Killer in Paradise? Really?!? While Norway has a history of supporting suicide terrorists?
Posted on July 23rd, 2011

Alastair Reynard

Reports by the research organization Norwegians Against Terror (NAT) have claimed that many Sri Lankan Tamils, including LTTE terrorist cadres, were able to come to Norway on documents and passports bought from corrupt employees of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry. NAT has also shown that the Norwegian Foreign Ministry and the Oslo Municipality have given millions to the LTTE terrorists through front organizations, notably the TRO (Tamil Rehabilitation Organization).

TRO is a well know front for the Tamil terrorists!!!

Others have attributed Norwegian involvement in Sri Lanka and support for the Tamil separatist cause to Norwegian politicians’ interest in gaining the votes of the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora in Norway, providing job opportunities for professionals in the significant Norwegian ‘peace industry’, and business for the Norwegian oil industry. Some critics have suspected that Norway may want control over the marine and off-shore mineral resources in Sri Lanka’s north and east after the establishment of a separate state (through terrorism!).

NAT claims that the Norwegian government increased aid to the LTTE terrorists while LTTE’s CFA violations were soaring, that it failed to stop LTTE fundraising in Norway, and continued funding LTTE front organizations in Norway and some LTTE-friendly individuals and organizations including politicians, journalists, and journalist organizations in Sri Lanka among others. It says that Norway arranged and paid for LTTE propaganda trips and lobbied against terrorist listing of the LTTE in the European Union. NAT has questioned the statement of Erik Solheim that ‘the LTTE will never be classified as a terrorist organization by Norway’. NAT has also charged that Norwegian military support and intelligence has been given to the LTTE terrorists, including a tour for a LTTE delegation to Norwegian Special Forces training camp in Rena, Norway. According to the IPS news service, former members of the Norwegian Special Forces allegedly provided military training to Tamil Tigers in Thailand, which has become a nerve center of the LTTE terrorist’s international network.

The US cable at issue leaked by Wikileaks reveals that the then Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) chief Tryggve Teleffensen admitted in a conversation with US Ambassador in Colombo at that time that the SLMM had helped an LTTE terrorist arms ship to escape the Sri Lanka Navy. The then President Chandrika Kumaratunga accused Teleffensen and the SLMM of having helped that vessel flee. Subsequently, the Norwegians helped the Tamil terrorists smuggle shiploads of arms into Sri Lanka. This resulted in one of the most vicious bloodbaths the island has ever seen. Norwegians Against Terrorism (NAT) has revealed massive amounts of funding for LTTE front organizations in Norway. In just one year, TRO (a globally recognized front for the Tamil Tiger terrorists) had received 15 million NOK (2.2 million U.S. dollars). Later, Norwegian Foreign Ministry agency Norad hid payments made to the LTTE terrorist by removing them from the unrestricted payments list.

Norwegian Tellefsen had also proposed treating the Sea Tigers terrorists and Sri Lankan Navy as equals by allocating sea lanes to the LTTE in violation of Sri Lanka’s territorial rights. Tellefsen’s successor, General Furuhovde, was also accused of helping cover up LTTE crimes by attributing them to an ‘unknown third party in stolen uniform’. The Norwegian Ambassador in Sri Lanka at the time, John Westborg, was also charged with providing six tons of sensitive radio transmission equipment to the LTTE, as revealed in a taped phone conversation with an LTTE leader. According to intelligence sources, the equipment was to be used in tracking phone conversations and locations and elimination of political opponents.

Let’s get the facts straight here: Norway is directly assisting terrorists commit mass murder and get away with it. The question is: how come the press does not discuss this? Are some above the law and press scrutiny?

NAT has recommended that Sri Lankan victims of terrorism sue Norway for funding and supporting the LTTE, just as families of Lockerbie victims sued Libya for supporting terrorism.


Alastair Reynard

3 Responses to “Killer in Paradise? Really?!? While Norway has a history of supporting suicide terrorists?”

  1. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    By funding and training Tigers who committed gruesome crimes in SriLanka and giving them refuge to escape prosecution, Norway has brought upon itself the culture of terrorism. It is time Norway asked for forgiveness from the people of SriLanka for the crimes committed by the Tiger Terrorists and at least now charge the Tiger groups for the crimes committed. Though the massacre of innocents in Norway should be roundly condemned, I hope it will make the leaders in Norway realise the gravity of suffering such acts can cause and how helpless a Govt is when dealing with acts of terrorism.

  2. AnuD Says:

    I understnad the sadness of the people who are suffering because of this act.

    but, for the Norwegian politicians who supported and tolerated Tamil – Suicide bombings and killings for 30 years, what a surpirse.

    Ditta dhamma vedaniya kamma.

  3. aravinda Says:

    Our hearts go out to those innocents mauled down in Norway, as ones who suffered know the suffering of others. Having said that, I must mention the GOOD BOOK in passing.

    The Bible says, in Matthew 7.12,

    ” So whatever you wish that others do to you,
    do also to them,
    for this is the Law and the Prophets”

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