Posted on July 23rd, 2011

F. Rovik Retired crusader against terrorism

Friday 22nd July 2011 will be remembered in Norwegian history as one our worst tragedies. During my years working for NAT I could say to the Norwegian Government ?we told you so? to the Norwegian politicians. Instead I am very sad we were not able to communicate to Norwegian politicians about the dangers of providing a safe haven for terrorist and fund terrorists.

Norwegian nationalists hate the Norwegian foreign policy and mismanagement of Norway?s huge oil wealth. Nationalist are in all political parties and most of them are use peaceful methods to get their views known. Nationalist have the opinion the wealth should be used to help the Norwegian poor, sick and retired, instead of buying positions for Norwegian politicians in the UN and other international organizations. During my work in NAT we were approached by many weirdoes and extremist, some of them where Nationalists. We told them to solve the problems using a word processor instead of using guns and bombs.

The terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik is a 32 year old Norwegian Nationalist. He is a member of the Norwegian Free Masonry order at the Johannes Chapter. He has anti-Islamic views. He had police permit to have guns and legally was in the possession of a Glock pistol, shotgun and a rifle. His military background is limited to the mandatory 12 month service that all Norwegian males have to do.

Through his company GEOFARM he had access to huge amounts of fertilizer that is likely to have been used in the bomb targeting the Norwegian Prime minister office.

The motive seems to be political and his frustration of the Norwegian Left-Wing Government alleged mismanagement of Norway. The terrorist attack is not done in insanity, but a carefully planned act of terrorism. He has no excuse for committing this atrocity against innocent people.

For the Norwegians the Norwegian terrorist attacks are a wake-up call. Now they know what terror is. Even though the terror only lasted for one day, they should get some idea of what life has been for the Sri Lankan?s who have lived with the Norwegian supported LTTE terrorism for more than 25 years.

What can Norway learn from this tragic act of terrorism and how can we avoid it to happen again?

Norway should stop providing a safe haven for terrorist and war criminals. We should respect to people, nations and religions. Why do we need to see cartons of the Prophet Muhammad when we now this offend a lot of Muslims? Norway must stop acting as they have monopoly on common sense and involve themselves in every conflict and war in nations where we are clueless of the origin of the conflict. The Norwegian politicians should respect human rights; stop doing the opposite of their election promises to the poor and needy. The time is long overdue to issue a complete apology to the people of Sri Lanka and other Nations where Norwegian funds have been used to prolong or create conflicts. Why can we not use some of our wealth to compensate for the damages we have done in foreign countries instead of using our money to bomb Libya back to the Stone Age?

My condolences goes to the all the victims and their families of these horrific acts of terrorism.

F. Rovik

Retired crusader against terrorism


  1. Sri Rohana Says:

    F.Rovik what a great article. 100% correct and sincere statement. We highly appreciate well balanced, real Norwegian gentlemen of your caliber. You are a true Norwegian son. My hats off.

  2. Dham Says:

    Time has come for Noway residents to kick out murderers like Eric and LTTE mob.

  3. Rohan8 Says:

    Extremely sad when terrorists whoever they are, strike against innocent people going about their daily lives. Sri Lanka is all too familiar with this kind of Evil for 30 long years. Norweigan Govt now needs to explain to its unsuspecting peace minded citizens victims of this dastardly attack why elements in their own Government like Eric Solheim were aiding and abetting deadly terrorists like the LTTE in other countries like Sri Lanka. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Norweigen Govt had a dark hand in ensuring these terrorists carried out this Evil against their own Citizens!
    Ever heard of the concept of False Flag terror. Evil elements within Western Govt have been known to carry them out as a pretext for dark agenda many documented cases in the last 100 years.
    The Nazis carried out the Reichstag fire in 1933.

    Some say false flags are imaginings of crazy conspiracy theorists. I wish it was so in this case sadly evidence clearly points to an Evil False flag operation by rogue element Norwegian Govt and by NATO on its own citizens!
    I hope the peaceful Norweigian people now demand answers from their Own Govt. Find out what their own Norweigian Govt have been upto all these years. Known terrorist supporters!

    Whoever is behind it, my deepest condelences go out to their victims and their families.
    The good people of the entire world need to unite to root out this Evil from our world.
    Like Sri lanka has successfully managed to do. We don’t want to see things like this happening ever again on our TV screens. The innocent deserve to go about their daily lives in peace. They shouldn’t be victims of a dark agenda.

  4. Vis8 Says:

    Norwegian politicians have welcomed Tamil terrorists with open arms, for their ‘campaign donations’ and promised votes. These terrorists are very similar or worse in their brutality and mercilessness. They have hacked to death hundreds of novice monks in Sri Lanka in so-called ‘ethnic cleansing’ sprees. Canadian politicians are now finding out that the very people they helped to get ‘refugee status’ have now colonised and teamed-up against them, and are competing in elections. The first actions of a new Tamil member of the Canadian was to echo the familiar terrorist-propaganda against Sri Lanka. I hope politicians in Canada, Norway, UK, and Australia and the rest of the west will have the courage to act for the future well-being of their countries rather than thinking of themselves and their power.

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