot of political or power backing and little speed to trouble any batsman. I have to agree that he should stop harming our cricket by using his power.
    I don’t think any one in this world will put Chandimal in the “P” category at the moment. He is a rising star, young and confidenet. Even if he got many zeroes you can see his talent.

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